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Aimee Waves / AimeeWavesXXX – It’s OK to Cheat if your Wife Doesn’t Find Out HD 1080p

You’re showing your home to a potential buyer when she asks why you’re moving to begin with, as your home is lovely and in a great location! You mention you and your wife are trying to start a stepfamily, and she’d prefer to live in a more high-end, upscale neighborhood. The potential buyer says under her breath that that sounds like your wife, but you don’t think much of it. She tells you your house is lovely and could definitely see herself calling it her home, but she decides that she can’t buy it in good conscience. When you ask why, she tells you that you don’t seem like you want to move and you’re only doing it for your wife. Maybe you’re better off staying here and instead ditching your snobby wife, who’s only interested in having the best of the best for some bullshit social status. She then tells you how she wants to get on her knees and treat your married cock like it deserves to be treated. You know you shouldn’t be doing this, cheating on your wife, but she tells you it’s ok, since your wife will never find out! Besides, the fact that you’re even getting hard for her means you’re clearly interested. After sucking your cock and telling you everything you want to hear, she suggests sticking your dick inside one of her other holes, as it’ll feel much better. She bends over the dining room table and you thrust your cock into her tight pussy, but she says proposes going and fucking on your and your wife’s bed instead! As she’s bouncing up and down on you, she confesses something to you! She actually knows you wife from school, and fucking hates her! She’s always been a snobby bitch, and clearly always will be! She doesn’t deserve such a good husband like yourself! When you’re about to blow your load, she suggests you cum inside of her! You don’t think you should, but she promises she’s on birth control and it’ll be ok! Besides, think about how good it will feel to fill her up with all your seed, the seed you should be giving to your wife! Tags: aimeewavesxxx, aimeewaves, aimee waves, homewrecker, home wrecking, cheating husband, pov roleplay, role play, femdom sex, seduced, cock worship, blowjob, pov sex, impregnation fantasy, no condom, creampie, milf.

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Aimee Waves / AimeeWavesXXX – Your Soon-To-Be Stepdaughter is a Wickedly Sweet Nudist HD 720p

It’s just a few days before your cruise wedding and you show up at your stepdaughter’s apartment. Your wife, her stepmom, stayed behind until the day before the cruise, so you get to spend some time getting to know your soon to be stepdaughter. But very soon after you arrive at her place she lets it be known that she’s a nudist! You ask if you’re interrupting her lifestyle too much and if she’d prefer you stay at a hotel instead, but she insists it’s ok! Then again, it would be a lot better if you were just ok with her nudism, that way she can be comfortable in her own home. You impulsively agree, and she strips down in front of you. Instantly, you get a hard on, but your future stepdaughter wants you to also be comfortable, so she just brushes it off. But now that she’s constantly naked around you, you’re constantly getting boners, and your almost stepdaughter is intrigued. After all, that is a big ole bulge you have in your pants. During some morning yoga, you both just can’t take it anymore and you slide that big stepdaddy boner into her snatch! You fuck her senseless as she moans about how good your pecker feels! After dumping a load inside of her, she quickly realizes what the two of you just did was so bad and you both promise to never tell her stepmom, your fiance, and to just forget it ever even happened and never talk about it again! But that plan doesn’t work, and now you both have to come to terms with the fact that you’re a cheater and she’s a homewrecker, and you’re about to be married to her stepmom! This situation is fucked, but she can’t deny how delicious your cock is, and you can’t deny how good it feels to have her bouncing up and down on it! *This movie takes place over 3 days and includes one masturbation scene, 1 blowjob with a facial and 2 sex scenes that both end in a creampie!*

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Aimee Waves / AimeeWavesXXX – Taboo Fun with your stepNiece HD 1080p

