Amiee Cambridge

Amiee Cambridge, Cory Chase – Stuck Step Family HD 1080p

Step Sister Kiss-

Amiee Cambridge is wondering where the MILF Glue Formula could possibly be hidden in this house! She glances down, where Cory Chase is sitting in between Amiee’s legs. Cory is licking and sucking on Amiee’s clit, but she can’t find the formula up there! Cory continues to eat her step-sister’s pussy out until she cums in her mouth. Then, the step-sisters kiss each other on the lips before Cory and Amiee switch places. Amiee eat’s Cory’s pussy out while using her fingers simultaneously, until Cory cums hard for her!

Stuck And Fucked Under the Bed-

Amy and Cory walk into the bedroom, since they’re still searching for the MILF glue formula! They both stick their heads underneath the bed frame, so that their asses are sticking up in the air. A few moments later, they realize that they are stuck under the bed! They call out for Luke Longly to come help them get unstuck. He walks into the room and he shoves his finger in both of their assholes. That doesn’t seem to help at all, so he grabs the bottle of MILF glue and he lubes his cock up. He shoves his cock in Cory’s pussy, but she is still stuck. He tries fucking Amiee’s pussy next, but she is still stuck as well! He goes back and forth between fucking both of them in the doggystyle position. Cory gets unstuck first, so Luke tries to fuck Amiee harder this time. He fucks her pussy harder and harder until she gets unstuck!

Creampie Challenge-

Cory and Amiee play a game of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissor’ to see who gets to fuck Luke first! Cory wins, so she hops on top of Luke and she starts to ride his cock. But first, Amiee and Cory suck Luke’s cock and give him a double blowjob. Then, Cory bounces up and down on his cock. A few minutes later, Cory licks his cock clean before Amiee hops on top. Amiee bounces up and down on Luke’s cock, while Cory licks Amiee’s nipples. Amiee and Cory both get in the doggystyle position next to each other on the bed. Luke goes back and forth between fucking both of the step-sisters, as they kiss each other’s lips. Next, Luke fucks Amiee’s pussy from behind, while Amiee is eating Cory’s pussy out. Amiee and Cory switch places, so that Cory is eating Amiee’s pussy out while Luke fucks Cory. Cory and Amiee lie down next to each other in the missionary position and Luke fucks their pussies some more. When he is ready to cum, he explodes deep inside of Amiee’s pussy! Then, we watch the cum drip out of her pussy…

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Amiee Cambridge, Kira Fox, Melanie Hicks, Cory Chase – STEP FAMILY STUCK NEW FORMULA (PARTS 4) HD 720p

Step Aunt Step Daughter Orgy-

Cory Chase, Amiee Cambridge, and Melanie Hicks are sitting next to each other on the bed. Kira Fox walks into the room and she asks them what’s wrong? They tell Kira that they can’t find the Milf Glue formula. Kira has an idea… Since they are all together in the bedroom, they might as well have some fun! Cory starts to eat Melanie’s pussy out while Amiee eats Kira’s pussy out. Cory sits on Amiee’s face next, while Kira eats Amiee’s pussy out. When the MILF’s are done playing with each other, they search the room and they finally find the secret MILF glue formula! – lesbian family sex

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Amiee Cambridge, Kira Fox, Melanie Hicks, Cory Chase – STEP FAMILY STUCK NEW FORMULA (PARTS 5)

