ImMeganLive, Clara Dee – ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS HD 1080p

I had a very special gift for my friend! She wanted an hitachi for soooo long. So I got one for her. We were both dressed as Mrs. Claus to celebrate Christmas together. I gave it to her while we were both sitting in front of the Christmas tree. She unwrapped it and discovered her soon-to-be favorite toy 🙂 :)! She was sooooo happy! She asked me if I wanted to try it with her! I didn’t expect that! But, we went through so many things together in her life, let’s add this experience to my bucket list ahah! So I’ve played with the hitachi on her, she did it on me and we played with our tits a little. Then, I had this great idea for the finale! Why not use it on both of us at the same time in scissors! That was awesome! What a Christmas it was!

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ImMeganLive – French Stepmom wants to be friends – P3 HD 1080p

…The next morning, I called him over the phone to come back home. Since we became best friends last time, I was in the mood to do some more activities with him. So we went in the living where I prepared the chess board. He had something totally different in mind! So we made a deal, if I win, we get to watch a movie after the game, but if he wins, we still get to watch a movie but he gets a naughty reward on top of that! (You’re not going to see us play chess, simply a few transitioning seconds of it Smile ) . Obviously, I suck at this game so I won. He got his reward first. I got the lub, oiled my hands and started to stroke his cock (And it was already rock hard!) Keeping eye contact the whole time, he really loves his new best friend / stepmom Smile I made sure to make him cum so we could watch my favorite movie Smile (No cum visible to camera/implicit)

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ImMeganLive – A GENUINE FUCK HD 1080p

I know that you’ve imagined yourself spending a night with me, then bringing me in your bedroom. We strip down naked, then start kissing beside the bed. You lay down on your back with your cock real hard, I can’t resist and start sucking it. When it’s all wet, I sit on you and ride your cock while you grab my boobs. We switch to doggy, fucking me real good while holding me by my hair. You feel like you’re soon about to cum, you lay down on your back and I ride you cowgirl until you cream pie me. I just know that’s what you’ve been dreaming of with me right? Well, this is your dream on film. Experience it firsthand….and with the other hand…well, enjoy

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I just came back from doing some errands and I noticed that my son was looking at the flyers…again. We started a conversation where I was trying to understand what he keeps looking for by always going through them. He was really embarrassed about the situation, but it lead to exposing something I wasn’t expecting! He was getting gloves… Ok, but it wasn’t even winter! That was strange, he was hiding something from me. Then, I learnt that it was women’s gloves! Discovered his secret, he has a knit gloves fetish! I asked him if he ever experienced anything about his fetish before. He knows I’m very open minded mother, I wanted to make him feel what a woman’s touch feels like through the gloves, so I dropped his pants! Started to stroke his cock, my little sweetheart, he loved it! Even helped me a little more to get rid of any possible awkwardness that could be from having his mom jerking him off. I pulled out my big titties and made them bounce while stroking his hard penis. Mommy made him a very happy boy in the end, he got to let it go, all of it!

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My boyfriend comes back home after work and bring with him a Ouija board he got from the pawn shop. And that night, he asks me to play that Ouija game with him. “Of course, I said!”. So, I set the mood by lighting a few candles and installed ourselves on the floor to test it out! We open the box and then, my boyfriend makes a wish that I become sexier, more seductive and have better sex in bed with me. The board says “yes” then the lights turn off! I ask him if he paid the electricity bill!? Then the lights come back on. Me and my boyfriend accidentally summon an ancient beautiful vampire when you ask the Ouija board but seems like nothing happened. He’s pissed that this stupid game doesn’t work and leave the room. The day after when my boyfriend is back home, he found out that I make-up with gothic style (black lips, Smokey eyes with red lenses, long red hair. I seduce him to go to bed with me and warming up with him. After some blowjob, suddenly the light turned off again, when the lights turn back on, I’m transformed into the summoned vampire, with fangs and long black stiletto nails! Enjoying the transformation and my beauty sexiness and the nails luring my victim into extreme fantasy, you’re willing to completely submit to me after that. I’m slapping and scratching you with my nails all while I ride your cock cowgirl and get a loud orgasm on you. You then cum inside me to creampie me (Penetration and cum are shown). Since I’m a vampire and you’re my prey, I bend over your neck, fangs out and VERY thirsty! Enjoying the taste of your fluids in my body (Blurred parts around the mouth on this final scene for 45 seconds is normal to avoid showing the red fluid not allowed to be visible on this site) while you completely submitted to me and fade away. Intro 3m, rest is action and building up as a vampire.

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I am a housewife, me and my husband were at this party, but now that the party is over my husband had a bit too much booze and keeled over on the couch. I complain to his best friend that my husband always gets like this. I begin to flirt with my husband’s best friend and before I know it, he is touching my breast and sliding his hand up my dress. Us two begin to fuck missionary on the other couch my husband so we try to be quiet. I try to cover my mouth so the moaning is too loud but my lovers cock is too big and feels to good. I can’t help but tell him how much better his cock feels than my husbands. How I want him to stretch my pussy so my husband will know it has been used by someone else! Eventually he bends me over and starts fucking me harder. At this point I don’t care if my husband wakes up and sees me fucking his best friend. I tell my lover to fuck me harder and faster. I don’t care if we get caught! Eventually my lover cums inside me and we play a prank to my husband for when he gets back on his feet! Low after party music in the video background as well throughout the video.

