Mama Fiona

Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – Bro Nut November HD 1080p

It is Bro Nut November and your wild younger sister wants to go VIRAL! I approach you and BEGGGGG for your help – all you have to do is let me jerk you off! I will record your reactions as I jerk and stroke your cock… the only catch is that you have to give the BIGGEST and BEST NUT you’ve EVERRRR produced. Like – EVER! Thats the only way I’m going to go viral, Brother. I dirty talk to you a lot about how its crazy i’m your sister and that you actually let me do this, and I notice that this kinda dirty talk makes you SUPER hard, so obviously I lean into it. Andddd then I’m going to show you my titties because honestly I think that will help to get a bigger load. I’m not getting anything out of this at all – I’m just doing what I think might work. I’m going to pull out all the handjob & blowjob tricks & dirty talk to make you blow the biggest load ever all over my titties. Give me your BEST CUMSHOT BROTHER! I HAVE to go VIRAL!

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Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – Sneaky Fuck at the BBQ with Moms BFF

I’m your mom’s BFF and this is actually the 2nd time we’re meeting…. the first being that time you came over and erm… fixed my pipes! We are trying to play it cool in front of everyone but lust gets the best of us. We sneak off to a sideroom where I shove your face into my crotch, making you lick me while I get your cock nice and hard! Then I suck you & mount you! Smacking my ass and getting super into it…. dirty talking and fucking like crazy while everyone continues the 4th of july party outside!!!! naughty boy! We can’t keep meeting like this!

PS. Don’t tell your Mom! She’d KILL me!

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Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – A Mom Son Hotel Story HD 1080p

Its your favorite classic Mother-Son scenario brought to life! Dad canceled on Mom for her business trip, son decides to tag along. Whoops! There’s only a King bed that will have to be shared, but Mom is looking forward to spending time with her boy. And you, son, are definitely looking forward to making our move. After some time, all the compliments and spying on mom is having an effect on her, so much so that she can’t stop masturbating every chance she gets. If son plays his cards right, he may have the chance to nail his own mother!

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Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello, YourFavoriteMommy – Mother Daughter Tribbing and Play HD 1080p

Our most sensual video yet! Mommy and Daughter in garters & stockings with no panties. Kissing, rubbing, and moaning in unison. You can see mommy’s hard clit going in and out of Fiona’s wet hole, driving her absolutely crazy! Lots of sexy, passionate exchanges and dirty talk, clit licking, fingering, humping, and tribbing. Fiona loves pleasing her mommy and we cum, SO hard!

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Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – Average Dick Cuck HD 1080p

You know? I’m getting reallll sick of your bullshit. First you want me to rate your average looking dick, which I do begrudgingly. I even still wanted to get it on with you tonight but you actually decide to REJECT me!??? AFTER THAT? Wow. You have some nerve. Just fucking look at me! You do not have a nice enough dick to be rejecting me – I’ll tell you that much. But fine. You want to reject me? Be that way. I’ll just go ahead and go out with my girlfriends. I return home and you expect to see a gaggle of my girls with me, but I have a surprise for you! He’s in the living room, and he’s hung af. You decided you wanted to reject me, well I’ve decided that I want to go down on and be fucked by a real man with a REAL BIG DICK. Not a small average looking dick likes yours. Nope! My new friend is cool with it, so I make you watch us as I strip down, play with my pussy, and then stick his giant dick into my mouth and give him the best big dick blowjob you’ve ever seen. I make you jerk off while we’re doing it, and then I let him fuck me doggy right in front of you. I bet you’re regretting the decision to reject me tonight now, aren’t you? I’m a size queen now – I’ll probably have to leave you since your average looking dick won’t be big enough for me. Sorry! You brought this upon yourself!

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Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – Fall in LOVE with your Momma HD 1080p

Porn Music Video

Momma loves you, and now you will fall in love with your Momma. I want you to imagine that you’re my stepson, just hanging out with me while I get ready for a party. You’re in awe, watching Momma get ready. You can’t take your eyes off me.. and you quickly slip into a daydream… a realm where you imagine Momma in ways that you’ve never seen her before… or have you? You can’t tell what is dream or reality… but you know you want to be in this realm forever. Momma wonders what you’re thinking about in that sweet little head of yours… if only she knew…. does she? Does she know what her naughty boy is daydreaming about? Only time will tell…and only in time will you realize that you have fallen deeply in love and lust… with your one and only Momma

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Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – Stepmom LOVES Cum Eaters CEI HD 720p

I’m your Stepmom and while you and I are sharing the house for the weekend, I overhear you having a conversation with your girlfriend about how badly you want to eat your cum!!!! And your girlfriend is NOT having it. You’re pleading with her, asking her to help you, telling her how its not a huge deal that you want to do this! All that bitch can do is shame you…. I’m sorry – but WHAT A BITCH! How does she not know how hot it is to watch a guy eat his cum!??!?!? Wow. I’m appalled at the way she treated you. I sneak off and later call you into my boudoir to let you know that you should NOT feel bad for wanting to eat your cum… because there are girls out there who actually LOVE to have a guy eat their cum for them! Wink wink. One thing leads to another and before you know it… your really hot stepmom is worshipping your hard dick, feeding you your cum and exclaiming how sexy you look while eating it! Shhh don’t tell anyone babe, I can’t get over how turned on I am!!!!! I know I’m your stepmom, but you can eat your cum for me WHENEVER you want….

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