Kelly Payne – Best Friends Mom is a MILF2 Saturday HD 1080p

It’s finally Saturday and Kelly has convinced her son and husband to go camping and enjoy son father son time together, so you and her can enjoy some one on one time. Both of you secretly hoping things escalate further from your last encounter together (Best friends mom is a MILF) Full of smiles and almost at a loss for words as you walk into her room. She has a surprise for you, she bought a few new outfits for work and wants you to help her decide which one to wear for her next shift. You mention you stopped by the club and she wasn’t there… she laughs, she was busy. She undresses and puts on varies lingerie, dancing, and stripping right in front of you, asking what you think. The last lingerie completely exposes her breasts and pussy and she gets on her knees… and starts sucking your cock. Then she bends over and invites you to fuck her. You fuck her in varies positions until you fill her full of cum. Before you leave she makes sure you’ll be at the pool party this weekend. Oh course you will be, after all you’re her sons best friend.

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Mandy Flores – But You Are Married! HD 1080p


POV You’ve been asked to come over and console your hot friend Mandy because she found out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her. You want to help her feel better but you also secretly have been hoping for this day. Your wife is away so it is the perfect time to make this happen! First you softly caress Mandy’s bare thigh while she is describing what happened. She looks at you funny and takes your hand off of her leg, but once she starts talking again you resume your rubbing. She mentions your wife but you let her know that it’s ok, your wife is away, and you want to help Mandy feel better any way you can. She lets you continue to rub her, and after a few moments decides she needs to remove your ring before things continue. She does, and then begins to unbutton her sexy Jean shorts, turning around as they come down to show you her amazing ass. When she faces you again she is rubbing her pussy, and you reach forward and do the same, immersing your fingers into her hot silky wet pussy lips. Watch the video to see where it goes from here…….

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How many times do you think I’ve masturbated to this vid??? I get taken to Pound Town by Robby Apples & Shawn Alff! they completely fucking ruin my mouth and pussy, AND they both cum inside me at the same fucking time. This is hands down my favorite fucking vid from my last LA collab tour and you’re gonna nut so much you fill a bucket. Better send me a pic *kiss* Featuring Shawn Alff, Robby Apples, double creampie, POV double blowjob, cowgirl, double vaginal, bg threesome

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Angel The Dreamgirl – 338 Most sexy licking cock tease HD 1080p

I know about your fetish baby, you can not hide it from me. You like my legs in nylon pantyhose, even more you like when I wear pantyhose and over them stockings. I will tease you and you will kiss my feet. I get pleasure from your kisses. I enjoyed it, I give you a footjob as a gift. I play with your cock and wrap it with one of my stockings. I jerk your cock. I tease you with my tongue and my nylon legs. I wear 30 den shiny pantyhose gray. And 20 den brown stockings.

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Nurses Get Timestopped And Fucked – ROBOMEATS

Rose and Viva – Alex snuck into the hospital to steal some meds, when Nurse Viva and Nurse Rose catch him the act, they threaten to call security, but Alex isn’t going down without a fight, so he timestops them with a special timestop app on his phone. But who would leave two hot timestopped girls without playing with them first? Not Alex, so he strips them and sucks on their nipples and fondles them, then he lays Viva down and starts to fuck her, when the janitor, MaX, comes in. Alex runs away. MaX realizes quickly that the sexy nurses are frozen, so he starts to play with them too, then he lays Rose down and fucks her timestopped pussy until he cums all over her stomach. *Explicit Sexual Content

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Aimee Waves / AimeeWavesXXX – It’s OK to Cheat if your Wife Doesn’t Find Out HD 1080p

You’re showing your home to a potential buyer when she asks why you’re moving to begin with, as your home is lovely and in a great location! You mention you and your wife are trying to start a stepfamily, and she’d prefer to live in a more high-end, upscale neighborhood. The potential buyer says under her breath that that sounds like your wife, but you don’t think much of it. She tells you your house is lovely and could definitely see herself calling it her home, but she decides that she can’t buy it in good conscience. When you ask why, she tells you that you don’t seem like you want to move and you’re only doing it for your wife. Maybe you’re better off staying here and instead ditching your snobby wife, who’s only interested in having the best of the best for some bullshit social status. She then tells you how she wants to get on her knees and treat your married cock like it deserves to be treated. You know you shouldn’t be doing this, cheating on your wife, but she tells you it’s ok, since your wife will never find out! Besides, the fact that you’re even getting hard for her means you’re clearly interested. After sucking your cock and telling you everything you want to hear, she suggests sticking your dick inside one of her other holes, as it’ll feel much better. She bends over the dining room table and you thrust your cock into her tight pussy, but she says proposes going and fucking on your and your wife’s bed instead! As she’s bouncing up and down on you, she confesses something to you! She actually knows you wife from school, and fucking hates her! She’s always been a snobby bitch, and clearly always will be! She doesn’t deserve such a good husband like yourself! When you’re about to blow your load, she suggests you cum inside of her! You don’t think you should, but she promises she’s on birth control and it’ll be ok! Besides, think about how good it will feel to fill her up with all your seed, the seed you should be giving to your wife! Tags: aimeewavesxxx, aimeewaves, aimee waves, homewrecker, home wrecking, cheating husband, pov roleplay, role play, femdom sex, seduced, cock worship, blowjob, pov sex, impregnation fantasy, no condom, creampie, milf.

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