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The M-I-L winds up stealing the man for herself instead of sneaking around her daughter. She demands that he breaks her daughter’s heart to date her mom instead. She decides it was time she got upgraded from “mother-in-law” to “Girlfriend”! The bad M-I-L refuses to give him a bj / refuses to ride him until he agrees to it! She decides to go from bad to properly evil about homewrecking & replacing her daughter and stealing her man for good! After all, she just couldn’t stop too much and lost out! She even wants her daughter to know her ex will be dating her mom over the phone during their sexual encounter! Then she moves on with a blowjob, pov cowgirl and pov reverse cowgirl. Then he cums inside of her ( Cum visible and drooling out ). LOTS of taboo talk, pov sex and kissing! This is an Epilogue to “BAD MOTHER-IN-LAW – COMPLETE”

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I’m in our room, wearing this red Baywatch bathing suit and I tell you that I do not want to go to your parents this weekend. I just got and idea by wearing your favorite bathing suit, if I succeed in making you cum in less than 10 minutes, you’ll go alone and I can do whatever I want! You accept the challenge. I’m starting with a blowjob, then a reverse titty fuck and ending this with a handjob until completion. Will I win the challenge?

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Part 1
A taboo roleplay scenario where a pervy guy somehow found a way to take over/go into someone else’s body. He decides to try it to take over the body of his friend’s step-mom (She knows that her sons friend is a perv, so she can be kind of annoyed with him about how pervy he is all the time around her) to play around with since he’ll have unrestricted access to do whatever he wants since he’s inside and in control of her body.

Part 2
Step-mom called her step-son’s friend to come pick up his stupid book of spells he left at her place last time he came over and used her body after possessing it. When he arrived, step-mom made sure to let him know that she was still pissed at him since last time, to grab his book and never come back! But the step-son’s friend has done it again, he started to cast the body possession spell and went into her body. Something strange happened this time, the spell somehow was backward, but it worked anyway! Step-mom was doing some laundry before. He picked up her clothes on the couch and started to try them on. He tried sporty clothes, a swimsuit and a summer dress. When he pulled out the dress, he found a small vibrator in there! He had so much fun rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy last time, he didn’t want to miss out doing it again, but this time, using this vibrator and experience new feelings! He made her body cum real hard. Then he was ready to leave her body to go back in his, but it didn’t worked! Nothing happened! He was now stuck in his friend’s step-mom body! SWEET!

Part 3
Since episode 2, now that the step-son’s friend is stuck in his step-mom’s body, life goes on and he’s trying to fit in in his new married life with her husband *** One week later time jump, husband comes home early from work and discovers step-mom on the couch in a new lingerie and checking out her body. He’s groping her and seems pretty horny. She thinks fuck it, she’s stuck in this body so she might as well! He proposes a titjob, but she doesn’t quite know how to do this, husband is really forgiving and guides her through it. It really feels like kinda a newlywed vibe as everything is new to them. Like a girl who’s eager but has no idea what she’s doing. Then he wants her to ride him and they both discovers the cowgirl fucking pleasures. Finally after he came inside of her and freaked her out (Cum visible), he tells his secret. *** SPOILER ALERT: He’s actually her. After the first possession spell, she (step-mom) read the spell book and went into her husband’s body when the step-son’s friend possessed hers. And the cherry on the cake … the cream pie just happened made the spells permanent!!!

Part 4
Since episode 3, we (step-mom and her step-son’s friend) are both stuck in these bodies thanks to the creampie that made it permanent. *** So there is a time skip and the step-son’s friend is tired of being in my body. So I cast a spell that makes unable to say that he’s him. Like every time he says he’s a man he says women. Every time he tries to say he’s “your” body he says “my” body. He doesn’t want to but his body is to act like the wife! It’s controlling how he talks and what he does. Starting with pulling my pants down to stroke and suck cock. Pulling down his own pajama and bend over to be fucked doggy. Laying down on his back to be pounded missionary. Ride me reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. The body just wants more and more while cumming on cock until he gets a creampie (Visible with cum dripping out).

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You just moved in as my new neighbor. I cooked all day and made too much, so I thought I could bring you some! I knock at your door and you welcome me. I walk my way in and ask you to show me around. We sit on the couch and I start to tease you, telling you that I actually saw you looking at me the day you moved in while I was sun tanning! I was wearing a tiny bikini, pretty revealing. So, since you weren’t shy looking at me, it’s my turn now. I make you remove your pants and underwear; I only want to see your dick! But once I saw it, I couldn’t help myself to see how hard it can be at its full size, so I tease you slowing removing my blouse, then bra, but hiding them. Giving you jerk off instructions throughout. You really got to show me you want to see those tits! I eventually remove my hands, being fully topless for you while you stroke in front of me and I watch you. I give you 10 seconds cum countdown to cum for me. Welcome to the neighborhood!

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