Meana Wolf

Meana Wolf – GOLD DIGGER II HD 1080p

Your dad was gone and he’d left everything to you. It’s what you’d always wanted, but it didn’t bring you any satisfaction. Over the last few months you’d stopped caring about the money. She had become your only obsession. And now here she was; your father’s gold digging whore, on her knees, penniless. She’s not leaving empty handed, and you can’t resist her. You’re just like your father, you’d give it all up for one more taste of her.

Clip Contains: Like father, like son. This femme fatale is going to take you for every last penny.

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Meana Wolf – Convince Him HD 720p

Having the title of honorary uncle was one that you took very seriously. Meana wasn’t your kin, but she was your family. You’d been best friend’s with her dad forever, and you’d watched her grow up into a young woman. Just like a real uncle, you had to try and ignore how insanely fuckable she’d gotten too. She knew just how to use that to her advantage too. Like now, when she’s rubbing her ass agains your thigh, begging you to tell her daddy that she should be able to take a year off school. All you have to do is convince him, and she’ll give you what you’ve always wanted. So be a good uncle, and convince him.

Clip Contains: She slides your cock deep in her tight little pussy and moans “You’ll convince my dad to let me take a year off before college won’t you uncle Jack?” Yes, yes you will. You’ll tell him whatever she wants. **Bad girls. Older Man, Younger Woman. Bare Back fucking. Cumshot**

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Meana Wolf – ON PAROLE HD 720p

You’d had your fair share of parole officers, but none of them were like her. You figured it would be a walk in the park, she’s just a girl after all. But soon you start to realize that she’s far more sadistic than any PO you’ve had in the past. She has an insatiable appetite for dick, and she especially likes bad boys like you. She likes to tell bad boys what to do, where to go, and if she want’s your cock you better be ready to give it to her exactly when and how she wants it. You can’t even jerk off without her permission. If you fail to comply? She’ll have you thrown back in prison. She’s got you on a short leash and she knows what it takes to rehabilitate naughty boys like you. Now give her what she wants, and remember, she owns you.

Clip Contains: Going back to prison is the last thing you want, so you better do whatever your parole officer demands. Including giving her that naughty boy dick whenever she wants. **Bareback sex. Power Dynamics. Powerful Woman. Cream Pie**

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Meana Wolf – FRIEND ZONE II HD 1080p

She’s your best friend and she will never think about you sexually. That fact makes you so damn mad, but so damn horny. It’s as if she knows how badly you want to fuck her, but it’s all a game to her and you’re just another little toy. All she cares about is her dickhead boyfriend. She doesn’t even really care about you. She knows your cock is constantly aching for her. She’ll fully change in front of you, flaunting her body and just joke about how it means nothing to her and how she’d never do anything sexual with you. That is, unless she can use you to make her stupid boyfriend jealous. She asks to borrow your cock again…just to make him absolutely crazy. “Do you think he’d get angry if I sent him a video of us fucking?”

Clip Contains: Even when you’re balls deep inside of her, you’re still friend zoned. How humiliating. **Cuckolding. Cheating on the Phone. Infidelity. Friend Zoned. Creampie. **

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Meana Wolf – APPLY YOURSELF HD 1080p

You’ve been a bad boy. Skipping class, not handing in your assignments and acting out all the time. What’s the point of anything? School sucks. Your teacher Meana has asked you to come over for a chat. You already know what she’s going to say…You should apply yourself more and pay attention in class. But you don’t care what she has to say. That’s when she puts her hand on your leg. Your dick stiffens instantly as you stare at her cleavage in her blouse and her hand slowly makes it’s way up to your throbbing cock. She squishes your cock between her tits and says: “It’s my job to motivate you. So if you turn all your grades in to A’s by the end of the year… who knows what I might do”. Suddenly you feel compelled to get home and hit those books.

Clip Contains: Your teacher deep throats your cock and promises so much more as soon as you turn your grades around. Run along, you’ve got studying to do. **Older Woman, Younger Man. Teacher. Student. Handjob. Facial. MILF. POV.**

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Meana Wolf – TRADE OFF HD 1080p

You had been looking forward to hockey camp all year. This was your last big push before college tryouts and nothing was going to stand in your way of getting a scholarship and eventually going pro. The only thing is, your stepsister Meana want’s to go for the marine biology exchange camp in Thailand. Your parent’s say only one of you can go. Too bad, so sad. Her trip is just an excuse for hot girls to go to Thailand and party, you’re actually serous about playing hockey professionally. So she suggests you trade for it. Yeah right, like she has anything you actually want. But then she shows you her tits and you realize that you didn’t really have the talent to go pro and hockey is just a stupid hobby and you’d literally do anything, ANYTHING, to fuck your stepsister.

