Mama Fiona

Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – Mom Helps You Finish HD 1080p

You are about to rub one out when Mom comes in and starts to watch you. It gets me all riled up watching my son… and I assure you that, you never have to be embarassed to ask me for a little help sweetheart! I drop my robe, crawl on over and take you into my mouth. Swirling my tongue around your cock and balls, my curls cascading down. You ask if you can fuck me but I am hesitant… how about, for today, you just let mommy ride your cock with her pussy lips? I know that will make you really happy. I place your cock between my plump lips and grind my hips back and forth while our juices mix; I am dirty talking the entire time, loving every second of this naughty taboo act. I hop off and jerk and suck you until I beg for your cum, my son’s cum… release for mommy! Seriously babe, never ever be scared of asking mama for help! VERY SENSUAL… great for those who like sensual dirty talk and realistic moaning, a nice sensual finish.

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Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – Step-Daughter Life Ruiner HD 1080p

(Blackmail-Fantasy, CEI, JOI) WOW… WTF are you doing in my room Step-Dad!??!? I just caught you SNIFFING MY PANTIES? WTF!? You’ve got to be kidding me… omg. When Step-Momma hears about this you guys are…. wait. Maybe she doesn’t have to hear about this. Not yet anyway. Maybe I won’t tell her if you just do whatever I say… for the rest of your life AND mine! Lolololol! That’s right you creepy perv with weird fetishes like sniffing my panties and oh, I guess basically in cest right??!?!?! You’re lucky you’re hott. I’ve seen you checking me out…my nipples poking through my shirt caught your attention, oh and don’t forget your obsession with my cameltoe. Honestly since I left my loser boyfriend I haven’t gotten any action lately, you’d be the perfect replacement. I’m gonna make sure you pleasure me in any way that I want… and you can’t say a fucking thing because guess who’s running straight to my Step-Momma if you do??? HA! So aside from pleasuring me… there are a couple things I want you to do. I want you to humiliate yourself for me even MORE. You’re going to jerk your dick exactly the way I tell you to, and better yet, you’re going to eat that cum, ALL OF IT. I want you to eat your cum from here on out. Oh, you’re scared? BOO HOO!… don’t worry I have Step-Momma on speed dial so if you REALLY wanna get out of this, I have no problem ruining your life! LOL.

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Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – Super Sensual Step-Mommy JOI HD 1080p

Classic sensual JOI from StepMommy! Originally released on my OF and got THE MOST RAVE REVIEWS EVER! All of my fans loved this very very sensual step-mommy “cum 4 me babyboy” JOI. I’m wearing very sexy, strappy lingerie, my tits are perky and round, my body is hott, and I just love to have my babyboy cum for me after he follows allll of my descriptive instructions. You will lust after me, and you will love to cum for your brand new Step-Mommy 

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Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – I’ll Show YOU a MILF! HD 1080p

I am just a dowdy step-mommy cleaning up the house when I find my step-sons phone with a bunch of messages talking about MILFS. I’m mortified by his language and am disgusted because I KNOW I taught him better than to objectify women this way! Honestly though I’m not even sure what. MILF is… so I become detective-step-mommy and go on a scramble trying to discern what he could possibly be talking about. Soon after I discover MILF-hood and… well… does my step-son think I’m a MILF? HE JUST LAUGHS AT ME. And thats where my transformation begins! Him and his friends don’t think I’m a MILF? Well… JOKES ON THEM. I’ll show them who can be a MILF! And when all is said and done, I just KNOW that nobody – not even my step-son – will be able to resist my sexy, sensual, MILF step-mommy advances. 

NOTE: First of all… HOLY MOLY I WAS TURNED ON MAKING THIS VIDEO! This video sparked something in me and honestly I was wet the entire time. It’s… REALLY. HOTT. This was a custom video and it is a MOVIE! Complete with a full step-mommy-makeover, dream sequences, music montages, incredible dialogue, a CLEAR TABOO lust-build up storyline, step-mommy/stepson (B/G) sex scene… etc etc. If you are looking for a work of art that will have you on the edge of your orgasm… this is your video!!!

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Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – Step-Son’s Dirty Obsession w Bare Titties HD 1080p

Since I’ve married your Step-Dad and moved in, I’ve noticed how obsessed you are with me, and how you’re constantly checking me out. I think it’s funny so I tease you with my body, showing you how I stole your Step-Dad away from your M*om. I can see how excited you’re getting but… hm. There’s one area where you are NOT like your Step-Dad at ALL. Your cock is SO much smaller than his! LOL! You will never be a real man like him… hope all you want, but it will never happen.

I order you to jerk off in front of me while I recount to you exactly how I’ve dominated your family, and how I own you’re Step-Dad’s big dick, AND his big fat wallet. I bet you didn’t know that he has spent all of your college fund on me as well! I make sure you get right to the edge of cumming… but then something happens. A split second decision… a change of heart 

I knew you were going to spy on me and your Step-Dad fucking later. So as soon as I notice you, I taunt and tease you while you watch your step-dad fuck me…while you will never be able to receive that kind of pleasure! hahahah this torment is tooooo good! It won’t be long before I own your whole family’s bank accounts as you all wimper in the corner, having me control every bit of your life….

