Meana Wolf – Convince Him HD 720p

Having the title of honorary uncle was one that you took very seriously. Meana wasn’t your kin, but she was your family. You’d been best friend’s with her dad forever, and you’d watched her grow up into a young woman. Just like a real uncle, you had to try and ignore how insanely fuckable she’d gotten too. She knew just how to use that to her advantage too. Like now, when she’s rubbing her ass agains your thigh, begging you to tell her daddy that she should be able to take a year off school. All you have to do is convince him, and she’ll give you what you’ve always wanted. So be a good uncle, and convince him.

Clip Contains: She slides your cock deep in her tight little pussy and moans “You’ll convince my dad to let me take a year off before college won’t you uncle Jack?” Yes, yes you will. You’ll tell him whatever she wants. **Bad girls. Older Man, Younger Woman. Bare Back fucking. Cumshot**

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Jewel, Rebecca Rae – STEP-DADDY’S GIRLS VOLUME 39 HD 1080p

Leaving Home


After having a big blowout with her Parents…Rebecca leaves home and goes to her Step-Uncle Greg’s house. Rebecca asks Greg if she can move in with him. Greg is initially reluctant…but when Rebecca says that she can “do things for him”…..Greg gets curious!! Before he can question things….Rebecca has his pants down and his cock in her mouth!! Rebecca gives him the best cock sucking he has EVER had…..and asks if she can stay. Not only does he let her stay….he gives her the bedroom, and says he can bunk on the sofa!!!

My New Step-Dad


Sam has just recently remarried. His new wife, Alice is at work….and fresh from the airport….comes his brand new Step-Daughter, Jewel for a visit! The two new Family members spend some time getting to know a little about each other….but when Sam asks Jewel what she likes to do for fun….he gets a BIG shock!! Jewel tells her New Step-Dad that she LOVES to suck cock!! More than that….Jewel wants to suck his cock!!! Sam is totally caught by surprise, but young Jewel confinces him to take his pants down, and let the teenager have her way!! Jewel is an amazing cock sucker!!! She deepthroats him in a way he has never experienced before….and he unloads in the 18 year old’s mouth! Jewel asks if they can go for ice cream now….

Rebecca’s Bedtime Blowjob


When Rebecca’s Step-Dad offers to read her a bedtime story…Rebecca tells him that she is an adult now….and doesn’t like bedtime stories anymore. When he asks if there is anything he can do, to say goodnight…Rebecca tells him that she finds it very relaxing to give a bedtime blowjob!!! He is surprised (to say the least)….but agrees to let Rebecca suck on his penis, if it will make her drowsy for bed!!! Rebecca sucks him off….she even gets all of his cock AND testicles in her mouth at the same time!! What a bedtime blowjob!!!

The Sperm Diet Epidode 6


Rebecca has taken a waitressing job at a local restaurant. There is a uniform she needs to fit into for the job, so Rebecca had to go on a Diet, and lose a few pounds! Rebecca’s Step-Dad asks her about the Diet….and she explains that she is on a Sperm Diet!! She tells him that all she can eat is…sperm!! Having said that, sperm is hard to get!! Rebecca has sucked off all the boys from school…all the customers in the restaurant….but she is hungry! Rebecca asks her Step-Dad if he could please give her some sperm. He reluctantly agrees to help the hungry teenager. Rebecca starts to suck his cock, and as she sucks, she tells him that “you learn to be a good cock sucker, when you’re hungry!!”. Rebecca gets her dinner…then she asks if he might be willing to give her a midnight snack later….

