Little Puck


“I fucked up. I KNOW I fucked up….Big Time. I made you a Promise and then I broke it with wetasspussy gusto and lust filled eyes…but i’m sorry, so so sorry…I’ll do anything to make it up to you, big brother!” Little did I know I had to starve myself from dick for DAYS…“don’t you think I’ve been good now?? I can’t believe I have to help you get into my best friend’s panties ughh god she’s such a bitch!!” Tonight I’ve had enough of listening in on you pounding her pussy and giving her all the cum I WANT…but you Still Resist Me…Even As I rip off the NO FUCKING sign on my wet glistening pussy and beg you to dick me down! I beg you to take your tight forbidden little sisters hole again like the first time…when you grabbed be my the tits and skullfucked me into a family fucking slut. But you LEAVE and ignore my desperate gushy holes….so I scramble to find your condom and I rip it open with my teeth and finger your hot cum into my holes. Why won’t you take me back? Why have you replaced her with that big titted bimbo? what do you see in her anyway, is it HER BOOBS?? And then it dawns on me…I know what to do. 6 Months Later & I’M BACK!!! And I pop in with 2 new gloriously LARGE BOOBIES. I expect you to take me back with these busty bad boys but you STILL reject me and apparently you’re still mad about my share of the rent?! I freak out and your old roomies come in….the ones I used to fuck for the rent!! They miss their old indoor apartment fucktoy…unlike YOU…and since you won’t take me like the sisterfucking big brother beastie you are…I lustily sink into dick-desperate cockwhore oblivion…
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Little Puck, Leila Cherry / LeilaCherryXXX – Psychonymph Twins Bred By Daddy HD 1080p

Father / Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Daddy’s Girl, Daddy, OLDER MAN / YOUNGER WOMAN, ROLE PLAY

My twin sister Puck and I made a promise to lose our viriginities to our Daddy together, but come to find out she fucked him behind my back then got the FBI to get our mom taken away so she could be with him forever. I can’t believe she got to have him first! We’re supposed to share everything together, especially our Daddy. I mean, why else would he have two of us if we both don’t get to have him at the same time? And we don’t need mommy in the picture anymore. It’s going to be just the 3 of us together forever. Getting bred by Daddy over and over. We just want to please our Daddy like mommy was never able to. Me and Puck fake being sick so we can get dad to get out of work early and be alone with just us. I’m so mad that you bred my sister but not me! You have to give me your cock now Daddy or else we’ll tell everyone, including mom, that you’re a dirty daughter fucker then Mommy will leave your pervy ass. Dirty, dirty Daddy, you know what you have to do. You have to fuck both your daughters and breed us at the same time. We want to be filled with you cum deep into our wombs so you can impregnate us with you Daddy seed! We’ll drain every single drop out of you so we can all be together forever <3 Your twin daughters will suck you off at the same time, seducing you into sliding your cock into each of our holes. You don’t have any other choice Daddy. Not unless you want the whole world to know you’re a dirty daughter fucker! You won’t be able to hold your load in long watching Puck’s big tits bouncing and my big ass jiggling on your cock. You’ll have enough cum for both of our greedy holes, won’t you Daddy?
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Brother – Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Siblings, Sisters, Role play, Big tits

YOU WILL LOSE YOUR FUCKING MIND. This is an intense taboo corruption transformation fantasy where your sister becomes deeply addicted to you and tries to figure out how to trick you into fucking her…but everything Isn’t What It Seems. Featuring first tittyfucking boy/girl scene, blow job with dick, virtual cowgirl riding – I dropped into intense mindblank space here, you’ll be able to tell, I’m losing my mind – that dick too good! There’s toe sucking, heels fetish, pantyhose ripping fetish, 3 outfit changes, titty groping, fingering, nasty taboo roleplay, and REAL FUCKING CREAMPIE!!!!! PART 2 DROPPING THIS WEEK!!!!! This vid was the work of 4 other sponsors and myself – each sponsor would submit one idea and then I combined all the ideas into a mega taboo roleplay video (I hadn’t set out for it to be boy/girl but I couldn’t help myself when I put all the material together). The first idea was using a mind break catalyst (like a magic potion), the second idea was wearing heels and doing something sexual in the room with someone else (you’ll see this in part two), the third idea was using the zentai mask to trick my brother into fucking me and some backstory behind that, and the fourth was pantyhose ripping and toe sucking. I hope you enjoy this epic storyline! I can’t wait to drop PART 2!
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It’s Tradition. Every Holiday, the Family partakes in The Ritual. The young hostess, both wife, mother, sister, and daughter, presents herself as dessert….in this vid prepare for the filthiest debauchery I have ever released! I offer myself to Daddy first and have Mommy grope and finger me to get me sooo wet and ready for him and then he pummels my tight holes in a bunch of positions on the table and he nuts inside me. My pussy is nice and creamy and I tell my son to see how horny and dirty Mommy is and to get hard for me because he’s next. I then coax him through his first time at The Ritual with sweet dirty talk and breast fondling til he’s throbbing hard and I suck his dick until he busts a fat nut in my mouth. I then move on to my brother and I finger his wife’s pussy while she watches us fuck. I dirty talk about my sexual past with my brother to my sister in law because it gets her off and then I eat her out and she squirts on my face. I then ride my brother with his wife’s pussy dripping off me until he nuts inside me too. I turn to my hubby and tell him that it’s his responsibility to finger out all that nasty dirty family cum deep inside me and then I cum hard and finally release my daddy’s and brother’s cum. WHAT A FUCKING RIDE.
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Little Puck – LiL SiS COCK CORRUPTiON | VirginCreampie

