Penny Loren

Penny Loren – Mom And Son. Beyond Taboo Mini Break HD 720p

An Extremely hot, sensual and intense 38 minute Mommy and Son love vid! P2 out soon!

I needed a couple of nights away from my Increasingly disaster of a marriage, to clear my head and feel free…
So I decided to take my first and favourite son, and Im not ashamed to admit he IS my absolute favourite.
I hadn’t had much quality one on one time with him recently and what better way to relax and re-bond than booking a beautiful 200 year old luxury Georgian apartment.. just us. I could cook, we could talk, laugh, reminisce…. and theres board games, what fun!

So…. What happened next Im still asking myself over and over…. how did it switch from a totally normal Mother/son Relationship to… to…..Im finding it hard to even say THAT word …. Me! a Momsy regular housewife in a loveless controlling marriage… Ive committed an extreme Taboo crime of passion…. With my own offspring…

I didn’t want to leave our secret nest of forbidden love. I feel so happy, happier than ive ever felt in years. On one hand I feel disgusted and ashamed what we have done….. how can this be so bad and illegal if I feel so content, satisfied and a fire in me has been re ignited. Once you go down This dark forbidden road there really is no going back… I cant go back to my boring miserable life before, I just cant…

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Penny Loren – Taste Moms Sweaty Holes HD 720p

You are getting ready for a day at the beach with Mommy, you walk past her room and see her putting oil on her long sexy legs. You stand there transfixed by her, she is so fucking hot. She tells you to come in her room and she’s not mad you are perving at all, its natural. You watch her in her gold bikini putting oil everywhere, you are a little hesitant that you shouldn’t be watching your Mom like this and its making you feel funny down there so you ask to go. Mommy says you can go shortly but she wants to try another bikini and you to choose one. She is rubbing oil all over her pussy and spreading her ass cheeks apart, she looks amazing. She asks if you want to see her asshole and you shake your head embarrassed, she then asks you to help her rub the oil in. She sticks her sweaty pussy and Butthole right in your face and demands you rub it in with your face, This is wild! So much oil to rub in and you have a massive boner, Mommy then asks you to lick her butthole and pussy and stick your little tongue in. You then eat her out to orgasm, your Moms pussy smells and tastes amazing and she climaxes right on your face. Right now lets never tell anyone bout this and get down to the beach xxx

Simulated, Ass spreading, Pussy spreading, Filthy dirty talk xx

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Penny Loren – Cum In Mommys Pretty Mouth HD 720p

Your Mommy keeps catching you staring at her when she’s in the bathroom, when she’s having a pee or in the shower. You are fascinated by her womanly body and it makes you feel funny when you look at her naked. She’s not annoyed but shoos you away a few times, until one day she calls you in the bathroom and soothingly says she understands you are probably curious about Mommys body and understands why you like to stare at her as you are at that age. She asks you if you want to see her and you nod in agreement feeling a bit nervous, she coaxes you in saying don’t be scared and its totally natural. You watch her up close and she tells you the different bits of the vagina, it looks incredible. When she has finished up she sends you on your way and you cant stop thinking about what you have seen, You have a growing ache and swelling in your shorts and you are not sure what’s going on, you are embarrassed but go and tell your mom about the ache. She is very understanding and tells you she knows exactly what it is and Mommy will make the ache and swelling go away. She lays you down and takes your shorts off, and says a special Mommy massage will make you feel so much better and starts stroking your penis. She explains to you the ache is caused by a build up in your balls that needs to be released, you are a bit shy but she makes you feel comfortable and tells you to relax you are going to feel it build and build until something called ejaculation will happen and to shoot all your semen in Moms pretty mouth. The feeling gets stronger and stronger and all of a sudden you feel the most amazing feeling and Mom gets all this white stuff in her mouth which she shows you, wow this is crazy and amazing. Mommy knew exactly what to do, you cant wait to feel achy and swollen again

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Penny Loren – Sons Depraved Desire HD 720p


You have always wanted to fuck your mom, even more so now dad left over a year ago. You are obsessed with her, you take her dirty panties out the laundry, sniff and lick them and jerk off into them imagining fucking her pussy and asshole in every way imaginable. You love watching her through the crack in the door while she showers, her body is made for fucking. You cant control yourself around her and cant hide your massive erection. She has caught you many times watching Mommy/Son porn and thinks you have a problem, you can tell she is worried about you and a little scared when you watch her resting and pull the covers down to see her body. You cant control your urges anymore, you HAVE to fuck your Mom and you are going to fuck her good, wether she likes it or not. You come back late your Mom is out for the count in bed, tonights the fucking night. You go into her room a few times, then back to your room furiously jerking your cock, your mothers pussy is going to get ruined and the icing on the cake would be getting her pregnant with your Illicit offspring.

