Penny Loren

Penny Loren – Cum Inside Mama Raw Like Daddy Does HD 1080p

Your loving nurturing Mommy hates it when you are sad and down in the dumps. She still Mollycoddles you and is very overprotective. Your girlfriends are never good enough and only Mama knows how to treat you good and look after you properly. You have a family secret, Mommy has been fucking you for years, its part of her duty to love and care for you. Your daddy knows how good Mommy feels when she spreads her legs wide for him, and he knows his boy needs a piece of mama every now and again. Its perfectly natural for a son to fuck their Mommy and he has been letting you watch him fuck your Mama good so you pick up some good tips. His boy is going to be just like him and know how to fuck a woman good especially his own mother. Your greedy for her creamy wet pussy, she will spread her legs anytime anywhere for the men in her family. She’s always down to fuck, you just let Mama know when you need her pussy even when your married you can always fuck her daily as many times as you need darling. She’s just fucked your daddy when she tries her best to cheer you up, you can see fresh cum oozing from her wet pretty pussy into her white panties.. Ba by I know your so greedy for Mommys pussy you will still fuck it with your fathers seed dripping out, you want to push his cum out and empty your insest Load inside me darling? of course you do now get that dick out and let Mama see, you want to cum inside like daddy does? you will be smiling in no time.

Cum for Mommy, you are so much like your daddy sweet boy. Cum deep inside me like your daddy did an hour ago, give me a bigger thicker load sweetie. She starts calling you daddy as you fuck her good like you have seen daddy doing so many times, mmmm you like that darling don’t you me calling you daddy while you fuck deep. She knows what will send you over the edge and make you shoot your load raw and unprotected into your own mamas cunt like daddy does, she will be your mother or your wife, No one can fuck like Mommy. Look into her eyes while you cum inside her deep mixing your cum with daddys. She will spread her legs for you anytime you want boy, never be ashamed of fucking your beautiful mama. – BRITISH MOM INCEST ROLEPLAY

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Penny Loren – Fucking Your Own Mother When You See Fit HD 1080p

***Warning Explicit Content, some viewers may find disturbing!
Part 1..Your mother is there for your pleasure and yours only, whenever you see fit… shame she doesn’t feel the same way.. but she will..

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Penny Loren – Mommy Gets Bred By Your Bullies HD 1080p

You have been having a hard time lately at school, 3 boys are making your life hell. You have spoken to Mom about it a few times and she has re assured you she will put a stop to this as soon as she can. You arrive home and hear noises coming from the living room, she must have friends over. You are shocked to see her on the sofa, half naked fingering herself with your 3 bullies standing around her trousers round their ankles jerking their dicks. She tells you to sit down not caring one little bit her son has just walked into this debauchery, whats got into her she’s letting the boys do whatever they want with her! You have just got home in time to see your bullies piss in her mouth and all over her tits she confidently exclaims. She’s been very busy sucking all their big dicks off before you arrived and she has changed her mind about the bullying you need to stop being so pathetic as they are nice boys with even nicer dicks. You cant believe you are sat in your living room watching those nasty boys pee all over your mother but worse is yet to cum.. She wants to get bred right now to make a new son who isn’t a disappointment and you are going to watch all 3 dicks fuck her and cum inside her ovulating pussy. Which dick will get her pregnant? You darling can help out now, you can fuck Mommys pussy to push all the Bully boys cum deeper into her cervix but you have to wear a rubber to make sure your pathetic seed doesn’t impregnate her. You do exactly as Mommy says as you are a good boy xx British Bully Fantasy, Watching Mommy get Impregnated

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Penny Loren – Fucking Your Best Friends Wife Bareback HD 1080p

Your best friend from childhood is throwing a football party, Food, beverages and his smoking hot wife. You get on so well and always have a little secret flirt whenever you see each other. Your best friend is so fucking lucky to have her, you are happy for them but you often imagine what it would be like to fuck her. You turn up to the party and head straight to the kitchen for a beverage, wow she’s there in a tight blue dress, looking incredible as always. She sees you and starts chatting, she is always a little flirty and you love it. She tells you your friend/her husband is engrossed in the football in the other room. You really should go and see him but her tits look amazing and you cant take your eyes off her body. She wastes no time in telling you that she’s always fancied you and she thinks you feel the same. Its getting very hot in here and you feel your erection growing as she seduces you, fuck you cant do this! You are not a homewrecker, he’s your best mate but she is so incredibly hot. She tells you she wants your cock now right here in the kitchen, she doesn’t care her husband and others guests are next door. She bends over the counter and takes her panties off, spreads her pussy for you and tells you to eat it. She tastes just as you imagined every time you jerked off thinking about your best friends wife. You pull out a rubber from your pocket and put it on your straining erection and slide in deep, she feels the rubber and pulls it off you, she wants you raw and bareback. You fuck her hard trying to keep quiet, her husband keep calling out from the other room asking if everything ok. Her moaning gets louder and louder, she tells you your cock is so much bigger than her husbands and she loves being a cheating slut. She cums hard for you and tells you she doesn’t care if she gets pregnant she wants to feel your hot cum inside her. Her husband shouts again from the other room and through her groans she manages to answer him, You cum deep inside her bareback your legs shaking. You have just fucked your best friends wife while he is sat in the next room but fuck it was worth it. You Watch you huge load drip down from her perfect pussy on to the floor on to the discarded rubber. She runs off with her husbands snacks with your fresh cum dripping all down her legs and all over her dress. Bareback, Cheating wife. Impregnation Fantasy, MILF, Doggy, POV, Big Tits, Tall Blonde, Best friends wife. Fucking while husband is in the next room, Cheating slut.

