divinebabe – Mommy becomes sons breeding slave pt2 HD 1080p

{custom is an hour long and this is part 2!}

This video is heavy on trigger words!!!

What’s that son? You’re in love with mommy? You want to be with me forever? You want to breed and feed mommy? You want to make me your mommy-wife?!?!

***** my milk and pump me full of your seed. Use me. I’m your cocksleave, son. ALL of mommys holes belong to you! Mommy wants to be your breeding slave!

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divinebabe – Mommy becomes her sons breeding slave p1 HD 1080p

{This is an hour long custom and this is part 1}

This roleplay is heavy on trigger words!

Until the recent birth of your sister It’s just been you and your mom. She still brings you breakfast – makes you dinner – takes you to school and picks you up. She is always making sure you’re doing your homework and not just playing video games. Aren’t you too old for this?

Your mom is still young, but she doesn’t seem to be able to find anyone. She just has you, her mama’s boy.

Then one night you hear something and go to her room. You find her in her bed with her eyes closed, but her breasts are out. Those big soft mommy breasts you used to feed from. You’re just so curious that you can’t stop staring. They’re full of milk since your sister is still breastfeeding.
Then you smell it. You can’t help it. You have to have the hole you came from. You have to be inside it. It belongs to you. All of mommys holes belong to you.

Love becomes confused with lust. Lust to breed her and to have her. A desire to ***** her milk and feed her yours. You need to feed on your mommys milk while you breed the hole you came from.

You spend all night breeding and feeding your mommy. When you’re too tired and can’t stay awake anymore – your mommy takes over and feeds and breeds herself, milking her good boy with her throat while he goes to bed.

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Aimee Waves / AimeeWavesXXX – Sabotaging The Big Game HD 1080p

You’re suspicious of the rival team’s manager’s daughter inviting you over to her house the night before the big game, but when you arrive, she assures you her intentions are genuine, and all she wants to do is tell you how utterly impressed she is with how you’ve been playing this past season. When she asks if your girlfriend will come and root for you, you mention you don’t have one and her eyes seem to widen. She offers to give you a blowjob but you’re hesitant about her offer. She reassures you it’s not a big deal and won’t hinder your ability to play tomorrow. All she wants to do is show her appreciation for a star athlete like yourself, so you agree. Silly boy, you should have known better than to go to bed with the enemy! She’s the succubus of your nightmares and she’s about to drain you of all of your cum and energy right when you need it most, the night before the big game! You plead with her to let you leave, but it’s too late! She’ll do anything to make sure her father’s team wins tomorrow, and the only way they stand a shot is if you play at a disadvantage! Remember that thing your coach told you? How you shouldn’t cum before a big game as it negatively impacts your ability to play? Well, you should have listened to him! Because you really shouldn’t cum before a big game, especially not as many times as she’s going to make you cum! Tags: aimeewavesxxx, aimeewaves, aimee waves, femdom, female domination, fetish, kink, roleplay, role play, succubus, blowjob, cum in mouth, virtual sex, dildo, pov sex, creampie, cumshot, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary.

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Amiee Cambridge – Step Mom Knows Best Vol 2 HD 1080p

Caught Looking at Step Mom Porn-

Parker Simpson is sitting in his bedroom, playing around on his laptop. When he leaves his room, his step-mom, Amiee Cambridge, creeps into his bedroom and she tries to hack into his computer. Amiee is wearing light green lingerie with a matching bathrobe. After she guesses his password, she discovers pages upon pages of step MILF porn on her step-son’s computer! Parker walks back into his bedroom, and he finds Amiee standing in the corner of his room. Amiee confesses that she looked on his computer and she knows what porn he’s watching! Amiee tells Parker how his step-dad doesn’t please her anymore, and she needs to find dick elsewhere lately. Amiee drops her robe to the floor, and then she strips out of her bra as well. She shoves her tits right into Parker’s face. ‘I’m a horny MILF who just needs to get off!’ she moans. She climbs up onto his bed and she starts to give him a blowjob. She puts his cock in between her tits and she starts to titty fuck him. Amiee spreads her legs and Parker begins to eat her pussy out. ‘Oh it’s so good, Parker!’ she moans. She sucks his cock once more, and then she tells him that if he’s ever horny again, he knows where to find her!

Using My Step-Mom-

Parker is sitting on the living room couch, scrolling through porn on his phone, and stroking his cock. His step-mom, Amiee, walks into the room and she catches him with his hand on his cock! Amiee is eager to help her step-son out, so she takes her top off and then she starts to give him a blowjob. ‘I do have other holes available,’ she reminds him. He helps her strip out of her white shorts, so she is now completely naked. She climbs on top of him and she starts to ride his cock in the cowgirl position. She flips over into the reverse cowgirl position and she continues to moan all over his cock! She lies down on the couch and he fucks her pussy in the missionary position some more. She moves into the doggystyle position and he fucks her pussy harder from behind. Amiee’s moans become louder as she cums all over his cock! She licks his cock clean, and then she lies down on her back again. He continues to fuck her pussy in the missionary position, until he is ready to cum. Then, he jerks his cock off into Amiee’s mouth and all over her face!

