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This was a custom audio clip. Hit me up for yours! This is just a small part of the script. “Oh you smell so good Daddy. And you’re so warm. Maybe you can just lay here with me and cuddle and hold me for a little while? Thank you Daddy, you’re so good to me. (shyly) Ya know, i wish I could meet a guy like you. A guy just like my daddy. Maybe…maybe I should just date you Daddy. (giggles) You can be my man.(pause) What… stop? But It would be perfect.

I mean, you adore me and it’s not like you’d mistreat me. I would be the perfect arrangement. Relax daddy. I’m just talking silly.

(pause) Unless……. (almost a question)(pause)
I don’t know…. Nevermind. (quiet) Don’t you think I’m pretty? For real. Don’t just make stuff up. (pause) Really? (excited)Thank you daddy.

You’re the best.. Hey, close your eyes)
(daughter puts her lips against daddy’s)

Stop, Daddy stop, wait. Just calm down. Just indulge me a little. Just go along and see how this feels. I want to kiss you daddy. A REAL kiss. Please daddy, cmon… comee onnnnn.

(kisses daddy) See that wasn’t so bad… Nooo you can’t leave yet… I want to talk more. Listen, mom is basically checked out on us. Screw her. It can be me and you…Wait, just hear me out.
Do you want me to be hurt and mentally fucked with by some random asshole that doesn’t care about me? You’d never hurt me. And you know I would be completely devoted to you. Think about it. We already have an amazing relationship so it just taking it to another level. And I know you’ve been lonely in the “relationship” department. Mom probably hasn’t given it up in a long time (laugh)

NOOO, i’m not going to stop. Just listen….(bratty tone) Besides, if you don’t I will just act out and hook up with some random guys.(normal tone) Obviously I’m kidding. Come sit back down with me. (pats bed)

I have secretly been thinking this way a little while now. This isn’t just some spur of the moment idea.(rubs Daddy’s shoulders) Relax Daddy. You’re so tense.

Just let this happen. You know I am not going to give up. (pause)What’s going to happen?

Wellllllll….(starts kissing Daddy’s neck)

There, that wasn’t so bad now was it.
(move around front of Daddy)
(start kissing his lips) (soft moan) Relax… Don’t worry. I want this daddy. You know, I took off my bra knowing my nipples poke through this shirt to get your attention. I wore this cute skirt to show you my long legs. Please Daddy,this is a good thing. Don’t fight it. This is meant to be.(removes Daddy’s shirt) (daughter reaches under skirt and removes her panty) Here daddy… see I am wet for you…Daddy just look cute little pussy (lifts skirt)

(laugh) No, I am not going to stop. I can see you growing hard. I know you are getting turned on.
Touch me daddy.

(takes daddy’s hand and puts it under her top)

Feel my perky boobies. My nipples are hard.

(slowly slides daddy’s hand down and under her skirt)

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