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Penny Loren – Fucking MILF Bareback at Party HD 1080p

This is Part 2 of Bareback One Night Stand with MILF. You don’t have to have seen part 1 for this to make sense but I highly recommend it xx Its been 1 month since you met that blonde hot married MILF out in town and gave her a damn good fucking back at her house in her marital bed. You had to make a quick escape in the morning and you have been thinking about her ever since, you jerk off thinking about amazing it was to fuck her. You fancy your girlfriend and have a good sex life but there’s something about older hot women that drive you crazy. You are going to your girlfriends best friends engagement house party, you are not really up for it but your girlfriend has been pestering you to go. Its pretty boring to start with until you spot the hot fucking MILF you cheated on your girlfriend with. Its awkward at first and she cant believe you are at this party, she looks mortified. The cocktails flow and you cant stop staring at her, she looks red hot in a little skirt and tight red bodysuit, what you would do to fuck that MILF pussy again. You try to not let your girlfriend see you practically drooling over her, you need to talk to her. You seize your moment when she sits down in the chill out room, She looks shy to begin with but it soon turns flirty and you both keep locking eyes. Your girlfriend interrupts and the hot MILF goes off to dance, you try to act normal but you are so aroused looking at her. You bump into her upstairs outside the bathroom, you start kissing her and she takes her top down so you can suck on her perfect big tits. You get interrupted by someone coming out of the toilet and when they have gone she pulls you into the bathroom and starts jerking you off, she is desperate for your young cock in her mouth and gives you the best Blowjob, older women know how to suck cock. You bend her over the sink and fuck her hard bareback, she tells you not to come inside you again as she had to get the morning after pull last night and you pull out and cum all up her back and on her skirt and top. Fuck that was incredible. You both go back downstairs to the party looking like you have been fucked to your partners. This MILF is sexy as fuck you are obsessed. MILF, Bareback, Cheat, Cheating Wife, Unprotected Sex, Simulated Virtual Sex, Cum on back, Older woman, Younger guy. Fucking over sink.

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Penny Loren – Mommy and Son. Knocked Up HD 1080p

Mom has been bringing you up on her own for years, she puts all her time and effort into you and you have the closest relationship a mother and son can have… The shocking truth that no one knows is that you are in a full on Insest relationship with her. You fuck everyday and look at each other as Boyfriend and Girlfriend. You are invited to a family reunion with all the extended family you haven’t seen for ages. You are horny for each other all the time but you have to act normal today with all the family around. A few people ask Mom is she still single surprised that an attractive MILF never seems to have a man, she politely tells them she has no time as she wants to make sure her beloved son turns out a good boy. You can tell she’s getting aroused, fuck not here Mom we cant, thats really risky. She motions you to follow her upstairs as she excuses herself to the bathroom. She’s rampant for you and wants you right now, her own son inside her. Its made her more turned on knowing all of the family are in the house and might hear you both have loud dirty insest right under their nose. She’s doesn’t seem to care anymore about hiding your dirty little illegal secret, she loves you as a son as as a lover. You suck on her big brown nipples fingering her wet pussy while she talks dirty to you. Fuck her on the sink right now, She’s ovulating and its her fertile days. You love each other so just impregnate her right now, your the same as any other couple right? Insest fucking each other turns you both on so much, the thought of breeding your real biological mother sends you over the edge. Hugh creampie and impregnation for the love of your life, Your Mommy.

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Penny Loren – Mommys Little Insest Pervert HD 1080p

British Mom Son Incest

Mommys found your filthy Taboo Real Mommy/Son porn collection and she also knows you have discovered her and dads naughty X rated video they did a few years back and have been watching it over and over. She’s going to get this nasty Mommy Insest fetish out of you once and for all and teach you a lesson. You are not going to school today you are going to show Mommy exactly why watching Real Mommy son porn turns you on, maybe if you actually do this Illegal act in real life you will get it out of your system for once and for all. How long will you last in Mommys mouth?, are you happy now son? You cum hard filling Moms mouth out with your hugh load. Do you want to go further now you little pervert, you can fuck Mommys pussy bareback but this is the last we hear about your Mommy fetish is that clear. She fucks you hard and talks extremely dirty to you while sticking her big tits in your face and kissing you deeply with tongues. You want Dirty Insest son well you have got it! You might as well go the whole hog and cum deep inside her ovulating pussy and make her pregnant, the ultimate Taboo Mommy fetish fantasy. Ends with a hugh creampie dripping out of her all over you. Now clean yourself you little pervert.

