Nikki Brooks

Nikki Brooks – Brainwashing for a Better Family: Taking Control of Mom HD 720p

At first, I didn’t understand what was going on. Mom blushed, her fingers pressed against the phone, as she giggled to some stranger on the other line. Her sweet, seductive tone threw me off, “It’s just a friend,” she said to me, and then continued her conversation. I hadn’t seen her that way in years.

Mom spent most of the evening in her bedroom. She didn’t even come out to eat the pizza she ordered for us. I knocked on her bedroom door, and saw she was on the phone again. She had some sort of silky robe over sexy lingerie, so it was obvious she was up to something. “I’m getting ready, sweetie,” she said sweetly. Ready for what? Dinner? But I didn’t understand…Dad was at work all day. “I’m going to dinner with a friend of mine,” she said. “Yes, it’s a guy.”

“What’s going on, Mom? Just tell me what’s going on,” I said, frustrated and confused. Then her tone changed. “Look…why don’t you just have a seat?” That’s when it all came together. She explained to me that Dad and her weren’t doing so well. “We’re getting separated,” she sighed. Divorced? What? She said that they were going to tell me next week at dinner, but I happened to find out sooner. “You’re actually going to go live with him,” she said.

“You need a father figure. You’re a growing boy, and you’re going to become a man, and there are certain things that I can’t show you, that I won’t know how to talk to you about,” Mom explained. “And not to mention that your dad is going to fight me like hell in court, and I don’t want you to go through that.” So, that was it then? I felt that horrible, sinking feeling in my stomach. It was decided, and I was just stuck doing whatever they wanted me to do.

I begged her not to make me go with Dad, and although she was sincere, there was nothing she could do. “It’s out of my control, you know how your father is,” she said in defeat. In order for the separation to go smoothly, she had to agree to give custody to him; it’s almost as if she hadn’t tried at all.

“It’s time for me to move on,” she said. “I never see your father. He works 70 hours a week. And you know he’s fucking his mistress. Secretary whatever, that twinkie 22 year old blond.”

I was overwhelmed, mad, hurt… How could they do this to me? Was it too selfish to want my family to stay together? For Mom and Dad to be happy together? I left the room filled with emotion, and returned a bit later to find my mom in the kitchen.

Her striped dress hugged her curves, and her sandy blond hair fell onto her shoulders. She sipped on a glass of red wine, and was prepping herself for the big date. “Still going out? I asked. “Yes,” she replied confidentially. Apparently nothing I had talked to her about sank in, and it was time for me to take control.

“Look at this article I found…can you believe this?” I said, holding a brainwashing device in front of her face. She stared at it, and her eyes began to roll and flutter. Everything she knew would erase, and soon, I would be able to rewire her brain. I waved my hand in front of her face, “Mom?”

I told her that she would be my obedient slave, and she replied, “Yes, Master” in a monotone voice. Her eyes stared straight ahead, almost unblinking and utterly emotionless. Her movements were slow, and she become completely mindless…fully capable of being taught how things should really be. And she wouldn’t be going out tonight.

You have to understand…this was the only way to keep my family together. I would make her love Dad again, make her love me–that way she would never leave us.

This clip includes: Nikki Brooks, Aiden Valentine, mom/son, family, son sees mom flirting with a stranger on the phone, realizes she is about to see another guy, mom explains that her marriage with dad is falling apart, tells son that he will be living with his dad, son gets upset, brainwashes mom, device spews out words to rewire her brain

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Featuring: Cory Chase, Leana Lovings, Brooklyn Chase, Quinn Waters, Rebel Rhyder, Vivianne DeSilva, Karma Rx, Melanie Hicks, Amiee Cambridge, Nikki Brooks, Coco Vandi

Cory Chase enjoys some company in Taboo Heat’s Hottest Threesome Compilation. Enjoy!

00:00 – Free Use Step Daughter Vol. 3 – Gas is Too High
03:00 – My Hot New Step Mom Brooklyn Chase
06:00 – Free Use Step Family Vol 1
09:00 – Hot New Free Use Step-Mom Vol 1
12:00 – Stuck Step Mom
15:00 – Truth Or Dare With Step Mom
18:00 – Perfect Free Use Anal Step Aunt
21:00 – Multi-Milfverse – Tale of Two Nikki’s
24:00 – Theme Park Vacation with Free Use Step Mom (Part 4)
27:00 – Free Use Moving In – Rent is Due (Parts 3-4)

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Nikki Brooks – Babysitter’s Favorite Boy: Plays Perverted Game with Blonde Babysitter, POV HD 1080p

A disturbing & perverse clip – not for the faint of heart!