While you were hanging out with your stepbrother last night, your stepniece was there and you couldn’t help but keep checking her out. You thought you were being sneaky, but the next morning she confronts you about it. She climbs into the guest bed you were crashing in and notices your morning wood. She pulls off the blanket and is surprised by how massive her stepuncle’s cock is! She starts to worship your throbbing cock with her mouth when she notices you staring at her feet. She takes off her socks for you so you can stare at your hot, young stepniece’s bare feet while she bobs up and down on your dick. She asks you if you’ve been fantasizing about this for awhile now, and asks if you’ve also fantasizes about fucking her. She gets on top of you and starts to ride you while talking dirty about how your huge cock is stretching out her tight little cunt, and how much she loves it! When you’re ready to cum, she begs you to cum inside her! She wants to feel her stepuncle’s seed flood her little pussy, and she wants to spend the rest of the day with stepdad while her slutty little cunt is covered in your cum! TAGS: aimeewavesxxx, aimeewaves, aimee waves, taboo fantasy, stepniece, stepuncle, cock worship, blowjob, pov sex, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, riding, missionary, barefoot, feet, creampie, kink.

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Aimee Waves / AimeeWavesXXX – Seven Minutes in Heaven with your stepMother HD 1080p

You come home really late and stepmom wants to know where you’ve been. You tell her you were hanging out with some friends playing ‘seven minutes in heaven.’ But stepmom notices you look really upset, and wants to know what happened! After all, shouldn’t you be happy after being ‘in heaven?’ You explain to her that even though you got to go into the other room for ‘seven minutes in heaven’ with a really pretty girl you like, you didn’t get what you had hoped for. You’re upset because your other friends got to do way more! Full on making out, hands below the waist and soooo much more! She explains to you that you can’t be upset about that, as not every girl will want to ‘go all the way.’ She tells you to eat your dinner but you can’t! You’re too sexually frustrated to eat right now. stepMom asks how she can help and you tell her you’d like to hear about her first ‘seven minutes in heaven’ experience. If you know that her first time was super vanilla and prude, it’ll make you feel better about yours. But here’s the thing, stepmom’s first time wasn’t prude and vanilla. She went all the way her first time playing that game! And as she is reminiscing about it and very clearly getting turned on, you can’t help but get hard to her memories, and start to jerk off. You ask if the two of you can recreate your stepmom’s first ‘seven minutes in heaven’ experiences, but she says absolutely not! That’s highly inappropriate! Except that your stepmom actually thinks about that experience a lot, and she actually has been waiting to reenact it, so she gives in. Ok, stepson, ‘seven minutes in heaven with your stepmother’ starts now! *includes a stepmommy and stepson make out session. Also, the action is way longer than seven minutes since it’s just you and stepmom and no one is around to keep time and interrupt you!

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Aimee Waves / AimeeWavesXXX – Tutorial For A Virgin Soul by The MILF Next Door HD 720p

You just moved into a new town during summer break, which means it’s really hard for you to make new friends from the start. While your folks are off at work most days, they’ve arranged for you to hang out at your neighbor’s house. They tell you she’s a lovely stay at home wife, but when you finally meet her, she’s not quite like they described her to be. You quickly learn that this MILF next door is a raunchy, unfaithful wife. But that’s not all! She’s also a secret erotic author with a thing for younger guys, and when she finds out that you’re a virgin and have never even kissed a woman before, she decides that you’re the perfect muse for her very next novel. *This video is set over the span of four days*

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Aimee Waves / AimeeWavesXXX – stepMom is a Slut for your Bully HD 1080p

You’ve been getting bullied by a boy for a while now, and stepmom has finally decided to go and talk to him and try to straighten things out. Since then she’s been kind of quiet about the whole situation, and you finally muster up the courage to ask her about it. She confesses that she did indeed go and talk to your bully, but found him extremely charming and, well, stepmommy fucked your bully. Sorry stepson! But…ever since your stepfather passed, stepmom hasn’t had her needs met, and this boy, your bully, makes stepmommy crazy! She hasn’t stopped thinking about his thick cock since that day! I know he picks on you, but you might have to just get used to it for now, because stepmommy can’t get enough of him. Oh and actually, stepmommy invited him over to fuck her some more. Hope you don’t mind, stepson! Tags: taboo, stepmommy roleplay, bully, gaslighting, humiliation

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Aimee Waves / AimeeWavesXXX – Urgent Indulgence with your Nurturing stepMother HD 1080p

