Penny Barber

Penny Barber – My Stepmom Really Cares – S3:E4 HD 1080p

Penny Barber knows it’s wrong, but she wants her stepson Max Fills. She dresses in lingerie that shows off her e-cup tits and then comes up with an excuse to come to Max’s room. She brings him a drink and then apologizes that Max’s dad has grounded him. Upon Max’s request, Penny even brings Max a blanket and his phone charger.

Throughout all of Penny’s niceness, Max can’t help but notice what nice boobs she has. When Penny has arrived with a snack for Max, he asks if there’s anything he can do for her. A slip of the tongue leads Max to understand that Penny wants a baby and his dad won’t give her a creampie. Max can definitely take care of that.

At Penny’s invitation, Max eats her pussy and then gets his cock blown in return. Max finally gets his dick wet when Penny climbs aboard so she can ride in cowgirl while letting Max suck those titties. Turning around, Penny keeps on rocking Max’s world in reverse cowgirl. She takes a pussy pounding on her knees before rolling to her back so Max can reward them both by busting a nut deep in her juicy snatch.

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Penny Barber – Sunday Morning Wood HD 720p

You got hard in church again!? Go to your room while I pray on how to deal with your…libidinous urges.

I may be at my wits end, but I know if I just beg on my knees for long enough, the Lord will reveal himself to me. That’s it! The solution is almost too simple: I am going to take care of your erections every day before church. I mean, I can’t have you *ahem* masturbating like a heathen. As your loving Step-Mother, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get the devil out of you, even if it means clasping my hands around your cock instead of in prayer.

I stroke you like only a good, Christian woman can while showing you my gorgeous, MILF titties to help get you off, but, despite your huge load, you still manage to get hard in church! The devil sure is strong in you, but I’m not going to give up. I spread my legs and encourage you to fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck me until I’m positive that every last drop of your demon semen is in my saintly pussy.

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Penny Barber – Cumming in Step-Mom’s Pussy HD 720p

You show up to my house late at night after a heated argument with your new wife, Alison. I’m surprised to see you, but manage to get the whole story out of you: She won’t fuck you without a condom! You’re so upset that I think you should spend the night—in my bed.

I quickly stash my vibrator and panties, slip off my robe, and let my hair down before inviting you in. We snuggle up as I wear nothing but a skimpy, silky nightgown that clings to my big, soft breasts. We try to rest, but I can’t stop thinking about how frustrated you must be and you’re finding me to be a little distracting, too.

You know, I thinks I have the perfect solution to your problem: you can fuck ME without a condom! I stroke your cock to attention under the covers, then take it out and give a long, leisurely blowjob, showing you the soles of my feet and jiggling my ass as I suck. Once it feels as hard as it can possibly get, I mount you cowgirl and proceed to ride you with passionate abandon. Two wet step-mom orgasms are all you can stand before you do what you so desperately want to: fill my tight, loving pussy with your warm semen.

I think you and Alison are going to be just fine. Step-Mom is ALWAYS happy to help if you need it again, sweetheart! XOX

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Penny Barber – Mommy Butt Fucks Your Bully HD 1080p

That boy, Alrik, is picking on you again. This time he gave you such a wedgie that Mommy has to get down and lick your poor little butthole. But don’t you worry, sweetie, because Mommy would do anything for you, even seduce some asshole just to give his asshole a taste of his own medicine. A few text messages and he’s over at our house, with no idea that I’m your mom, and even less of an idea of what’s in store for him! I’ve learned that there’s only one way to deal with bullies: break them down, humiliate them, and make them your submissive plaything. Trust me: it’s easier than you’d think. And that boy won’t be bothering you anymore—but he will be taking Mommy’s big dick whenever I say! – femdom, pegging, milf, mommy roleplay

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Penny Barber – Bedtime For Adult Baby Cuckold HD 1080p

Is my little diaper boy ready to be tucked in by Step-Mommy? Aww, is your cute little thingy sticking up because you are happy to see Step-Mommy in her pretty lingerie or because it is excited to be put in a nice, soft diaper? Let me just pour some baby oil on that adorable stiffy before I diaper you all up. Step-Mommy has a special visitor tonight, so she needs her diaper boy to be quiet all night long. I know that the best way to keep you from being a fussy baby is sending you to bed in a creamy diaper. Would my sweet little adult baby cuckold like Step-Mommy to play with his little thingy before I get fucked by my date’s real man cock?

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Penny Barber – Creaming Your Diaper in the Car HD 1080p

You know I am not letting you ride in the car without a diaper, not after your little accident in the store the other day. Are you worried that someone might see your little thingy while you’re getting diapered in the backseat? I suppose I could I take out my nice big breasts to distract from the little diaper boy getting his bottom powdered. I can’t wait to tease and play with my little adult baby cutie on our car ride. Do you feel all snug in your nice dry diapy? Well, that is a shame because now you have to pour this entire cold water bottle into your diaper. A cold, squishy diaper probably does not feel too good so you should probably pee to make it a warm, squishy diaper. Step-Mommy loves to squeeze your sweet little stiffy through your wet diaper. Do you think if I pulled over and took my tits out again you could make that soaked diaper nice and sticky for me?

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Penny Barber – Mom Sexually Humiliates You HD 1080p

Lately I’ve been hearing a wet, telltale, fapping sound outside the bathroom door whenever I take a shower. I know you’ve been spying on me for a while now—your own step-mom! I’m finally going to do something about it. Let’s see how you like it! I make you take your cock out and am blown away by how big and beautiful it is, but just because I’m enjoying myself doesn’t mean that this isn’t still a punishment, Mister! While you like the attention, you’re still chagrined when I roughly squeeze and spank your embarrassingly hard dick. I make you to lie on the floor, your fear boner pointing straight at the ceiling, and slowly, tantalizingly step on your cock with my sexy, red stiletto heels and kick you in your swollen balls. It hurts, but nothing seems to make that hard on subside! OMG, is my stepson a pervert?! Maybe you need a taste of your own medicine. You’re going to sit there and watch while I masturbate to you for a change. With my vibrator pressed against my eager, little clit, you watch me come, my fat, luscious tits exposed to your hungry gaze. You wish that you could stroke to this show, but I order you to keep your hands off of your own aching erection. Does that feel more like a punishment, you dirty boy? But I’m not a monster. You’ve been so thoroughly punished that I decide you can come. We drive out to a secluded parking spot. I know how much you love my breasts, so I pull my dress down as I reach between your legs and start to stroke your aching cock. You’ve been teased so much that only a few minutes into the handjob, you cover my face and tits with your hot, voluminous cum. Cleaning myself up with your clothes, I tell you to get out. That’s right: your wicked step-Mommy is leaving you out here NAKED! I’m sure someone will give you a ride home eventually, but you may have to earn it.

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