Athena Fluers – Simple Country Girl Behaviour Modification HD 720p

Athena is a sweet simple country girl that never thought she’s get to go to real college and she is so excited to have met professor masters. She doesn’t understand a whole lot about the program that he’s explaining but he sounds so smart she just can’t wait for whatever “behaviour modification” is. Honestly anything to get out of her small town and being around sophisticated people sounds so exciting to her

After Athena’s initial programming is completed at the campus Professor Masters begins a home education program for domestic skills which include scrubbing floors and oral servitude

Athena is doing well with her prgramming and now is able to act almost comopletely natural while remaining focused on utter obedience. Her skills have been upgraded to include massage and all other needs her master may require

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Krissy Lynn – Getting Your Daughter Pregnant HD 720p

Your cute little daughter Krissy comes into your room while you are watching TV and is a little flirty whore.. Out of no where and before you know it she is on her knees sucking your cock! You think to yourself WTF but it feels to good to so you just go with it.. Your wife has gone shopping and you are just enjoying the ride..She would you if she found out you were fucking her daughter.Before long she takes you to the bed and starts riding your you cock hard with her big titties bouncing in your face, she is telling you that she wants you to come deep inside her as she grinds all over your cock..She turns around and and rides you reverse cowgirl, shaking her big round ass and grinding it on your cock.. as i put your thumb in her tight little virgin asshole “POP”She turns around and rides and grinds on your cock being you to cum with her as you grab her around the through and cum hard together! …..

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Courtney Scott – Step-Sister Blackmailed And Creampied HD 1080p

My step-sister is such a fucking slut. Step-Dad just leaves his phone laying around and I find a video of her letting him fuck her, her own step-dad! Step-Mom would lose it if she found out. I’ve always thought my step-sister was pretty hot and wondered how her slutty pussy would feel and maybe now I can find out. I get my chance when she leaves her bedroom door cracked and I can see her trying on a slutty school girl outfit that I bet step-dad got her. I barge in and in and ask if Step-Dad bought it for her. The slut tries to lie and say she got it for her boyfriend but we all know the truth. I tell her about the video on step-dad’s phone and at first she plays dumb until I bring the video up of her being our step-dad’s whore and of course she tries to convince me not to tell. She knows step-mom would be furious if she found out but she’s not getting out of this one easy. I’ve always wanted to feel her little pussy. I tell her to bend over, face down ass up, and to shut the fuck up. At first she hates it but then I make her cum so many times she gets really into it and starts begging me to cum inside her pussy. I knew my step-sister was a fucking slut.

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Courtney Scott – Run Away With Me Step-Daddy! HD 1080p

I just got accepted to my dream college!!! This is so amazing, now I can show step-daddy all my hard work! You see I have been putting in resumes for him in the area and guess what? I got him a better job with better hours! That means step-daddy can run away with me and get away from my bitch of a step-mother. I entice him with my skimpy lingerie and two envelopes, one my acceptance letter the other his plane ticket. Step-Daddy can’t resist me he fucks me with the dick that made me. I tell him I want him to cum deep inside me. When I feel he’s about to cum I wrap my legs around him pushing him in deeper as he fills his up with step-daddy’s seed.

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Goddess Mary – Wife cheats with her lover, and cuckold HD 1080p

Wife cheats with her lover, and cuckold husband has to clean all the sperm! The husband returned home and saw that his wife was cheating with her lover. The husband understood that he could only watch how a big hard cock fucks his wife. After that, the wife allowed her husband to masturbate and cum on her chest. And now the husband has to compare the taste of his own cum from his chest and the cum of his wife’s lover from his wife’s pussy.

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KandissKiss – Step Sister Dresses You Up and Pegs You HD 1080p


While you and your step-sister are alone in the house, she decides the two of you should play strip poker! Of course you agree, you’ve wanted to see her big tits for so long! Eventually, you’re the naked one, but she wants to keep playing. If you lose this last hand, you have to do whatever she says! You end up laying on your back, dressed in panties, a garter belt, and stockings, getting pegged by your step-sister!

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Krissy Lynn – Getting your best friends wife pregnant – PART 2 HD 720p

PART 2 – You are sleeping and your best friends wife sneaks into your house, she is back for more. She needs a real man. She is dressed in some sexy lingerie and creeps on your bed and tells you she is back for more.She gives your a nice little surpise lap dance, shaking her big round booty in your face as you lay in bed.She rides and grinds on your cock until you take control and fuck her missionary, then flip her on her side and drive you cock in her hard!then you put one of her legs on your shoulder and and drive you cock in her tight little pussy as hard as you can before telling her to get on her knees and back onto you cock!she backs onto your cock exactly how you want it and it feels so goood, you moan loudly and slam that pussy while you smack that ass!!Then its time for some pile driver!! upside down she goes and you smash that litte box… she wants you to cum inside her but you pull out and bust a huge nut all over her tits and face… and just stare at her..

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Krissy Lynn – Getting your best friends wife pregnant – PART 1 HD 720p

PART 1 – Krissy is your best friends wife and she is smoking hot!! You have always fantasized about fucking her.She has invited you over during the day because she has something important to talk to you about.. When you arrive she invites you in and sits you down and explains how bad she wants to get pregnant. She says her husband has been trying for over and year and he obviously isn’t man enough to do it. She NEEDS a real man and she is going to get it.. Are YOU MAN ENOUGH ??She crawls up to you and starts rubbing your cock through you pants.. and asks you again.. Are you man enough?you stand up and get your cock out and tell her to get to work. and she sucks you off and gets you nice and hard..You get rough and face fuck her, push her back against the couch and titty fuck her before moving to the bedroom and fuck her all over the bed as she begs you to come in her and get her pregnant. you oblige and cum deep inside her….

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Courtney Scott – Oops, The Condom Broke! HD 720p


I got all dressed up tonight for my date…I put on a nice low cut dress to go out in, hoping it would get the point across that I really wanted to fuck. Well….that didn’t happen so now I have to go home horny and frustrated to my big step-brother’s house. My step-brother greets me and asks how it went and I tell him how it didn’t go very good and I’ll probably just go back to my room and masturbate. He tells me I don’t have to do that. You see, me and my step-brother have fucked before but after he came inside me last time, I told him we couldn’t do it again. Like seriously, coming in your little step-sister’s pussy??? Wtf was he thinking. I’m just horny enough tonight that I’m willing to break that rule. All I want is my big step-brother’s dick deep inside me. Not so fast big step-brother, I put up a condom and put it on him with my mouth. I just don’t trust him to not come inside me again. He seems very disappointed at first but oh well, he’ll get over it if he really wants to fuck his little step-sister. He fucks me nice and rough in doggy and then when he cums, he tells me “Oops, the condom broke!” WTF!!!!!!! I know he did that on purpose! I knew this would happen. I can’t even believe my big step-brother just came inside me!!!! I try to push it out as good as I can but still, the damage is done and I’m not even on birth control! – stepsister impregnation fantasy incest

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