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This American step-dad has been happily married and living in Europe for 20 years with his lovely euro wife and their two offspring, one a pretty step-daughter named Svetlana, who has just turned 18. After dinner wifey rocks his world by informing him that in their country it is tradition for the step-father to take his step-daughter’s virginity when she becomes an adult, and to teach her all the finer points of pleasing a man. At first he is shocked, and isn’t sure he can go through with it. But assurances from step-mom that it is not only socially acceptable in his adopted homeland, but also considered a mandatory parental responsibility, convince him to do his fatherly duty.

He finds Svetlana waiting eagerly for him in her bedroom, wearing only her robe and a sexy negiigee underneath. Still a bit nervous, he tries to postpone the inevitable coupling by lecturing her about sex, and all the different acts she may have to perform. But she is more interested in learning through experience, and soon she is grabbing his step-daddy-dick through his pants in an attempt to arouse him to action. She unzips his fly, pulls out his paternal penis and starts giving him a hand job. Past the point of no return, step-daddy gives in to the pleasure of the moment and explains the concept of the blow job to his darling step-daughter. She comprehends completely and sticks his dick in her mouth. Her technique is instinctually perfect. The ability must run in the family he muses, since step-mom gives great head too. He plays with her beautiful round ass, while she continues to suck his shaft and even his bulbous balls. He fingers her pussy in preparation for penile penetration.

Then pop pops his step-daughter’s cherry in compliance with the local traditions of this crazy culture. He teaches her how to lay back and take a paternal pounding, but also how to hop on pop by riding his dick til he’s about to explode. One last pop pun, as he “pops” in her mouth, instructing her to swallow his big, messy load. After this torrid tutorial step-dad is sure his will be a big hit with the boys.

Please note these movies have long running times with lots of story and tease, leading up to the taboo sex.

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