AuroraXoxo – Stepmom Asks For A Favor

Your stepmom says she needs to ask you a favor. She’s hot and sweet and a little shy so you say of course. She asks.. if you’ll just spend time with her. She gets bored and lonely when your dad is away, and he’s away a lot. You decide to flirt with her a little bit and admit that you can hear her trying to cum at night but you know she hasn’t been satisfied in a long time. You offer to help with that and she’s flustered but eventually excitedly says yes.

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Melanie Hicks, Nicole Rae – Anal Training (Part 3) HD 1080p

Do Guys Like Anal Step-Mom-

My step-daughter, Nicole Rae, and my wife, Melanie Hicks, are sitting next to each other on the bed. Nicole tells Melanie that she needs her advice with sex. ‘I didn’t realize that anal sex was something I’d need to do to keep a man!’ she tells her step-mother. ‘Gentleman tend to like anal,’ Melanie tells her. ‘All this talk of anal is making me horny!’ Nicole exclaims. Nicole leans in and she kisses her step-mother on the lips. Melanie pulls her big, natural tits out from under her dress and Nicole starts to suck on her nipples. Then Nicole stands up and she strips out of her clothing. She leaves on a simple red thong, but Melanie pulls that off of her. While Nicole is naked in the doggystyle position, Melanie rubs her clit with her fingers. Melanie strips out of her dress next, and then she spreads her legs in front of Nicole. Nicole starts to rub Melanie’s clit with her fingers, and then she eats her pussy out until she cums hard.

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Nicole Rae – Anal Training (Parts 1-2) HD 1080p

How Do I Get Guys To Like Me-

I (Luke Longly) knock on my step-daughter’s bedroom before I walk in, and then she tells me about a problem that she’s been having. ‘I don’t know how to get guys to like me!’ she exclaims. I ask her what she’s done with these boys, and she tells me that she’s made out with them and given them blowjobs but they still don’t seem to stick around! I ask her if she’s ever done anal sex, and she gasps ‘no!’ I tell her that we’ve figured out the problem! ‘Men want anal sex and without it, they will leave,’ I explained to her. I offer to help her train her ass today, since we are home alone. ‘This will just be for educational purposes,’ she says to me, as she pulls her tank top down and reveals her natural tits to me. She unzips her jean shorts and reveals her hairy pussy because she doesn’t have any panties on! She flips over into the doggystyle position so I can see her ass hole! I pull my cock out and she starts to give me a blowjob. Then she spreads her legs in front of me and she starts to finger her ass hole to stretch it out a bit. While she is in the missionary position, I fuck her pussy at first and then I start to slowly fuck her virgin ass hole! I fuck her pussy and her ass back and forth in no particular order. Then I have her flip over into the doggystyle position and I fuck her ass from behind. She climbs on top of me next and she rides my cock with her pussy in the cowgirl position. A few minutes later, she continued riding my cock with her ass this time. ‘Do you want to cum in my ass?’ she asked me. I explode deep inside of her ass hole and it feels so good!

Shower Towel Drop-

I walk into the bathroom and I find my step-daughter, Nicole Rae, standing outside of the shower wearing nothing but a towel. She throws her towel down on the bathroom floor and she tells me that she can’t stop thinking about doing anal sex again! She sits up on the bathroom counter and I start to fuck her pussy at first. A few minutes later, she flips over and I start to fuck her ass hole from behind. She licks my cock clean, before I start to fuck her again. She moves back onto the bathroom counter and I fuck her pussy in the missionary position. I grab her big, natural tits while I fuck her. ‘I’m going to cum in your pussy this time!’ I exclaim.

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Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – Bouncyhouse Fun With Mom HD 1080p

Mommy walks in on you playing in your bouncy house. I tell you that you’re going to have to start cleaning up soon, since I have some guests coming over. You are reluctant but I give you a couple more minutes to play. When I return, you have taken off ALL your clothes! You have to quit doing this sweetie, but I do find it humorous. Actually… you saved me a step since I am planning to put you into the bath now. You ask me if we can play NOW like we do in the bath. I become shy because that’s usually a bath time thing – I can easily get away with it in the bath tub. But my little boy is asking me… how could I resist? I bend down and begin to suck your lil pee pee. It gets me so horny that I soon ask you to crawl on top of mommy; I want you to put your pee pee inside me for the first time, right here in the bouncy house. You do, and I bounce you on me up and down until I cum, begging you to push whatever juices you have inside me. I can’t believe I’ve taken it this far but… I can’t say that I regret it!

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Cory Chase – Stepmoms Happy Hormones – S4:E2 HD 1080p

Whenever Cory Chase exercises, she’s flooded with happy hormones. It’s true for yoga, but the horny milf also knows it’s true for sex. When the two come one right after the other, Cory is about as happy as she can possibly be.

When Cory’s stepson Parker Ambrose comes home mid-yoga session, Cory tries to talk to him. Parker had a bad day, so Cory suggests that he work out with her for the happy hormones. Once Parker begins to change, Cory removes her wedding ring so she can give him the sexy kind of workout without worrying about being married. Dropping to her knees, she starts with a blowjob and a titty fuck.

