Desi Woods / desiwoods420, jaybbgirl – Stepmom Teaches Me To Fuck HD 1080p

I have a problem…there’s this guy and we’ve been talking for a while, but things are getting serious. I’ve never done things like that before. I have no idea what to do and I’m freaking out. What if he thinks I’m bad? I don’t know how to touch his cock, suck it, or fuck it. I’m still a virgin. What should I do? Really? You’d help me? Oh that would be amazing. I’m sure you know tons of things that you could teach me. Thank you, thank you so much Stepmom.

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Emmas Secret Life, Kailey Ketchum – Seduced by Step-mommy for Daddy to Watch HD 1080p

Kailey’s step-mom calls her in her room. Kailey, who isn’t the biggest fan of her step-mom, tells her she thinks that daddy can do better than her. When Emma threatens to convince Daddy to discontinue Kailey’s allowance, Kailey becomes much more compliant so that Daddy will continue to take care of her. Emma’s terms: sex. Emma seduces Kailey and shows her exactly what Daddy sees in her. When Kailey realizes what it is Daddy loves about step-mommy, she gets really into the pleasure of what’s happening. The twist: Hidden cameras have been installed in Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom, and Daddy has been watching the whole time! Kailey doesn’t mind though. After all, she loves her Daddy

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Cory Chase, Melanie Hicks, Chloe Cooper – FREE USE STEP FAMILY VOL 2 (PART 4) HD 720p

Step Family Foursome

Chloe Cooper and Melanie Hicks are outside tanning, while they’re waiting for Luke Longly and Cory Chase to come outside. Meanwhile, inside one of the bedrooms, Cory is sucking Luke’s cock! Cory lies down on the bed and Luke starts to fuck her pussy in the missionary position. Melanie and Chloe come storming into the bedroom and they’re eager to join! Melanie hops on to the bed and Luke starts to fuck her step-sister’s pussy from behind, since Melanie is very stressed out! While Luke is fucking Melanie, Chloe and Cory are licking Melanie’s tits. Luke continues to fuck Melanie, while Cory sits on Melanie’s face this time. At the same time, Cory is eating Chloe’s pussy out. They are in a line across the whole bed, and everyone is getting pleased at the same time! Luke alternates between fucking all three of their pussy’s. Cory and Melanie get into the doggystyle position and Luke fucks both of their pussy’s back and forth, while Cory is eating Chloe’s pussy out at the same moment. When he is ready to cum, he has the three MILF’s put their heads in a line on the bed. They all open their mouths wide and look up at him, while he jerks his cock off all over their faces and in their mouths!

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ApGirlz – Stepdaughter Gets A BBC/Strap-on DP

Nikki’s stepdaughter needed to be put in her place. She owns her and needed to show her who her Mistress is! Nikki straps on a big cock and gives it to her! Nikki’s first time using a strap-on! She’s such a good lil slut! Her good girl. She sucks my cock and I fuck her with it! So hot! I felt SO powerful! A BBC joins them and they fuck her w double penetration in Ass and pussy! I feed her his big cock and she gets cum shot all over her face!

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