Little Puck

Little Puck – Dominating my Step-Sister – BDSM (2024)

Submissive step-sister Little Puck is upset because her boyfriend isn’t dominant. Fortunately for her, her step-brother is a good listener, and an even better dom. Filthy, Rough, Taboo fucking turning Little Puck and her huge tits into an obedient fucktoy!!!! Standing Doggy, Missionary, Doggystyle, and Spoon with lots of deepthroat cocksucking. With slapping spanking and spitting, Gags and Bondage!!! Ends with a huge facial!!!!

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Shooting this scene absolutely wrecked me! Shot FULLY POV and HANDS-FREE, this means you are able to really put yourself into an immersive experience where you get to throw me around and really play rough! Finger my pussy, slap my ass, stuff my throat with cock, watch me ride your cock in cowgirl and reverse, slam your dick into my cunt doggystyle and grab my ass, put your hand on my throat while I scream as you ram my pussy in missionary and finish me off with a tittyfuck, blowjob, and SEXY AS FUCK FACIAL! Featuring Lev Lieben, pov sex, pov blowjob, rough fucking, facial, screaming, moaning, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, fingering.

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Siri Dahl, Little Puck – DiRTY BiRDY | STUFF THAT TURKEY!! BGG Creampie 4K

What a dirty bird!! Chef Alff and Chef Puck had to use all their special tricks in the kitchen to tackle this juicy gobbler Siri Dahl. We used a dick, a strap-on, AND a turkey baster to really tenderize this tasty bird – our precious gobbler was soon glistening with juices as she throated our cocks. We then spitroasted her until she was ready to serve—with a delicious heaping of Chef’s Special Cream Sauce! You’ve never seen a turkey stuffed like this! Featuring Siri Dahl, Shawn Alff, chef costumes, turkey costume, thanksgiving parody, creampie, POV reverse cowgirl riding, big ass, big tits, spitroast, strap-on play, boy girl girl, threesome, POV missionary.

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Little Puck, Lewdestbunnie – BREEDiNG LESSON: TEACHERS KNOWS BEST Pt 2 HD 1080p

After I make Bunnie watch her boyfriend give me his first load, she BEGS to suck it down and hopes that that’s the end of THAT lesson (in part 1). But I’m just not through with you two yet! We haven’t gotten to the special BREEDING section of the lesson. I walk you two through the different terms will be learning and experimenting with today, “womb”; “cervix”; “seed”; and “breed”. I then tell you to use your girlfriend as a breeding specimen for the next phrase of our lesson. She’s desperate to prove that you’ll cum in her because you LOVE her, but I quickly disprove that theory after taking your cock next and having you dump a fat load in me. I know that you’re a virile lad so I make sure to eke out every last bit of nut from you by draining you with a pov double blowjob with Bunnie. After your huge milky white load is all over our faces I then consider if that will be the last of our afterschool tutoring…or just the beginning.

THIS IS PART 2! Featuring Lewdestbunnie, student vs milf teacher, glasses, pov sex, cum play, impregnation breeding kink, big tits, spit, cuckqueaning your gf.

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Little Puck, Lewdestbunnie – like mother like daughter part 2 HD 1080p

The day after mommy (played by the incredible little puck!!) and daughter catch each other fucking daddy and son, they set up a trap for the boys. They tell their respective taboo hookups that they want to spice up their sex lives, and blindfolding their boys would be the perfect touch. That night, daddy’s all ready for kinky sex with his daughter again, but when his blindfold is removed he sees his wife! She tells him how fucked up he is for having sex with his own daughter — but admits she’s just as fucked up cause she’s fucking his son. Cumming hard from a sloppy BJ, he’s reminded just how good his wife is in bed! Elsewhere in the house, a son expecting to see his mother is shocked to find his little sister taking off his blindfold. She tells him that she’s been trying to get him to fuck her for forever, and he fucks her mom first?! The sister takes advantage of the situation and sucks her big bro off till he cums in her mouth, realizing that his sister may be a good fuck after all. The next day, the brother finds his sister and mom together, and mom tells him she’s keeping them home from school so she can properly teach them to fuck. With mommy’s coaching, he gives his little sis a huge creampie. Then, all are surprised to see daddy come home! Mommy sends her son to his room, and daddy walks in on his wife and daughter together, with his daughter begging to fuck him. Mommy says it’s her turn to be fucked now, but her daughter can suck her tits as she watches her parents fuck. Daddy finishes by filling his wife with a big creampie! What a fun, fucked up family!

