Paintedrose – The Birthday Massage: Step-Son’s Stiffy HD 1080p

You get home from practice and Step-Mom is waiting to give you a massage for those sore muscles. She says the cake and presents can wait because you’re hurting. She says that you will have to strip down and that you get a special massage now that you’re old enough. Why is she wearing panties and a bra and sitting on top of you? Rubbing your hard young muscles like a horny MILF! She bumps into your stiff boner and pulls back the towel. She smiles and let’s you know that she is happy to work out this hard and swollen muscle. Oh ya – this is happening! Step-Mom sucks you, fucks you, twerks on your big dick and rides it until you blow a hot cream pie raw in her MILF Pussy!

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Paintedrose – Mommy’s Yoga Pants: 1st Boy Boner HD 1080p

You and Mommy are having a stretch and tone afternoon and she’s wearing yoga pants with a thong! Step-Mommy doesn’t know that you look at her butt when she is exercising and that you don’t really understand why you can’t look away. After some stretching, you tell Mommy you are hurting – down there and she is surprised but explains everything and how it’s ok. Mommy teaches you how to make it stop hurting by demonstrating a handjob and how to masturbate. She said it’s special between you that she be the one to teach you about your first time and then she starts acting different – flirty and ‘turned on’ as she called it. She says she can teach you lots of fun things and you agree as she’s popping off her top and yoga pants. This is a full virtual sex roleplay fantasy with Step-Mommy Fetish, Doggy Style, Missionary, Cowgirl, Close up, Full on close up squirting orgasm, and a ‘cum for Mommy’ finish. Dirty Talk – really dirty lol.. Thank you!

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Paintedrose – Your Mom’s A MILF: Sharing Is Caring 4K

You have a friend over for movie night and snacks from school and he’s really cool and older then you. While he’s finishing his pizza, you tell Step-Mom that he said you’re a MILF. She explains your friend just think she’s a cute girl – no big deal. Movie night is awesome but you get sleepy and so Step-Mom send you to bed. You heard a loud noise and woke up and saw then doing sex on her bed. They were licking each other’s private parts and he was putting his big cock inside of your Step-Mom and she was making noises. Watching gave you a feeling of pressure and you started rubbing and pushing on your own penis. Just then, Step-Mom comes out and is surprised to see you there. She asks if you liked what you saw and you nod yes. Step-Mom begins sucking on your penis like a lollipop. She tells you she doesn’t want you to feel left out and that you have a beautiful penis. It’s not as big as his because you’re still growing. Step-Mom asks you to watch her make your buddy cum again to teach you how. You give Step-Mom a mouthful and your first facial. This video is fucking HOT! I hope you love it – one of my best!

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Paintedrose – Dad’s New Wife: Blackmail Blowjob HD 1080p

Rosie is your new Step-Mom and she’s working out ok but, you have other ideas for her. She’s headed out for the evening while Dad is out of town and she asks do you need anything and has a little heart to heart chat about trying to be a good Step-Mom. She comes back late and you know exactly where she was – out dancing and not with her girlfriend. You catch her coming in late and try to blackmail her for a blowjob. Rosie is one step ahead of you. She tells you to show her your dick and if she likes it, she will suck it. Rosie gives you the blowjob of your life and then turns the table on you with news that she received your report card in the mail. Rosie orders you to her bedroom because she has plans to NOT tell Dad about your grades.

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Paintedrose – Do It For Dad: Taboo Impregnation HD 1080p

Stepmom comes in to find you tired and resting on the sofa. She apologizes for the noise from the squeaky bed. She tells you Dad has been trying to get her pregnant for months with no luck. She tells you a secret that she doesn’t think she will become pregnant because old Dad can’t stay hard and rarely is able to ejaculate. You wish you could help and just then, sweet StepMom has a great idea that you should knock her up and do it for dad to make him happy. After all, you look just like your dad and he’d never have to find out and be hurt by it. You feel guilty but she pops off her top and starts to suck on your hard dick and becomes a wild primal lusting for your cock and cum. Dad can’t find out! She’s wearing a thong and pulls it to the side and rides your stiff one from the back – you’ve been fantasizing about this for years and now it’s happening! She wants you to breed her and lays on her back to take your taboo love seed and get pregnant. She begs and demands that you CUM inside of her. She suggest you be ready for more ‘trying’.

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Paintedrose – Grandma’s Cookies: Fuck Boy Training HD 1080p

Your Step-Mom sends you to live with Grandma because you were sexually aroused by her panties. Good thing for you, Grandma doesn’t mind you being a little pervert and in fact she loves it! Grandma let’s you watch her shower, and bake, and gives you used panties to sniff. You’re Mom has always been a prude but, Grandma truly understands and that’s why you’re her favorite. Grandma says in exchange for taking care of you, that you are going to take care of her too. She wants you to serve her sexually. Licking, sucking, and kissing all of her private parts at her command. You do want your good boy rewards, it’s a lot more than delicious cookies. In this film, you will train to be my sweetheart and be rewarded for good behavior.