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Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – Lusty Slutty Step-Aunt Wants Your Cock

You are my faaaavorite step-nephew and you’re making a visit to stay for the weekend. Its definitely been a while and I am very very impressed by how much you’ve really grown! You are all grown up now, and I am throwing myself at you. I’ve been dying to take your virginity for as long as I can remember! We flirt a bunch, with my complimenting you of course… and soon we start softly kissing. I love every second of how naughty and taboo this is. You’re such a good kisser and I am eager to get my handsome step-nephews cock into my slutty holes! I go down on you with a sexy blowjob, talking about how I’ve wanted to do this naughty thing with you for years, about how I’ve always teased you… about how I knew you wanted me just as much. I then sit on your cute face and you eat your step-aunts pussy before I take your big hard juicy throbbing cock and put it inside me. I guide my pussy up and down your shaft and milk that gorgeous cock until I beg you to creampie me, your very own stepAuntie!

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Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – Breakup TLC

You are my stepson and I come into your room to comfort you a bit, because you and your girlfriend broke up. I offer some words of encouragement. I do my best, but its not cutting it because you are a wreck. And I know my boy, I know my boy is probably so horny from the lack of intimacy lately. I offer myself to you, knowing that you will want nothing more than your stepmother’s comfort. I slowly reveal my breasts, you begin to nurse from me, your cock is growing bigger by the moment. I am stunned to see how big my boy has grown, and I compliment you on your size and beauty…. your ex girlfriend has no idea what she gave up! Not after long I am mounting myself on top of you; your cock throbbing as you return to the warmth inside of your own stepmother. I am talking dirty now, letting my stepson take refuge inside of me, instructing you to fuck me with that cock I made, and encouraging you further to not worry about the girl you just broke up with. Don’t worry, because you can continue to fuck me as long as you need to! And stepmommy won’t ever break your heart 

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Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – A Closer Look HD 1080p

You are hanging out in my bedroom with me while I play on my phone. E make some idle chit chat and I shift my legs, revealing my perfectly plump and swollen innie pussy. You can’t tear your eyes away! Do you even want to? I am oblivious that you’re even looking… well… until of course I become UN-oblivious and decide to then tease you with my open legs. Is my son really staring at me like that? Is he hard? Your gaze upon me just sets something off and I decide to seduce you… come here sweetie, why don’t you take a closer look? You oblige and crawl down on the floor, placing your face on the edge of the bed, right between your mothers legs. The pussy you came from. I want you to taste me, and I spread eagle before you, giving my own son the opportunity to LICK his mother to his hearts desire. You are so good and I want to ride your face! I ride you till you make me cum, and of course I want my son to have his fill, so I flip over into doggy style where you place you fat cock inside my mommy hole and pound away until I beg you to cum inside – cream pie me sweetie! Thats the BEST place to cum! Right inside your own mother. Boy I sure am glad I didn’t wear panties today

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Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – Cum Facial Christmas! Mom Son HD 1080p

Merry Christmas darling!!! I’m in your room while you model your new pants for me. I wasn’t sure if they were going to fit so I wanted to see them on you. I help you get into them and when you turn around I spot that you have a major boner! I was already feeling frisky tonight and this is the cherry on top. I tell you not to worry, not to say a thing, and I drop down to my knees and whip out that pretty dick I made. I begin to suck you sensually while talking dirty and eventually I’m begging you to cum in my my mouth. You release your giant load all over me covering your moms face and tits… I’m moaning like crazy knowing what I just did with my own boy!!! Wow… what a wild Christmas gift this was!

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Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – First Time Mom Son Masturbation HD 1080p

a little bit bashful and SO FUCKING SEXY! You are my son and the last time we got, ahem, naughty together… I was just watching you jerk off… and eventually I saw you cum. I was very very surprised by how much the taboo interaction turned me on, and I may have masturbated to the thought of it more than once. You recently asked me, though… if maybe next time I would consider masturbating, WITH you. That was a big step but good lord the idea of it drove me wild. Masturbating with my OWN SON!??? Having you look at me, be near me… as we… touch ourselves together? its os so so so naughty! But… I wanted to do it.

So here we are, mother and son… I dressed up a little bit for the occasion. I give you a couple directions and tell you when to take out your cock, tell you when I want you to stroke it. You ask to see me… I’m soaked already. In no time at all we are fully masturbating together and talking, reminiscing, discussing all the times when you were younger and how I thought you might want your mother a little bit more than a typical boy might… discussing how I maybe watched you cum a couple times and how it drove me wild. You ask to see me in a few different positions, you want to see all of me! I am rubbing my pussy furiously and you are stroking your cock… I am bashful but I’m about to cum in front of my own son… WITH my own son. We finally let go and cum together, and as we recover from such a powerful orgasm… I passionately kiss you and am on my way…can’t believe we just did this together.

NOTE: ( I am very sexily “motherly” and almost a little moody this whole video, sort of switching betwen sexy, bashful, “strict” and mom-like w/ quick changes between each, like you see my vulnerability but then I quickly return to your typical mother… its really hott!!!!)

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