Step Family Stuck Under The Bed-

Cory Chase, Amiee Cambridge, Melanie Hicks and Kira Fox all stick their heads under the bed, searching for the Milf Glue. They get themselves stuck under the bed, face down, ass up. Luke Longly and Johnny Love walk into the room and they lube up their cocks with Milf glue. Luke fucks Amiee from behind first, and he fucks her until she gets unstuck. Luke fucks Kira next, until he is able to pull her out from under the bed as well. Johnny fucks both Melanie and Cory until they get unstuck. Then, the MILF’s hop on top of the bed and Johnny and Luke follow. Luke fucks Cory’s pussy from behind, while she sucks Johnny’s cock. Luke fucks Kira’s pussy from behind, while Johnny fucks Amiee from behind. Luke starts to fuck Kira in the missionary position, while Cory eats Amiee’s pussy out, and Melanie rides Johnny’s cock. Amiee rides Johnny’s cock next, while Amiee kisses Cory. Cory rides Johnny’s cock, while Luke is still fucking Kira. They keep taking turns fucking each other, in no particular order. When Luke is ready to cum, he jerks his cock off all over Kira’s face. When Johnny is ready to cum, he jerks his cock off all over Cory, Amiee and Kira’s faces! In the end, everyone forgot what they were doing originally and they left and ordered Pizza! – STEPSISTER INCEST ORGY

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Amiee Cambridge, Kira Fox, Melanie Hicks, Cory Chase – STEP FAMILY STUCK NEW FORMULA (PARTS 1-3) HD 720p

New Formula-

Johnny Love is sitting down at the table, ready to sign his signature on his Step Grand-father’s inheritance papers. ‘What is MILF Glue?’ Johnny asks, as he reads some of the papers in front of him. ‘How do you think your father made all his money? MILF Glue…’ The step-sisters exclaim. Johnny is intrigued by this MILF Glue but he doesn’t fully understand what it is. Luke Longly calls Cory Chase over to demonstrate the MILF Glue. Luke pours some MILF Glue on Cory’s hands first, followed by Amiee Cambridge‘s hands and Melanie Hicks‘s hands. All 3 of the MILF’s stick their hands down on the table, and they stick to it! Cory is wearing a black lingerie set while Melanie is wearing red lingerie and Amiee is wearing beige. Johnny’s step-sister, Kira Fox, pulls off her red blazer and she starts to give her step-brother a blowjob. She also uses her hands at the same time, since Kira is the only female in the room who is not glued to the table. Kira lies down on the table, in the missionary position, and Johnny starts to fuck his step-sister’s pussy while the 3 MILF’s watch them. Kira flips over into the doggystyle position and her step-brother continues to fuck her pussy from behind, with the 3 MILF’s watching them. Kira sucks Johnny’s cock clean, as Luke walks back into the room with some important news! ‘Before Leroy died, he was working on a special Milf Glue formula that would work on step-sisters and step-daughters as well! Not just MILF’s…’ he says, while staring at Kira…


Melanie and Amiee both walk up to the black, leather couch, and they are searching for the new MILF glue formula in the couch. They stick their hands deep into the couch, but there must be some MILF Glue in the couch because their hands suddenly become stuck! Johnny walks into the room wearing nothing but blue boxer shorts. He tries to pull the MILF’s out of the couch but he is unsuccessful. He pulls his cock out and he shoves it in Melanie’s mouth first, followed by Amiee’s mouth. He is eager to take advantage of the two MILF’s who are currently stuck in the couch! The two MILF’s give Johnny a sloppy blowjob, while their hands are stuck. He moves behind Amiee and he starts to fuck Amiee’s pussy from behind. A few minutes later, he gets behind Melanie and he starts to fuck her pussy in the doggystyle position. He goes behind Amiee again and he fucks her pussy harder and faster this time.


Cory and Kira are searching for the new MILF Glue formula. They are searching through the beige couch first. Kira ends up getting her hands stuck in the couch, and Cory tries to help pull her out. Cory sticks one of her hands deep inside of the couch, and she gets her hand stuck as well. Luke walks into the room holding a bottle of Milf Glue, but it isn’t the formula. He gets behind Kira at first and he fucks her pussy in the doggystyle position. He moves over to where Cory is stuck next, and he fucks her pussy from behind as well. He fucks Kira in the missionary position next, while Cory licks Kira’s nipples. He fucks Kira until she becomes unstuck! Cory still has one free hand and one stuck hand, as Luke gets behind her and fucks her some more. Once Cory is free, Kira lies down on her back and Luke fucks her pussy again. Luke fucks Cory’s pussy from behind next, while Cory is simultaneously eating out Kira’s pussy. When Luke is done using their holes, they go in search of the Milf Glue formula…

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Amiee Cambridge – Wonder whore needs cock 4K

Wonder woman has captured a bad guy one she fancies. Shes sure him and his cock could help her aching pussy. She pulls her panties to the side and rides his cock giving him a full view of her ass. She gets herself off using his dick and is shocked to find that she may not have seen everything and fallen into his trap. Looks like they will need to talk terms to keep this underwrap.

