jaybbgirl – Your Sister Is A Cum Slut HD 1080p

Why are you in my room? well, I was looking for you. I have a favor to ask you. There’s a party coming up and everyone’s going, do you think you could help me sneak out? Please. Don’t make me beg, I will. Please! PLEASE! Please. You will? Thank you. Hey — uhh what are you doing? It kind of looks like you’re jerking off. Let me see. Stop it. EW! You’re so gross. Stop it. Don’t. Don’t fucking cu–. You came. On my face. Oh no. Oh fuck. I can’t help myself. I love cum. This is my brothers cum, I can’t stop myself. I need more. Give me more. I’m not leaving until your balls are completely drained all over me. You did this, I told you not to cum. – SISTER TABOO FACIAL

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jaybbgirl – Body Swap: Bully’s Revenge HD 720p

Female Domination Humiliation Kink Transformation Fantasies Transformation Fetish

I can’t believe you just punched him. He really got what was coming to him. Always bullying me, poking me, just being so annoying. You really are the best boyfriends defending me like that. Oh, ow. It’s my head. It started hurting all of the sudden. I should just lie down, I’ll see you later. *I eventually close my eyes and drift away, but wake up as the bully who has taken over my body* Glad it worked, didn’t know if it was going to. Finally, I can touch these tits all I want. Touch her pussy. Just make her feel good like I’ve always wanted to, but her stupid fucking boyfriend gets in the way. He’s going to regret hitting me like that. I’ll make a fool out of him, just like he did to me only worse. Speak of the bitch — They’re going to the gym? that’ll work, a great place to humiliate and dump him. I’ll make her expose herself at the gym all while humiliating him in the process. I’ll even make her cum. Then once he’s seen me please her in front of everyone, I’ll dump him on the spot. It’s perfect.

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jaybbgirl – Body Swap: My Pervy Neighbor HD 1080p

Kink Panty Fetish Role Play Taboo Transformation Fetish

Look, I know you spy on me and I don’t appreciate it. If I catch you again I’m going to have to call someone and I will get you to stop. A song? Sure, as long as you stop watching me through my window. What is this? It has a nice melody…oh fuck, I just got real tired all of the sudden. I’m going to let you go and take a nap. —— Holy. Fuck. It worked. I can’t believe it worked. So this is what her room looks like from this side. I like it. Her panties! I have to get her panties. I need to know what they smell like….taste like, feel like. I want to see them on her body. She would never try them on for me. But now, I can get her to do whatever I want. I can make her moan. I can make her feel how I want her body to feel. I can make her cum and I know she’ll love it because I can feel the amount of pleasure she is feeling. She’s going to cum for me while I’m in her body and she’s going to love it.

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jaybbgirl – Cheating With The College Girl HD 720p

I have to say, I’m surprised you came back with me to my dorm. Well, I mean, you’re clearly married. You have a ring on your finger. Your wife probably wouldn’t be too happy about us being alone together in my room. So let’s just get to the point, I know you want to fuck me. I have to say I want to fuck you too. You probably know exactly how to make a lady feel amazing, unlike all the other guys around here. Look at my young tits, pussy, and ass and tell me that you don’t want to fuck me. I can see your cock getting hard from here. It’ll be fun. It’ll feel so good. I know I’m way better than your wife. Cheating on her with the college girl you just met. Live a little. Now, just shove you cock in my pussy already.

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jaybbgirl – Make Up Sex HD 1080p

So what if I’m hiding in my room? It’s just what I do after we fight. I like to be alone. Yeah, I hate fighting too. Especially over silly things. Well, you shouldn’t be the only one to apologize, I was kind of in the wrong too. I also said some things that I don’t mean. I’m sorry. I really, truly am sorry. I love you a lot. I shouldn’t have gotten so angry. And to even put the cherry on top of my apology here’s my tits AND my ass. I know how much you love them. Plus, all this apologizing and saying I love you has me really horny. What would you say to some make up sex? Just a good fucking to show each other how truly sorry we are haha. You know you can’t pass this up. Come on, stick your cock in me and let’s make up.

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jaybbgirl – Family Taboo SPH Challenge HD 1080p

Man, that was a pretty crazy party. I can’t believe I stayed in my costume that long, but I’m glad to be in comfy clothes now. You should probably go shower or something. I can get you a towel. They’re in the dryer so I’ll just bring it to you. Alrighty, I’m coming in. Oh! HAHAH! Sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh. You’re just naked and well. Your cock is super small. I couldn’t help it. Fuck. I wonder if tiny cocks run in the family. It gets bigger? I highly doubt that. I doubt it so much that I’ll make you a deal. if you can get it bigger than 5 inches, you can fuck me. But. If you can’t, then I get to fuck you with a strap on and you have to cum all over yourself. I know there is no way in hell that tiny thing is going to magically grow. It’s hysterical that you think that.

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jaybbgirl – Cheating With Your Girlfriends Sister HD 1080p

Oh hey, I didn’t realize anyone was here? I was just taking a bath. My sister isn’t around in case you were looking for her. Well. Make yourself at home, I’ll be around. — I thought you were going to stay upstairs. No it’s cool. Just caught me off guard is all. Soooooo. I don’t think we’ve ever been alone, especially when my sister isn’t home. Do you maybe want a snack or something? Beats sitting here awkwardly. I’ll get you some strawberries or something. Fuck, you really have to stop surprising me. Really, you don’t have to be in the kitchen too. If my sister came home she might think something is up, y’know? Here. I’ll go back upstairs, just let me put these away. Okay THAT is definitely not appropriate. Put your dick away, seriously. What would someone think? Fuck, FUCK. I..It’s…I can’t believe you. I don’t want to betray my sister. Your dick is suckable. I want to suck it and I hate you for it. Fuck. Fine, shove it in my mouth. Hurry. I’ll just suck it, only a little bit. It’s stuffing my little mouth. But, I should stop. Umm. I’m going to go. You stay here. Don’t follow me, I mean it. *You see me go into my room, forgetting to shut the door, and start masturbating because I’m hornier than I’ve ever been before* Hey!! What did I say? You can’t be in here. And you still have your cock out. Go away, I can’t stop myself from fucking you. Stop. We can’t. We shouldn’t. She’d hate me…if she found out. It’s so close…I..I don’t care. Take me.

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