Jan Burton – Jan and her Nephew 6 – Nephew’s Fashion Advice HD 1080p

I’ve bought myself some new underwear .. I desperately needed some. And I have a hot date again (I’m such a lucky girl). But I need James’ advice about what to wear.

I hope he isn’t embarrassed when I slip into my different outfits in front of him. I also need him to take a very close look at my panties, to make sure I’m not showing off too much of my puss … he;s not talking to me, not answering my questions .. I think he’s aroused, his throat choked up by the moment .. well he IS a very inexperienced young man

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Little Puck – Young Slutty Girl Next Door HD 1080p

A young girl in red lingerie appears in the doorway of your hotel room, her breasts spilling out of her bra and her pussy almost fully exposed in her mesh thong…she invites herself in and shuts the door with a smile. “You don’t mind my outfit right? I was just tryna get some sun…i’d be naked but I didn’t wanna offend anyone. you’re not offended are you? Your wife wasn’t, in fact, she’s the one who sent me over here to say hi to you, she feels so bad about that big argument you guys had earlier today…ya I could hear it, you were really loud…it was a bit of a turn on to be honest, I like a strong man…do you like a slutty girl? Your wife seems to think so, she’s the one who said you needed some company.” This slutty lil sub begins to tease you with her tits, fingering her cunt and talking dirty, begging you to enter her dumb slut pussy. You throw her on the bed and she grins, “I know the dirty things you’re thinking, I can see it on your face and feel it in your dick…you wanna fucking ravage me and leave me broken don’t you…wreck me! Wreck my pussy on your dick!” She just wants to be your dirty little whore and take all that aggression you have, she wants her cunt to be broken on your dick…she wants it to hurt and she will take every last inch of your dick until you’ve drained yourself into her again and again as much as you can. This girl is a subby seductress, you want to give her whatever she wants from you…and all she’s asking for is your thick hard cock. You can feel yourself on the edge about to cum inside her and she smiles up at you as you tear into her…”your wife wouldn’t like if you came inside another girl now would she? But it’s too late now isn’t it…you’re already fucking me raw aren’t you…god I love a married man’s cock” She begs for a deep nasty cumload inside her stupid little pussy and you realize something’s a little off…your wife would never send a girl over for you to fuck. You let yourself believe this sexy little succubus slut because your dick was begging for a thick nut inside her young tight body. You realize this is just a game to her and she confesses she’s a sexy lil homewrecker who loves fucking horny husbands and you were just another dick she needed to feel pounding her tight lil pussy. As you realize you’ve been used you fuck her harder and harder and her pussy clenches around you tighter and tighter…there’s no turning back now…

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Erin Electra – Husband impregnates wife’s sister 4K

He and his wife had been planning to get her sister to be their surrogate mother since they had been unable to become pregnant on their own, and her sister had been nice enough to offer. So the plan was to take her to the clinic to have the procedure done, but the husband had another idea. wouldn’t be so much easier to just fuck and get his wife’s sister pregnant the old fashion way? Seemed like a lot more fun, so he told his wife’s sister that he and his wife had talked about it and decided that it would be better if he just put his semen inside her the easy way. just with his penis. in her vagina. and really they were going to need to fuck to get the cum to come out. So she agreed and let him do it. and really, it was a lot more enjoyable that way than going to the clinic!

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FFeZine – ”Step-Daddy, look at my Bra” Taboo’ya one hour long HD 1080p

And he did look, seeing her young slender frame porcelain white and nude on his bed wearing nothing but a new pale blue bra and a beaming smile. Kneeling knees parted like she use to, her golden tosseld hair flowing over her shoulder unashamed, proud even he thought to himself. Reveling in the delight that he had seen so many firsts with this girl, and now her first bra, perfectly framing those tiny rose tipped breast that he knew so well. No time does not stand still, but slowly enough to burn this vivid moment forever in his mind, like so many other memories forever etched and although she was growing, it was clear that she was and in this way would be forever Daddies Girl, his special love.

True this young woman was changing, growing and filling out, perhaps now would be the time to begin the other thing that he had talked of sometime, belaying her apprehension by saying in some time to come, when your older. Yes he thought growing harder, the time to start stretching her pink little anus is now…”let me get the camera honey, I want to capture this moment”, he Said.

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Jan Burton – Jan and her Nephew 5 HD 1080p

I know he means well, bringing me a fresh cup of tea in the morning, but its massively inappropriate for my nephew James, to stand and watch me while I rest nude.

But I heard him, and I let him watch, while I briefly showed him my nudity. Then I confronted him, challenging him. .. but ultimately inviting him to let his eyes wander properly across my mature tight body, and big boobs.

I love his young eyes upon me, its so wrong, and yet so right..

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Jan Burton – Jan and her Nephew 4 – Wet T-Shirt with Nephew HD 1080p

It’s a late breakfast, and I’m late up. My gorgeous hunky nephew James is already in the kitchen. But first I need my dustpan and brush to do a little cleaning.

I’m so comfortable with James being around the house that I am now becoming more relaxed about my clothing, a pair of knickers and an almost see-thru white t-shirt today, I’m sure lovely James won’t mind.

I don’t care anyway, I want him to lay his eyes on me. An accident with some water,. and off comes my top .. oh dear .. am I being inappropriate with this young man?

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Jan Burton – Jan and her Nephew 3 – The Morning After

Oh dear I’ve been a bad Auntie Jan haven’t I. I have been winding up my nephew James too much. Last night I came home a little worse for wear, and I fear I gave James a bit of a scare. Showing off my knickers with some upskirt, then stripping teasingly in my room, he could see me through the open door.

So this morning I’ve brought him a cup of tea as a peace offering. Oh dear .. did I forget to tighten up my robe? AND I’ve nothing on underneath .. I’m SOOO naughty !

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Jan Burton – Jan and her Nephew 2 HD 1080p

I’ve been a naughty Auntie. I had to go out for a night with the girls, and I was so pumped up by all the male attention that when I got in, I couldn’t stop myself waking up my hot nephew James.

I let him glance up my dress at my stockings and I teased him badly. Then I retired to my own bedroom, which is directly opposite his. Unfortunately I forgot to close my door, sop he could watch me as I slowly and teasingly stripped out of my clothes.

It’s ok, I let him know I knew he had been watching at the end with eye contact, a smile and a wave as I slipped naked into my bed.

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