“Don’t worry about a thing!” the babysitter waved goodbye to your parents. “Go have fun on your date night. I’ll take great care of this little guy!” Once she saw that they were gone, she turned towards you with a warm smile.

“I missed you,” Nikki said with a playful tone. “You’re my favorite to babysit. I’ve told you that before. Did you think I was lying? That really hurts my feelings. Do you have other babysitters? Pinky promise?”

She pretended her feelings were hurt so you’d play a special game with her. “Can you show me I’m your favorite babysitter?” she asked. Her charming, manipulative tone always had a way of working on you. “Remember, though, no clothes allowed. You go first since you won last time.”

She wanted you to prove that she was your favorite, and to show that you were hers as well. “Oh, it’s my turn?” she smiled. “Do you want me to go slow like last time? How can I prove you’re my favorite? Well, first off, I didn’t wear a bra or any panties…”

She teased you with her beautiful, curvy body, promising that you were the only boy she ever played with. The two of you would masturbate together, something she had taught you the last time she babysat you, and you’d compete to see who came first. “Let’s add a bonus round of someone distracting you,” she giggled, then wrapped her warm, wet mouth around your pee-pee as you stroked it.

It was your turn to kiss her private spot. “Stop!” she yelled out when she was about to cum. She wanted to add something new to the game – whoever came first would be able to get rid of their sticky mess inside of the other person. “You’ve never came before?” the babysitter’s eyes widened in disbelief. “I’ve never met a boy, even your age, who hasn’t cum at least once or twice just with their hands.”

But because you had never came, Nikki wanted your first experience to be in a special, secret place – her pussy. After pinky promising you wouldn’t tell your parents about what you did with her, she got down on her hands and knees and slid your pee-pee inside of her tight, wet hole.

The both of you would cum as you fucked her in different positions. “This is why you’re my favorite…” she smiled.

This clip includes: Nikki Brooks, POV, babysitter wants to prove that she’s his favorite babysitter, she wants him to play a special game with her, she’s been playing with the boy whenever she babysits him and this time she plans on going even further, she shows off that she isn’t wear a bra or panties, they masturbate together – something she taught him how to do the last time she babysat him, she adds a bonus round where they both have to give each other oral sex, she finds out that he’s never cum before so she offers his first time to be inside her pussy, she makes him promise not to tell his parents.

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Nikki Brooks – I’ll Be Your New Step-Mommy: MILF Bonds and Connects in a Loving and Sexual Way, POV HD 1080p

An extreme and perverse clip.

Your step-mother worked a lot, so she left you with the neighbor who was happy to watch you. “Isn’t this room comfy?” Ms. Brooks smiled at you. “You’re welcome to stay whenever you like.” She didn’t have a step-son of her own, so she liked to ask questions about you and your step-mother’s relationship.

Did you love your step-mommy? Did she smother you with kisses? Did she ever make you feel extra good? Did she ever touch you and kiss you down there? No? But all step-mothers were supposed to touch their boys there. If she didn’t do that, how was she able to make you feel good?

“I hate to say this,” she said, “but your step-mommy is horrible. She’s supposed to be taking care of you. By this age, you should have already put it inside of her. Have you ever cum for her?” You didn’t know what she was talking about – you didn’t even know what cumming was.

“Maybe she’s doing it for somebody else and she doesn’t want you to feel good…” Ms. Brooks said bluntly. “I can be your new step-mommy.” You could have the guest bedroom all to yourself. You could paint the walls, decorate it with posters, and then get a cool new bed.

But first, she wanted to hear you say that you wanted her as your new step-mommy. Once you did that, you two could start bonding and connecting in a special way. She’d come home to you every day, crawl over to you and grab your cock, then stroke it and suck it. “If your step-mother loved you the way I do, she would have been doing this the entire time,” Ms. Brooks told you, “she would have let you have her already.”

She teased with her body, shaking her butt and slipping off her panties. “You don’t have to be shy with me,” she purred. “You see that? That’s all yours.” She knew just how to handle your little situation “down there.” Did you really want her as your step-mommy? Because, once you went this far, there was no turning back. She’d have to keep you forever.

Ms. Brooks would tell you to climb on top of her and to stick your cock inside of her. She’d want you to fuck her like this every morning before class. She moaned wildly with you thrusting in and out of her. “Where did it all go?” she responded with a sweet giggle. “Inside of me, silly.”

