Kaya Knight And Cory Chase In JOI Instruction

Kaya Knight is wearing see-through red lingerie while Cory Chase is sitting next to her wearing a multi-colored bra and panty set. You’re sitting in front of them, and they instruct you to slowly start jerking your cock, while they pull their tits out from under their tops. You start stroking your cock while you imagine what your cock would look like in between their tits. They rub their tongues against each other and you imagine what it would feel like to have your cock in between their lips. The two MILF’s strip out of their panties and they both start to rub their clits in front of you. Cory tells you to massage your balls while you stroke your cock, so that every drop of cum will eventually come out…! They start counting down, and when they get to 1, you will finally be allowed to cum! When they get to 1, they open their mouths wide and they watch you cum. ‘Now you can clean up this mess!’ they giggle.

Cory Chase – BBC Championship Season 2 – Tryouts

Have What it Takes-

Cory Chase is showing Will Tile around the gym this morning. ‘Do you think you have what it takes to join our Championship team?’ Cory asks him. ‘Oh yeah, I’d give it 110% every day!’ he tells her. Cory isn’t sure about him, so she wants him to prove that he will be a good asset to the team. She slowly lifts her shirt up, revealing her big, enhanced tits. ‘I’m not just talking about the basketball courts. I need to make sure you have what it takes behind the scenes as well,’ she tells him, as she pulls her shorts down to the ground. Now that she’s completely naked, she tells Will that this is exactly how she motivated the rest of the team to win the championship! Will is now starting to understand, and he also takes his clothing off as well. He sits down on the weight bench and Cory starts to give him a blowjob. She sucks his cock and she even titty fucks his BBC. Then she moves into the doggystyle position and Will eats her pussy out from behind. While she is still in that position, he starts to fuck her pussy from behind. He picks her up and he continues to fuck her pussy while he’s holding her up in the air. She climbs on top of him and she rides his cock in the reverse cowgirl position next. A few minutes later, she flips over into the cowgirl position. She then stands up and leans against the rack of weights, while Will keeps fucking her pussy. Then she gets down on her knees and puts his cock in her mouth…

Nailing The Interview-

Cory and Will walk into the shower together, and she instantly turns the water on. While the water is flowing down upon them, Cory starts to stroke Will’s BBC with her hand. Cory leans against the shower wall and he starts to fuck her pussy from behind. The water drips down upon them as they continue fucking each other. He leans in to kiss her on the mouth while he fucks her pussy hard. She sucks his cock and then he fucks her pussy up against the shower wall once more. Then, she gets down on her knees, and he jerks his cock off into her mouth. As always, she swallows it all… Then she tells him, ‘your contract is good with me!’ He nailed the interview!

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Meana Wolf – HALLOWEEN MILF HD 1080p

You were late arriving to your friend Billy’s Halloween Party, and it was hard to ignore his stepmom walking around in that Wonder Woman Costume. “Everyone’s downstairs” she lamented as she started removing decorations. You see, Billy’s stepmom had forgotten that her son and his friends weren’t really interested in candy and costumes at this age. “I’m so stupid, and I accidentally ordered this costume and my ass is hanging out! See!?” Oh you could definitely see. Her big juicy ass was hard to ignore at the best of times but right now it looked absolutely insane and you felt your boner swell in your jeans just looking at her. You knew she needed a confidence boost. Older women are so self conscious… they don’t realize how badly young men want to fuck them. It must be that your boner was draining all the sense out of your brain, because you blurted out how insanely hot she looked. Then she smiled. Holy fuck… was Billy’s stepmom flirting with you? Halloween might just be your new favourite holiday.

Clip Contains: Billy would be so so mad. But deep down, you knew he’d respect it on some level… I mean his stepmom is insanely hot. Any one of your friends would fuck this Wonder Woman MILF ** Milf. Cougar. Older Woman, Younger Man. Halloween. Cosplay. Wonder Woman. Facial**

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Meana Wolf – All About Me 2 HD 1080p

It was the night before Christmas, and all through the house not a creature was stirring, accept for your crazy step-auntie Meana who had clearly broken in. You hadn’t seen her since the engagement party and you’d thought about her every night since then. You loved her crazy chaotic energy. You loved how she said whatever was on her mind. And most of all, you loved the way she sucked your cock. She just wants to be a part of this new family, and what better time than Christmas to bring people together? The only thing is, she can’t help but spoil it with her crazy antics. That’s okay, you never liked this stupid holiday anyway. Now be a good boy and fuck your step-auntie Meana under the Christmas tree.

