Danielle Maye

Danielle Maye – Oooops Viagra HD 1080p

What’s wrong hunny…. you’ve got a head ache….oh dear well go upstairs and get yourself in bed then, you can stay off school. You’ve got to stay in bed sweetheart, if your ill that’s the best place got you, plus step-mommy has work to do…. Fine here take these tablets and go sit on the couch, then I’ll take you upstairs and tuck you in shortly. What now! I’m trying to get on with work, if your poorly you should be in bed not down here! Now get to bed! Your peepee hurts and it’s all hard oh well errr stop touching it then. Step-Mommy thinks she may have given you the wrong tablets, now it’s nothing to worry about just do as step-mommy says and it will all be ok, first take off your bottoms.. Then listen carefully!

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Danielle Maye – Mommys Friend Catches Me Wanking HD 1080p

I thought i was all alone at home, but my mums bust friend always comes over uninvited (step-mom gave her a spare key)
I’m upstairs in my room having some alone time when in she walks, not even a knock on the door and catches RED faced & RED handed, holding my rock hard COCK.
She is the local slag so who is she to judge me, but she says she is going to tell my Step-Mom and all my friends unless i do as she says.
She makes me lay on my back and teases my cock till i shoot a huge load of cum into my own mouth.
Between you & I i really liked it, i hope she catches me again!!!

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Danielle Maye, Roxy Cox – Ex Wife and Girlfriend Cuck You With BBC HD 1080p

Things were going so well between us until I brought my new friend Roxy over to meet you. Little did I know you 2 are already well acquainted, she’s your EX-WIFE and she has a few secrets to tell!! How humiliating to hear your ex-wife telling your new girlfriend all about your tiny little pecker, how pathetic you are in the bedroom and how she divorced you because you couldn’t satisfy her! Luckily Roxy is more than happy to cheer me up after finding out about your tiny micro penis. She tells me all about her new man, her hot alpha BBC, and is more than happy to share him with me INFRONT OF YOU! It feels so good to suck and fuck a huge big dick right in front of you, cucking you with your ex wife is such a turn on! Filling my pussy with BBC makes me cum so hard, I never would have been happy with your disappointing tiny dick. Try not to make a mess in your pants wimp, But if you do… don’t forget to clean it all up! Saviour that miserable taste.

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Danielle Maye, Roxy Cox – Step-Daddys Daughters Compete for Cock 4K

After years of cheating on Step-Mom, she finally caught him in the act and has kicked him out the house, both us girls are devastated at the thought of losing him. We hate our Step-mom, she’s no fun whatsoever and we don’t blame him for cheating on her, they haven’t fucked in years.
“Step-Daddy please don’t leave us, why can’t that bitch leave, and you stay?” “You wouldn’t even need a new Girlfriend; we could look after you Step-Daddy”.
We tease him by squeezing our huge tits for him, his eyes now fizzed on us both, not knowing which to look at….” I might be able to take one of you” Step-Daddy says
It’s now WAR, none of us want to stay here and are desperate to leave with him, May the best Step-Daughter win.
Dani is the cute younger Virgin Step-Sister, innocent but tells Step-Daddy she will do anything to go with him. She will give her ALL to him.
Roxy on the other hand is the older “More experienced” Step-Sister, A TOTAL SLUT, she knows exactly what to do for Step-Daddy and what he needs….
The girl’s row amongst themselves, each trying to one up the Step-sister to tease and convince Step-Daddy, he should take her. “Step-Daddy my tits are bigger and give great Tit wanks” “But Step-Daddy my pussy is tighter and will wrap perfectly around your cock”.
They offer everything to him, His cock now throbbing in his pants.
They up the game, sliding their panties to the side to show off their perfect but different pussy’s.
“Fuck me Step-Daddy, right here, right now” they both cry out whilst playing with themselves.
“Impregnate us both so we have to go with you” They Beg
Step-Daddy doesn’t know what to do with himself, he can’t decide who to choose, both perfect in their own way he only has one option.
“Both of you are coming with me”.

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Roxy Cox, Danielle Maye – Step-Mom & Teacher Discipline Step-Son with JOI HD 1080p

