Mona Wales

Mona Wales – Forbidden Affairs Volume 11: Scene 3 HD 1080p

She’s lonely, he feels rejected, and yet somehow they find each other. It’s an intense connection that they’ve denied for a little too long and now, with nobody home, they’re going to fuck. Nathan knows it’s wrong – Mona is his best friend’s mother, but she’s also undeniably attractive with a body and a tongue any man would crave. She’s thrilled to have a man young enough to keep up with her. They fuck each other nice and slow and then hard and fast and it’s everything their bodies have craved.

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Mona Wales – Family Morals HD 720p

In order to demonstrate her deep love and affection for her step-son, Mona has made a video love letter of sorts. She loves her step-son dearly, and is in constant admiration of how much hes grown into a strong, gentile young man. She has had very special feelings for him, and shes always wanted to share this fantasy with him. Every night when shes holding her step-son in her arms, she imagines what it would feel like to have him as her lover. She doesnt want it to frighten him, but as his step-mother no one else knows him like she does. No one else can love him as much as she does. Not to mention, shes quite skilled in the erotic arts. In this video she shows him what she would do to his perfect cock. She pulls out a flesh colored dildo and starts to suck it, showing her step-son what she would do to his perfect cock. She continues to talk dirty as she demonstrates.Then she slides the dildo, slick with her drool into her pussy. Shes so wet and hot for him, she wants to fuck him so bad. She fucks herself with the dildo, thinking about her step-son and how much she wants him. She cums so hard thinking about him, licking her fingers.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Taboo, Masturbation, Dirty Talk, Step-Mommy, Step-Son, Family, Dildo.

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ROBOMEATS – Pepper Kester, Lily LaBeau, Mona Wales, Emma Evins – Sorority Chicks

Mr. and Mrs. Bottom, go to their daughters college to check out her new sorority that she keeps talking about. Theyre so excited to see where shes been hanging out now that she left home to start her new adult life. They walk in to the house and find three girls just hanging out on the bed, having girl time. They introduce themselves and ask if the girls know Dot, their step-daughter. The girls snicker at her name, and just keep giggling as her parents tell them an embarrassing story. The girls try to get Dots parents to leave, but they invite themselves to hang out and have some snacks. The girls are obviously not very excited about this and are trying to get rid of them. The girls turn on them, starting to call them weird, and say that their step-daughter isnt even a part of the sorority, shes only a pledge and they want them to leave. Then the blonde one spills the news. Theyve left her step-daughter out in the desert as part of her pledging rituals. This does NOT make her parents happy. Furious, Mr. Bottom slaps the timepiece on his wrist and the three girls freeze. They decide to have a little fun with the girls to get back at them for what theyve done to their step-daughter. They pose all three girls like life-size dolls, removing their shirts and bras and pulling down their shorts. Then they dfuck the clothes over their bodies and put them in silly positions. Thatll show them! They unfreeze them to show them what theyve done, but they arent satisfied with their reaction, so they freeze them again. This time, they remove their panties too, so that they are completely naked except their shoes and socks. They place one girl on top of another in a 69 position, and another one bending over with her face pressed into a book.They reposition the girls again, this time so their legs are spread and all three, blonde, brunette, and ginger, are piled on the bed with their legs open and pretty little pussies showing. Suddenly, Mr. Bottom finds himself alone with three naked college girls, and starts getting some ideas. he starts eating one of the girls out, licking her clit as he grabs her tit in one hand and rubs another girls pussy with the other. She tastes so good and young, and hes getting hard, so he takes out his dick and grabs the blonde one and repositions her so shes sitting in an upright position on the edge of the bed.He slides his hard dick into her mouth. She feels so good. He fucks her face as drool runs off her bottom lip, the other two girls rocking gently with the motion of the bed, still frozen and staring off into space. Mrs. Bottom comes in, and does not like what she sees. Disgusted and horrified, she collects her husband and they leave immediately.

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Mona Wales – You Step mom Cucks you With her New BF HD 1080p

Your step mom has been ignoring you and spending all of her time fucking her new boyfriend and you are very jealous. She tells you all about his cock and how good he is at fucking and that she knows that you listen at the door as she moans with pleasure. She wants to see what you do when you are listening to her get railed and makes you pathetically wank for her as she tells you about her sexual exploits

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