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Featuring: Cory Chase, Leana Lovings, Brooklyn Chase, Quinn Waters, Rebel Rhyder, Vivianne DeSilva, Karma Rx, Melanie Hicks, Amiee Cambridge, Nikki Brooks, Coco Vandi

Cory Chase enjoys some company in Taboo Heat’s Hottest Threesome Compilation. Enjoy!

00:00 – Free Use Step Daughter Vol. 3 – Gas is Too High
03:00 – My Hot New Step Mom Brooklyn Chase
06:00 – Free Use Step Family Vol 1
09:00 – Hot New Free Use Step-Mom Vol 1
12:00 – Stuck Step Mom
15:00 – Truth Or Dare With Step Mom
18:00 – Perfect Free Use Anal Step Aunt
21:00 – Multi-Milfverse – Tale of Two Nikki’s
24:00 – Theme Park Vacation with Free Use Step Mom (Part 4)
27:00 – Free Use Moving In – Rent is Due (Parts 3-4)

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Amiee Cambridge – Sucked and fucked by a busty pornstar succubus HD 1080p

A sexy demon has appeared and wants to pleasure you (So what if she’s a succubus, she’s fucking hot!) Her sexy curvy body, plump ass and perfect boobs makes you ache with desire. She puts your dripping member in her mouth and starts blowing you deeply. Gagging as she has it meet the back of her throat. She rides you nice and slow in reverse cowgirl until she knows you are close. The she finishes you off with her mouth and hand.

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Amiee Cambridge – Look Up For Your Surprise… (Happy Father’s Day) HD 720p

Getting treated by your wife for Father’s Day is exactly how it should be done. And Amiee Cambridge isn’t the kind of wife to disappoint. She bakes a beautiful cake for her husband and writes him a heartfelt note that warns him of a surprise. When he looks up – Amiee is decked out in hot lingerie and in another man’s arms! Not exactly what he was expecting for Father’s Day! He’s taken aback as Amiee convinces her husband that this is what he wants – but it’s hard to concentrate on what she’s saying as his wife is being groped by a strange stud named GI Joey. Amiee is just too seductive and her husband caves and follows them to the bedroom. Amiee throats the stud’s fat cock as her husband watches intently. She slides it down her hairy, pierced pussy as she grinds all over him. When the stud takes this hotwife from behind, its over – she speaks in tongues as he fucks her hard to orgasm. Her tight pussy is stretched to its limit as she gets railed in front of her husband. Aimee takes the stud’s load in her mouth and swallows it all before telling her husband it’s his turn now. Happy Father’s Day folks!

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Cory Chase, Amiee Cambridge – FUCKING MY STEP SON’S BULLY VOL 1 HD 720p