Your teacher Roxy has called in your step-mom Dani to speak to her about your poor performance in class. She explains how you are easily distracted, lack focus & concentration and getting very bad grades as a result. But there’s a reason for his behaviour, your teacher informs your step-mother how she caught you looking at porn on your phone. Your step-mom is shocked and asks her step-son if this is true? She tries to apologise on behalf of her step-son for his terrible behaviour but she asks what can they do about this situation. The teacher goes on to explain about the kind of porn he was watching, he seems to be studying milfs and big tits closely more so than his books. Your step-mother is so disappointed in you, her own step-son looking at that kind of thing. The teacher sighs and says she may have to expel him if he can’t learn to control himself. Your step-mother worked so hard to get you into this private school and asks if there’s something else that can be done. Maybe some extra studies or some sort of discipline as a form of punishment to get him back on track. The teacher argrees and suggests he needs to learn how to do better, your step-mom supports this decision. They both decide this is the best action to take going forward afterall you don’t want to be kicked out and lose all your tution fees that your step-mother paid for. You know she will be furious if that happens. Now your going to listen to us and do as you are told from now on. You must to learn to resist the urge and be in control of yourself and given that we are two attractive women who better to show you than us. You have a thing for busty milfs, the teacher reveals how you got a boner in your pants when she confronted you by herself about this matter before and looks like it’s happening again right now. You are going to give us your full attention and lets see how you perform with the real thing in front of you. Your step-mom and teacher teasing you with their big round perfect tits. Getting a hard on already, well go on then show us take it out and both are impressed by the size but they want to see you stroke it for them. Let step-mommy and teacher guide you, they instruct you to jerk it for them and encourage you by playing with their tits offering you some visual stimulation. We want to make you edge, no cumming until we say so or you’ll be in even more trouble. Remember you’re here to to exactly as we say. Listen to your teacher and step-mommy, you are getting so excited you have some pre-cum dripping out just staring at their huge jugs in front of you. You’d love these tits in your mouth, sucking on those hard nipples. We have you go at different paces, hard and fast then nice and slow. Standing up now with those tits hanging down, do you want to cum for us? You must ask your teachers permission to cum. Good manners get rewarded, do you want to jizz for step-mommy’s titties. Keep going, your so close as we give you a cum countdown. That’s it keep wanking as hard as and as fast as you can. Nearly there, have you got a big load saved up enough to cover both pairs of those amazing tits with your spunk. Look at that mess you made, you just glazed those big tits and they are covered with your cum load. You better go clean up now cause step-mommy is going to take you home and your teacher will see you back in class tomorrow.

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Danielle Maye – Beckys Step-Sister 4K

Pretend to be Amy, wearing swimsuit. Amy is my wife’s step-sister, and is quite shy. But shes come home from school and wants me to see her body, and show her my jerking off for her. Keep mentioning her sisters name, and how she musnt find out. Take off swimsuit and give me a JOI showing me your body as you do so.

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Danielle Maye – Begging Step-Daddy For Anal Pt1 HD 1080p

Dani is desperate for daddies attention, she’s been at work all day thinking about him.

When Dani gets home and sees step-daddy is there she gets so excited, can’t wait to play with him, she’s been a good girl at work all day just like he told her to be.
‘Don’t you find me sexy step-daddy…why won’t you play with me.. shall I pose for you?’ Wagging her tail and begging like a little .
Unfortunately for Dani, he has important work to do, with no time for his little princess this evening.
Danielle is going to have to try very hard to distract her step-daddy, she strips off and shows him the butt plug she’s been wearing all day just for him, wagging her tail, he still takes no notice.
She then gets her sexiest lingerie and stockings and teases him with her sexy body… again no interest.
She strips down to just her stockings and wags her plugged butt some more until step-daddy finally takes notice and tells her to warm herself up for him.
Dani plays with her wet pussy, getting herself very excited. Step-Daddy then tells her to bend over, head down, ass up and wag her tail like a whilst she waits PATIENTLY for her treat

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Danielle Maye – Babysitting Edging HD 1080p

I see your already for me, I bet the second your mum said the babysitter was coming over to watch you, you just straight in the shower, had a good clean of that dick, stuck on some aftershave and sat here ready for me to come over. Cock out ready for me to suck, don’t think I’m going to just do it and get you off straight away.. no no no today we’re gonna play. Have you heard of edging… It’s were I get you so so hard in my mouth, to the point you almost bolt and then stop! I let you calm down and then we go again.. see I’ll suck your dick and may you cum.. but the babysitter is in control.. she’s always in control!

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Danielle Maye – I Need Your Big Huge Dick HD 1080p

I’d like a homewreck/cock worship style clip where you are one of my wife’s friends. We catch each other upstairs at a family party and you know this is your chance to finally have my cock.

you’re dressed in a tight slutty dress with little to the imagination and thigh high boots. We’ve been flirting for years and you know I’ve fancied you for ages and always cant take my eyes off your slutty outfits. So much so you reference the time you offered to fuck me in the toilets in Sorrento at Chris and Jenna’s wedding. We couldn’t go through with it then but ever since you’ve been craving my cock.

You talk a lot about really worshipping me and my cock whilst belittling Rebecca my wife. Rebecca’s been bragging to the girls about my cock for years and you’ve all been wondering, now you finally have an opportunity to have a real mans dick. when you see it you tell me how my dicks so much better than Richard’s (your ex boyfriend). you know you’re so much sexier than Rebecca you could satisfy me so much better than she can.

She’s so fat and unfit, you don’t know how i can fuck her but you guess its because im thinking of you whilst fucking her. You want me and you to get together and for me to leave Rebecca, you’d even take on the family. You dont care about how much hassle is involved you just want me and my cock. You suck and fuck my cock with me spunking in your pussy. you finish by gathering a little of my spunk on your finger and rubbing it on your lips telling me that your going to greet Rebecca and tell me that you hope i’ve gotten you pregnant and fuck the consequences..

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