Shalina Devine – Elegant chick fucks horny grandpa HD 1080p

Shalina Devine, the elegant bitch fucks the horny grandpa, which makes him loose his mind. Here everything is given, from blowjob to cunt licking, wild kissing and horny fucking actions. And finally, the horny bull splatters her everything in the mouth and she licks him nice and clean.

Friends of elegant clothes and sexy stockings get their money’s worth. Also lovers of high-heels.
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Grandfather / Granddaughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Older Man / Younger Woman, Granddaddy, Grandpa, Role play

Grandpa can be such a pervert sometimes but he did make me feel pretty good the other day. He isn’t REALLY my grampa. Gramma is older but still pretty hot. She married a man that was half her age a few years ago. Honestly he isn’t too bad looking. I came in from shopping and he told me that I could not dress like a slut we argued a little bit and he spanked me. I knew what he really wanted to do but I wasn’t going there. I was tired so I went to my bedroom. He came in later and tried to chit chat with me but I ignored him. He complimented The way my ass looked in my sheer pink panty hose and asked if he could touch it . I told him to go ahead and get his jollies. He started getting into it like really into it and I told him to get off of me. He did only to come back a few seconds later and sit on the side of my bed he tried to look over my shoulder at my phone and then he crawled over me to the other side Stopping when he was on top of me he eventually was humping me. I told him again to stop and he asked Why I wear pantyhose. I explained it was because me and my boyfriend at the time were too young to have sex so I would let him rub his cock on my thigh gap while wearing pantyhose he asked if he could see what we did and how we did it so I took out my dildo and showed him. One thing led to another and we started having sex in all different positions I stayed fully clothed so I don’t think it counted but he did put a hole in them and eventually slipped his cock inside of me. He came all over my favorite shiny sheer pantyhose. YUCK! I guess I need a new pair!
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Emma Secret / EmmaSecret – FORBIDDEN!! Stepmom catches me with the old man!! HD 1080p (2022)

Grandfather / Granddaughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Older Man / Younger Woman, Granddaddy, Grandpa, Mature, Role play, German, Threesome

Ok, now I’ve really overdone it! I made out with step-grandfather a bit, but then my strict step-mother comes in and catches us. That was not good for me because the measures she then took were just too extreme and too crass! But I think I just deserved this punishment, including a strap-on and a sperm kiss, or how do you see it?
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Emma Secret / EmmaSecret – COOL! Revenge BJ with Step Grandpa HD 1080p (2022)

Grandfather / Granddaughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Older Man / Younger Woman, Granddaddy, Grandpa, Mature, Role play, German

Ok, now I’ve clearly gone too far! My boyfriend had cheated on me and I really wanted to get even with him. And since nobody was there, I thought my step-grandfather would be a good alternative. The fact that he finds me totally horny cannot be overlooked. Wink So why not start with a great blowjob, or how do you see it?
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Emmas Secret Life – Step-Daddy, Grandpa and Uncle John take my Virginity HD 1080p

Father – Daughter / Uncle – Niece / Grandfather – Granddaughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Daddy’s Girl, Daddy, OLDER MAN / YOUNGER WOMAN, ROLE PLAY, Anal

In this scenario you play my niece “Charlie”, she wants to be a porn star and a whore like her step-mom Jane and grandma Jean. You play Charlie, sitting on the bed dressed in her school uniform. You say you found a video where her step-mother and grandma were being fucked by lots of men, two and three at a time, and they even fucked each other, licking each other’s pussies when they were full of cum then kissing and swapping it back and forth. You say you don’t want to be a virgin any longer, you want to be a whore and get paid to fuck. You know you’re very pretty and all the boys at school want to fuck you, but you want older experienced men. In fact you want a gang bang with me, your step-father Chris and grandpa Gerry! Stroke your body as you get more and more turned on thinking about losing your virginity to us. Open your blouse to show your beautiful big growing breasts and talk about your developing body. Charlie’s tits are bigger than Jane’s already. Show off your gorgeous legs, then take your panties off and show us all your virgin pussy. I think it would be really horny if you kept most of your uniform on. You have three toys, one for each of us, take it in turns to suck them, talking dirty all the time pretending the dildos are us. Put them between your tits, rub them up your thighs and generally get dirtier and dirtier before starting to take us in your pussy and ass. I know you love double vag, so tell us you want us in the same hole at the same time, if you can take all three toys at once then it would be amazing, but two would be fantastic too. Loads of dirty talk to step-daddy Chris and grandpa Gerry and me, I love it when you improvise. Do as many positions and combinations that you can fit into the time and finish with cum in all your holes.
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