Penny Barber

Penny Barber – Controlling Top Pantyhose

Honey, I have a very important meeting today and need you to pick up some black pantyhose for me. Can you do that? I don’t care where you get them, just hurry!

You come home to catch me engaging in some weird, pep talk masturbation. You watch for as long as you can, but it isn’t long before I see you spying. I’m absolutely embarrassed that my step-son would watch me do that, but I am running late, so I just grab the pantyhose and slip them on — as you continue watching me through a crack in the door.

But before I can put my suit on, some invisible energy suddenly takes control of my body! It bends me over my dresser—giving you an eyeful of my round, nylon-clad ass—and then makes me start gyrating my hips as some phantom pleasure begins to course through me, making my wet pussy contract in a way that feels even better than my vibrator! As you secretly watch, I come so hard that I need to catch my breath before truly regaining my senses.

I call for your help as I try (and fail) to remove the eerie undergarment. You attempt to read the instructions, but they are in some strange language that neither of us can understand. Even though my step-son is in the room, I can’t help but open my secret drawer full of sex toys. The diabolical hosiery makes me lay before you step-Mommy’s vibrator, butt plug, clothes pins, and a rose gold submissive collar. You watch me collar myself, then clip the clothes pins onto my fully erect nipples. I beg for help, but it’s just too much fun to watch! You’re even getting hard. Every time I finish doing something the pantyhose want me to do I receive a jolt of pleasure in my pussy and moan like a wanton slut right before your eyes.

Why aren’t you helping me, sweetie!? Oh! These pantyhose are going to make me masturbate in front of my own step-son! Instead of going to get help, you take off your clothes as I’m made to vibrate my sensitive clitoris to multiple screaming orgasms. It seems like these…things…are trying to pacify me with kinky sex.

Just as I start to recover and think the nightmare might be over, I grab my own hair and push my face onto your fully engorged cock. Whenever I try to chastise you for going along with the underwear, I interrupt myself by blowing you hard and fast. The more I please your hard cock, the better it makes my pussy and clit feel until I inevitably give up and agree to do whatever you and the hosiery want me to do.

You remove the clips from my nipples before plugging my ass and laying me down to give you a submissive footjob. My feet are soft against your stiff erection, and the more I use them to pleasure you, the better they begin to feel until they are as sensitive as my pussy and it feel like I’m fucking you. I come twice more before you ejaculate all over the crotch of my malicious pantyhose.

Do you think they’ll ever let me take them off?!

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Penny Barber – My Son is a Vampire! First Night HD 720p

What do a string of vicious attacks in a small town have to do with a lonely, busty single mom and her deadbeat, well-hung son? Plenty.

You can’t tell your mom why you’ve been so lazy lately, missing both class and work to nap on the couch all day. You’re not sure how long you can resist her. She looks absolutely delicious.

THE FIRST NIGHT – Claiming your mother with your huge cock.

The hunger you feel becomes unbearable and you sneak into her bedroom. Seeing red, you pounce. Euphoria washes over both of you as you feed. Finally, your mother sees you for what you truly are: a vampire, and her undeniable Master. Now that she’s slaked your thirst, you can use her curvaceous body to satisfy your more prurient appetites. You bend her over so that her juicy ass jiggles as you slide your monster cock deep into her wet pussy. You know that she craves this intense pounding from your engorged, vampire cock. She screams in pleasure as you come deep inside of her, claiming her as your familiar.

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Penny Barber – Wonder Woman – Tricked and Tied by Her Own Lasso HD 1080p

Wonder Woman has agreed to an interview and photoshoot with a well known publication. Oddly only the photographer is there. He says a few things that are suspect but WW assumes he is nervous, being that he is clearly a nerdy fan boy. When he takes the first picture WW is blinded and in a flash she is bound by her own lasso.

Tying knots faster than a speeding bullet wouldn’t seem like a superpower but in the right situation it is just what the evildooer needed.

First He makes WW pose provocatively

Second She dances

Third he makes her masturbate, then when she is about to cum he makes her stop and admit that she wanted to cum before making her masturbate again

Fourth he makes use a vibrating wand for more intense orgasms

Fifth After more admissions he makes her use some imposing spinning vibrating dildo to fuck herself

Sixth she sucks his cock with more admissions

Seventh He fucks her with more admissions

Eighth she finishes him with her mouth

Finally he makes her pose with a cum covered face

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Penny Barber – Mommy’s Your GF for Christmas HD 1080p

What would you like for Christmas this year, sweetie? A girlfriend!? Well those can be difficult to wrap, so don’t get your hopes up. I finish my umteenth cup of special eggnog, and go back to laying out holiday decorations. Later, you come into my bedroom after I call you. Mommy’s wearing nothing but a Christmas sweater covering what appears to be VERY skimpy lingerie. A festive pillow sits in my bare lap. I think I know what you really want for Christmas, darling. Sex! Now, since we won’t be alone on Christmas, Mommy will just have to give you your present early. I strip down to my lingerie as you take your swelling cock out of your pants. Mommy makes your cock nice and slippery before riding you to several delicious cowgirl orgasms. Exhausted, I let you lay me down and fuck me as hard as you can in missionary until you cream pie my quivering pussy. Looks like Mommy’s present came early, too!

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Penny Barber – Watching Porn With Mommy HD 720p

I’m feeling lonely and bored, so I decide to see what you’re doing all alone in your room. You say that you’re watching a movie. When I snatch your laptop and discover that it’s porn, I’m shocked, but not appalled.

