Nicole Rae – Anal Training (Parts 1-2) HD 1080p

How Do I Get Guys To Like Me-

I (Luke Longly) knock on my step-daughter’s bedroom before I walk in, and then she tells me about a problem that she’s been having. ‘I don’t know how to get guys to like me!’ she exclaims. I ask her what she’s done with these boys, and she tells me that she’s made out with them and given them blowjobs but they still don’t seem to stick around! I ask her if she’s ever done anal sex, and she gasps ‘no!’ I tell her that we’ve figured out the problem! ‘Men want anal sex and without it, they will leave,’ I explained to her. I offer to help her train her ass today, since we are home alone. ‘This will just be for educational purposes,’ she says to me, as she pulls her tank top down and reveals her natural tits to me. She unzips her jean shorts and reveals her hairy pussy because she doesn’t have any panties on! She flips over into the doggystyle position so I can see her ass hole! I pull my cock out and she starts to give me a blowjob. Then she spreads her legs in front of me and she starts to finger her ass hole to stretch it out a bit. While she is in the missionary position, I fuck her pussy at first and then I start to slowly fuck her virgin ass hole! I fuck her pussy and her ass back and forth in no particular order. Then I have her flip over into the doggystyle position and I fuck her ass from behind. She climbs on top of me next and she rides my cock with her pussy in the cowgirl position. A few minutes later, she continued riding my cock with her ass this time. ‘Do you want to cum in my ass?’ she asked me. I explode deep inside of her ass hole and it feels so good!

Shower Towel Drop-

I walk into the bathroom and I find my step-daughter, Nicole Rae, standing outside of the shower wearing nothing but a towel. She throws her towel down on the bathroom floor and she tells me that she can’t stop thinking about doing anal sex again! She sits up on the bathroom counter and I start to fuck her pussy at first. A few minutes later, she flips over and I start to fuck her ass hole from behind. She licks my cock clean, before I start to fuck her again. She moves back onto the bathroom counter and I fuck her pussy in the missionary position. I grab her big, natural tits while I fuck her. ‘I’m going to cum in your pussy this time!’ I exclaim.

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