Xena Highvoltage – Got knocked up by grandpa HD 1080p

Grandpa is staying with me for a family reunion… At some point, I understand that my grandfather excites me very much, but I don’t show it. I’m afraid that someone might misunderstand this. But towards the end of the party, I go up to my grandfather and ask him to come to my room in the evening. I enter the room in a nightgown that shows through my body. Grandpa comes in room and starts to touch my pussy and making it wet. I can’t resist anymore and I ask him to start eating my wet pussy. I want my grandfather to do whatever he wants with me, because he can do a lot and I want my grandfather to give me pleasure! He turns me over and enters my hole, I love it so much!! At the end he cums in my pussy…Some months later I visit Grandpa with the news that I am pregnant!

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kristinaxxx – Making you slave for your grandpa

PART 1: You are my bf, you got home with your grandpa. He is very old and nurse is on vacation and we have to keep him. We sit at the dining table and while we talking grandpa suddenly touches my thigh! I am shocked,but I hide it and keep talking,embarrassed;he starts touching me more under the table and play with my pussy. I whisper to him to stop, but he’s is insistent. You have finished eating and leave me alone with grandpa, he takes my hand from under the table and puts it on top of a huge hot thing it couldn’t be a cock it was too giant, I peek under the table and wow, horse dick, I am shocked, I tell grandpa I am speechless, my bf has a very small dick, I curse you and me and grandpa insult you, but I try to calm down, I don’t want you to find out everything.

PART 2: We all watch tv together In the living room but there is only a 2-seater sofa. I tell grandpa to sit on the sofa with my bf and I can sit on the floor, grandpa offers me to sit on his legs, at first I refuse the offer to keep up appearances, then I accept excitedly and smiling. As we watch the movie and I sit on grandpa’s legs, he starts rubbing his hard cock against my pussy. I am not wearing any underwear, I tell him to be careful, he might stick his cock in by mistake lol! grandpa starts fucking me slowly next to you on the sofa. Now I am horny. I feel so good with grandpa’s dick inside, I can’t pretend anymore. Fuck it, I jump up and tell grandpa to fuck me. I admit that he’s been joking with me all this time,and now I am too turned on by his horse cock to hide it. I fuck grandpa right in front of you. You undress and take out your tiny cock while I jump on his lap, I begin to ride him vigorously. I say: “I don’t care if you watch! You’re having fun, aren’t you? Perverted! You probably wanted for this to happen! your little dick is getting hard, does it turn you on to see me fucking with your grandpa or do you turn on his huge cock? Well, now much more will happen, your grandfather will live here, he can fuck me in front of you whenever he wants. He fills me with much cum while you watch”.

PART 3: 2 weeks have passed, I say:”you have become a chronic masturbator,obsessed with your grandfather’s giant cock,I see you masturbating while watching grandfather who is always naked and shows off his enormous gift.Your grandpa sees you and insults you,but you continue,you have to be honest, now you don’t look at me anymore and you just worship grandfather’s cock, now I will marry your grandfather and then we will adapt you as our son and you will be our bitch, when I’m tired and grandfather wants to cum from now on it will be your job to make him cum with mouth,are you horny right?let’s try right now”

PART 4: I cruelly make you suck grandpa’s dick, insult you, tell grandpa to slam his huge cock on your face until it hurts, insult your small dick, I say grandpa likes to humiliate you, this excites you. I often talk to grandpa, tell him to cum.

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kristinaxxx – Cuckolding you with your alpha grandparents

I am your gf, we have just arrived at your grandparents house and you are covid positive. That means the whole house has to go into quarantine, together. I think I will get bored convinced that your grandparents are an old and boring couple and you have a very small cock and I never fuck me. When I know your grandparents, my opinion changes, they are a really alpha and interesting mature couple, very young-looking and energetic. Grandparent say that usually they always go out to have fun but now we are all stuck at home, so they tell that have nothing else to do but fuck. I don’t believe it at first. In the evening I hear your grandparents in the next room fucking for hours having sex at full volume, then it’s true they are an alpha couple of grandparents, I envy grandma. Next day I decide to spend time with my grandparents, it’s better to stay with a mature alpha couple than with you. They are completely naked, they apologize and say they always go around the house naked. Then I see your grandfather, my behavior changes, he has a huge cock, unlike yours which is tiny. I understand why your grandmother married him, It’s the big cock law. You too when you see your granpa naked you are shocked, you are embarrassed, grandpa and grandma make fun of you, you would like to leave but you can’t we are in quarantine, all day in the house I spy his giant cock swinging and dangling, the house is small and when he walks next to us his cock touches our bodies so far is hung. Your grandma noticed my gaze always fell on grandpa’s huge bulge and was proudly saying that everyone always notices her husband’s huge cock and then she asked me how was my sex life. You say you’re sad because my dick is small and limp, and that hearing from the next room a mature alpha couple like you two fucking for hours makes me envious. Grandma tells me that you are a disappointment as a grandson and she tells me that since grandpa is always hard and loaded like a bull. she can share it with me. I said yes, happy to have been fucked by your grandpa’s huge cock and to have created this friendship with your grandma. The 3 of us went to the bedroom, grandpa got hard in a second, grandma said “look at a real dick, my hubby’s nickname is mister bull”. Ithangs down to his knees, I touch it, I give a blowjob to that huge thing and meanwhile your grandma helped me hold it with one hand, it was so heavy, me and grandma put our four hands around the cock and to my surprise one side was bare. After blowjob he came and it was the biggest fountain of cum l’ve ever seen, he covered me and grandma. Then she said that her husband needs to cum 6 or 7 times a day and if he doesn’t he suffers that his balls hurt. She has the whole house dirty with sperm and she always needs to clean. From now on you will be cleaning. For the rest of the quarantine i will fuck with your grandparents and you will be a cuckold and clean up grandpa’s sperm. I love your alpha granny.

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