Tattooed Temptress

Tattooed Temptress – Jealous Mommy Ties You Up HD 1080p

You’ve just come back from a break at college, you wake up and your hands and feet are tied to the bed, and you’re naked! You try and pull at the ropes, and mommy walks in. She tries to calm you down, and explains why she has tied you up. She’s jealous, you’ve been spending so much time partying, talking about girls at college, and watching porn at home.

Mommy feels left out, she misses you so much, and the only way to get your attention is to tie you up. Mommy gives you kisses to reassure you, and notices your cock twitching, are you getting hard from mommies kisses? Mommy decides to help you with your growing cock, and gives you a handjob, blow job and finally riding your cock until you reluctantly cum inside her pussy.

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Tattooed Temptress – Breed Mommy HD 1080p

You’re such a good boy, mommy loves you so much. You’ve worked so hard, now it’s time to release some of that stress. I want you to make mummy happy, and fuck her pussy, it’s ok. You’re perfect breeding material. Smart, strong, and have a big cock. Mummy sucks your cock first, gets you good and hard, ready for her pussy. Then she climbs on top, and she rides you POV. Thats right, breed your mummy. You’re not allowed to cum yet, mummy will tell you when you can cum. Then we switch positions and I ride you reverse cowgirl. I tell you to cum, and you cream pie you mummy. That’s a good boy

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Tattooed Temptress – Wet Dream For Mommy HD 1080p

Mommy tucks you in, and kisses you goodnight, she knows you’ve had a stressful day and hope you feel better in the morning. As mommy leans over to kiss your forehead, her robe becomes lose, and you catch a peek at her tit, this is where your wet dream comes from…..

mommy is on your bed, stripping and teasing you with dirty talk, you become hard and she gives you a blow job before riding her sons cock cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Mommy begs for cum, and just as you cream pie mommy, you wake up…….

Mommy comes into your room, you’ve been moaning her name. She sees the mess you’ve made, but don’t worry, mommy will clean it up for you.

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Tattooed Temptress – Loving Sweet Mommy HD 1080p

Less taboo talk than other my other videos and more loving content. This video focuses on more of a soft and nurturing side of mommy.

She kisses you, rubs your hair and feeds you from her breasts as you lay your head in her lap. She tells you childhood stories, and starts to rub your penis. You’re mommy’s perfect little boy. You suck mommy’s toes and lick mommy’s pussy like a good boy, and then mommy climbs on top of you, grinding her hips over your hard penis.

This is where you belong, back inside mommy’s wet womb. Mommy wants her belly full of your cum before the night is over.

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Tattooed Temptress – Mommy Takes Your Virginity HD 1080p

You come down for breakfast and see mommy in the kitchen. She kisses you good morning and asks how you slept. She has something se wants to talk about. She has heard you wanking a lot in your room recently and she is worried for your health. Why don’t you go out and fuck a girl. All this wanking can’t be good for you. Your shy, and evenutally tell her you a virgin. Mommy is shocked. You’re such a good looking boy, mommy thinks you’ll have no problem attracting pussy. She has a suggestion. She tells you that her daddy helped her lose her virginity. Yes your grandfather! It was so amazing and special. Mommy can help you lose your virginity too if you want…..

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Tattooed Temptress – Daddies birthday treat HD 1080p

Today is Daddies birthday, and I want him to feel so special. I’ve always wanted you to see me naked. Look at the tits and pussy you made daddy. Your good girl just wants to make you horny. I know you want me too. I seduce my daddy, stripping for him. Spank me daddy. I get into trouble on purpose just to have you spank my ass. I suck daddies big juicy cock, then I ride him with my titties bouncing in his face. Only daddy can please my pussy. Then I switch position and ride you reverse cowgirl until you cum after my countdown and creampie my tight pink pussy.


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Tattooed Temptress – Bratty Daughter Turns Daddy Into Panties HD 1080p

You’ve been a shitty dad to me and I’m fed up with it, you can shout all you want but no one will hear you. I turned you into my panties. This is what you deserve! I’m going to wear you all day and all night until your dripping in pussy juice and stink. I’m never going to wash you, and you’ll live in my pantie draw until its time for daddy to rub against my pussy ass again.

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Tattooed Temptress – Big Sister Helps Virgin Brother HD 1080p

I burst into my little brothers bedroom, I need my charger and I know you had it last, where is it? I start to look through all of your messy crap on the floor, I can’t see it anywhere, can you help? I bend over frantically looking, and when I turn around, you’ve grabbed a cushion and hiding your crotch. What’s wrong? Why are you so weird every time I come into your room? You can tell your big sister….. I playfully grab the cushion and see your hard on. Does your hot big sister make you horny? How do I compare to all the other girls you’ve seen naked?….. Wait, you’ve never seen a girl naked before? You’re a virgin! That’s so sweet. So you like watching me bend over huh? Do you steal my panties too and wank over them? I wouldn’t mind if you did. In fact I’d find it really hot.

Because you’re a virgin, I’ll let you wank over my hot naked body, but you have to get naked first…..

Is that your cock as big as it gets? Aw it’s so small and cute, I love it! Now stroke your little cute virgin cock over your hot horny sister.

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Tattooed Temptress – Free Use Mommy HD 1080p

Mommy catches you watching taboo porn, now is the time to tell you how the family really treat mommy. She isn’t good for anything except being a whore. A filthy cum bucket for everyone to spunk their load into. You’re free to use mommies fuck holes whenever you want. She’s your personal slut ready to milk your cock and drain your balls whenever you want her. It’s time to use and degrade mommy.

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