Tara Tainton – Step-Daddy Caught Me; Then, He Wanted to Watch

I’ve been waiting ALL day to get off! School’s finally out, and I’m so glad I’m home all alone. The last thing on my mind is my homework… I want to find my favorite pillow! Oh, it feels so good… who needs boys?! Riding and grinding on my firm pillow is like… the ideal man! Mmmmm… I wonder how many times I can make myself come today… a new record maybe? Wait… STEP-DAD!!!!! What… you weren’t home! Why’d you just burst into the room like that?!! I called out, and you didn’t answer! I wasn’t doing anything… what do you mean if I act like a “sex slut” in your house you’re going to make me be one in front of you?! No. That’s bad, step-dad!! It’s so wrong to make me do it while you watch… I’m going to point out just how dirty you are while I do what you say! You make me so mad… I’m going to come one last time just for you, perv!! Go on, jerk to your! Step-Mom’s going to be home any second, you know… dirty step-daddy!

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Jaden Rayne – Let me Massage you, Dad HD 1080p

Massage – Blowjob – Cowgirl Sex – Daddy Roleplay – Incest – Taboo

Dad, I can see how tense and stressed out you are. You’ve been working so hard to put me through massage school. Please Dad, let me help you relax and show you that all your hard earned money is going somewhere worthwhile. I hope it’s okay if I massage your cock too Dad. Don’t be embarassed.

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Venus Vixen, Bianca Bangs – Sharing Step Dad HD 1080p

Daddy, don’t be angry. She just wants to watch us. She’s my friend, I promise she can keep a secret. Please daddy, I just want to share my step dad with her….

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RheaSweet – Daughter takes Creampie HD 1080p

I’m sitting on the couch on my phone as my dad walks up. I don’t really look at him, but I ask him what does he want. He doesn’t answer. Instead, he pulls his dick out and puts in my face. I can’t believe it! What the fuck does he think he’s doing?! He pushes his hard cock into my mouth, making me drop my phone trying to figure out what the fuck is going on. I try to pull away and ask him what he’s doing, but he keeps going. I tell him to stop, but he doesn’t stop. He makes me get on my knees and keep sucking his cock. Then he makes me take my tits out as he keeps fucking my face. I have no control over him and start drooling all over his cock and my tits. For a moment, it seems like he has had enough. He pulls back and I ask him what he’s doing now. He pushes me back on the couch. He pushes my legs up as he pulls my panties to the side. He tries to push his enormous cock inside of me, but it’s just too big. It won’t fit! He keeps trying and eventually pushes it all the way into my tiny, wet pussy. I can’t believe he is doing this! I keep telling him that it’s just too big! I can’t take it anymore and tell him to just cum already to get it over with. He cums deep inside of me, filling up my little pussy. I’m so tight that it actually starts leaking out and squirts out of me! I can’t believe my own dad just fucked me. I can’t believe he just came inside of me!

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ROBOMEATS – Katarina Kay – My Sexy Sleepover

Katarina and Mercy are having a sleepover. They sit on the bed in their pajamas giggling and talking girl talk. They start playing truth or dare, and Katarina dares Mercy to kiss her on the cheek. Meanwhile, Mercys step-dad is busy putting something in their drinks. They both take a sip, but thats all it takes, and they freeze where they sit.Once they are both frozen still, Mercys step-dad has some fun posing their bodies in different positions. Then he starts taking their clothes off and putting their hands on each other. He moves them over to the couch where he finishes removing their clothing and places them in more poses so that they touch each others naked bodies.

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