Cory Chase, Michele James, Kara Lee – Kissing Cousins HD 1080p

Michele and Kara are playing truth or dare one afternoon, and they decide to ask each other some very personal questions. “Have you ever kissed a boy?” Michele asks Kara. “No!! Almost… but no!” Kara tells her. Next, Kara asks Michele if she’s ever kissed a girl; Michele shakes her head no. “I think kissing a girl would be weird!” Michele tells her. But Kara has another idea in mind… she is interested in experimenting so she can be prepared for her real first kiss. Michele agrees to practice kissing with her cousin, but both girls are confused as to how to kiss another person. At first, they give each other a quick peck on the lips… but that doesn’t seem right. Next, they both stick their tongue’s out without their lips touching, and that doesn’t seem right either. “I think we should ask Aunt Cory! She’s been around!” Kara suggests.

They call Aunt Cory in to the bedroom, and they show her how they’ve been practicing… “What was that?! That’s not exactly how you do it…” Cory tells them. Cory kisses Michele first… gently with a small amount of tongue; Kara watches and tries to pay attention and learn how to kiss! After Cory kisses Michele, Cory asks the girls what she was doing to Michele that Michele was not doing back. The girls realize that Cory was touching Michele’s body but Michele wasn’t touching Cory back! “Explore my body the way that I was exploring yours!” Cory tells the girls. Next, it is Kara’s turn to kiss her aunt and learn how to make out! Aunt Cory decides to also show the girls how to bite someone’s lip and also suck on someone’s lip while kissing. Now the time has come for Michele and Kara to kiss each other and see if they have truly learned how to kiss a girl! “My work here is done…” Cory says, as she leaves the two girls alone to keep practicing!
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Violet Thompson – VIOLET’S SEMEN FACIAL!!! HD 1080p


Uncle / Niece Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Older Man / Younger Woman, Role play


Violet is in trouble!!! She had borrowed her Uncle’s car…and accidentally put a dent in it! She is hoping that he won’t notice….but, of course….Uncle Jack sees it right away. He calls her a “Demolition Derby Queen”….and tells her that she has to be punished for what she did. Uncle Jack tells Violet to pull down her tight yoga pants, and get over his knee for a spanking. Violet reluctantly prepares to be disciplined. Uncle Jack really gives it to her hard….making her sexy, round ass a bright red!!! Then Uncle Jack tells his car crashing Niece to start sucking his cock!!! Violet begins to give her angry Uncle a blowjob….and she asks him “If I let you cum in my mouth….will the punishment be over, uncle Jack?”. Uncle Jack tells her that she isn’t getting off that easy….that he is going to Fuck the $#@* out of her!!! Violet is to take a good pounding from her Uncle, as he screws her hard. Uncle Jack then says that she has one final part of the punishment to endure…..he is going to cum all over her face!! Violet closes her eyes….and takes it like a girl….as Uncle Jack gives her an enormous Semen Facial!! Hopefully this will teach the little Demolition Derby Queen a lesson!!
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Dakota Marr, Ondrea Lee – Punished Sex Sisters HD 1080p

Uncle / Niece Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Older Man / Younger Woman, Role play, Threesome

Step Sisters caught fooling around at school and now their Uncle punishes them by stripping their school girl uniforms off and binding them together since they want to be together so bad. He pushes them to kiss, pushing their heads together while he fucks them. They whine as they take their punishment, he cums inside Ondrea and shoves his fingers inside me to show me. Me and Sister are in pigtails and our christian school uniforms, white socks and white panties. With Dakota Marr
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Maria Jade – Taboo Family Affairs Gangbang FULL HOUR HD 720p

Father – Daughter / Uncle – Niece / Brother – Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Daddy’s Girl, Daddy, OLDER MAN / YOUNGER WOMAN, ROLE PLAY, Creampie, Facial


Maria is stood up and turns to her brother his &friends for emotional consoling. Later her step-father & uncle join the therapy session. She writes in her diary, “What a great day, 7 guys, 11 cumshots, 3 creampies and my pussy is very happy”.
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Evelyn Claire – Mixed Family Episode 4 HD 1080p

Uncle / Niece Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Older Man / Younger Woman, Role play

Quinton is such a good uncle to his step-niece Evelyn, spending the entire afternoon tutoring her. But Evelyn has other things in mind. Namely, the fact that she needs to fuck up Quinton’s life so much that he is forced to move out—leaving Evelyn and her family as the sole benefactors of an estate they inherited. Quinton is an easy target for her young pussy, willingly pulling out his cock with only a little persuasion from young Evelyn. The two fuck each other silly in the open living room with little thought of getting caught. After all, sex makes people lose all sense of rationale, and in this situation Quinton has done just that. He plunges into Evelyn’ s tight hole and consequences are of little concern. His dick is wet. Her pussy is dripping. Before long they explode into orgasms and then the reality of the situation hits. Quinton fucked his step-niece. Now what does he do?
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Kenzie Reeves – Family Favors Vol. 2 Scene 1 HD 1080p

Uncle / Niece Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Older Man / Younger Woman, Role play, Blonde

Stoked that she has the house to herself for the summer, Kenzie pulls out her vibrator and starts stimulating her swollen clit. On the brink of an orgasm, unbeknownst to her, her step-uncle Ramon has caught her in her sex act. Turned on and horny, he knocks on the door and then proceeds to come onto her, knowing his chances of success are greater now that she’s horny. Although initially she isn’t open to the idea, Kenzie quickly turns a corner after spying on him in his bedroom and seeing that her uncle may be able to give her the deep dicking she so desperately craves.
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Kelly Teal in an Uncle Repairs

Uncle / Niece Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Older Man / Younger Woman, Role play, Handjob, Footjob

Kelly was home alone finishing homework when her Laptop began to act up…She could not turn the computer and after multiple attempts she called the one thing she knew she could turn on….Uncle Luke…10 minutes later Uncle Luke walked into the room and offered his Computer Skills to repair Kelly’s computer…There was nothing really wrong with the laptop, Kelly only wanted to be alone with her favorite Uncle…Kelly began the seduction of Luke but this was not the first time she was all alone with him…She asked him to move to the couch as she stripped off her PJ’s…The lube was lovingly applied to Luke’s cock as Kelly rubbed her tiny toes up and down…Luke is now fully aroused and Kelly begins to rub that much more vigorously…Uncle Luke rewards his now most favorite niece with a cum bath on her soles…Next time Kelly will come up with a more elaborate plan to trick her Uncle to come over…
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Julietta Sanchez / JuliettaSanchez – Peeping uncle fucks the cousins HD 720p

Uncle / Niece Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Older Man / Younger Woman, Role play, German, Threesome

The family party was sooooo boring! We moved to a room because we wanted to be among us. My cousin had a wet cunt all day, so I had to get her horny. What was that?! Uncle has watched us both through the window and already waxed one! What’s up with that? I never thought he was that way. But if his cock is already so hard, then he can get us really hard. I can not tell anyone how it went on. TO PERVERS! Would you have dared to do that?
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