Nikki Brooks

Nikki Brooks – Step-Mommy’s Stocking Stuffer Footjob HD 1080p

Your Step-Mommy’s favorite time of year is Christmas and she can’t help but to sing her favorite tunes and get into her Christmas themed outfits. Today’s outfit is a sexy santa’s helper outfit encased in red stockings. It looks like Santa came early because you’ve been a good boy this year. He left your Step-Mommy in the perfect outfit that will get you into the holiday spirit quicker than you could say HO! HO! HO!

It’s not fair if you’re the only one that has fun! Step-Mommy Nikki wants to unwrap HER present. This naughty little Santa’s helper unbuckles your belt, takes off your jeans and slides them down to expose her Christmas treat! She loves tasting her treats before she plays with them as she strokes your cock and sucks it with her vibrant red lips. Your cock is the perfect holiday candy cane to suck on!

Ho Ho Ho! Your Step-Mommy quickly glides her red pantyhose up and down your cock exposing her french pedi with every pump. You are amazed at all the different positions your Step-Mommy fucks your cock with her arches in! With every foot stroke, the head of your cock begins to look like Rudolph’s red nose. As you spray your cum load into the air onto your Step-Mommy’s red pantyhose covered feet.

This is the best early Christmas present you’ll EVER get!

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Nikki Brooks – My MEAN Step-Mommy HD 1080p

You have never understood why your step-mommy despises you so much. You have the perfect grades, great friends and everyone in the neighborhood loves you, except your step-mommy. Nikki walks into the livingroom where you are doing your homework and studying. She can’t help but be absolutely repulsed and agitated by the near sight of you, yet you do your best to be good to her. Nikki lashes out verbally calling you a mistake and loser and how can she be proud of someone like you. She informs you that she will be having her annual all girls party night at the house and to act as if he didn’t exist. Retreating to your room as the ladies begin to arrive, you can hear how they tease her about being a VIRGIN!! “Maybe that’s why she’s always so pissy” you said slightly out loud. Just then you hear Nikki stomping up the stairs and not soon after she burst through your bedroom door. Nikki tells you it’s about time you do something to prove your existence to her. Your step-mommy demands that you fuck her in front of all the girls downstairs to prove to them she can take dick. Without having much of a choice you head down stairs and present yourself, completely speechless. Nikki orders you to take you cock out while she sucks it and the ladies make comments. Then she hikes up her dress and orders you to fuck her. You can’t stand your Nikki but somehow your cock stands straight up for her and you see this moment as the perfect revenge FUCK. Pounding your step-mommy knowing she can’t escape your huge cock she has lodged inside that tight virgin pussy of hers. Nikki screams and moans and screams that she can take it, in fact she can take MORE. So you do just that, going harder and deeper inside her she cums all over your cock and you follow after. Not realizing you have cream pied your own step-mommy. Nikki is humiliated, deflowered and cream pied like a neighborhood slut and you’re loving every moment of it. Revenge is sweet…

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Nikki Brooks – Step-Mommy Make Up Sex HD 1080p

Nikki hadn’t been the best step-mommy to you, in fact she had been down right awful to you growing up. The last time you saw or spoke to her was years ago when you fucked her in front of all her friends and cream pied her. You took your step-mommys virginity and she kicked you out never contacting you again, until now. Nikki has asked you to come to her house to speak and you’re anticipated the absolutely worse. You arrive and to your surprise she is timid and sweet, even loving towards you in some way. Nikki explains with tears in her eyes that she was a horrible step-mommy to you and regrets the way she treated you. Wanting nothing more but to make amends and be forgiven Nikki recalls the event that led to your exile. She tells you how much she had actually enjoyed being pounded by your cock how she’s craved you all these years. Nikki felt guilty and ashamed for her horrendous behavior and wanted to nurse your cock and heart back into loving her. Nikki unbuckles your pants and sucks your cock in a way you had never experienced. Taking her time as she seemed to really enjoy it penetrating the back of her throat allowing tears to form I’m her eyes. You can’t help but to give her the “I want to fuck you deep and hard” look. You flip her over and as she strips for you bending over and begging for your hard cock to fuck her. You spend the next few minutes pounding your step-mommy into submission and having her suck your cock to taste herself. She screams for more as she cums all over your raging hard cock and not soon after you cream pie her tight pussy once more. This time she turns to kiss you and thank you for the dick down unlike the last time you filled her up with your cum. However, there’s another reason Nikki has called you here today and that’s to tell you that she has become pregnant the last time they were together and was pregnant with quintuplets!!! It seems her virgin pussy and your potent cum made for perfect breeding ground for your seed. Just then, Nikki checks her pregnancy app on her phone and with a big smile says, “OMG I’m pregnant with octuplets!!!”. Looks like you’ll be working hard to support her and your 13 offsprings.