Cory’s workout continues as she rides the D in her tight velvet glove. Cowgirl, then reverse cowgirl get her pulse racing. When Cory takes a breather on her knees, Parker slams home for his own workout in doggy. Cory lets Parker keep his workout going by banging her as she lays on her back, until he blows his load and is indeed flooded with happy hormones.

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You’re hosting a costume party with all your friends and invited your stepsister over too. She’s standing next to you, taking in the fun dressed up as Scarlet Witch… and you can’t stop looking at her. There’s a stirring down below and you find yourself getting a boner over her. How mortifying! You can turn and face the room and let all your friends see or let your stepsister be the one to take notice. Either decision is going to be difficult here!! Luckily, your stepsis is cool about it and decides she can help! After making up some BS excuse, you find yourself in your bedroom alone with her, cock out, and a box about to open that you’ll never be able to close. This is so naughty and awkward having your stepsister work your cock like that… You can’t help but blow a huge load for her even though you’re not supposed to… You’re left with thoughts of wanting to fuck her… STAY TUNED FOR PART 2 COMING TOMORROW WHEN YOU FINALLY GET YOUR WISH!!

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The party has ended early and you’re alone with your stepsister once more… The vibes have changed entirely. She admits she hasn’t been able to stop thinking about your cock since she sucked it. She was only supposed to help that once with your emergency boner situation but… neither of you care anymore. The gate has been opened and all that lust has come flowing in. Once again, her lips have found your cock and she gets you nice and wet so you can fuck her!! Who cares anymore!! Your stepsister’s pussy feels too good not to fuck and blow a huge creampie inside!!

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Kelly Payne – Day Dreaming of Mom3 HD 1080p

You just can’t seem to help it… here you go again, only this time mom actually sees you with a boner… luckily she just thinks she interrupted something and hasn’t found out that your fantasizing and daydreaming about her… this time in a sexy maid outfit, that with each daydream seems to get skimpier and skimpier…

How much more of this can you take? Your fantasy’s keep coming on stronger, longer, and your getting completely dazed by them… did you accidentally cum in your pants? Did mom notice… doesn’t seem like she does… how much longer can these fantasizes continue… why does it feel so real?

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Cory Chase – BBC Bully Vol 3 HD 1080p

Horny Hook up-

Cory opens up the front door and she lets Jonathan inside of her home. The two sit down next to each other on the couch and Cory tells him that their step-son’s are finally getting along at school. ‘I called you over here for MY needs today, actually…’ she exclaims. ‘Maybe we could both help each other out,’ she says. Cory starts to unbutton Jonathon’s jeans, and she pulls his BBC out from under his pants. She pulls her big tits out from under her white top, and then she gives him a blowjob. She titty fucks his cock in between her tits. Then, while she is still wearing her skirt with no panties, she climbs on top of Jonathon and she rides his cock in the reverse cowgirl position. After she rides his cock with her pussy for a few minutes, she switches to her ass hole. Then she flips over into the cowgirl position so she is facing him now. She continues to bounce up and down on his cock with her pussy followed by her ass. Cory climbs down and she strips out of her clothes, before she climbs back onto the couch. Jonathan fucks her pussy from the doggystyle position this time. He fucks her ass hole in the same position next, and her ass hole gapes open wide. When they are done using each other’s holes, Cory asks Jonathon if he has a friend that he could bring over next time, so the three of them can have some fun together…

I Need More BBC-

Jonathan and Will are sitting down on the couch, and Will isn’t sure why he’s here today. Cory walks into the room and she is completely naked. She starts to explain to Will why he is here. Cory walks over to Will and she says ‘You’re going to do me too, right?!’ She gets down on her knees in front of him and she starts to give him a blowjob. He has a BBC, so she has to use her hands and her mouth at the same time. After she sucks his cock, she climbs on top of him and she starts to ride his cock in the cowgirl position. She flips over into the reverse cowgirl position and she continues to ride him with her pussy. A few minutes later, she asks him if he’s ready to fuck her ass. She moves into the missionary position and he fucks her ass and her pussy, back and forth. Now Cory is ready to fuck both Joanthon and Will at the same time…

BBC Threesome-

Cory and Will walk into the living room and they find Joanthon sitting naked on the couch. Cory is eager to fuck both of these men at the same time! She starts to give them a double blowjob to start. Then they quickly move over to the couch. One BBC gets put in her ass and the other BBC goes straight for her pussy. The two men double penetrate her holes at the same time! Cory lies down on her side and the two BBC’s continue to fuck her holes at the same time. After they D.P her for a while, Jonathan continues to fuck her ass while she sucks Will’s BBC. Cory gets down on her knees with one BBC on each side of her. She helps them jerk their cocks off into her mouth and on her face. She swallows as much as she can! ‘If you guys want to do this again, just give me a call!’ Will exclaims.

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