Taboo Father Daughter Incest Porn

Nicole Rae – Anal Training (Parts 1-2) HD 1080p

How Do I Get Guys To Like Me-

I (Luke Longly) knock on my step-daughter’s bedroom before I walk in, and then she tells me about a problem that she’s been having. ‘I don’t know how to get guys to like me!’ she exclaims. I ask her what she’s done with these boys, and she tells me that she’s made out with them and given them blowjobs but they still don’t seem to stick around! I ask her if she’s ever done anal sex, and she gasps ‘no!’ I tell her that we’ve figured out the problem! ‘Men want anal sex and without it, they will leave,’ I explained to her. I offer to help her train her ass today, since we are home alone. ‘This will just be for educational purposes,’ she says to me, as she pulls her tank top down and reveals her natural tits to me. She unzips her jean shorts and reveals her hairy pussy because she doesn’t have any panties on! She flips over into the doggystyle position so I can see her ass hole! I pull my cock out and she starts to give me a blowjob. Then she spreads her legs in front of me and she starts to finger her ass hole to stretch it out a bit. While she is in the missionary position, I fuck her pussy at first and then I start to slowly fuck her virgin ass hole! I fuck her pussy and her ass back and forth in no particular order. Then I have her flip over into the doggystyle position and I fuck her ass from behind. She climbs on top of me next and she rides my cock with her pussy in the cowgirl position. A few minutes later, she continued riding my cock with her ass this time. ‘Do you want to cum in my ass?’ she asked me. I explode deep inside of her ass hole and it feels so good!

Shower Towel Drop-

I walk into the bathroom and I find my step-daughter, Nicole Rae, standing outside of the shower wearing nothing but a towel. She throws her towel down on the bathroom floor and she tells me that she can’t stop thinking about doing anal sex again! She sits up on the bathroom counter and I start to fuck her pussy at first. A few minutes later, she flips over and I start to fuck her ass hole from behind. She licks my cock clean, before I start to fuck her again. She moves back onto the bathroom counter and I fuck her pussy in the missionary position. I grab her big, natural tits while I fuck her. ‘I’m going to cum in your pussy this time!’ I exclaim.

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WetSchoolGirl / Wet SchoolGirl – No One Will Know Daddy HD 1080p

Your with your daughter on a cruise. You’re standing on deck and talking about how everyone is taking you for a couple. You’re a bit embarrassed about it but she laughs and thinks it’s adorable. You go back to your room and try to relax but you keep thinking about what others thought. Your daughter doesn’t want you to be concerned and starts talking about how you probably give off that vibe given how close you are with each other. She looks deep into you eyes, give you a kiss on your cheek and says it wouldn’t be so inappropriate if you pretended you’re a couple for a little bit. You’re not sure but she starts kissing you and teases you with her titties. You touch her and suck on her nipples. She gets on you and rides you. She calls herself your little princess. Your girl is fucking you now and noone will know you’re her daddy. She talks dirty to you getting so wet thinking of how exciting it is. You’re deep inside of her as she thanks you for fucking her with the cock that made her. You creampie her pussy and now she will be your little princess who makes you cum. And noone will never know.

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Miss Malorie Switch – Daddy’s Girl, Daughter’s Safe Space HD 1080p

*use of taboo trigger word, this is a slow burn and contains a lot of emotions, including a voyeur shot of a fake argument/ all scenes are virtual reality sex, 3 pov sex scenes with implied pussy eating and blowjob*

Your daughter’s relationship is falling apart by the bits as he continues to get fired from jobs, and they can no longer stay at their house. She calls you, asking if they could stay with you for the time being. She is pissed, and she is resenting him more and more. You overhear them arguing, and she says she doesn’t care that you hear, that she is so fucking over her husband, that she can’t handle the volatility of him being unable to keep a job and satisfy her. You talk with her after her shower later on, still in her towel barely covering her, and you can’t help but look at her. She is upset, and she says she is staying up a bit later. You catch her later that night sneaking back home, dressed slutty and not wearing her ring. She says she didn’t do anything, but you tell her you’re going to tell her husband, that she has to be honest. She begs you not to, and she starts kissing you, undressing, saying she would do anything for her Daddy, that she’s your girl. You take her in your arms, and that’s it. You two begin crossing that line, her sucking you, and taking you on top. You then finish in missionary, pumping your fertile cum into your daughter, giving her what she’s been needing. She sneaks into your bed the next morning, taking you once again. She begs you to get her pregnant, and you do. You cum deep inside of your daughter as the light hits her, and everything falls into place. You know you shouldn’t do it, but you do. That night, she snuck into your cabnient as her husband is at a new job. She is wearing your flannel, playing with the roses he got her. She immediately comes on to you, and she gets you to eat her. She grinds her pussy all over your mouth. You take your daughter once again, filling her with your fertile cum. She only wants you now. She doesn’t want anyone but her Daddy…