Now that you two had bonded, it was time to say good-bye to your old step-mommy. “Good boy,” she smiled. “I love you, you’re the sweetest step-son ever.”

This clip includes: Nikki Brooks, POV, your step-mother works a lot so the neighbor is watching you, she asks you questions about your relationship with your step-mother, she wants to know if she really loves you and if she makes you feel good “down there,” Ms. Brooks convinces you that your step-mother doesn’t love you as much as she does – she wants to be your new step-mother, you two can connect and bond in a special way, she strokes and sucks your cock, you will say good-bye to your old step-mommy and Ms. Brooks will keep you forever as her own step-son.

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Nikki Brooks – Stranger Takes Care of Lost Boy and Becomes His New Step-Mommy, POV – MILF, Cougar HD 1080p

This is an intense clip!

You were lost and scared, but a woman found you and reassured you that’d everything be okay. She was much older than you, around your step-mother’s age, and she had promised to take good care of you.

“See, there’s no reason to be afraid,” the stranger sweetly smiled. “No bad guys are going to get you here.” She asked you a lot of questions about your step-mother. Did she rest with you and hold you? Did she love you a lot? Did she do special things to make you feel good?

According to the woman, all step-mothers were supposed to do these things for their sons. So, it was important that she teach you how to touch your pee-pee to make it hard and that she show you how good it felt to have her soft hands stroke it. “It’s okay if it gets bigger,” she told you, “that means it feels really good.”

If Step-Mommy really loved you, she’d touch you like this, she’d rest with you, and she’d show you how she makes herself feel good. “Does she not show her body to you?” the blonde asked with a surprised look on her face as she stripped down. She wanted the two of you to masturbate together and it was the first time you had ever seen a woman touch herself.

She wanted you to kiss her “down there” and she’d do the same for you. Your tongue ran against her clit as she moaned, and she proceeded to return the favor by wrapping her warm, wet mouth against your stiffened pee-pee.

She asked you to lie down so she could slide your erection into her tight hole. “Think of my special spot as a cookie,” she said, “and what comes out of your little pee-pee is the milk. So, we’re going to have cookies and milk.” If you started to feel tingly and really good, that meant you were going to cum, and a sticky “milk” would come out of your cock.

Now, she’d have you thrust in and out of her yourself until you both came. “You did such a good job,” she praised you, her pussy filled with your milk. That was how a step-mommy was supposed to love her step-son.

“Do you want me to love you like that all the time?” the woman asked with soft eyes. “We don’t have to look for your old step-mommy.” She’d convinced you to say, and you’d become all hers.

This clip includes: Nikki Brooks, POV, you were lost when a stranger found you – a beautiful blonde woman, she reassures you that everything will be okay and that she’ll take good care of you, she asks questions about your step-mommy and tells you that step-mothers should be doing “special” things for their sons, she teaches you how to jerk off and then plays with your cock, she asks you to lick her pussy, she takes your virginity, she convinces you to stay with her – she’ll love you way more than your old step-mommy would.

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Nikki Brooks – My Step-Mommy’s Is A Breeding Cow HD 1080p

Nikki is your step-mommy and she’s quite the extraordinary woman. There’s something about Nikki that makes her very special to you and that’s that she LOVES TO BE BRED!! You couldn’t believe your luck when she married into the household and took on the role of your step-mommy AND household breeding cow. She loves to be fucked and impregnated but it’s the thought of fucking YOU that drives her wild and makes her urge for breeding even greater. Nikki has been especially horny lately considering she’s as pregnant as can be…with YOUR SEED. Nikki couldn’t help tempting you into her bedroom and later between her legs. This is where you found comfort, pleasure and happiness all wrapped in one. You fucked your step-mommy day and night, freely!! There wasn’t a thing on earth that could stop her from jumping on your hard cock or her begging for your cum. It was impossible to say no to her when she begged for your cum on her face in the morning and the afternoon load, inside her. Nikki looked for any excuse to fuck you and have you cum in her. You love the way she looks pregnant with your seedly growing inside her, her glowing face and big round belly. Not to mention how her tits have engorged and ass has plumped up. She’s the perfect stock for breeding and you intend on keeping that belly full and holes plugged. Nikki married into the right household, she’s the perfect woman for the fucking and breeding. The best part is, pregnant women are always the horniest….time to dump another load in your step-mommy!!!