Clip Contains: Would you rather, Fuck your step sister or go to hockey camp? Hmm? **Step Siblings. Stepsister, Stepbrother. Family Roleplay. Taboo Fantasy. Creampie**

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Meana Wolf – THE ASSISTANT HD 1080p

You were the epitome of the stereotypical ultra rich upperclass husband. Your name was always in the tabloids with a new sugar baby on your arm, and you’d surrounded yourself with enablers, especially your assistant. He’d handle all your scheduling with your girls and your payoffs to the paparazzi. Well, those days were over now. Your wife had had enough of your frivolous expenditure of her money and the humiliation in the press and the sugar baby pregnancy scares. She’s hired a new assistant, one to keep you in line. She was hand selected by your wife because she possesses a very particular set of skills. Your new assistant doesn’t work for you, she works for your wife, and from now on she’ll be handling all your needs. All of them. She’s here to assist you.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip contains: Your new assistant has been briefed on all your day to day needs, and all your perverted sexual desires and weaknesses. She’s here to make sure that you don’t fuck up things any more than you already have, and you’re more than willing to do whatever she tells you. **Bad girls. Power Dynamics. Bare Back Fucking. Infidelity. Cum shot**

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Meana Wolf – CASUAL DATING HD 1080p

There is but one commandment amongst brothers: thou shall not fuck your brother’s chick. But the thing is, your brother pulls some serious badass babes, and then proceeds to drop them for whatever girl he can get next because he’s a typical idiotic macho douchebag. Tonight’s girl was literally the hottest one yet, and you can tell she was feeling a little down. She just had lame sex with your brother in the other room and he didn’t even make her cum. Not only that, but she know’s she’s the perfect girlfriend material, so why does your brother just want to keep things “casual” with her? Suddenly it dawns on her that if he want’s to fuck other people, maybe she should too, starting with you, his younger, hotter brother who’s a much better lay.

Clip Contains: Do you think your brother would be mad if he found you rawdogging his new girl in the kitchen? Why? He had his chance to be exclusive and he blew it. Now you’re gonna blow it too, in her pussy. **Infidelity. Cheating. Creampie

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Auntie Meana was your favourite of your mom’s friends. She never treated you like a little boy the way the other mom’s did. She always talked to you like a man. Now that you’d grown up, you realized how insanely hot she was, and how jealous it made other women, including your mom. That must be why you hadn’t seen Auntie Meana in a while. She’s too cool for this New Year’s party, and all the other mom’s are just whispering about her and her escapades. “I wonder what they’d all say if I told them I found a hot young man to fuck at this party? Too bad my New Year’s Resolution is to stop having one night stands.” But New Years Resolutions don’t start till January 1st don’t they?

Clip Contains: What better way to bring in the New Year than fucking your mom’s best friend?

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Meana Wolf – A CHRISTMAS STORY HD 1080p

It’s Christmas, and you just can’t take it anymore. You want a divorce. The only thing that’s been keeping you in this marriage is your stepdaughter Meana. Her and her mother had nothing before you came along, so you raised her, showed her all the finer things in life, and spoiled her. The way she sits on your lap and calls you “daddy” after you buy her something extravagant is the best feeling in the world. But now she’s grown up, and it’s time to end things with her mom. The thing is, Meana has grown accustomed to this lifestyle and she’s not about to give it all up. She know’s all about your prenup, which means that if you divorce her mom, she’ll get nothing. You always told her she could have whatever she wanted, and now… she want’s to keep the family together. Come on now, it’s Christmas, and your little girl wants to sit on Santa’s lap one last time.

Clip Contains: Your stepdaughter knows exactly how to keep the family together this Christmas. She’s always on Santa’s Naughty List. **Family Taboo. Roleplay Fantasy. StepFather, StepDaughter. Older Man, Younger Woman. Cumshot. POV**

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