Cory Chase, Kenzie Love – Hot New Free Use Step Mom HD 1080p

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Step Mom Cures a Broken Heart-

I am looking at porn on the internet when my step-mom walks into the room. She is wearing a white dress as I confess to her that my girlfriend broke up with me today. I tell Kenzi Love that my girlfriend broke up with me because I couldn’t last long during sex. My step-mom offers to help me last longer with sex, since my step-dad is out of town and she’s been lonely too. My step-mom pulls her dress down, and exposes her pink panties to me. I ask her if I can grab her tits and she says yes! She gets in between my legs and she gives me a nice, wet blowjob. She keeps sucking my cock until I eventually cum in her mouth! She tells me that we can practice more later and I can’t wait!

Step Mom Has a Secret-

My step-mom Kenzi walks into my bedroom, wearing a silky, red bathrobe and black panties. She tells me that we should practice more today, so I can learn how to last longer during sex. She opens her robe and shows me her big, natural tits. She tells me that she missed the way I taste, so she puts my hard cock in her mouth and starts to give me another blowjob. She tells me that her pussy is so wet for me and she wants me to fuck her pussy now. She lies down on the bed and she spreads her legs in the missionary position first. I fuck her pussy while my step-mom starts to moan! Then she flips over into the doggystyle position next. I keep fucking her pussy until I cum deep inside of her. She grabs her bathrobe and she hurries off to take a shower…

Stuck Under the Bed-

My step-mom walks into my bedroom because she lost her earring and she’s trying to find it. She sticks her head under the bed to see if it dropped under the bed. She ends up getting herself stuck under the bed, and she can’t get herself out! She calls out my name ‘Luke’ over and over, until I finally hear her. I come running to the bedroom to try and help her get unstuck! I try to pull her shorts to see if her shorts are stuck on the bed. Her shorts are now off, but she’s still stuck under the bed! I decide to take advantage of the situation so I stick my hard cock inside of her pussy to try and fuck her out. She thinks that maybe if she has an orgasm, it will help her get more loose! She cums on my cock but unfortunately she is still stuck under the bed. I fuck her pussy for a few more minutes until she gets so sweaty that she slides out from under the bed! Now that she’s free, we decide to continue fucking! Kenzi sits down on the bed so I can fuck her pussy in the missionary position followed by doggystyle. She begs me to cum in her mouth, so that’s exactly what I plan to do! I pull my cock out of her pussy and I jerk my cock off all over my step-mom’s face and in her mouth!

Free Use Step Family Threesum-

I walk into my step-mom’s bedroom and I find my step-mom and my step Aunt Cory Chase sitting naked on the bed. They try to convince me to have a threesome with them, and it doesn’t take much to convince me! The two MILF’s pull my hard cock out and they start to give me a double blowjob. Kenzi lies down on the bed so Cory can eat her pussy out; At the same time, I start fucking Cory’s pussy in the doggystyle position. After a few minutes, Kenzi and Cory switch places so I can fuck Kenzi’s pussy while Kenzi eats her step-sister’s pussy out. I fuck both of their pussies back and forth, until I get close to cumming. Then, I jerk my cock all over Cory’s face and in her mouth! I walk away to go grab a shower, and Cory reminds me that she wants me to be ready again in a few hours…
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Cory Chase, Michele James, Kara Lee – Kissing Cousins HD 1080p

Michele and Kara are playing truth or dare one afternoon, and they decide to ask each other some very personal questions. “Have you ever kissed a boy?” Michele asks Kara. “No!! Almost… but no!” Kara tells her. Next, Kara asks Michele if she’s ever kissed a girl; Michele shakes her head no. “I think kissing a girl would be weird!” Michele tells her. But Kara has another idea in mind… she is interested in experimenting so she can be prepared for her real first kiss. Michele agrees to practice kissing with her cousin, but both girls are confused as to how to kiss another person. At first, they give each other a quick peck on the lips… but that doesn’t seem right. Next, they both stick their tongue’s out without their lips touching, and that doesn’t seem right either. “I think we should ask Aunt Cory! She’s been around!” Kara suggests.