Your stepmom asks you what’s wrong when you come home, clearly distraught after having your heart broken. When you tell her your girlfriend broke up with you, she wants to know why and though you’re embarrassed at first, you tell her after she comforts you. Your girlfriend broke up with you because your dick is too big! That’s right, TOO BIG! And she dumped you for a guy with a smaller dick. stepMom can’t believe it! How could this happen?! TOO BIG?! Well, now stepmom is curious, just how big is your dick?! You show her and she gasps at first sight. Upset, you tell her no girl is ever going to want to date you because your dick is too big, so you’re leaving first thing tomorrow to go get a penis reduction. Your stepmother tries to reassure you that you don’t need it, you’ll regret it, don’t let that girl body shame you! But you’ve made up your mind. stepMom knows there’s only one thing she can do right now to make you change your mind…fuck you! But oh fuck, your stepdad just got out of work! Now stepmommy and stepson have to work (or fuck) against the clock. Will you cum in time?! Or will stepdad come home and catch you mid thrust inside your stepmother?! TAGS: milf, taboo fantasy, stepmom, stepmother, stepmommy roleplay, role play, pov sex, blowjob, face sitting, cowgirl, riding, doggy, missionary, creampie, dildo, kink, big dick, dirty talk.

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Aimee Waves / AimeeWavesXXX – stepMommy Milks You HD 1080p

Before going to bed your controlling stepmom tells you it’s time for her to milk you. You tell her you don’t need it and she gets upset. Boy, you need to remember that stepmommy owns you, along with your dick, balls, and every last sperm in them! She gives you a spanking to put some sense into you! You start getting a hardon and she’s upset when you try to hide it from her. She squeezes your balls and can’t believe how full they are! She has you lie on her bed and starts to milk you. Once you release a huge load into her hands, stepmommy starts to be loving to you. She’s happy when you give her what she wants, you cum! She gives you a kiss and tells you how much she loves you, how she’s doing this all for you. But then she gets angry again because you told her you didn’t need to be milked when you clearly did! She starts to give you a second hand job and tells you to stop squirming around. Sure, your dick might be a little sensitive, but stop focusing on that! You release a second huge load into her hands and she’s loving again, just how you like her to be! Hmm, she thinks, two big loads in a row? Well maybe there’s more in there? stepMommy won’t stop until your balls are completely empty!! Tags: taboo, stepmommy roleplay, controlling stepmom, stepmother, pov, scolding

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Aimee Waves / AimeeWavesXXX – stepMommy Drains Your Balls HD 1080p

Your stepmom is possessive and controlling, so when she sees a bunch of girls flirting with you at school, it upsets her quite a bit. She warns you about them, how they’re all just sluts and whores who will take advantage of you! They’ll latch onto you like little leeches and ruin your life. You have so much going for you, stepson! And stepmom will NOT stand around and watch you throw your life away for a bunch of loose sluts! So stepmom is going to protect you from yourself. stepMom is going to help you release all of your built up sexual tension and keep your balls drained from now on. That way you can focus on what’s important, like school and sports! I know it seems harsh, but stepmommy is only doing this because I love you! (this is a mean, harsh stepmom but once she gets what she wants, which is your cum, she turns into a sweet and loving stepmom – stepmommy taboo roleplay virtual handjob

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Aimee Waves / AimeeWavesXXX – Your Wicked Ex – The Complete Series HD 1080p

All of my wicked ex videos all together! Includes

“Your Wicked Ex Moves In”

I need a place to stay for a couple of weeks. I know I’m your ex girlfriend but, we can just be friends right? You won’t even know that I’m hear, and your current girlfriend won’t ever find out! But then I start flirting with you and teasing you, like not wearing panties under my dress. And when I catch you staring at my ass, I sweet talk you and push all the right buttons. Next thing you know, we’re fucking without a condom! I convince you to cum inside me! I mean, what’s the worst that could happen, you get me pregnant or your girlfriend finds out?

“Your Wicked Ex Seduces You Again”

After cheating on your girlfriend with me last night, I see how bad you feel about it todyay, so I reassure you that we can just be friends and don’t have to fool around anymore. But then I quickly start to seduce you again. I know how to press your buttons and have to you give into your desires. But this time around you decide to fuck me with a condom on. Smart, since I’m not on birth control, but remember how good it felt last time without one? I take it off you and ride you. I’m gonna ride you until you cum in me and I’m not gonna take no for an answer!