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Nikki Brooks, Cory Chase – FREE USE STEP MOM – MULTI-MILFVERSE – VOL 3: STUCK HD 1080p

Stuck in the Sink
My step Aunt Cory grabs my step-mom’s hand, and the two of them run into a portal that takes them to another MILFverse. Cory tells my step-mom that she needs to find the MILF glue and fuck Luke! Cory tells Nikki to go check the sink for the MILF glue. Nikki sticks her hand in the sink and she ends up getting her hand stuck! I get behind her and I grab her panties, to try and pull her out. I pull all of her clothes off, because they seem to just be getting in the way. I tell her to spread her legs so I can get a good grip to pull her out. I take my cock out and I shove it inside of her pussy; I start to thrust back and forth inside of her. After a few minutes, I finally got her hand unstuck! She wants to help finish me off, so she turns around and continues to fuck my hard cock. It doesn’t take much longer for me to cum deep inside of her pussy!

Stuck Making My Bed
My step-mom, Nikki, is wearing a mini green dress as she walks into my bedroom and finds my unmade bed! She decides to be a nice step-mom and help me out by quickly making my bed. While she is tucking the sheets into the back of the bed, she gets both of her hands stuck in the bed! She calls out my name, and I come running when I hear her cries. I grab on to her green panties and I pull them down. I get behind her on the bed and I start to fuck her pussy from behind. I keep fucking her pussy over and over until she finally gets her hands unstuck! Then she flips over on to her back, so I can fuck her in the missionary position. I trick her into putting her hands behind the bed again, and she gets her hands stuck again! Now I need to fuck her again to get her hands unstuck a second time. I keep fucking her pussy until she cums on my cock… And her hands are finally unstuck again!

Nikki walks into the living room and she finds a bottle of MILF Glue sitting on the table! She pours some on her hands to test it out, and then she puts her hands on the table. All of a sudden, her hands are stuck to the table and my step-mom is pretty frustrated about this. I walk into the room and I lift up her maroon colored dress. I pull her panties down and I start to fuck her pussy from behind to help her get unstuck. My step Aunt Cory walks into the room while I am fucking my step-mom, and my step-mom begs my step Aunt Cory to help her get unstuck! Cory pours the prototype on Nikki’s hands and she is suddenly unstuck! Cory informs Nikki that the only way she can go back to the other universe is if I cum on her face! Nikki lies down on the table and I shove my cock deep inside of her. I fuck her in the missionary position followed by the doggystyle position. When I am ready to cum, I have my step-mom get down on her knees and I explode all over her face! She is finally eligible to go back to the other universe!

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Nikki Brooks – The Boss is Calling HD 1080p

Usually when you get called into your bosses office, it means you’ve done something wrong. But this time, your boss Nikki Brooks confesses that all she does is think about you touching every part of her body and straddling you in your office chair. Shocked that she went down the rabbit hole and started rambling, she is embarrassed that you probably aren’t even attracted to her. On second hand, your boner says otherwise. Nikki shows you that she’s not even wearing panties and starts stripping out of her office attire while taking off your panties. She sits on your cock and rides you until you cum inside of her. This will be the best office meeting you’ve ever had!

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Nikki Brooks – Indecent Proposal HD 1080p

Nikki and hear husband have built the home of their dreams but it came at a great financial cost. Fortunately for you, Nikki is your neighbor and has dropped by unexpectedly and you have a hunch as to why. She goes on to tell you exactly what you had suspected, that all the new renovations have sucked their bank accounts dry. Nikki came over in a hot sexy piece, short tight dress with thigh high stockings and some nice pumps to make her stand tall. You sit down and hear out what Nikki has proposed. “For everytime I make you cum, you pay me my mortgage rate”, you can’t believe what you’re hearing but you sure as fuck agree. Agreeing immediately Nikki tells you that you’re welcome to start right away on your new deal. She climbs on the table and gives you a little show, shaking her ass in your face and spreading her legs tempting you to fuck her. You two take it up stairs where she strips out of her clothes down to the sexy lingerie piece she intended to seduce you in. Your hard cock calls to her ass she goes straight for it sucking it down over and over again. Nikki pops her head back up and bends over and asks to be fucked doggy style. You don’t hesitate for a second and ram your hard cock into her tight pussy feeling how wet and soft it is. It swallows your cock whole and tightens up around the shaft as she slams her ass into you. Nikki wants it harder, deeper and faster and you give her all of it. You can feel her tightening up getting ready to cum and right after feeling her drip on your shaft you explode your load inside of her. Nikki loves the feeling of her neighbor paying her for sex so much so she asks for seconds right after. Hopefully her husband doesn’t ask where the mortgage payments are cumming from….

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