I did say I’d watch ANYTHING you wanted. Can we finish it together?

You sit next to me on the couch as I put the dirty movie on the big screen tv in the living room. You can hear my thoughts as I get more and more turned on watching this porno with you, thinking filthy things that a mother shouldn’t be thinking about her son, but I can see the outline of your huge erection in your pants and I want to see more! I convince you that it’s okay to take out your cock. Mommy wants you to stroke it while she plays with herself. I spread my legs and expose my big MILF tits while the moans of the woman getting fucked in the movie play in the background. After rubbing my hard clit to a screaming orgasm, I let you in on a little secret: Mommy really likes getting fucked after masturbating and that big, gorgeous cock of yours is quite a tease.

I take your beautiful cock in my mouth to get it as hard as possible for my pussy. Don’t come yet! Not even when I lovingly lick your long shaft. Not even when I deep throat as much of your enormous dick as I possibly can until my eyes cross. When you can’t take it anymore, I get naked and spread myself open for you. I play with my tits as you fuck me exactly how I like to be fucked. You ride me long and hard through multiple orgasms and, even though I tell you not to come in me, my inner thoughts are begging you to cream pie my hungry, wet pussy.

Did you like Mommy’s pussy, sweetie? Because if you keep this a secret, we can definitely do it again!

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Penny Barber – Cheerleader Step-Sister Teases You Until You Snap HD 1080p

You’re trying to study when you realize that your step-sister isn’t wearing any panties under her cheerleader uniform. You try to focus, but she’s teasing you on purpose. When she starts openly spreading her legs, dripping baby oil onto her little diamond clit, and playing with herself you decide to give her what she so clearly wants. Your hard cock in her warm mouth and up her tight pussy. Maybe you’re not so mad at her for distracting you after all!

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Penny Barber – Step-Mom Catches You Stealing HD 720p

You’ve got a big date coming up with a super hot girl, but it’s gonna cost you! You ask me for an emergency increase in your allowance, but after a long day at work, I’m in no mood. Lucky for you I left my purse on the counter, but lucky for me I walk back in just in time to find you rooting around for my wallet.

I’m furious, but once you tell me what it’s for, I do calm down a little. In fact, maybe there’s something you can do to earn that money before your date. You see, I’m not just stressed over work. It’s been ages since I had a nice, thick, throbbing cock in my hungry pussy. If you fuck me like I desperately need to be fucked, I’ll happily give you a little cash.

I play with myself while sucking your gorgeous hard on, then lie back to take you deep inside of me. You make me feel amazing and bring out my inner slut, bending me over in the kitchen and fucking me hard like the horny slut I am. Too bad I gave all my cash to your step-sister earlier.

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Penny Barber – Step-Mommie’s Panty Fetish HD 1080p

I come home from lunch with your auntie. I have no idea, but you’re hiding in my room, spying. I open my bag and take out a pair of lacy, white panties. I inhale them deeply, then put them down on the bed and start to strip out of my tight dress, bra, and silk neck scarf. I slip into a silk robe and leave the room. You take advantage of my absence to start masturbating with both the panties and my scarf.

When I come back in with a laundry basket seemingly full of nothing but panties, I notice that something is amiss and catch you red handed. I’m upset to find my s0n masturbating with my things that I snatch the scarf back from you and tie your hands up so that you can’t play with yourself anymore. I snatch the panties back, too.

Do you know whose panties those are? They’re your auntie’s. And these in the basket are your s1ster’s. You see, I have a panty fetish, too, so I can’t be too upset with you, but you do still need to be punished. I’m going to leave you all tied up so that you can watch me enjoying these panties, but not enjoy yourself!

I cover myself in your s1ster’s and auntie’s panties, smelling and stroking them, breathing them in before I cum hard in my own panties. Then I take them off and shove them in your mouth. Those cummy panties ought to keep you quiet while you think about what you did.

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Penny Barber – Neighbor Makes You Her Widdle Diaper Stud HD 1080p

After all that noise last night I’m not surprised to find you out on the lawn. Sounded like quite the rager! 

You know, you’re lucky your stepmom and I are such good friends that I promised I’d take care of you while she’s out of town. You’re feeling so hungover that you don’t struggle as I take you inside to clean you up. After all, isn’t it more fun when the busty MILF next door gives you a sponge bath?

It is. After stripping you out of your adorable underwear, I gently clean and admire your massive cock while teasing you with my big, juicy tits. You wish you could do something about it, but you’re still a little hazy.

After a rest, you come to the kitchen to find me tidying up in nothing but a frilly, pink apron. But I’m not the only one dressed kinda weird. I tell you to look down and you’re shocked to see that I’ve diapered you in a thick, embarrassing diaper! I also took the key to your house, so you better be a good boy for me this week! It’s an absolute delight watching you squirm as I take my top off and let you stare at my soft pillowy breasts while I feed you. You’re unable to resist when I demand that you wet your diaper. What can you do other than absolutely flood it? I’m holding all the cards.

You get so embarrassingly hard—and you’re being such a good boy—that I think you’ve earned a reward. I lovingly pleasure you with my soft hands, warm mouth, and huge tits, coaxing your diapered cock to orgasm until you absolutely cover me with your cum. We’re going to have a lot of fun this week, my widdle stud.

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