Xev Bellringer – Pregaming With Step-Daddy HD 1080p

Step-Dad, I know there will be drinking at the party tonight… You are so paranoid, I can handle getting a little – I don’t need a lesson. Wait, you want me to do shots…right now? Oh my God Step-Dad, you’re so cool!

Whew, I think four is enough…I feel funny. You know, since the boys will try to take advantage of me at the party, you should show me what to expect Step-Daddy. Mmm, they’ll probably take my shirt off too like this… Maybe I shouldn’t go after all, I might do something bad. You better keep me all to yourself, Step-Daddy.

Fantasy includes: taboo, virtual sex, virtual blow job, missionary, virtual breast groping, drinking, step-daddy/step-daughter, older man/younger woman, step-daddy’s girl, pov

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FFeZine – Masturbater Sexually Spanked HD 1080p

Masturbating is a filthy enough habit for younger men, it seems they just can’t control them selves, but what it comes to a much younger girl doing that distinguishing thing while flirting online it really take the biscuit. This Schoolgirl Skirt wearing Step-Daddy’s girl is doing just that very thing and he clearly is going to have to take things into his own hands, and make sure she is well and truly sexually spanked. Not just a hard humiliating hand on backside either, but a prolonged sexually intense series of spanks. If she want to find out all about that dirty sex stuff then she’s gonna find out the hard way.

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Jan Burton – 18 Jan & Stepson 1st FUCK HD 720p

This is the 18th video in my series leading up to me fucking my real stepson Tom. This is NOT ROLEPLAY this is a real series of videos of me slowly teasing and finally fucking my husbands step-son Tom. Hubby has just left for work, and I come straight into Tom’s room and we fuck, and its great. Its real, its hot, and its immediate. There is no finesse its passion at its most raw. We’ve been denied this pleasure for months and we both want it badly. REMEMBER .. none of this is fake or roleplay its all real. This really happened between me and my stepson and its SO WRONG.

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Jan Burton – 17. Jan gives REAL Stepson a Blowjob HD 720p

This is the 17th video in my series leading up to me fucking my real stepson Tom. This is NOT ROLEPLAY this is a real series of videos of me slowly teasing and finally fucking my husbands step-son Tom. This is the bridge that cannot be un-crossed. I can contain myself no longer. I leave my husband resting in bed upstairs and come down to confront Tom. I HAVE to have some sex with him, so he gets a blow job. There is no going back now .. next time .. we FUCK.

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Jan Burton – 16. Silly Jan throws herself at REAL stepson Tom HD 720p

This is the 16th video in my series leading up to me fucking my real stepson Tom. This is NOT ROLEPLAY this is a real series of videos of me slowly teasing and finally fucking my husbands step-son Tom. Now I’ve REALLY done it. I get home after a liquid ladies lunch and Im the worst for wear. I call Tom down from the bathroom and hes in just a towel. I can’t keep this to myself any more, so I rip off his towel and taunt and tease him with my nudity until we kiss passionately for the first time. HIs naked body and erect cock pressed against mine. When can I have him inside me ?

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Tara Tainton – Your Compliments Always Make Me Want to Give You More, More, More

I’ve been paid a new, sexy compliment… can you guess yet another feature of my womanly body I’ve been complimented on all the more? Oh, had I any idea what you love… what ELSE you love about me… you know I would’ve granted your wish all the sooner.

BUY NOW to experience striptease, tease, jerk off encouragement, ass, legs, high heels, bare shoulders, topless, big breasts, nipples, side boob, cleavage, back fetish …and the exclusive, intensely intimate experience of being with ME.

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RheaSweet – Mom and Son Revenge HD 1080p