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Olive Wood – A Wedding Gift for Your Daughter HD 1080p

It’s the day of your daughter’s wedding and she desperately needs some male advice. She’s been up since 4 am trying to decide which lingerie to choose for her special night and to help with her indecision, she’d like to model a few for you. She tells you not to peek, but of course you do. As you watch her slip from one skimpy outfit to another, you can’t conceal your growing excitement in your pants. She pretends not to notice at first, but she can’t get over how huge you are in comparison to her fiancé and urges you to expose yourself to her. You can’t bring yourself to deny her as takes you in hands before using her mouth and her oiled tits to bring you to the edge. Soon you find yourself tasting her as she begs you to throw her into her bed and use her just hours before her wedding ceremony.

This one ends with a creampie finish for those of you who are into that sort of thing.

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Penny Barber – Step-Daddy’s Little Bunny Slut HD 1080p

I know you are so very excited to get used by Step-Daddy for the first time tonight but Step-Mommy has to do a few things to make sure our precious girl is ready. I have picked out a slutty little outfit that is certain to make sure Step-Daddy’s cock gets nice and hard when he sees you. I also have a butt plug for you because Step-Daddy likes to use all your holes. 

I just cannot wait for you to show Step-Daddy what a perfect little slut you can be for him.

(This scene is for Step-Daddy’s Girls of all kinds and does not feature explicit sissification.)

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Miss Malorie Switch – Daddy’s Cramp Curing Cock

*Use of taboo trigger word* *Strictly POV virtual* Your daughter is laying in her bed with a heating pad on her belly to help with her cramps. She is not feeling great, and you ask if you can cuddle to help comfort her. She complains about the pain, and you try to offer her help. She claims there is nothing you can do to help her, but you have a little trick up your sleeve for her. You reach into her panties and start rubbing her pussy. Shocked, she asks why you’re doing that, that none of her friends talk about their Daddies doing that for them. You tell her that feeling pleasure will help relieve her cramps, and that you do it for her mom all the time. As she grinds against your fingers, while you feel her wet pussy soak you, you start getting hard. She notices, and you tell her you can help her even more by fucking her. It always feels better during this time. She agrees hesitantly, knowing that it is wrong, but she wants to feel better, and she loves having her daddy help her. She lays back, and you slowly start thrusting inside of her pussy. She moans, grinding against you, massaging her breasts, and begging you to make her feel better. She already is feeling better, as she gets closer to orgasm. You fuck her harder until she cums and she begs you to cum inside of her as well. I mean, it isn’t like she can get pregnant right now anyways. It’s perfect. You fill your daughter up, thrusting every last drop into her pussy. She thanks you for helping her, telling you that you made her feel so much better. Keywords: Taboo, taboofantasy, tabooroleplay, daddys girl, daddy daughter, pov virtual sex, no dildo, moaning, eyeglasses, pov missionary, intimate, older man younger woman, kinky, kink

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lewdestbunnie – helpful daddy loving daughter HD 1080p

You and your daughter love each other very much, showing your love in both sweet and sexual ways. Your daughter wants to make you a snack and you happily help her out, however she says that’s not all she needs help with. She says she wants your help making her body feel better too, and she knows daddy’s cock can help with that.

Like a loving father, you give your daughter what she needs. You bounce her on daddy’s cock until she cums for you and gets the release she craves. The fun isn’t over yet— she wants to daddy to feel good too! She asks you to fill her with your cum, saying she knows it’ll make her feel extra good when daddy’s cum is in her tummy. You bounce your cute little daughter some more until you cum together, and the moans she makes as you fill her as just as sweet as she is!

FEATURES daddy x daughter, taboo roleplay, family fantasy, petite, barely legal teen, POV sex, boob bouncing, riding, no creampie shown, wholesome lewdness

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Ashley Anderson – The New Girl HD 1080p

Ashley’s Step dad just hired her to work at her company. He just came up with a new behavior altering remote that will get anyone to believe what you tell them and go along with what you want. He’s very certain that she will do really well at his company, and that she’ll do exactly what he asks.

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