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Angel The Dreamgirl – MY Boobs, MY mouth, Your Cock 4K

Any dress that shows huge cleavage is fine. Thong is great! Black stockings are awesome! Heavy makeup, lipstick ( color your choice). Two braids/ pigtails are great! Looking forward to it!!

This one has you as a financial adviser. A man walks into your office and he sees you wearing a very short and tight dress looking at a mirror applying lipstick.

You keep doing this, moving your awesome ass, applying lipstick. You turn around and say, “Oh you must be my next client, Please have a seat.” You stand in front of him and tell him you understand that he needs help in creating a financial budget so he can spend his money wisely. You would be more than happy to help!

Scene 1 Fake cum:

You apply your lipstick in front of him again as you stick out your huge chest. “S0, most of my male clients LOVE the service I provide. You see, I WILL TELL YOU what you can spend and on what! “you say very dominantly. “Oh, your wife tells you how to spend it? Not anymore!. When I get done with you, I’ll be taking all of your money. “ You rub his very hard cock through his pants and rub your huge tits all over his bulge. You unzip his pants and grab his hard cock. “you see, from now on, you will give me HALF of your paycheck every month. I will tell you what you can and can’t buy.” You very slowly stroke his hard cock. “And your stupid wife can’t do anything about it!” After you say that, the fake comes all over your chest (if you can wear a dress in pic above that shows your massive cleavage that would be awesome!).

Scene 2 : Fake cum

“You still need some more convincing? OK. “You then apply MORE lipstick as you deepthroat him. He fakes CUMS very hard in your mouth.

Scene 3 Fake cum:

You use his fake cum as lubricant as you SLOWLY squeeze his balls and stroke his cock, playing with the head like you did in your classic video “Amazing Blowjob”. He then erupts in fake cum all over your pouty red lipstick mouth while he still sits in a chair!


You keep very sensually and slowly giving him a very teasing hand job like you did in the Amazing Blowjob video (a classing btw!). Keep telling him you have control of all his money… and his wife cant do anything about it. As you continue to slowly stroke and squeeze him and you feel he’s gonna cum, stop stroking and squeeze his balls and shaft so he squirts very hard. After he cums, just please slowly keep draining him for a little bit longer. “I expect to see you here again next month to go over your finances. Is that understood? Good .” This is the position when he cums.

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LongHairLuna – Christian Family Orgy Part 1

You are caught by mommy masturbating before church. She gives you the usual comebacks, that this is the devils urges, that you will get hairy palms, they will be an embarrassment to the church. The next day, after your church group meeting, they urge you to apologise to mommy, but when you walk into mommy’s room she too is masturbating, hypocrisy! She says in order to keep this quiet you can help eachother whenever you need help with your sins, and fuck. Its not wrong, sex before marriage is, but this is family bonding. You dont need to tell anyone what you saw son. Little do you know, daughter/lil sis is on her way up the stairs and is about to walk in on you and mommy. What happens next? Watch part 2 to find out.

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Jessica Starling – Friend’s Mom is Ur Mommy POV Creampie HD 1080p

You’ve been close with your friend for years, staying at his house more than your own. One night at a sleepover, your friend’s mom wakes you in the guest room, confessing her attraction to you. You’ve always had a crush on her, but you never thought your feelings would be reciprocated. You’re nervous — this is your friend’s mom! But she reassures you everything is okay, and that this would stay a secret between you two. You have to be quiet so as not to wake your friend in the next room as his mom pleasures you beneath the covers. You’re here so often, she muses, that even though she’s not *really* your mom, she kind of is. She can be your mommy now and take care of you and make you feel so, so good.

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy And Son- Taboo Fixation HD 720p

Mommy can’t stop fantasising about her own Son.. can’t stop masturbating over taboo porn.. won’t stop imagining what it would be like to bed her biological boy.. being in a Mom/Son relationship.. getting impregnated.. it has to stop.. but she can’t get rid of this filth outta her head, so she comes up with a plan.. to leave her laptop full of downloaded taboo pictures and videos open on her bed for her Son to find.. then maybe he’ll get the message.. but at what cost?

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy- A Complicated Discovery (2024) HD 720p

**THIS VIDEO CONTAINS 12 SCENES INCLUDING 3 SEX SCENES WITH 7 DIFFERENT POSITIONS/ANGLES.** You are obsessed with an online amateur porn star called Sydney Harwin and have been secretly using your Moms credit card to buy thousands of dollars worth of videos and panties. You tell your Mom you are expecting a package in the mail and NOT to open it.. so naturally your snooping Mother does open it and what does she find? A pair of used panties smelling of pussy! She confronts you playfully about her shocking find and you decide to open up to her about your “little porn addiction”.. or more like your Sydney Harwin OBSESSION! You tell your Mom that you enjoy watching Sydney creating videos online that put YOU in the seat of a Son who is fucking his Mother.. You explain that POV porn is important to you.. and you have Mommy fantasies which Sydney Harwin fulfils.. and also apologise for spending thousands of your Moms savings on pornography! She is somewhat understanding.. but warns you NOT to use her money anymore chasing some girl online. Later on, after cooling down, you spy on your Mommy masturbating whilst watching a Sydney Harwin video.. WHAT THE FUCK. Maybe she is curious? Maybe she is looking for answers? Or maybe.. just maybe your Mom is finally showing her most perverted, depraved personality after this very complicated taboo discovery…

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