Brother – Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Siblings, Sisters, Role play, Creampie

this is the best taboo roleplay fantasy scenario i have EVER DONE…… It’s has been a single night yet you already feel the effect of the succubus magic on you, you’ve never felt so drained in your life but you’ve also noticed your sister has been acting strange. Your lil sis has been acting less innocent…more grownup and slutty…almost like the version of her in your dream but it cant be possible…can it? Could the magic have actually affected your sweet innocent little sister?….When she returns from the mall with itty bitty bikinis in tow, you can hardly believe this eager slutty teen is the same girl you’ve known all your life…but there she is…with a knowing smile and a glint in her eye as she keeps looking you up and down. She changes into skimpier and skimpier outfits, begging for your opinion, teasing you with her curves as she bounces around and pouts in each one as you pretend to act stern to hide your raging boner. She eventually begins pleading you to help her horny slutty body find release….allll the men at the shopping mall were being So Dirty staring her up and down, and she should have felt icky but it was just TOO HOT being Wanted like That! “They were practically screwing me with their eyes, it made my kitty so gushy! I loved the attention…I really wanted to be used up by the older men but I kept myself for you…I want you to Be My Very First.” Your little sister begs you to take your dick out….ever since she saw it last night there’s a CRAZY HOT FLOOD of HORMONES inside her! She NEEDS to be Covered In Your Cum and Stuffed With Her Brother’s Dick! You can’t help but give in to her sweet pleas as she wriggles around naked on the couch for you, touching her wet pussy. You make her lie back and throw up her legs so you can lick and suck on her tender virgin pussy. Then you put her on her knees so she can service your dick. You guide her through her kittenish licks to hungry gulps as she strokes and sucks you, craving your cock inside her. You unleash a huge load all over her face then she fingers it into her pussy and she begs you to fill her tight virgin pussyhole! You enter her in missionary and love watching her perky boobs bounce and sway for you until you can’t help but wanna go deeper…you flip her around doggystyle and cram her tight hole with your throbbing cock. She then rides your dick like an insatiable slut with nasty filthy talk pouring from her mouth as she squeals and goes crazy for you. You finally nut in her little kittyhole and it streams out of her…she fingers it back into her pussy and mouth and you realize your life has changed forever….For the Better. Get Ready! Your changed little sister takes you on a whirlwind of adventure into hers and your very own forbidden desires as she begs for your help in understanding her new found urges, the changes to her body…and the strange empty feeling she has in her stomach. Teach your sex crazed sibling everything she’ll need to know to tackle the world as a full grown woman…
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Audio Only Daddy Roleplay Erotica Fantasy Taboo

This was a custom audio clip. Hit me up for yours! This is just a small part of the script. “Oh you smell so good Daddy. And you’re so warm. Maybe you can just lay here with me and cuddle and hold me for a little while? Thank you Daddy, you’re so good to me. (shyly) Ya know, i wish I could meet a guy like you. A guy just like my daddy. Maybe…maybe I should just date you Daddy. (giggles) You can be my man.(pause) What… stop? But It would be perfect.

I mean, you adore me and it’s not like you’d mistreat me. I would be the perfect arrangement. Relax daddy. I’m just talking silly.

(pause) Unless……. (almost a question)(pause)
I don’t know…. Nevermind. (quiet) Don’t you think I’m pretty? For real. Don’t just make stuff up. (pause) Really? (excited)Thank you daddy.

You’re the best.. Hey, close your eyes)
(daughter puts her lips against daddy’s)

Stop, Daddy stop, wait. Just calm down. Just indulge me a little. Just go along and see how this feels. I want to kiss you daddy. A REAL kiss. Please daddy, cmon… comee onnnnn.

