Jan Burton – Jan and her Nephew 6 – Nephew’s Fashion Advice HD 1080p

I’ve bought myself some new underwear .. I desperately needed some. And I have a hot date again (I’m such a lucky girl). But I need James’ advice about what to wear.

I hope he isn’t embarrassed when I slip into my different outfits in front of him. I also need him to take a very close look at my panties, to make sure I’m not showing off too much of my puss … he;s not talking to me, not answering my questions .. I think he’s aroused, his throat choked up by the moment .. well he IS a very inexperienced young man

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Jan Burton – Jan and her Nephew 5 HD 1080p

I know he means well, bringing me a fresh cup of tea in the morning, but its massively inappropriate for my nephew James, to stand and watch me while I rest nude.

But I heard him, and I let him watch, while I briefly showed him my nudity. Then I confronted him, challenging him. .. but ultimately inviting him to let his eyes wander properly across my mature tight body, and big boobs.

I love his young eyes upon me, its so wrong, and yet so right..

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Jan Burton – Jan and her Nephew 4 – Wet T-Shirt with Nephew HD 1080p

It’s a late breakfast, and I’m late up. My gorgeous hunky nephew James is already in the kitchen. But first I need my dustpan and brush to do a little cleaning.

I’m so comfortable with James being around the house that I am now becoming more relaxed about my clothing, a pair of knickers and an almost see-thru white t-shirt today, I’m sure lovely James won’t mind.

I don’t care anyway, I want him to lay his eyes on me. An accident with some water,. and off comes my top .. oh dear .. am I being inappropriate with this young man?

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Jan Burton – Jan and her Nephew 3 – The Morning After

Oh dear I’ve been a bad Auntie Jan haven’t I. I have been winding up my nephew James too much. Last night I came home a little worse for wear, and I fear I gave James a bit of a scare. Showing off my knickers with some upskirt, then stripping teasingly in my room, he could see me through the open door.

So this morning I’ve brought him a cup of tea as a peace offering. Oh dear .. did I forget to tighten up my robe? AND I’ve nothing on underneath .. I’m SOOO naughty !

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Jan Burton – Jan and her Nephew 2 HD 1080p

I’ve been a naughty Auntie. I had to go out for a night with the girls, and I was so pumped up by all the male attention that when I got in, I couldn’t stop myself waking up my hot nephew James.

I let him glance up my dress at my stockings and I teased him badly. Then I retired to my own bedroom, which is directly opposite his. Unfortunately I forgot to close my door, sop he could watch me as I slowly and teasingly stripped out of my clothes.

It’s ok, I let him know I knew he had been watching at the end with eye contact, a smile and a wave as I slipped naked into my bed.

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Tara Tainton – Embarrassing Episode with Your Step Auntie Discovering Your Uncut Cock

When you find yourself getting to know your new step aunt during an unchaperoned stay at her home for a few days while your own parents are out of town, you have no idea what you’re in for. She’s sweet… and you’ve definitely noticed she’s sexy as well… but when she insists you get cleaned up for lunch, insists that you undress before her, and discovers you have never been circumcised, you’re in for the most embarrassing moments of your life! You begin to wonder how your parents could have ever made the decision to allow you to be embarrassed like this, left uncut and a complete outcast… at least, that’s what your new aunt considers you. And she makes sure you know it! Just when you think things can’t possibly get worse, your aunt decides to have you circumcised that very day…. but when she learns from the doctor that you must have empty testicles beforehand, well, there’s only one thing she can do. She has to instruct your masturbation and help you come… with a little striptease show… and a LOT of reminding you just how your foreskin-covered penis compares to her cut boyfriend and the clean, trim dicks she prefers above all others. And did she just promise to give you your first blow job to introduce you to your promised more rewarding life without foreskin?

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Cory Chase, Melanie Hicks – Multi-Milfverse – Season 2 – Stuck HD 1080p

Laundry Room

Cory Chase is working on a project in her office, when she hears her neighbors partying loudly next door. How is she supposed to focus with this commotion?! Melanie Hicks walks into Cory’s office wearing a green dress, and Cory asks Melanie to go up to Luke Longly’s room and grab the MILF glue from his desk. She can’t find it, so she ends up searching inside of the washer and dryer. She finally finds the bottle of MILF glue hidden deep inside of the washing machine. Melanie is unsure of what MILF glue is exactly, so she pours some out of the bottle and onto her hands. She rubs her hands together and notices its sticky texture! She places her hands down on the tabletop, and that’s when she realizes that her hand is stuck to the table! Moments later, Luke walks into the room and he laughs when he realizes that Melanie has done. Luke gets behind Melanie and he lifts her green dress up above her ass. He notices that she does not have any panties underneath! Luke walks over to Melanie and he whips his hard cock out from under his pants. He starts to fuck her pussy from behind, to try and help her get unstuck! He keeps fucking her from behind but it doesn’t seem to be helping. He finally pours out a little more MILF glue on top of Melanie’s hands, and she is able to slide her hands free! Now that her hands are free, we go back to fucking! Her big, natural tits are hanging out from under her dress. Her big tits bounce up and down every time I thrust my cock inside of her. He shoves the tip of his cock inside of her ass hole and he starts to gently fuck her ass…

Anal Revelations

Cory is wearing a green bra and panty set with her white lab coat, while she searches the house for Melanie. Melanie eventually walks into the laundry room, where Cory is standing. Cory tells her that she needs to speak to her, and since she is her older step-sister, she should listen to her! Cory confesses that she is really 145 years older than Melanie. Melanie asks her how she still looks so young! Cory admits that she swallows a lot of cum to keep looking this good! She also has a lot of anal sex, to keep her brain sharp. Melanie is intrigued at the thought of getting smarter from doing more anal sex. Cory pulls Melanie’s big, natural tits out from under her green dress. Cory drops her white lab coat down to the ground, before she kisses and licks Melanie’s nipples. Cory kisses Melanie on the lips, before she makes her way down towards Melanie’s pussy. Melanie spreads her legs on the counter, and Cory licks and sucks on Melanie’s clit until she cums hard! Then the two step-sisters switch places and Melanie licks Cory’s clit until she cums for her!