You pull her panties down, she is not happy with you at all and tries to fight you off but you persist as you are not someone to give up easily. She struggles but you ram your cock in her, fffuuuucccckkkk this is a dream come true. You are deep inside your Mommy, she begs you to stop and not cum inside her as she has no birth control. You empty your massive load into her then admire your work watching your seed drip out of your mother. She is upset and angry but you are not finished with her yet, you fuck her tight little asshole and flood that with your sticky white cum. She tells you to fuck off and your a pervert, you look at her on all fours with your cum dripping out of both her holes. She is your dirty I word Hoare now.
Virtual Simulated sex/anal sex (no real cock or dildo visible) , POV, Creampie.

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Penny Loren – Mommys Homewrecking Breeding Masterplan HD 1080p

Another Extreme Family Fucking vid to add to my fucked up collection!

You and your Mom were in a full on Taboo clandestine relationship until about 8 months ago when you decided you wanted to have a normal legal relationship and you felt bad on Dad. He has no idea his own son and wife have been fucking under his roof for years and years and you want it to stay that way. You still fancy the fuck out of your Mother but you met a girl and she might be a little boring but at least you don’t have to hide anything and feel any guilt. You miss fucking mommy and the thrill and depravity of Forbidden fucking and you know she does too but this is the right path to take…

Meanwhile your Mom thinks its just a fling and you will be back to her warm inviting cunt in no time and will let you go and sow your wild oats, no one will please you better sexually than your own Mother. Imagine her surprise and horror when you return from holiday engaged and not only that you are getting a place with your Girlfriend. This wasn’t supposed to happen!, she cant hide her disgust at this ridiculous and absurd situation. She will NOT lose her son to that awful girl, she needs to come up with a plan quickly to stop this and keep you here with her, a fucked up depraved plan only a desperate mommy who loves fucking her own son would think of… Seduction, Breeding, lots of fucking and creampies, Bareback ovulation fucking, and to top the plan off she will get your Ovulating sister involved too so her darling boy will be the man of the house and will never think of leaving ever again. Mommy always gets what she wants and you know it.

Look out for a depraved Part 2 cumming soon!

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Penny Loren – Naughty Boys Jerk It For Mommy JOI HD 1080p

Mommy knows exactly what you have been doing with her dildos and dirty panties you horny naughty boy. Sucking your own mothers juices from her sex toys and emptying your balls in her panties?, what were you thinking son? Well, lets see just how hard your willy can get for me shall we? Hmmmm its always hard for Mommy isn’t it? I want to watch you jerk off right now while I tell you what a naughty little pervert you are fantasizing about dirty Insest with the woman who made you. Lets see how long you can last darling, Im going to make you shoot your dirty load all over my tight sexy top you love so much. Mommy knows your filthy naughty trigger word and how it will send you over the fucking edge.

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Penny Loren – Sucking, Licking and Fucking Mommy HD 1080p

Your Mommys big bouncy breasts are a Hugh turn on for you they always have been and always will be. You wake up to the soft sound of your Mommys voice, soothing and sensual. She’s wearing a robe that leaves little to the imagination and her big breasts look incredible. She cant sl eep and she wants you, her son right now in your bed. She slowly takes her robe off and makes her beautiful nipples hard, they are so sensitive and she tells you to suckle on Mommys breasts ba by boy. She hangs them right over your face and you gently follow her instructions to lick, suckle and kiss them. Your mothers Hugh tits right there in your face for you to enjoy and worship while she starts jerking you off slowly, whispering and crying out quietly in pleasure. She stands up and shows you just how wet you have made her and tells you to lick her wet glistening pussy pushing it gently in your face for you to taste. Fuck me darling, fuck Mommy and cum inside, suckle her breasts while she climaxes on your throbbing cock and then empty your balls inside Mommy with her beautiful big nipples in your mouth. Passionate Naughty fucking.