Step Family Succession-

Amiee Cambridge is sitting with her step-son, Aiden, in the car, while Aiden cries to her over his bully at school. ‘Can you make him stop beating me up?!’ Aiden exclaims. Amiee rolls her eyes as she gets out of the car and she walks towards her step-son’s bully’s home. Amiee tells Aiden to stay in the car, as she approaches Luke Longly’s home. She finds Luke’s step-mom, Cory Chase, sitting by her computer and Amiee tells Cory that the medical bills are getting ridiculous now and Luke needs to stop bullying her step-son! Cory has a suggestion… She tells Amiee that she can possibly get her step-son to stop bullying Aiden, if she helps Cory out with a few things. Cory tells Amiee that maybe she could sexually help Luke or herself out. Amiee is feeling intimidated by Cory, as Cory starts to undress Aimee. Once Amiee is completely naked, Cory asks her to do a little spin in front of her. ‘Perfect body! Luke is going to love you!’ Cory exclaims. Cory takes her fingers and she starts to gently rub Amiee’s clit. Cory pulls her own big, enhanced tits out from under her purple bra and Amiee licks and sucks on her nipples. Cory gets down on the floor while Amiee is sitting on a chair in front of her with her legs spread, and Cory starts to eat her pussy out. Once Amiee cums in Cory’s mouth, the two MILF’s switch places. Now, Amiee is eating Cory’s pussy out because she wants to make sure that Luke will stop bullying Aiden! Once Cory cums, the two MILF’s want to go find Luke…

New Fuck Toy-

Cory and Amiee are completely naked in Cory’s home gym. Cory picks up her cell phone and she quickly dials Luke’s number, and she tells him to come to the gym as quickly as he can. When Luke walks into the gym, he asks his step-mom what’s going on. Cory explains the situation to Luke and she explains how he is allowed to fuck Amiee’s holes in exchange for no longer bullying Aiden. ‘Luke, do I trust that once you have access to Amiee, you will stop bullying Aiden?’ Cory asks her step-son, right before she gets down on her knees in front of him. ‘Whoa! You suck your step-son’s cock?!’ Amiee gasps. Cory giggles while explaining that it’s fine because they aren’t actually related… ‘Now get down on your knees next to me!’ Cory demands. Aimee and Cory give Luke a double blowjob now. Then Amiee lies down on her back and Luke starts to fuck her pussy in the missionary position, while Cory watches behind them. Amiee flips over into the doggystyle position and Luke fucks her pussy from behind, while Cory holds Amiee’s ass open with her hands. Luke starts to finger Amiee’s ass hole while he’s fucking her pussy. Cory licks Luke’s cock clean and then Luke goes back to fucking Amiee’s pussy again. Luke cums deep inside of Amiee’s pussy, and then he has a suggestion for the two MILF’s… He wants them to go get dressed up before he fucks them again…

Step Mom Get Creampie-

Amiee and Cory take Luke’s suggestion and they get all dolled up this time. They are wearing matching yellow lingerie, and Cory tells Amiee that she wants to make sure that Amiee gets pregnant with Luke’s child. Amiee is unsure, but Cory tells her ‘Don’t you want to become a part of this free use step-family?’ Amiee is very tempted since she has really been enjoying fucking Luke and Cory! Cory gets down on her knees in front of Luke first, and she starts to suck his cock. Amiee makes her way over to Luke’s cock and she joins Cory, so they both are giving him a blowjob at the same time. Cory and Amiee get into the 69 position with Cory on top, so Luke can fuck Cory’s pussy from behind while the two MILF’s eat each other out. Cory flips over on to her back and Luke continues to fuck Cory’s pussy in the missionary position, while Amiee is sitting on Cory’s face. Amiee and Cory switch places, so Luke can fuck Amiee this time. Amiee gets into the doggystyle position, and Cory sits in front of Amiee with her legs spread. Amiee eats Cory’s pussy out as she is getting fucked hard from behind! Then, Cory gives Luke a blowjob while Amiee is still eating Cory’s pussy out. Amiee lies down on her back so Luke can fuck her in the missionary position one more time. Cory is licking Amiee’s nipples as Luke fucks her. When Luke is ready to cum, he explodes deep inside of her pussy! Then, they watch the cum drip out of her. They’re all hoping that Amiee will get pregnant and be able to join their step-family fuck sessions all the time!Aiden has been waiting in the car this whole time. Two hours later, Amiee walks back to the car, half naked and covered in sweat and cum. ‘I worked out your bullying problem! Don’t worry about what I had to do… or what I will be doing again here in the future,’ she tells him. Amiee is ready to go home and take a shower and get changed!

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