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Cory Chase, Melanie Hicks, Chloe Cooper – FREE USE STEP FAMILY VOL 2 (PART 4) HD 720p

Step Family Foursome

Chloe Cooper and Melanie Hicks are outside tanning, while they’re waiting for Luke Longly and Cory Chase to come outside. Meanwhile, inside one of the bedrooms, Cory is sucking Luke’s cock! Cory lies down on the bed and Luke starts to fuck her pussy in the missionary position. Melanie and Chloe come storming into the bedroom and they’re eager to join! Melanie hops on to the bed and Luke starts to fuck her step-sister’s pussy from behind, since Melanie is very stressed out! While Luke is fucking Melanie, Chloe and Cory are licking Melanie’s tits. Luke continues to fuck Melanie, while Cory sits on Melanie’s face this time. At the same time, Cory is eating Chloe’s pussy out. They are in a line across the whole bed, and everyone is getting pleased at the same time! Luke alternates between fucking all three of their pussy’s. Cory and Melanie get into the doggystyle position and Luke fucks both of their pussy’s back and forth, while Cory is eating Chloe’s pussy out at the same moment. When he is ready to cum, he has the three MILF’s put their heads in a line on the bed. They all open their mouths wide and look up at him, while he jerks his cock off all over their faces and in their mouths!

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Alyssa Bradentine – Alyssa Wants Her Uncles Cock HD 720p

I’m in Florida for Spring Break,staying with my Aunt Mary and Uncle Fred. A few days into my trip it was raining so I stayed in and watched tv in my Aunt room. Uncle Fred came stumbling in from the bar and flopped in the bed almost on top of me. His semi hard cock brushed against my leg reminding me I hadn’t been laid the whole trip. I’m not sure why but I started getting turned on and began rubbing Uncle Freds cock through his pants. I just had to get it in y mouth so I unzipped his pants and rolled him over. His cock throbbed to life in my mouth almost gagging me. Before I knew it I was naked and riding my Uncles cock cowgirl style. I’m pretty sure Uncle Fred was enjoying himself since he blew a huge load in me as I came the 4th time.

Love Alyssa

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Anais Amore – WHO’S BETTER, ME OR MY AUNT? HD 1080p

Rumors travel fast in today’s world. When Anais Amore’s aunt’s husband Tony Rubino comes to town, she hears that her step-uncle Tony has a huge cock! This intrigues her to no end. When Tony arrives, she greets him with a big hug and then tries to convince him to go to the pool with her – this way she can check out his bulge! Tony didn’t come prepared though, but Anais shows him her skimpy little bikini to win him over. Her hand ‘accidentally’ runs over his cock and Anais confirms that the rumors about her step-uncle’s member are true! She starts to grind her glorious ass all over this older man. She shows off her pierced tits, prompting Tony to pull out his dick – Anais is impressed & hungry! She deepthroats her step-uncle so he is nice & hard before she climbs aboard and twerks all over his cock. This fine Latina’s ass ripples & sways as she’s fucked to orgasm – she even begs her step-uncle to cum all over her face!

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Melanie Hicks, Chloe Cooper – Free Use Step Family Vol 2 (Parts 1 – 3) HD 720p

Do My Big Tits Distract You-

Cory Chase asks Chloe Cooper if she wants to come with her to the airport, to pick up her step-mom! Chloe tells Cory that she’s going to wait for her at the house. The real reason Chloe wants to stay at the house is so she can secretly fuck her step Uncle Luke Longly while his wife Cory is out! Chloe walks into Luke’s office and she starts to massage his shoulders, trying to seduce him. Chloe pulls her big, natural tits out from under her brown blouse and she puts them up close to Luke’s face. He can’t resist her big tits, and he can feel his cock starting to get hard. Chloe pulls the rest of her clothing off of her body, and then she gets down on her knees in front of Luke. She starts to lick and suck his cock until he is ready to fuck her. He pours some MILF Glue on his cock and then he starts to fuck her pussy from behind, while she’s leaning on his desk. He keeps fucking her pussy from behind, until he finishes inside of her. Now he needs to get back to work!