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Penny Loren – One Way Ticket to Breeding Mommy HD 1080p

You arrive home to your hot as fuck Mommy doing her yoga Stretches in the living room. You cant take your eyes off your mother in her tight outfit and feel your cock hardening, she is deep into her workout and doesn’t notice her own son has been perving on her. She playfully teases you and lovingly asks you about your day, you begin to tell her all your news while taking in her tits and beautiful ass when she complains about a pain in her ass cheek. Poor Mommy has pulled a muscle and looks in pain so you dutifully offer her a massage to try and loosen it and give her some comfort. You start massaging her ass through her yoga pants, Fuck you need to hold it together but you have such a desire for your Moms Ass and Pussy you tell her the massage will work better if she removes her pants. She is a little hesitant but trusts you and your massaging is really helping her tight muscle. You now have your Mommy in her little thong panties bending over the couch at your mercy. You gently massage her ass cheek but add in a little asshole and pussy, is Mom enjoying it? She keeps telling you this has to be a secret and don’t insert anything, you cant take anymore and bury your face in her slightly sweaty pussy and ass licking and sucking until she reluctantly cums on your face. She’s horrified she’s just had the strongest orgasm from her own son eating her out, wrong on so many levels! Desire takes over when she sees the wet patch in your shorts, let Mommy clean up your pre cum darling..with her mouth. You have full blown raw insest on the couch, fucking your Biological Moms post orgasm cunt. She tries to tell you she’s not on any birth control and ovulating so don’t cum inside her but you are fucking her so good after awhile she’s practically begging you to breed her and knock her up with her own sons offspring.

Penny Loren, British, MILF, Taboo, Mommy/Son, Family, Simulated, POV, Virtual sex, Yoga Stretches, Yoga Pants, Asshole and Pussy playing, Big Tits, Impregnation Risk, Breeding, Massive pussy creampie, Loving Reluctant Mommy, Kink. Virtual Pussy and Ass eating, Sweaty Holes, Perfect Pussy, Simulated BJ.

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Penny Loren – Mommys Pure Taboo Boy HD 1080p

Mommy knows you watch her through the crack in the door every night jerking your dick furiously while she masturbates, she has known for years and gets off on it as much as you do. She knows where your Taboo urges and desires come from, it runs deep through the family foundations. She has a dark depraved secret she has to reveal to you as she has lied to you, she didn’t get pregnant with you on a college night out and never saw the father again which is what you have believed for years. You actually see your father a lot but you don’t know it yet, because your biological father is also your Mommys father who you have been calling Granddad all these years! Fucked up or what. Tonight is the night she will reveal the Raw depraved truth about your family and she will take your Mommy Son relationship to a completely fucked up level. There’s no shame in having sex with members of your family in fact in this family its compulsory. You are at first of course shocked but and when she goes into details about her and her dads sick sex life and how it started you get turned on, its in your bl ood. You are their perfect treasured pure bred offspring born out of such passionate raw love that people don’t understand. You too darling are going to breed with your mother like her biological dad did, your own dad did and keep the pure genetics unmuddied and perfect generation after generation.

This was ordered as a custom, don’t buy if your easily offended or don’t love Extreme Taboo/breeding!

Penny Loren, British, MILF, Taboo, Family, Breeding, Impregnation, Mommy Roleplay, Mommy Son, Dirty Talking, Mixture of B/G (flashbacks to your Mom and her dad fucking) and Simulated for son and Mommy in the present day. Ovulation, POV, Big Tits, Lots of fucking, Creampie, Flashbacks, close ups, Fingering, Dildo masturbation, Breeding.

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Penny Loren – Mommy and Son Pre Wedding Breeding HD 1080p

Its the night before your Mommy gets re married, you have never been a fan of her boyfriend, he’s just not good enough for her but you wont make a fuss and make it hard for her. You slowly wake up to the soft sound of your moms voice, its the middle of the night but she cant nap and needs to talk to you. She’s acting a little strange and needs to get this off her chest before the big day tomorrow. She’s hesitant but eventually comes out with it, she’s attracted to you her own son. There she’s said it. Do you feel the same way, has she been imagining the light flirting and longing looks build up over the years? No, because you feel the exact same way, you have the major hots for your mother. She’s relieved she hasn’t made an idiot of herself and this might be the last chance to explore your dark desires before she commits herself to this man tomorrow. She feels more relaxed now and admits she watches real Mommy and son Fucking Porn , she imagines its you and her while masturbating furiously. You know as you found her Taboo porn on her lap top and you have been cumming hard to it too imaging fucking your real biological Mom. Sex with her husband to be will be far too vanilla, its dirty raw naughty sex with her son that gets her off. Includes Mommy sucking your dick, you jerking off onto Mommys face and tits while she talks dirty to you, Mommy riding you begging you to impregnate her with your pure seed before her husband to be does on the wedding night. Will she go through with the wedding or will she submit to her true depraved desires with her only son xx

Penny Loren, British, POV, Virtual sex, Simulated Sex. BJ, Cum on Face, Taboo, MILF, Mommy and Son, Family, Big Tits, Facial cumshot. Breeding, Impregnation.

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