Anal Threesome

Cory and Melanie are walking through the house, looking for the portal gun. Cory is convinced that she left her portal gun on her desk, but now it is missing! Little does she know, her step-son Luke has taken her portal gun! Cory walks inside of her closet, and she finds her portal gun and the MILF glue together in her closet! She accidentally gets her hand stuck to the portal gun, which is also stuck to the chair in her closet! She tries to get her hand loose, but she ends up getting her other hand stuck as well. She calls out for Luke to come help her, even though she knows he is also the one responsible for this! Luke gets behind Cory and he pulls her light blue panties off of her body. He takes his hard cock out and he puts it in her mouth, and makes her give him a blowjob. Then he gets behind her and he starts to fuck her pussy from behind. He really wants to fuck her ass from behind, so that’s exactly what he does! While Luke is fucking Cory’s ass hole, Melanie walks into the room holding the MILF glue in her hands. Luke asks Melanie to take Cory’s bra off of her, and then Melanie shoves her big tits in Cory’s face. Cory blows raspberries in Melanie’s tits, before Melanie gets in the doggystyle position next to Cory. Luke then starts to fuck Melanie’s pussy from behind. I finally help Cory get her hands unstuck, and then Cory flips over on to her back so I can fuck her in the missionary position. At the same time, Melanie sits on Cory’s face so Cory can eat her step-sister’s pussy out while she gets fucked! I fuck Cory’s pussy and ass, back and forth, and then I fuck Melanie’s holes back and forth as well! I have the two MILF’s get into the doggystyle position again, right next to each other. Then I fuck both of their asses, one right after the other! When I am ready to cum, I have the two MILF’s get down on their knees and open their mouths wide. Then I jerk my cock off into their mouths and all over their faces! Then they kiss each other and swap my cum…

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Sinn Sage – Impregnating My Sexy Christian Aunt Part 1 HD 1080p

My family is super religious so i thought it was a bit weird when my Aunt Sinn and my uncle were not in church this last Sunday. so i was extra curious when i got a text from my Aunt Sinn asking me to stop by after school. when i got to there house i just let myself in since we were family after all, i found Sinn in the kitchen looking kind of upset. we sat down and made some small talk and then my Aunt told me she had something series she needed to ask me. i said i was all ears and she reminded me that her and my uncle had been trying to get pregnant for over a year now. she said they finely went to the doctor and it turned out my uncle had a low sperm count. i told her i was sorry to hear that and i asked about in vetro or maybe adoption. she told me that my uncle wanted the baby to acutely be his and they didn’t have the money for in vetro. then she started to tell me that the situation was starting to cause serious problems with there relationship. she told me that she had been praying on it and she thought god had sent her a answer. she reminded me that me, my dad and uncle all looked really similar and if i could keep it a secret then maybe i could be her sperm donor. i was stunned and before i could answer my aunt pressed on by saying that if she didn’t get pregnant soon her and my uncle would get divorced and she didn’t want that. she told me she really felt that god was speaking to her about this and this is what he wanted her to do. i really loved my aunt and uncle and didn’t want them to divorce and if she thought it was gods will then i should go alone with it. i told her i would help and asked what she needed me to do. i could see her face light up when i said that, she got up and came back a minute later carrying some things in a towel. she told me the first step was get a sperm sample from me to her doctor to have it tested. she handed me the towel with a bottle of lube and a sample cup in it. she told me to just go back to her bed room and masturbate into the sample cup then bring it back out to her. she reminded me that this needed to be kept a secret, so no telling my friends, parents, my uncle or anyone else. i said ok and headed back to the master bed room! i masturbated for a little while and tried my best to cum but the situation was just to weird and i couldn’t do it. i called our for my aunt Sinn and she walked in to the room a minute later. i told her what was going on and she got really panicked when i said i didn’t think i could do it. she told me she really needed the sample, she reminded me that it was what go wanted. she looked thoughtful for a second then asked if it would be ok if she “helped”. i asked her what she meant, she walked over and picked up the lube and pulled the towel away revealing my raging hard boner. she took my cock into her hand and started stroking it, she kept eye contact with me and started telling me this was gods will and to just cum for her. having my sexy christian aunt jerk me off was more then i could take and before long she got a huge sample for the doctor. she told me to go a head and get dressed, she was taking to sample to the doctor right now. she said she was see me at church next Sunday and reminded me that this was our secret. she said she would let me know what my sperm results are soon and all i could think was gods will be done! This is part 1 of Impregnating My Sexy Christian Aunt, this series stars Sinn Sage. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cheating Wife Impregnation Christian CFNM Handjob Scene.

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