Lindsey Leigh – Cuckold Your Dad Hand Job HD 1080p

Your step mother, me, accidentally walks in on you attempting to masturbate. We are both in shock until step mother offers to help you. You have not mastered your domain yet and know you help. As a woman who satisfies your father, why wouldn’t mother know best? We start with the basics until Mommy grabs your dick herself and shows you what she likes. Once you are fully erect and about to climax your step mom informs you she is “grooming you to take your fathers place”. You have dreamed of this moment with your hot mom and now its finally happening, before you know it you are cumming all over her big tits and face. *Topless & Pussy Shot
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The Initiation : Cherie DeVille & Lady Fyre HD 1080p

Cherie & Olivia are two women in a matriarchal cult where the men are treated as sex slaves but are also treated well. In this cult, the women train their male offspring to be sexual servants for the women. They first go through training with their stepmothers, then they are tested, and if they are deemed worthy, they are accepted into the cult. Today Olivia is presenting her stepson to another matriarch, Cherie, for judgement.

Cherie begins the ceremony. “Today you present him to be tested. Thank you for your service and for training him to be a member.” Olivia responds, “Thank you matriarch for allowing me to train him in our ways and for testing his worthiness.” Olivia strips her stepson while Cherie strips out of her clothes, down to her lingerie. She begins to give the young one a blowjob. “We’re in desperate need of another young cock. Let’s see what he can take.” Olivia joins in on the blowjob, and together the matriarchs take advantage of this test. In honoring one another’s bodies, Cherie & Olivia quickly begin devouring one another. Cherie wraps her stocking-covered feet around Laz’s cock for a footjob, while eating Olivia’s pussy.

In the bedroom, Olivia & Cherie worship one another’s bodies before turning their attention to their initiant. Olivia warms up Cherie by going down on her. Then Cherie tests the initiant’s cock by riding it while Olivia offers encouraging words. They take turns trying out their newest member’s cock.

Then he is ready to prove that he can sew seed to increase the fold. He cums inside Olivia as she rides. Cherie makes sure that the yield is good & tastes it. “Sweet as sugar. You should be so proud of your boy. Today you become a member. You are released from your stepmother’s care & you enter the service of the matriarchs.”
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Hafwin Custom Vacation with Mommy HD 1080p

Well The Hotel Screwed Up With Our Reservations So I Guess Instead Of 2 Rooms It’s 1. Think Can Not Kick Mommy Like You Used To When You Were Little? Hehe Being A Long Trip You Seduce Me Into Sucking And Eventually Convincing Me To Let You Put It In. Though You Should Have Pulled Out Like I Told You To. I’m Not On Birth Control Remember!?
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Her Twin Step-Sister had a Family Album…and now Violet has hers!!! Behind closed doors….without the rest of the Family knowing….young Violet has been having a torrid sexual affair…with her Uncle Jack!!! Violet takes it in her tight young cunt over and over again from her Uncle’s huge cock!! Included in this semen soaked Family Album are full versions of : “Watching Porn With My Uncle” “Deflowering Violet” “My Uncle’s My Boyfriend Episode 3” & “I Seduced My Uncle”.
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Angel The Dreamgirl – The Seamless pleasure III Detention HD 1080p

In the clip you are wearing a black pleated skirt and a beige satin blouse with black seamless pantyhose and pointy high heels. At first you are tender and understanding with your student, trying to understand what’s been affecting his grades,

but seeing that he is very nervous when you get close to him and you are not getting any answers you realize that he is attracted to you and decide to go for a bold move: you open up his pants and give him a nice, slow blowjob.

But you don’t allow him to come, you take him to the brink of his orgasm and let go of his dick. “You can only come if you promess to do better in school”, you tell him.

Instead, you walk away in front of him and slowly hike up your skirt to reveal you seamless pantyhose without panties. You walk to your desk and bend over and start to masturbate through the pantyhose, opening up your pussy lips for him to see, but not alowing him to get up from his student desk.

You then take your skirt of and climb on top of your desk and open your legs wide, you want him to see how wet you are and continue masturbating until you come. Then you tell your student he is allowed to get up and lick your legs and pussy, which he gladly does, but not to rip your pantyhose, if he wants to get inside you he will have to use his hard dick until he rips them inside you. And he does. And well, I leave the rest to you…..


Your capacity to translate my fantasies into images is amazing. I loved the blouse and skirt and the way you move in them. Keep the fantasies coming! all the best!

Category: CREAMPIE
Keywords: custom clip, silk & satin, moaning, teacher fetish, nylon fetish, cumshot on shoe, ass fetish, double cum, masturbation, seamless black tights, sex thru pantyhose, first time, legs fetish.
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Beautiful Big Tit Smoking Stepmother Beds Me HD 720p


My step-dad married Bethany about a year ago. She is 43 years old and a absolute knock out. I can’t help myself for watching her and following her around the house. If I know she’s in the bathroom I hang out in the hallway hoping to get a glimpse of her coming out of the shower. I peeked into their bedroom a couple of times hoping to see her getting undressed. Well i guess she just got fet up with it because today Bethany approached me while I was watching TV on the couch. She came up to me with a cigarette dangling from her lips and she was wearing this sexy skin tight black outfit that I’d never seen before. Bethany started to lay into me about spying on her and watching her everywhere she went. I was so mesmerized by what she was wearing I didn’t even try to deny it. Without beating around the bush Bethany came out and asked me if i wanted to fuck her. While i was stuttering for an answer she told me to stand up in front of her. She sat down on the couch and told me to take out my cock. I was embarrassed to say the least but I did as she told me to. My embarrassment doubled when Bethany started to laugh at the size of my cock. She told me to stroke myself in front of her but nothing I could do was getting me harder. Bethany laughed a little more and told me to follow her into the bedroom and she would make it hard herself. When I got to the bedroom Bethany was already nude and smoking on the bed. Her body was just as I imagined it. She had large pendulous breasts that I always wanted to get my hands on. While she smoked that long white cigarette, Bethany told me what to do with my cock to get it hard for her. She me just by laying naked in front of me smoking her cigarette. Bethany started to suck my cock until I was erect enough to fuck her. She laid on her back and I plunged my cock into my stepmother. Her big tits were bouncing back and forth and I just drove into her harder. Bethany wanted to take control so she climbed on top of my dick, lit up another cigarette and fucked herself to an orgasm on my cock. Now it was my turn to cum and I wanted to blow a huge load of cum into my stepmothers mouth. Bethany got down on her knees and sucked me until I emptied every drop of cum into her mouth. She pulled away and showed me her prize then she let it drip onto her beautiful breasts.
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Trinity St. Clair – Lonely HD 1080p

When my mom’s MILF best friend, Trinity St Clair, comes over during quarantine, I’m just happy to have some human contact! But when she tells me that she’s lonely, I think she might be looking for more intimate contact than she wants to admit. I invite her to come over more often, and the MILF starts making regular trips to hang out with me. After a while, she asks me how often I watch porn, and as the conversation gets dirtier, she shows me her bald MILF pussy. And since I’m a virgin, she wants to show me the ropes by letting me fuck her wet cunt.
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Krissy Lynn – You need to Take over For your Step-Father in Everything HD 1080p

Part 1
Krissy needed her step-son to come home and help with the house and step-dad’s business and…everything else step-dad just isn’t up to doing any more. She still has needs, really strong needs and she would never want to go have an affair, so the only answer is for her step-son to just take over everything for step-dad

Part 2
Krissy wants to show appreciation to her step-son for everything he’s done, and the morning before he starts a new job seems like the perfect time
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