My son walks into my room, and he can tell that I’m upset. I found out today that his father has been cheating on me. It’s been going on for some time now. So merlot, because it helps. I know my son is old enough to understand, but I don’t want him to worry about it. I just can’t believe his father would do this. Part of me wants to get revenge. I know it’s not very tasteful, but part of me wants to cheat on him and give him a taste of his own medicine. my son likes that idea? No, I shouldn’t be entertaining that kind of behavior. Yes, his father cheated first, but I don’t even know who I would cheat on him with. Well… I think I must have had too much. I can’t believe my son would even suggest that I cheat on his father with him! It is completely inappropriate! First, I am way too old for my son. More importantly, I’m his mother! No, I’ve had way too much merlot. We shouldn’t even be having this conversation. Yes, I plan on having sex with somebody else, but not my son! But the way he is looking at me like that… I should stop right now! It’s making me have inappropriate thoughts about my son. He grabs me and pulls me close to him. I shouldn’t be enjoying this, but it feels so nice to be close to him. I love to be touched and to be wanted again. I can’t help it, and I lean in to passionately kiss my son. What am I doing?! I pull away and tell him to leave. But my son starts taking his pants off! He is so hard! I tell him to stop teasing me with that cock! Maybe if I just touch his cock a little bit. It feels so good in my hands! This is wrong on so many levels, and it’s making me so wet… Fuck it. I can’t hold back anymore. I need to feel my son. I stroke his cock and passionately kiss him. This needs to stay our secret. I get down on my knees and pull out my son’s cock. It’s so perfect, I can’t help but put it in my mouth. He is so nice and hard for his mommy. I pull his cock out of my mouth and stroke it while he shoots so much cum all over Mommy’s big, fat titties. I put his cock back in my mouth and suck that cum off of his yummy cock. I want more from him. I slip out of my clothes, teasing my son by rubbing his cum all over my titties. I tell my son that I’m all ready to finally get revenge on that cheating bastard of a father. I climb on top of my son and slowly push his huge cock inside of me. It barely fits! It takes a minute to get used to his massive cock stretching out Mommy’s pussy. I tell him to fuck me harder until I cum all over his cock, my tight, wet pussy pulsing around that throbbing cock of his. I’m going to make him cum for me again. I pin him down and fuck him hard until he is just about to cum. I pull his cock out at the last minute, as he shoot so much cum for his mommy all over my titties, which are still covered in his cum from earlier. I lay down next to my son, still drenched in his cum. I feel so good that I finally got back at his father. It’s time for a nap now. The next day, I am avoiding my son, needing some time to process what has happened. That night my son finds me and merlot by the fireplace again. I tell him that I’m disappointed in myself for doing what we did yesterday. I’m his mother, and some things you just can’t come back from. We can never let that happen again. Of course I liked it. That’s the problem. I liked it too much. He’s my son, and it’s not okay. I can’t be with him! Why doesn’t he understand? What we did was wrong! My son doesn’t listen and comes closer. No, I won’t admit to him that I want to be with him. But I miss his lips already. I tell him to go, but he pulls me in close to him again. I tell him to stop, but I can’t help kissing him deeply. I pull away, telling him we can’t do this again! I know he can tell that I want to, even if I say I don’t. I can’t help but to pull down my top for him so he can look at Mommy’s titties again. Why can’t I stop myself? What it is he does to me? I sit back and pull up my loose sweater. I can’t hold back anymore. I tell him to get over here and taste his mommy. I sit on his face. I know he as a great view of Mommy’s titties while I ride his face and tell him to taste his mommy. My son makes me cum on his face. He is such a bad boy, and I like it. I make him unzip those pants and pull that cock out for me. I bend over the next to the fireplace and slide my son’s giant cock inside of me. His cock feels even better than I remember as he fucks Mommy hard from behind. I tell him to keep fucking me harder until I cum even harder on my son’s cock. I turn around so he can see Mommy’s titties bouncing in his face. I slide back on top of his cock and ride him. He gets so deep! I want him to cum deep inside of me this time. I tell my son to cum with me. I can feel him shoot his cum deep inside of me as my wet pussy throbs all over his perfect cock. I confess to him that I did love it. He asks if I’m going to stop this. I don’t think so. It’s just too good. Plus, his father is not going to stop cheating.

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Nicole Nabors – Stepsisters secret HD 1080p

You come into Nicole’s room (your stepsister) and she tells you she’s about to go to bed, you ask to stay a few more minutes and watch TV with her. She lets you but she almost nods off so she tells you she will see you in the morning. Later that night Nicole is still laying in bed and she gets horny. She starts to touch herself and decides to get her her toy out that no one knows about. She slips her dildo inside of her, it feels soo good! She’s so into it, she didn’t realize your watching her secretly. She catches you!! She hides her toy. You wanna make a deal. You tell her that you won’t tell mom and dad as long as she uses it infront of you, she finally agrees. She knows that’d she’d be in so much trouble if they found her toy. She slowly slides her toy inside and your soo turned on watching your stepsister. She dirty talks to you and gives you joi while she fucks herself. You both cum together.

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