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You’re suspicious of the rival team’s manager’s daughter inviting you over to her house the night before the big game, but when you arrive, she assures you her intentions are genuine, and all she wants to do is tell you how utterly impressed she is with how you’ve been playing this past season. When she asks if your girlfriend will come and root for you, you mention you don’t have one and her eyes seem to widen. She offers to give you a blowjob but you’re hesitant about her offer. She reassures you it’s not a big deal and won’t hinder your ability to play tomorrow. All she wants to do is show her appreciation for a star athlete like yourself, so you agree. Silly boy, you should have known better than to go to bed with the enemy! She’s the succubus of your nightmares and she’s about to drain you of all of your cum and energy right when you need it most, the night before the big game! You plead with her to let you leave, but it’s too late! She’ll do anything to make sure her father’s team wins tomorrow, and the only way they stand a shot is if you play at a disadvantage! Remember that thing your coach told you? How you shouldn’t cum before a big game as it negatively impacts your ability to play? Well, you should have listened to him! Because you really shouldn’t cum before a big game, especially not as many times as she’s going to make you cum! Tags: aimeewavesxxx, aimeewaves, aimee waves, femdom, female domination, fetish, kink, roleplay, role play, succubus, blowjob, cum in mouth, virtual sex, dildo, pov sex, creampie, cumshot, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary.

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