Kelly Payne

Kelly Payne – Voyuer High2 HD 1080p


Its yet another chaotic morning in the Payne household, and as usual your step-mom is running around yelling at your step-dad about her costume for class today,

apparently he forgot the bottom dress part for her costume today.

You notice and can’t help but stare, you haven’t stared at your step-mom like this and had these urges since she was pregnant.

She notices and tells you to stop it, but you can’t help it, sneaking peeks as she walks around the house, into her bedroom while she changes for work.

You reach out to touch her, and tell her what you want, she’s reluctant so you suggest you’ll tell step-dad about last time. She gets on her knees lecturing you, and starts sucking,

trying to keep a look out so you both don’t get caught, until you cover her in your cum.

Still upset she forgets she’s now covered in your cum yelling at your step-father, when he asks whats all over her.

You help out and say its your lotion, and laugh as she rubs your cum all over her breasts and neck.

Once you get to school you surprise her with her costume and encourage the class to take quite the turn around from a normal boring, to an arousing strip tease and so much more…

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Kelly Payne – Best Friends Mom is a MILF3 Pool Party HD 1080p

It’s the weekend of the pool party and you can’t help yourself but stare and admire your best friend’s mom in her sexy bathing suit, riding up her ass, her tits out nearly in your face. You notice she steps inside so you follow her. Trying to entice her to mess around, she denies you. Her husband and son, your best friend, could walk in any minute. She teases you a little, showing off her breasts and, making herself squirt accidentally all over the floor, and you push for her to sneak away and meet you in the bathroom… no one will know. She says no and laughs it off, but to your surprise she does meet you in the bathroom. You go down on her, and then step into the shower so she can enjoy your cock, she then sucks you and fucks you until you cum in her mouth. Nervous she quickly puts her bathing suit back on and grabs some spray to get rid of the sex smell, before sneaking back to her own party.

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Kelly Payne – Crazy Hippie Mom HD 1080p

Your mom is a hippie, she’s also a meditation coach, energy healer… whatever that is and a sex therapy/healer… You mostly do your best to ignore as much of your moms “work” as possible. But today you feel off, and when you interrupt your moms meditation session she can feel something isn’t quite right. She starts checking your aura and energy centers i your body, saying your sacral chakra is out of balance and asks bluntly if you’ve been jerking off. She convinces you to lay down and let her heal you, her tits basically bouncing in your face, and when mom notices your boner she reaches down your pants and starts stroking your cock telling you this is needed, and human nature. She removes her top and strokes, sucks, licks and climbs on top of you… she’s not going to allow her son to have an unbalanced chakras.

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Kelly Payne – Mom is Amazed by sons big dick HD 1080p

Mom gets home earlier than you thought and as she thinks she’s casually sneaking back into her room she is startled by you, naked, jerking off in her bed?! What why? And yet she can’t seem to stop staring at your cock… it’s just… she tries to deny her natural urges… but she can’t help herself… maybe just a closer look, touch, comparison to her tits… ass.. does that even fit in a pussy? An ass? No… it would never… before she knows it she riding, twerking, bouncing, and shoving that cock in her mouth, pussy, and ass, loving every minute as you stretch her tight ass before filling it with cum (VS Style) Awkwardly excusing herself to shower, coming to terms with what she just did… Startled again noticing you behind her in the bathroom… Your ask if she still is lactating.. yes.. she brings her tits to her mouth and allows it to spill down her lips knowing your enjoying it… turned on again herself she offers to cover your cock in milk (Dildo POV BJ) She covers your cock in milk, until she suggests you creampie her pussy this time… She climbs onto you riding you, covering you in milk as she bounces up and down on your cock, self sucking milk spilling from her lips and spraying from her tits until you creampie her pussy… Again awkwardly coming to terms with what shes done… she excuses herself to shower

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Kelly Payne – My Husband Lost a Bet, I’m all yours HD 1080p

My husband is one of your good friends and he has a smoking hot submissive wife which he openly shares and talks about with you and the boys, so this time during your boys night out you convince him to wager his own wife on the bet knowing he never can resist a good bet… And he loses… which means his submissive wife is all yours. Shes working… when you arrive and she thinks your her hubby and quickly catches on something isn’t right… she phones hubby to confirm he lost the bet… Okay, I guess im all yours then… what do you want me to do.