FEATURES daddy x daughter, mommy x son, mommy x daughter, taboo roleplay, family fetish, POV sex, POV BJ, cum in mouth, spit, milf, creampies, titty sucking, girl/girl play, dirty talk

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Little Puck, Lewdestbunnie – LiKE MOTHER, LiKE DAUGHTER Pt1 HD 1080p

AN INSANELY FILTHY TABOO ADVENTURE. Bunnie pops into her parent’s bedroom with a skimpy new outfit she picked out for her date – but Mom isn’t there it’s just Dad…Bunnie can’t help but flaunt her tiny, supple body for you, her Daddy, and makes you watch her bend over and teases you. She has you eating outta the palm of her hand and the two of you make plans for you to sneak into Bunnie’s room after Mom’s in bed. MEANWHILE, the Mom, Me, is in the laundry room with you, my son, and I’m telling you that i KNOW you’ve been cumming buckets for me lately- the laundry has been heinous. Won’t you be a good boy like I raised you and just cum inside me instead? Less laundry loads and more Hot Mommy loads!! i strip out of my top and tease you with my big tits and since you’re such a good boy I tell you to come out to the living room tonight for a very special date with Mommy. LATER That night Bunnie comes into her parents room because she noticed Mom was missing and she just can’t WAIT for her Daddy to take her tight virgin cunt for the first time! And Bunnie just thinks it’s so much hotter to fuck in Mom and Dad’s bed. Mom never seems to be in bed with you anymore, right Daddy?. Enjoy it! Give in – We’ll be quick, I promise – fuck me Daddy, fuck me! You dump a hot thick load into your daughter and she tells you to help clean her up fast before Mommy catches you two! MEANWHILE,

That night the Son sneaks into the living room with Mommy to fuck. Mommy makes you eat her pussy and sucks her tits and then she rides you sooo giving good with her gorgeous breasts bouncing in your face – you empty a huge load into your Mother and she sends you back to bed. As I leave to sneak back into the bedroom with your Father, my DAUGHTER AND I bump into each other in the hallway and a VERY, INTERESTING TURN OF EVENTS TAKES PLACE!!

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Little Puck, Delilah Cass – Sitter Turned FUCKTOY by HOT MILF Little Puck HD 1080p

I thought I was just going to this couple’s house to be their sitter, but it seems they had something else in mind. Little Puck opened the door in some hot lingerie and her husband already had a video camera out and was filming me. They said it was just so they could review my “application”, but are they like trying to make a porno with me or something? I mean, I really need the cash, and Little Puck is super hot. Maybe being their little fuck toy wouldn’t be so bad after all.

This video is shot from the viewer’s (husband) POV and is a girl girl video with the beautiful Little Puck.

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How many times do you think I’ve masturbated to this vid??? I get taken to Pound Town by Robby Apples & Shawn Alff! they completely fucking ruin my mouth and pussy, AND they both cum inside me at the same fucking time. This is hands down my favorite fucking vid from my last LA collab tour and you’re gonna nut so much you fill a bucket. Better send me a pic *kiss* Featuring Shawn Alff, Robby Apples, double creampie, POV double blowjob, cowgirl, double vaginal, bg threesome

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Little Puck, Leila Cherry – NASTY THROATFUCK GAG HARD SPIT HD 1080p

We just love being covered in drool, being drenched in spit, nasty little sluts all dirty and wet for you. We spit on each other’s tits and faces really hard and get our bodies all shiny and slimy for you to slap your dick into and rub up on. We love our shiny bodies covered in drool and we want to be used up by you! we grab each other’s faces and open our mouths wide begging for more slutty spit again and again. We grab our dildos and throatfuck our mouths hard for you deepthroating again and again so we can get that deep throat drool from our insides and spit it out all over your dick!! We’re extremely filthy with our mouths in this vid, both in how we talk and how we open & close and waggle our tongues and suck on your dick! Def a must buy! I fucking love spit so much lmao

Featuring sheer bodysuits, barrettes, two girls drooling, dirty talk, wet and messy drool fetish, gagging, gag talk, gag reflex, close-ups, mouth fetish, spit swap, spitting on faces, spitting on each other, hard spitting, drool on tits, deepthroat fetish, gagging on dildo, dildo sucking, the lovely Leila Cherry!

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