Clip Contains: Your Christmas wish come’s true when your step-aunt Meana come’s over to totally mess up the holiday by fucking you senseless. Guess who’s going on Santa’s Naughty list? **MILF. Cougar. Older Woman, younger Man. Christmas facial

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Angel The Dreamgirl – 766 Keep Going To Stroke Your Hard Cock For My Bare Legs – Part 2 4K

This will be around a 15-20 minute JOI clip — solo with just Alice and no other person. This is also non-nude clip and you only show your long bare legs.

You are wearing a very short and tight skirt and secretary blouse like in the clip “716 She Makes You Hungry” but wear no stockings so I see your BARE legs. You are also wearing the tall louboutin closed toe so kate pumps from the same clip.

You know that I always stare at your legs and heels when you come in and you know I get really h0rny for your bare legs in tall louboutin heels.

After this first time, you say it’s not enough and you change into your nude louboutin so kate shoes (like in the clip “709 let’s test your resilience”) — and do the same thing as before.

Finally — after making me cm to your nude heels, tell me you need me to give you more as you think I am still not empty — change back into the black louboutin heels and make me build up the biggest load ever with lots of fake countdowns before making me cm hard all over your legs and shoes, and then you tell me that this should keep me satisfied for the rest of the day before you go back to work.

Be sexually dominant in the clip and give lots of hand motions and make me build up really big before letting me c*m. Lots of fake countdowns.

Camera angles — I am not picky but would like to see your legs and heels and face if possible. I like angles where I can see your full legs and heels from the side — like when you are lying across a couch or bed. But I also like to see when you walk around and cross your legs.

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phatassedangel69 – Unprotected Sex HD 1080p

You get in late from work and your girlfriend tells you she has a little surprise. She makes you cover your eyes as she leads you somewhere in the house. When you open your eyes, you see she’s drawn a bubble bath for the two of you. She knows you’ve had a really hard week.. month really. You have been so stressed and you deserve some attention, love, and care. Before getting in the tub, she scatters fresh rose petals into the water. Then she slips off her robe to show off a cute, tiny bikini she has on underneath. She climbs into the steaming hot bath and teases you with her body. Your girlfriend shows off her curves, shakes her ass, and tells you how bad she wants you. You get hard and she slowly slips off her bikini bottoms. You put a condom on, the way you always do when the two of you get intimate, but just as things start to happen, she leans in close to your face and tells you how badly she wants to feel you inside of her… bare. She loves that you want to be safe, that’s so sexy, but it’s about time the two of you felt eachother without anything in the way. As she’s looking into your eyes and whispering to you how much she wants to feel you for the first time, she’s already slipped off the condom. She puts your cock into her mouth, and starts to lick and suck you in a way that really lets you know just how badly she wants this. She turns around and teases your hard cock with her ass, urging you to get into the tub with her. You climb in and she slowly sits back onto your dick, feeling you without a condom for the first time. She rides you in this position until she tells you to bend her over the side of the tub and fuck her. Eventually she ends up on all fours in doggy, and begging for you to cum inside of her. She needs to feel you as you climax, and pump her full of your cum… the sensation of your throbbing, cumming dick makes her orgasm. It’s heavenly. She plays with your cum as it comes leaking out of her, she loves having unprotected sex with you. Turning around to look you in the eyes again, she offers you a full body massage… she really meant it when she said you needed some TLC.

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GirlOnTop880 – Best Friends: A Love Story, Episode 1 HD 1080p

You and I had been the best of friends for all of our lives. I could always count on you, even through a reckless engagement followed by a far more fucked up breakup.

Until today, I thought that being your friend was enough, but looking at you in this light makes it impossible to remember a moment in which I didn’t want you to devour me completely.

Until today, I thought that love happened by accident, but it doesn’t. It’s the culmination of years of perfect moments disguised as mundane, everyday life.

For Fans of: GFE, Romantic, Virtual Sex, Roleplay, POV, POV Riding, POV Missionary, Big Tits, Bouncing Tits, Best Friends, Friends to Lovers, Creampie, Moaning Fetish, Dirty Talk, Sweatpants, Sweatpants Fetish, Curves, Eye Contact, GirlOnTop880, ShesOnTop

Best Friends: A Love Story, Episode 1 by GirlOnTop880

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