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Kelly Payne – Fucking my husbands brother PART TWO HD 1080p

This is Part Two fucking my husband’s brother. Your wife and your brother just can’t seem to get along and you are tired of your wife’s constant bitching and nagging completely unaware of what happen the other night when your brother decided to take his chances and bend your wife over and fuck her in your living room all with you in the other room. This evening is not any different then any other day… your brother is pushing Kelly’s buttons and she’s in the kitchen cleaning up dinner asking your brother when he’s going to get a job, you’ve had enough and leave the room trying to ignore their bickering. Kelly continues her nagging and then bends down to get something from the fridge when (POV brother-in-law) you decide to get a better view and try your luck with your brother’s wife again. You can tell she’s into it by the smile and take no time putting her up on the kitchen counter, fingering her soaking wet pussy, and then fucking her, bending her forward until you cum inside her. She’s pissed, as usual and goes back to her nagging. You continue to sneak around the rest of the week fucking your brother’s wife making her admit what a cheater she is, something about pushing her buttons makes your cock throbbing hard. Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry Room, and the Dinning Room and finally when Kelly knows her husband will be away for a good long hour she dresses up in her sexiest lingerie, invites you into her bedroom to fuck in her and her husband’s bedroom. Teasing you, sucking your cock and then enjoying your cock deep inside her, when her husband calls and says he is coming back early, hurrying to get off the call and then telling you to hurry, continuing to enjoy yourselves and losing track of time, your both about to cum when the door opens! (switches POV to husband) Your caught but your SO close to cumming you keep fucking her until you fill her pussy with cum… Kelly isn’t sure what to say… and he storms out of the room (switches POV back to brother) Kelly runs after her husband but comes back into the room, pissed off and blaming you for getting caught and making her a cheater and ruining her marriage, but this somehow still turns you on so you put your hard cock in her face, she’s mad at first, but then there’s that all to familiar smile, and she starts sucking your cock and then wants you to fuck her again owning her cheating self and when you suggest getting her pregnant she just goes with it, why not get me pregnant to, how could things possibly get any worse.

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Kelly Payne – Submissive Mommy at your Service HD 1080p

Your mom has always been really submissive and eager to make you smile, you’ve pushed things sexually with her so many times at this point she looks forward to you asking. Although your mom talks, ALOT! Sometimes hard to get a word in, but she still fulfills all her sons needs, wants, and desires and today when she walks in to offer you a snack you decide to have her bounce her huge DDD’s for your enjoyment, suck your cock and have her ride you and bend over doggy style all well your mom goes on and on… at least she has a filthy mouth and does whatever you ask without question.

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Kelly Payne – Fucking my husbands brother HD 1080p

You and your wife Kelly have been married a long time and you have a wonderful relationship and marriage, the only thing you both don’t see eye to eye on is when it comes to your brother. Kelly finds him just awful, with no direction, a mooch loser then takes advantage of your love for him. Once again, he’s crashing at our place, lost his job and has been living in our living room for months now and Kelly has absolutely had it and is seriously starting to lose it. You try your best to ignore them and stay out of the drama, but your wife is livid and when you suggest she do something relaxing and calming she can only think of one thing she really wants… YOU and your cock. She surprises you and strips out of her clothes, revealing cut out sexy lingerie, your instantly aroused. It’s been awhile since she’s dressed so sexy for you, she climbs over you and starts sucking your cock, talking dirty and enjoying pleasuring you and your hard cock. She then climbs on top of you and starts riding you, grinding on your cock, moaning out in pleasure, enjoying every minute until KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK… it’s your brother asking for money… and your wife is LIVID especially when you nearly try to jump up and go answer the door! Kelly, still basically naked opens the door and yells at your brother. Hes shocked by her naked body and completely not caring at all that she’s basically naked in front of her brother-in-law. Later on, that same week your wife interrupts a shower to complain that your brother has started bringing random girls over… you brush her off and once again she’s pissed. She is getting so pissed off and nearly boiling over when nearly every single night a new girl is over in the middle of the night and she can hear them fucking… oddly sounds sexy and satisfying but still its so disrespectful and Kelly is a combination of aroused and pissed off. She tries to wake you, once night successfully and sucks your cock until you explode in her mouth, another night she just brings herself to orgasm… and then decides ENOUGH and storms into the living room to confront your brother, forgetting she’s only wearing a t-shirt. She’s once again bitching and nagging and yelling. and then she’s pushed up against the wall being fucked… omg that feels so good…. Wait NO STOP. wtf… then before she can really think clearly she’s bent over the sofa and being fucked hard from behind and then creampied. (POV brother/husband alternates) With cum spilling from her pussy onto her sofa she starts right back to nagging and then quickly realizing what just happen… and becomes completely silent and walks back to her bedroom…

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