“Fight & Makeup Sex with your Ex”

We fight after you tell me I can’t crash at your place anymore. I don’t know why you’re being so fucking difficult, my place isn’t ready yet and I have no where to go. After some name calling, I say I’m over it and you go to work. When you come back, you see me with my makeup all smeared. Ya, I’ve been crying, and I feel really bad about earlier. I was selfish, I didn’t mean to get mad at you. I’ll pack my stuff up and be out of your hair by the end of the day. But…you want me to stay…really? You’re such a great guy! Maybe I can show you my appreciation by helping you relieve some of the stress you’ve been feeling recently? I take my towel off and have a bunch of stuff written on my body like ‘danger’, ‘cum dump’ and ‘no condoms’. I talk you into fucking me without a condom yet again. Remember how good it felt last time? Why deny yourself of that pleasure. Before you know it, you’re fucking me raw. Wow, you broke the rules so fast. You can still pull out, but I won’t make you. You fuck me until we both cum and you pump your cum into my fertile pussy. You realize we’re never gonna fuck with a condom on, right?

“Fucking Your Wicked Ex Raw”

I’m wearing these hot pink short shorts and trying to tease you. I know you struggle everyday, struggle to stay loyal and faithful to your girlfriend. You say you wanna end things between us, I guess that means I’ll have to go find another guy to fuck. Maybe some random guy from the gym? But you don’t like that. No, you want this pussy all to yourself. Admit it, you’re addicted to this pussy, and even though you want to be good to your girlfriend, you can’t help but fuck me raw everytime I tease you.

“Your Wicked Ex Ropes You Into Cheating”

I overheard the fight you had with your girlfriend. She shouldn’t have yelled at you like that. She should treat you better. She clearly doesn’t give you what you want or need. I know what you need, you need to have some fun tonight. Hey, do you trust me? Like, completely? Enough to let me tie you up? Are you sure, once I have you all tied up you won’t be able to get lose. Oh look at that, you’re girlfriend just texted you. Looks like she wants to apologize for the fight earlier and wants to see you tonight. Too bad you’re all tied up. No, you’re not getting your phone, you’re mine tonight. Now, I want you to show me just how better my pussy is compared to your girlfriend. Ya, that’s right, lick it just like that! See, you’re addicted to this pussy, you can’t say no! Now I wanna fuck, and I know we said we’ll start using condoms, since I’m not on birth control, but I don’t play fair! No, you’re gonna cum in my pussy tonight! You might as well just enjoy it, because I’m gonna rock back and forth on your cock until you empty your load in my fertile pussy! Don’t hold out on me, just let go and shoot your load in me! Mmmm, oh what’s that, you want me to untie you now? Haha, no. No, I want more! I want you to cum in my raw pussy over and over again tonight. How many times do you think we can get your cock hard tonight?

and “The Ghost of Your Wicked Ex”

Your girlfriend wants to come over to spend the night, but I (your ex who you’ve been letting stay at your place for some time now and fucking on the side) don’t want to leave! Maybe your gf should know I’m staying here, maybe she should know you’re cheating on her! Fine, you know what, I’ll leave, but only if you fuck me raw before your romantic night with your girlfriend. I gotta run to get some smokes, and when I come back, I want you to fuck me without a condom and pump my pussy full of your cum, draining you before your gf comes over. But, I don’t come back. I got hit by a truck. You’ve been living a nice life with your gf since I, until one day, I come back! I bet you weren’t expecting to see me! I bet you were really happy, you didn’t even come to my funeral! But now that I’m back, I expect you to make good on the deal we made. I did technically leave, and I am technically back. If you don’t fuck me, I’ll haunt you so hard that your girlfriend can’t take it anymore and she leaves you! Oh and btw, even though I’m a ghost now, my pussy is still fertile, and I want you to pump it full of cum!

THIS VIDEO INCLUDES: AimeeWavesXXX, AimeeWaves, Aimee Waves, Homewrecker, Home Wrecker, Cheating, Impregnation Fantasy, Breeding, POV, Roleplay, Virtual Sex, Ex Girlfriend.

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