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Penny Loren – Addicted to Mommy HD 1080p

Mom Son Incest POV Blowjob

PART 1 : Your Mom is a high powered business woman and you fancy the fuck out of her, you love watching her get dressed for work in the morning with her tight black Pantyhose on. You are standing in the doorway with a massive erection aching in your shorts, you don’t think you will ever fancy someone as much as you do your Mommy. She notices you and lovingly chats to you, you both have a really important day ahead and she doesn’t want you to go ahead with it with a big throbbing erection making you feel frustrated. You don’t have much time, dad is downstairs and your 2 brothers are not far away. She tells you you are her favourite and she enjoys sucking your cock the best out of her 3 sons. She regularly relieves you all and absolutely loves giving her 3 sons a loving Blowjob. She tells you to lie on the bed, She looks incredible in just her pantyhose, sexy black bra and the red lipstick that you absolutely love her wearing. She tells you she wants you to lose your virginity to your own Mom and losing your virginity through the ‘I” word is the best thing ever. She confides in you she too lost her virginity through the “I” word to her dad and it really is the only sex that drives her crazy. She sucks your cock effortlessly, she is so damn good, she talks dirty to you throughout until you cum all over her perfectly made up face. She wants you to go all the way with Mommy later , you want to be the first of her sons to fuck their Mom and the best. You literally cannot wait to get home later. Mommy is always right, “I” word sex all the fucking way xxxx PART 2 COMING SOON XX

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Penny Loren – Mother Fucker HD 1080p

British MILF Incest

Your Mommy is extremely hot and bothered, not only is it roasting hot with the heatwave thats happening at the moment but she is ovulating too and horny as fuck. Mommys On Heat and with dad away… You take ice up to her room and try to contain yourself, she’s in a little sundress her Hugh tits barely contained. She’s hot and sweaty and slowly and seductively runs the ice over her body, her big brown nipples you used to love feeding on and over her panties. Things soon take a inevitable Incestious turn and your own mother is grinding her cunt in your face demanding you eat every delicious inch of it. Prepare it for Impregnation son, Inbreed Mommys Orgasming cunt and make her belly swell with your pure raw Insest seed. She wants to be your breeding slut, your illegal insest slut. You mother fucking Naughty boy. Inspired by the heatwave we are having in England at the moment and of course my love of Incestious filth. Lots of the special “I” word used.

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Penny Loren – A Secret Anal Affair With Mommy HD 1080p

Your Mommy overhears you and your Girlfriend having an argument in your bedroom, she listens carefully at the door she wants to hear every juicy part. You really want to try anal and you have been trying to get her to let you put your dick up her ass but she’s not having any of it. She’s not happy at all and shouts you can dream on because your tongue, fingers or dick are definitely NOT going up there EVER. She storms out angrily, whats a boy got to do to get a bit of Anal for fucks sake. You don’t realise your Mommy has heard every word of this and as you are just about to go out, she asks for a quick chat. Are you ok my darling she soothes, she couldn’t help but overhear your little squabble. You are instantly embarrassed and hope she hasn’t heard all the details and squirm in your seat. She has heard everything and tells you not to be embarrassed as she knows how you feel. You are confused by this and she goes on to say that your dad is the same and doesn’t like anal where she loves it and misses it so much. She doesn’t want you to miss out on such amazing sex and how boring of your girlfriend not to let you fuck her in the ass and she doesn’t deserve you. She strokes your leg and is she flirting with you, fuck. She lays it out on the table, you want anal, she LOVES anal, and in fact she only cums with a dick up her ass. Do you want to fuck mommy in the ass son? If your girlfriend wont do it, your Mommy will. Wow, your Mommy will do anything for you and loves making your girlfriend look bad, she’s always been jealous and this is a perfect opportunity for her to get one over on your relationship. She starts sucking your cock talking dirty to you, you are actually going to have anal with your own mother. She bends over your dads favourite armchair and pulls her leggings and panties down spreading her asscheeks for you so you can see her butthole begging to be fucked. You slowly ease your dick into her tight ass while she groans in pleasure, you fuck away for awhile but annoyingly hear your dads car pull up in the drive. You both quickly make yourselves decent and she tells you she will get rid of him so you can carry on where you left off later. A little while later, dads been sent off food shopping and your Moms in a tiny little silk negligee no panties and high heels begging you to fuck her anally again in the marital bed. You pound her asshole in a few positions making Mommy cum before cumming in her ass. When you woke up this morning the last thing you thought you would be doing is hanging out the back of your Mommys ass

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