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Cory Chase And Nikki Brooks Compilation HD 1080p

Cory Chase and Nikki Brooks compilation, enjoy!

00:00 – Cory Chase Gets Some Bbc
03:00 – Step Mom Has Sex To Save The House
06:00 – Step Mom Catches Me Looking At Porn
09:00 – Power Trip
12:00 – Free Use Step Mom – Episodes
15:00 – Perfect Free Use Anal Step Aunt
18:00 – Stepmother Has A Secret
21:00 – Hot New Free Use Step-Mom Vol 2

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Nikki Brooks – Impregnating Auntie Nikki HD 1080p

Step-Auntie Nikki catches you looking at sexy pictures of her and she is shocked!. She’s not mad at you but she is mighty impressed you stole them from her phone and sent them to yourself earlier. No need to explain, she knows exactly what is happening and knows you are at an age where curiosity sets in.

Step-Auntie Nikki won’t say a word as long as you don’t! Keep doing what you were doing, suppressing those feelings at your age isn’t something we want! Step-Auntie Nikki shows you her wet pussy and asks you if you’ve ever kissed a woman before. Then follows up by asking if you’ve ever kissed a woman before down there? Inching you on, further and further than you have before, Nikki offers you her pussy as she is blowing your cock. She knows this is the moment you’ve always been waiting for since those hormones kicked in.

She instructs you to dump your load into her pussy and get her pregnant. It’s clear that you can’t resist your Step-Auntie Nikki. Fucking her in multiple positions, this turns into the best time of your life. Doggy, missionary, up, down and sideways-you have your hands full with Step-Auntie Nikki. As she drains your balls, she already schedules your next secretive meeting tomorrow before she’s done watching you!

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Nikki Brooks – My Best Friends Step-Mom HD 1080p

Your best friends step-mom has always flirted with you when you have gone over. Over the years you have fantasized about what it would be like to fuck her, to finally make all that teasing worth the wait. One day after not seeing her for some time, you go on over and politely say “hello” as Nikki greets you quite excitedly. Nervous and horny the phone startles you as it rings and Nikki informs you that it’s your step-mom calling. She picks up and lets you know that your step-mom won’t be able to pick you up tonight so you will just be spending the night there. This is the perfect opportunity to finally go ALL THE WAY with her, IF she lets you.

While sitting on the couch, she gently caresses your pants right over your cock and takes joy in feeling and watching your cock grow in her hand through your pants. Nikki teases that you couldn’t possibly be able to handle her being the strong sensual woman she is. Instead, you go upstairs and decide to start off with her step-daughter whom you go to school with and have a bit of a crush on. Nikki catches the both of you fucking around in the room and giggles as she makes her way over and shows you guys how a cock is properly jerked off, using yours to demonstrate of course.

The day starts to come to an end and Nikki heads to the shower where she keeps the door open in hopes you finally grew the balls to take the chance at proving you can handle her. The chance passes you up once more as you run into her coming out and her subtle hint of this being it tonight. Take it or leave it…so you decide to take it. You surprise her by manning up and showing her your cock is perfectly capable of pleasing a woman such as her. Fucking Nikkis brains out in every position she rolls her eyes back in absolute delight that now she has a good hard CONSISTENT cock to fuck. She begs for your young load to be dumped in her, every single last drop before she leads you into her bed to spend the rest of the night.