They call Aunt Cory in to the bedroom, and they show her how they’ve been practicing… “What was that?! That’s not exactly how you do it…” Cory tells them. Cory kisses Michele first… gently with a small amount of tongue; Kara watches and tries to pay attention and learn how to kiss! After Cory kisses Michele, Cory asks the girls what she was doing to Michele that Michele was not doing back. The girls realize that Cory was touching Michele’s body but Michele wasn’t touching Cory back! “Explore my body the way that I was exploring yours!” Cory tells the girls. Next, it is Kara’s turn to kiss her aunt and learn how to make out! Aunt Cory decides to also show the girls how to bite someone’s lip and also suck on someone’s lip while kissing. Now the time has come for Michele and Kara to kiss each other and see if they have truly learned how to kiss a girl! “My work here is done…” Cory says, as she leaves the two girls alone to keep practicing!
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Paintedrose – Secrets In The Dark: Taboo Auntie HD 1080p

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Step-Auntie is house sitting while your parents are out of town. One late night of hanging out turned into passionate all night sex education all week and now your parents are coming home early and Auntie says she doesn’t know when you can be together again. You’re struggling to rest and Auntie comes in and asks if she can lay with you because her room is cold.. and.. and.. she misses you. You two decide to just cuddle but you start kissing and touching while spooning and then she sucks on your tongue like it’s your dick. Next thing you know you decide to just make out but you’re stiff as a rock so Auntie can’t resist putting you in her throat. She loves you – and your stiff cock. Auntie needs you inside and says that she has to be on top because otherwise your parents might hear. She tries to be quiet but the bed is rocking and you’re struggling to contain yourself while she has to cover her mouth to not holler out when you orgasm together with her on top! This film has lots of kissing, spit play, body worship, licking holes, dirty taboo whispers, parents in the next room, taboo sex love affair, blow jobs, girl on top front and back dick riding!
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Melanie Hicks in My Stuck Step Mom HD 1080p

From: Jerky Wives

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Stuck Under The Bed

My step-mom, Melanie, woke up one morning and she realized that her earring is missing from her ear! She hops out of bed and she begins to look underneath the bed. “Oh no, I think I’m stuck,” she whispers to herself. I walk in to the room and I see Melanie’s red shorts poking out from under the bed, but I can’t see the rest of her body. “What are you doing?!” I ask her. “I’m stuck! Can you help me get out?!” she exclaims. I grab on to her red shorts and I try to pull her out. I end up pulling her shorts off instead! I take my fingers and I start to rub her pussy with my fingers. “What are you doing?! This isn’t helping me get unstuck!” she cries out. “Sorry, I got distracted!” I tell her. I can feel my cock getting hard in my pants, so I decide to take advantage of this situation. I shove my cock in my step-mom’s pussy and I tell her that maybe this will help her. I lift her shirt up so her big, natural tits are exposed while I fuck her. I keep fucking her pussy and when I am done enjoying myself, I grab her arm and I pull her out! “See! It worked! I got you free!” I exclaim. “You did, but I still can’t find my earring” she tells me. I offer to help her find it later; I throw her clothes at her and I walk out of the room.

Nude In The Kitchen

My step-mom calls me in to the kitchen to discuss what I did the other day. “I thought it would be just a one time thing,” I tell her. She starts to explain to me how my Aunt Cory fucks her own step-son and she wants to know if I will keep fucking her too. “If you’re okay with that,” I tell her. “I am! As long as you don’t tell your step-father!” she tells me. I promise not to tell my step-dad, and Melanie opens up her bathrobe, exposing her naked body to me. She gets down on her knees and she starts to suck my hard cock. After a few minutes, she sits down on the kitchen chair and she waits for me to fuck her pussy in the missionary position. She gets up and turns around in the chair, so I can fuck her pussy from behind. I get to watch her big ass bounce up and down on my cock while her moans get louder. I end up cumming in her pussy and she reminds me not to tell anyone about our arrangement!


My step-mom is wearing a black and white dress, as she calls out for my aunt Cory. Aunt Cory walks in to the room and she is wearing a bright yellow dress. Aunt Cory starts to explain to my step-mom what this invention called ‘MILF Glue’ is. “It makes older women stick to any surface!” she explains. “I don’t believe that!” my step-mom tells her. Aunt Cory pours the MILF Glue on to Melanie’s hands and then she tells Melanie to put her hands down on the desk. Melanie’s hands instantly become stuck to the desk! “What do I do?! How do I get unstuck?!” Melanie cries out. My aunt Cory tells my step-mom that she has to call my cousin Luke in to the room. Aunt Cory pulls Melanie’s big tits out from under her dress. Melanie rolls her eyes, because she is clearly annoyed at the situation. Luke’s cock starts to get hard in his pants once he takes a look at Melanie’s tits! Cory pulls Melanie’s dress over her head, and Melanie cries out that she’ll do whatever it takes to get unstuck! “Your step-son told me about what you two have been doing lately,” Luke tells Melanie. “That was supposed to be a secret!” she cries out. Luke walks behind Melanie and he shoves his hard cock inside of her pussy. “Semen is the only thing that will help you get free!” Cory tells Melanie. Luke keeps fucking Melanie from behind, and Cory ends up stripping naked while she watches them fuck. Cory helps Melanie get her hands free, and then Melanie flips over in to the missionary position for Luke to keep fucking her. Cory starts to play with Melanie’s tits while my cousin Luke fucks her pussy. When I get close to cumming, I pull my cock out and I jerk my cock off in to Melanie’s mouth! “You have to swallow it all to de-activate the MILF Glue” Cory tells Melanie. Melanie swallows as much as she can!
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Melanie Hicks & Cory Chase In My Stuck Step Moms HD 720p

