Mama Fiona

Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – Bouncyhouse Fun With Mom HD 1080p

Mommy walks in on you playing in your bouncy house. I tell you that you’re going to have to start cleaning up soon, since I have some guests coming over. You are reluctant but I give you a couple more minutes to play. When I return, you have taken off ALL your clothes! You have to quit doing this sweetie, but I do find it humorous. Actually… you saved me a step since I am planning to put you into the bath now. You ask me if we can play NOW like we do in the bath. I become shy because that’s usually a bath time thing – I can easily get away with it in the bath tub. But my little boy is asking me… how could I resist? I bend down and begin to suck your lil pee pee. It gets me so horny that I soon ask you to crawl on top of mommy; I want you to put your pee pee inside me for the first time, right here in the bouncy house. You do, and I bounce you on me up and down until I cum, begging you to push whatever juices you have inside me. I can’t believe I’ve taken it this far but… I can’t say that I regret it!

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Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – Step-Mommy’s Lips HD 1080p

*I say MøM in the video and all my other videos, not step!*

Oooooh you LOVE your stepmamas LIPS don’t you!? My lips are your favorite favorite body part and you miss them sooo so so so much. My big, fat, juicy glossy lips drive you absolutely wild as I tease and taunt you with them, sucking on my fingers, smacking them directly in front of you. How long will you be able to last once I start sucking on this cock, running my juicy lips up and down the shaft while I whisper to you, my handsome sexy stepson… making you desire my juicy wet lips and mouth even more. Mmmmm you’ll never be able to get enough of step mommy’s lips, will you hunnybunny?

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YourFavoriteMommy, Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – Catching Mommy Watching my Porn 4K (2024)

Mommy thinks she is alone in the house while watching porn. She finds herself stumbling upon Mother/Daughter videos and they excite her. Suddenly, she notices the actress looks oddly familiar. Wait! Is that her own daughter, Fiona? It can’t be! There are many videos starring her own daughter and Mommy can’t stop watching! But guess who is watching her?

Fiona slowly approaches her mom and seduces her, exposing her mother’s erect throbbing clit! Fiona feasts on her mother, bringing her talents she learned in porn home to her family. The passion increases and Fiona presents her Mom with a strap on and begs to be fucked in her dripping wet pussy. After orgasming, Fiona wants to bond with her Mommy in every way. 
You won’t believe this kinky, taboo video of Mother/Daughter connection!

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Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – Your Stepmom is a Size Queen 4K

I am your stepmom and I come into the living room to follow up on some questions you had asked me the other day: do girls love a REALLY big dick? Do they have fun with it?

At the time, I hadn’t thought too much about what you were asking, but then it dawned on me – maybe YOU have a really big dick and you were trying to gauge my interest. Well consider my interest piqued because I am now VERY curious about the size of your cock! When you whip it out, I am bashful but very delighted. I admit to you that I happen to be a size queen, and big dicks like yours REALLY tend to get me going. Not before long I am sucking and slobbering all over your big beautiful cock, and as soon as you as if I want to fuck, I am EAGER to jump on it and take you for a ride! I bounce on your big dick, commenting a lot on the size and girth and how you really fill me up. I beg you to cum inside me with my titties bouncing in your face, moaning wildly. can’t believe I’m doing this, but I can’t help myself – I LOVE a big cock! Even if it IS my stepson’s!!!!

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Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – Intimate Fuck Me in Missionary

POV Filled with mommy/son dirty talk. Oh my sweet son…. I’ve been thinking a lot about what you asked me, about how you want to feel what it feels like to be back inside your own mama. Well hunnybunny I’m ready to feel that too. Let me guide you sensually as your insert your cock inside of me where you came from and fuck me in missionary; gently, lovingly…

as I moan and whimper dirty sweet little nothings into your ears. It feels so good to have you back inside me! Watch my breasts move up and down as you fuck your mother and listen to me coax the cum out of you, right into my pussy. I love you sweet son of mine!

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Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – Lets Watch Each Other Cum Mom Son

You are my son and I am sneakily crawling into bed with you, having just finished up with Dad. I first have to give you a bit of a lecture because SOMEBODY gets a little jealous! Babydoll – mom is coming into your room to fool around with you and make you cum… you can’t expect me to not be giving ANY to your dad! Come on! I have to have a bit of a cover up! Besides, it should be enough knowing that THIS, this time with you, is my faaaaavorite part of the night! We kiss a little bit before I jerk and suck you off. Chatting here and there, saying all your favorite mommyson talk. You ask me to masturbate with you, and I am actually very eager. I love doing this with my boy. I know its wrong, but it truly is my favorite part of the night. We keep it pretty quiet – we don’t want Dad to hear… we cum together, watching each other before kissing and cuddling, drifting off. Mom loves her sweet son. It’s okay if Dad doesn’t know about this….

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YourFavoriteMommy, Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – Special Christmas Gift from Mom 4K

Mother gifts Fiona something very special this year – her very own hitachi vibrator! Fiona is hesitant, it looks intense! But Mommy assures her that she will be okay, and then begins to instruct her on how to use her new toy. Not before long, Mommy is wanting to *physically* help her daughter enjoy herself. She begins to talk dirty, touch and fondle her, caress her nipples, and eventually begins to finger her to help her daughter achieve an explosive orgasm. It’s all normal, in this taboo family

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YourFavoriteMommy, Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – Seducing My Daughter 4K

Mommy stumbles upon her sexy daughter in the shower. She finds her daughter’s panties on the bathroom floor and sneaks away to her bedroom to sniff them and touch herself. She is interrupted when her daughter enters to disclose that she has been feeling insecure about her developing body. Mommy uses the opportunity to take advantage of her vulnerable daughter. She disrobes her girl, admires her body, and begins sweetly kissing her. The passion takes over and Mommy sucks her girl’s dainty feet, tickles her erect nipples, and feeds on her juicy puffy pussy. Mommy makes her girl orgasm again and again, stuffing her fingers inside her daughter’s hungry cunt. When Mommy cannot last any longer, she lies down and lets her daughter play with her huge clit and wet pussy. Mommy shoves her orgasm into her daughter’s beautiful face and the pair finish the session, exhausted and spent!

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