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Nikki Brooks – Morning Treats HD 1080p

Good morning tired head! Your Step-Mommy climbs into bed silently so she doesn’t wake anyone else up in the house and doesn’t waste any time sucking your cock. She gets your morning wood perked up in the early AM.

Once it’s nice and wet, she reminds you that she wanted to try anal with you. She sits on your cock reverse cowgirl and rides your throbbing head with her tight asshole. Your Step-Mommy loves taking it nice and deep and then switches into doggy style so you can plow her deeper.

Right in the ass it goes! Moaning and begging for more, you give her exactly what she wants blowing your load deep into her tight back hole. She literally wanted your seed dumped into her ass and didn’t want to waste a drop.

Such a slutty Step-Mommy so early in the morning! Popping her ass cherry was an all time favorite that she will never forget!

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Nikki Brooks, Cory Chase – FREE USE STEP MOM – MULTI-MILFVERSE – VOL 8: FOREVER HD 720p (2023)

Coffee and Emails-

Nikki Brooks is wearing a blue bathrobe as she sits down in her kitchen and she begins to read her emails. Cory Chase walks in to the room and she tells Nikki that this is her last day in the Multi MILFverse, so she should go fuck Luke Longly and enjoy his cock today! But first, Cory wants to enjoy Nikki all to herself! They walk over towards a bedroom and they join each other on the bed. They start to kiss and lick each other’s tits, before Nikki starts to eat Cory’s pussy out. Nikki continues to lick and suck on Cory’s pussy until she cums in her mouth! Then the two MILF’s switch places and Cory starts to eat Nikki’s pussy. After Nikki cums in Cory’s mouth, Cory leans up and kisses Nikki on the mouth…

First of the Last-

Nikki and Cory are still fooling around on the bed when Luke walks into the room. Nikki is eating Cory’s pussy out when Luke gets behind Nikki and shoves his cock deep inside of her pussy. He fucks her pussy in the doggystyle position while she licks Cory’s clit. While Nikki is still eating out Cory, Luke walks over to Cory’s mouth and he puts his cock in her mouth for a blowjob. Then Luke shoves his cock inside of Nikki’s pussy while she’s lying down in the missionary position. After a few minutes, Nikki flips over into the doggystyle position and Luke continues to fuck her pussy from behind.

Riding On The Couch-

I walk into the living room to find my step-mom eating out my step Aunt’s pussy. I get behind Nikki and I start to fuck her pussy from behind while she continues to eat Cory out. After I fuck Nikki for a few minutes, Cory licks my cock clean. Nikki hops on top of me and she starts to ride my cock on the couch. I love watching Nikki’s big tits bounce up and down while she rides me. When Luke is ready to cum, he explodes deep inside of Nikki’s pussy.

Last Step Family Threesome-

Nikki pulls her panties to the side, so I can fuck her pussy from behind! Cory puts her face right under Nikki’s pussy so she has a front row view of Luke fucking her. Then Cory and Nikki get in the doggystyle position, one right next to the other. Both of their asses are up in the air as Luke fucks Cory’s pussy from behind first, followed by Nikki. After Luke fucks both of them, he has Cory lie down on her back on the bed. Nikki sits on Cory’s face, while Luke fucks Cory’s pussy. Then he asks Cory and Nikki to switch places, and he starts to fuck Nikki’s pussy next. When Luke is ready to cum, he jerks his cock off into Nikki’s mouth and all over her face! Now that Nikki is soaked in her step-son’s cum, Cory kisses Nikki so they can share some of the cum.

This chapter of the Multi -MILFverse is now coming to a close, as Nikki moves on to new challenges and adventures. Nikki drives away while reminiscing about her time being a top MILF and a top step-mom. Luke then smirks at Cory, which makes us wonder what those two will be up to next in Season 2 of the Multi MILFverse…

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