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My step-mom (Cory Chase) and her step-sister (Melanie Hicks) are searching around the house, looking for a safe. They both stick their heads under a bench in the gym, but they only see boxes and nothing else. I (Luke Longly) stand behind them and I tell them to keep looking! They both tell me that they are wedged under the bench and they can’t get out! I decide to take advantage of the situation, so I pull out some lube and I pour it all over their pussies, since they are stuck in the doggystyle position under the bench. I get behind them and I start to fuck Melanie’s pussy first! Then I start to fuck Cory while she is still stuck. I end up getting them unstuck, from all the fucking! Cory stands up and she tells me to finish the job! They both lie down on top of the bench now, and I start to fuck Melanie’s pussy this time. I fuck both Melanie and Cory’s pussy in the missionary position at first. Then I fuck Cory from behind while she licks Melanine’s nipples. I walk over to use Melanie’s holes next, and then I switch back and forth between their holes. When I get close to cumming, I have the two MILF’s get down on their knees, open their mouths wide, and look up at me. I jerk my cock off into their mouths and they swallow it all!
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Amiee Cambridge – TABOO We want each others body HD 1080p

Auntie / Nephew Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, MILF, Cougar, Older Woman / Younger Man, Role play, Aunt

New “Step”Aunt taboo video starring me and Johnny Rifle. This 50 min long video has grinding, humping, thigh fucking, dick sucking and of course naughty penetration in various positions. Spicy things will happen when Johnnys uncle isnt taking care of his wife. Johnny sees her as a sexy milf and shes aroused by the taboo and his supposed virginity.
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Amiee Cambridge, Melanie Hicks, Cory Chase – JOI From Your Step Family HD 1080p

Melanie, Cory and Amiee are sitting on the bed in front of you, wearing nothing but bras and panties. They look up and they catch you spying on them! Amiee is wearing yellow lingerie, while Cory’s is green and Melanie is wearing pink. Cory looks at you and notices that you are dying to join in and fuck all three of them! You’re not allowed to fuck these MILF’s though; You are only allowed to watch and stroke your cock. The MILF’s begin to instruct you on how to slowly jerk your cock off. They warn you not to go too fast, because you aren’t allowed to cum until you’re told! All three goddesses start to take their bra’s off, as they expose their big tits to me. All three MILF’s then get into the doggystyle position, and you start to jerk your cock a little faster as you stare at their assses! They start to kiss each other and touch each other’s pussies, while telling you to stroke a little faster now. They finally tell you that you’re allowed to cum in front of them, and you can’t wait to explode…
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Natasha Nixx – Good Nephews Share HD 1080p

Auntie / Nephew Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, MILF, Cougar, Older Woman / Younger Man, Role play, Aunt, Big tits

Boys boys boys, you better behave while I am out on my date. This isn’t your house. You need to respect me. I should be out late so no need to worry about me. I’ll be back later…. Ugh, my date was just terrible. Your aunt shouldn’t be talking to you about her love life. But if you are offering… come have a seat with me.
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Mindi Mink – Aunty Mindi Relieves Your Blue Balls HD 720p

From: Mindi Mink’s Playhouse

Auntie / Nephew Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, MILF, Cougar, Older Woman / Younger Man, Role play, Aunt, Big tits, JOI

You have the worst cast of blue balls. You go to tell your aunt Mindi Mink about how bad they are and that your girlfriend got you turned on. She is in a super hot nighty and she isnt afraid to show it off. She is ready to help you relieve your blue balls. She starts teasing and turning you on. She tells you to pull your cock out and stroke it to her while she masturbates. You wont have blue balls for long. Wink
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Ariel Anderssen – Auntie’s Panties HD 1080p

Auntie / Nephew Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, MILF, Cougar, Older Woman / Younger Man, Role play, Aunt, JOI, Panty Fetish

You, young man, seem altogether more fascinated with my panties than is healthy! And imagine my shock when I discovered that some of my lovely, silky undergarments which I put away clean in my drawers, appear to have been, ummm, *anointed* with something that looks suspiciously like semen!

So it’s time for a talk with you, my naughty nephew! I suppose I should be annoyed, but it’s rather flattering actually. And now that I know your secret, I can have all kinds of panty-related fun with you. Starting with watching you *enjoy* yourself with the ones that I’m wearing right now!
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