Penny Barber

Penny Barber, Rain DeGrey – Miss Barber Convinces Your Step-Mom To Blow You HD 1080p

I’m here to see your step-mother, Rain, to discuss your declining performance in school. I want to share with her a secret that many moms have been discovering about how oral sex leads to good grades and better attitudes. I explain to Rain that if your education is important to her she needs to be sucking your cock regularly! Your step-mom is willing to do whatever it takes to get her step-son back on track so I help the two of you sort out some agreements about what behavior merits reward head. Of course, in order to really motivate you, it is important you know exactly what you can look forward to once you bring back that stellar report card. I help guide Rain as we take out your cock for the first of many good boy blowjobs.

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Penny Barber – Stroking to Your Sister’s Ass HD 1080p

When I catch you spying on me as I get ready for my date, I decide to have a little fun with you. I start off just teasing you a little, asking if you like what I’m wearing, but when I notice that you’re playing with yourself as you stare, things really get going! You want to jerk off while you look at me? Fine, then I’m going to look at you, too, and it’s not good resisting!

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Penny Barber – Slut Step-Sister Strips for $100 HD 1080p

While obnoxiously snapping my gum I complain that Step-Mom won’t give me any money to go out. She says that I’ve been asking for too much. You start to hint that you might have a way for me to earn some cash from you. When you tell me that you want me to take my clothes off, I initially don’t believe you. Go look at some porn, you perv! But, just out of curiosity, how much will you give me? Fuck! $100 is a lot. And…all I have to do is take my clothes off for you in a sexy way? Okay… I strip out of my daisy duke shorts and white bodysuit, spreading my pussy and shaking my fat ass for you. That’s when you spot something on my bedside table. I insist that it’s just a back massager, but you insist that there’s something much more fun that I can do with it. You’re so smart, big step-brother!

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Penny Barber – Step-Daddy Decides I Deserve Diapers HD 1080p

I am so excited to show you these lacy white panties I wore just for you, Step-Daddy. I can’t wait for you to keep training me to be a good girl for you. You even brought me a present! Wait, why is there a diaper in here? That was one time and only a little! This is so embarrassing, please don’t make me wear a diaper.

What do you mean you are going to make me do a lot more than wear it? Yes Sir, I will do whatever I am told like a good for Step-Daddy.

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Penny Barber – Step-Mommy’s Little Diaper Nerd HD 1080p

I just got off of the phone with your teacher, sweetie, and she says you’re grades are slipping. She also told Step-Mommy that you’ll need to have all of your distractions minimized from now on. I’m going to set up your widdle work station with a sippy cup and some crackers, and then I’m going to put you in a diaper so you don’t have to worry about interrupting your workflow to pee! You steal some upstkirt glances at Step-Mommy’s bare pussy while I prepare you, and then I leave you to your paper.

Are you ready to be changed yet, snookums? Oh, you are, but Step-Mommy is going to check your work first. Oh, no! Time to get out the red pen. You sit in your wet diaper and steal more looks up my skirt as I correct your work. Step-Mommy’s going to give you a little more time to fix this, and you are NOT going to be changed until it’s perfect.

Oh, darling, this paper IS perfect! Let’s get you changed into a fresh diaper and…wow! Look at your widdle stiffy poking up there. I think your hard work deserves a reward, don’t you? I lick and suck your tiny little cock before stripping down and taking it between my big pillowy tits. I play little games with it before letting you slide it into Step-Mommy’s tight wet pussy. I ride you until you give Step-Mommy as much cum as your tiny dick possibly can.

Now, let’s get you changed and ready for your math homework, big boy. XOXO

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Penny Barber – Strip Board Games with Step-Mom HD 1080p

I hope you are excited for game night with Step-Mom. I was thinking maybe a few rounds of dirty Candyland? The rules are very simple. Each color card has a different sexual action that the player must perform. There is a color for taking off clothes, colors for touching yourself, and even one for getting to have an orgasm. I know you want to play any game where you get to stare at my big, full tits and jerk-off so I think we are both going to enjoy Strip Candyland tonight.

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Penny Barber – Mom Fucks You at Your Sleepover HD 1080p

It’s your last sleepover before you go away to college and you and your best friend have some big plans for the evening, but Mommy knows how you get when you don’t make time to stroke that massive cock of yours. I’ve never met a boy with such an overactive libido. You must get it from me. You think you’ll be fine, but I just know you’re going to wake up with the biggest, hardest erection ever. I pull up my black, satin nightgown and slip into your napping bag with you, my warm pussy ready to take care of that morning wood for you, even though you didn’t listen to me. I’ll try not to moan and cum all over your napping bag, but no promises! What’s more embarrassing: your friend seeing your stiffy or finding out that you fuck your mother?

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Penny Barber – Step-Mom is Your Cock-Sucking Secretary HD 1080p

When your secretary quits out of the blue things start piling up. Luckily Step-Mommy is willing to help out her little entrepreneur. I show up wearing a tight, low-cut dress, which is so distracting that you call me into your office and ask for…a massage. I think it’s a little odd, but I do want you to be relaxed for your big meeting later. That’s when you tell me what would really relax you: a blow job!

I strip out of my dress, down to just my high heels. I start to tease you with my big tits, long legs, and curvy body before I invite you to cum fill up Step-Mommy’s mouth!

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Penny Barber – Mom Jerks You to Dump Your Girlfriend HD 1080p

Mommy’s not so sure that she likes you having a girlfriend. And I don’t see why you need one anyway. I’m willing to do all the things that she can do for you–and I’ll do them better! Housework, cooking, sex. Does she offer you daily wake-up blow jobs like Mommy does? No? Well, I’m going to call her right now and you’re going to have to decide whether to ask her if you can move in…or break up with her! Of course, I know my son pretty well and I have an idea of just how to elicit the action that I want. I’ll just open up your pants and start stroking your hard, gorgeous dick.

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Penny Barber – Titty Fucking Mom HD 1080p

Are you staring at Mommy’s tits again? God, you are so obsessed with my breasts. How about I let you fuck my tits just once, exactly the way that you want. You can cum anywhere that you like. Will that let you get it out of your system? The proviso is that I’m off the hook for buying you that expensive new video game that you wanted. A lot of guys would be ecstatic to titty fuck their own mom—at least, they would if she had tits like mine. Deal? Good! I strip out of my bra and lube up my breasts. They’re so slick and big that they just swallow your dick. I hump you with my tits and encourage you to fuck them until you have an explosive orgasm in my mouth. Oh my god…your cum is delicious. Maybe we’ll do this again after all

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