(kisses daddy) See that wasn’t so bad… Nooo you can’t leave yet… I want to talk more. Listen, mom is basically checked out on us. Screw her. It can be me and you…Wait, just hear me out.
Do you want me to be hurt and mentally fucked with by some random asshole that doesn’t care about me? You’d never hurt me. And you know I would be completely devoted to you. Think about it. We already have an amazing relationship so it just taking it to another level. And I know you’ve been lonely in the “relationship” department. Mom probably hasn’t given it up in a long time (laugh)

NOOO, i’m not going to stop. Just listen….(bratty tone) Besides, if you don’t I will just act out and hook up with some random guys.(normal tone) Obviously I’m kidding. Come sit back down with me. (pats bed)

I have secretly been thinking this way a little while now. This isn’t just some spur of the moment idea.(rubs Daddy’s shoulders) Relax Daddy. You’re so tense.

Just let this happen. You know I am not going to give up. (pause)What’s going to happen?

Wellllllll….(starts kissing Daddy’s neck)

There, that wasn’t so bad now was it.
(move around front of Daddy)
(start kissing his lips) (soft moan) Relax… Don’t worry. I want this daddy. You know, I took off my bra knowing my nipples poke through this shirt to get your attention. I wore this cute skirt to show you my long legs. Please Daddy,this is a good thing. Don’t fight it. This is meant to be.(removes Daddy’s shirt) (daughter reaches under skirt and removes her panty) Here daddy… see I am wet for you…Daddy just look cute little pussy (lifts skirt)

(laugh) No, I am not going to stop. I can see you growing hard. I know you are getting turned on.
Touch me daddy.

(takes daddy’s hand and puts it under her top)

Feel my perky boobies. My nipples are hard.

(slowly slides daddy’s hand down and under her skirt)

Featuring daddy daughter seduction fantasy audio roleplay, impregnation fantasy, loud intense orgasm with creampie dialogue.
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Codi Vore, Little Puck – MOMMIES FIGHT OVER YOU Pt 2 HD 1080p

Stepmother / Stepson Incest, Taboo, Family Fantasies, Stepmom, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, Cougar, Mommas boy, STEP-MOM, Older Woman / Younger Man, Dad’s Wife / Husband’s Son, ROLE PLAY, step mother, step son, step mommy

Part 2 of Mommies Fight Over You! In Part One it was your New StepMommy Puck that Did Her Best to Please You, But Now It’s Your Birth Mom Codi’s Turn to Fuck Her Special Boy Just the Way He Likes. Codi lies on the bed stroking your cock and sucking on you, letting you know that she is the perfect mom for you, she’s in tune with your needs and desires. Your bratty stepmom Puck is in the back, desperately begging for you to think about her tight pussy and trash talking your mom while she sucks you off. Codi doesn’t care about that stupid bitch, she’s completely enamored with taking care of her son, she lovingly strips down and pulls out her big tits for you, wrapping them around your cock and giving you a sexy titjob. She just wants you to be happy! Would it make you happy if your mommy rode your cock sweetie? You’re dying to feel your mother’s warm wet hole so she slowly slides down on top of you, rocking back in forth, her big pendulous breasts swaying and bouncing as she fucks her son’s hard cock. Your stepmom Puck can’t help but be turned on by watching your cock so hard and erect and she fingers herself while you fuck your *old* mommy. Having these two mothers so turned on by you is enough to make your cock so rock hard you can’t help but explode in your mommy! But even after the dust settles and the cum leaks out of Codi, these two broads can’t help but keep bitching at each other and cat fighting over Who You Love More.
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Codi Vore, Little Puck – MOMMiES FiGHT OVER YOU HD 1080p

Stepmother / Stepson Incest, Taboo, Family Fantasies, Stepmom, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, Cougar, Mommas boy, STEP-MOM, Older Woman / Younger Man, Dad’s Wife / Husband’s Son, ROLE PLAY, step mother, step son, step mommy

Your stepmother has you alone in the living room, coyly teasing you as she slowly unbuckles her corset. Aren’t you so happy you have a new mommy? Shouldn’t we have a special relationship now as mother and son? She sees how hard you are pounces on your dick…god it’s so much harder than your father’s…oh fuck! all of a sudden your *old mommy* walks in…and she wants to prove that she’s truly the best mother for you. Stepmom and mom battle it out with bitchy verbal catfighting, exchanging nasty words while stroking your cock nad making you feel so loved and desired. Your stepmom gets the first chance to please you, riding your cock doggystyle and pounding you into her newly waxed pussy. But the Old Mother Model wants a turn too…
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