Does My Bikini Cover Enough-

Chloe calls her Step Uncle Luke into her bedroom, because she wants to try on her new bikini and get an outsider’s opinion on whether or not it looks good on her. She pulls a blue bikini on to her body and he asks her to spin around so he can get a good look. They only have 12 minutes left until his wife will be home, so they have to be quick! He asks her to take the bikini off because he likes her better without it! His cock is starting to get very hard in his pants, so he asks Chloe to hop on the bed and then he follows her. He starts to fuck her pussy in the missionary position, as her big tits bounce up and down with every thrust. After a few minutes, she flips over on to her stomach and he fucks her pussy from behind. Her moans start to get louder as he fucks her harder. Once he is finished, he runs off to the shower…

First Step Family Threesome-

Melanie Hicks is on top of her step-daughter, Chloe, as the two women are lying down on the couch. Melanie is licking Chloe’s tits while fingering her pussy. Luke walks into the room and he gets behind Melanie. He starts to fuck Melanie’s pussy from behind, while she is going down on her step-daughter. Chloe and Melanie switch places and Luke starts to fuck Chloe’s pussy from behind next. Luke keeps fucking Chloe’s pussy while her big tits bounce up and down near Melanie’s face. Melanie rubs her clit while she watches them fuck! Luke fucks Melanie’s pussy in the doggystyle position next. He switches back and forth between fucking both of their pussy’s! While he’s fucking Chloe’s pussy, Melanie rubs her clit beside them. When Luke is ready to cum, he tells Chloe and Melanie to get down on their knees in front of him and to open their mouths wide. He jerks his cock off into their mouths and all over their faces!

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Jolie Lyon – taboo niece cheering up uncle HD 1080p

Oh uncle, when my dad sent me to your house to take care of you, I *know* he didn’t have cooking or cleaning in mind! Dad and I both know you’ve been feeling down since your wife left you… but that’s why I’m here, to take your mind off things! I’ll start by showing you my body – don’t worry, I’m sluttier than you might expect. You might be holding back because of our relation… but I’ll tease and seduce you until you show what a pervy uncle you really are! Here, take my panties and put them in your boxers – feel how warm they are from my body heat? I bet your cock is growing hard against my innocent, white thong already. Come closer, uncle, come sniff your niece’s butt. Have a taste of my tight young pussy from behind. Doesn’t that make you hard, uncle? Now… I’ll lie you down on the bed so I can run my pink little tongue all over your body. I’ll suck your nipples for you… mmm! I love seeing you relax and get creepily horny for me, uncle. It makes my slutty kitty so wet! I’ll have to grind my needy cunnie against your pervy big bulge… I bet the panties you shoved in your boxers are covered in your precum now! Maybe you’ll let me suck your twitching cock now? And then… you’ll let me ride your pervy fuckstick until you burst inside me? Good, uncle, just relax and enjoy yourself. You’re really big, but I can handle it… I’ve had plenty of practice with my dad, and you feel JUST like him!

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Marie Skyler – Welcome to the STEP-FUCK family HD 1080p

I come into the living room in my horny high school outfit, I was really horny for my horny stepdaddy’s cock, but unfortunately it wasn’t there! 🙁 My step-uncle was sitting on the sofa and was very shocked to see me like that! 😉 Well, I was horny for a step-dick my step-uncle was there, so it started ;)… step-uncle? Welcome to the STEP-FUCK-FAMILY Did he represent stepdaddy well? 😀

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Valery Venom – The most perverse family celebration in Germany! Accidentally pregnant?? HD 1080p

OMG and that without a condom.. Hopefully I won’t get pregnant??? Oh shame what have I done again? It was my aunt’s birthday and I was sitting outside smoking with the boys and omg suddenly my step-uncle said I should show myself a bit. He knows about my dirty hobby. At first I thought it wouldn’t work, but I was quickly persuaded. I thought this perversity was really cool, so I unpacked my cocks and sucked them until my step-cousin fucked me bare in my cunt. God I found it so perverse that I ran out of lust. While he fucked me I sucked the cocks empty. He then injected into my cunt, pretty cool.. Auntie must never know that.

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