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Paintedrose – Homewrecking Cougar Neighbor Seduces You HD 1080p

Home wrecking Cougar Neighbor Seduces You: Rosie’s divorce was just final! She’s celebrating and wishing she had some big dick! Just then, her doorbell rings and it is her new neighbor who she convinces to have a quick beverage even though his wife and family are next door waiting. She pours him a glass and feels his big arms. She likes his muscles and accidentally spills her beverage on him. He removes his pants and underwear in the bathroom, she is secretly peeking and finds out he is HUGE. She gets his number before he leaves because she needs help with fixing a table and he fixes things. The next day, Rosie sees his wife leave with the fam for the weekend and Rosie calls neighbor to ask if he has time to fix her table. When he arrives she’s dressed sexy and has sex toys on her bed…ooops she forgot to put them away. How convenient! She teases him that they are probably too naughty for him. She offers to pay him with sex for fixing the table, knowing how he’s been looking at her feet, legs, tits, and ass. He gives in making her promise not to tell his wife. He says his wife won’t do naughty things. They lick and suck eachother, he uses the vibe in her pussy and makes her cum with his tongue. He plays with, massages, and kisses her feet too. They suck and fuck and fuck some more. He cums in her pussy and mouth some and they keep at it! Then Rosie passionately blows him for 13 minutes at the end for a pov style blowjob and facial mouth cumshot! She’s got him hooked and caught! Custom Video.

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Paintedrose – Mommy-Girlfriend: Taboo First Time HD 720p

Mother / son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies, Mommy, Cougar, Mommas Boy, OLDER WOMAN / YOUNGER MAN, Role Play, Big tits

Step-Mommy is working out and has you join in and gives you a smaller set of weights. She’s impressed with how strong you are and asks to touch your muscles to see how hard they are but, then Mom notices your hard penis! Mommy tells you to not worry and that it’s normal. She suggests if it is hurting to start rubbing and shows you how. She resumes her workout but as she gets hot, she begins removing clothing and you get to see it all while she is doing various poses and movements. Mom encourages you to keep rubbing the pain away but then she gets closer and watches you with delight. Mommy tells you that she’s going to be your first girlfriend as gives you a hand job. Then she leans back and has you stick it in the special love hole. Mommy teaches you how to fuck and cum inside with taboo dirty talk and a wet shaved pussy. This is a femdom taboo roleplay fantasy of step-mom and step-son in an exercise scenario.
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Paintedrose – Rainy Day: Step-Mom Rubs on Step-Son’s Privates HD 1080p

From: PaintedRoseLive – Fetish Videos

Stepmother / Stepson Incest, Taboo, Family Fantasies, Stepmom, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, Cougar, Mommas boy, STEP-MOM, Older Woman / Younger Man, Dad’s Wife / Husband’s Son, ROLE PLAY, step mother, step son, step mommy

It’s raining and thundering and very boring to go outside and play. You see step-mom watching TV and come in to see if she wants to hang out. Step-Mom invites you to lay down with her. You hesitate because she’s only wearing a bra and pantyhose/see through leggings. She says it’s ok so you get in and can’t stop looking at her body. You get hard and step-mom asks you about it. You say its because of her. She asks if you masturbate yet and you say yes. Step-Mom says its ok. You’re too young for sex but she will stroke you. She gets turned on so she rubs her pussy on your erection and tells you to cum. She says you guys can do this new playtime everyday!
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Paintedrose – The Deal: One Time and Don’t Tell Anyone HD 1080p

Stepmother / Stepson Incest, Taboo, Family Fantasies, Stepmom, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, Cougar, Mommas boy, STEP-MOM, Older Woman / Younger Man, Dad’s Wife / Husband’s Son, ROLE PLAY, step mother, step son, step mommy, Big tits

You walk in to see Step-Mom cleaning with no panties and a short skirt. She usually at least has panties on and now you can’t hide your erection any longer. You tell your Mom why your face is red, you’re embarrassed because of your erection. She feels terrible when you tell her that it’s her outfits and that you tried to look away but that it is her fault. Step-Mom feels so bad that she tells you that you need to masturbate to feel better and get the erection to go down. You ask if she can help by letting you look at her posing for you and she reluctantly agrees as she knows now that she should have dressed more appropriate in front of you. Back in Mom’s room she is deciding whether to go through with this and begins to dance in her lingerie and then you come in and talk her into helping you since you’ve never seen a real girl naked before. You ask Mom to pose, and then show her boobs, then pussy, then ass. You tell her you want to touch her pussy with your dick and she then agrees but before you know it, you are fucking Mom doggy style and then ask her to ride your dick like the girls do in porn films. You ask Mom if you can cum inside of her and she tells you that it’s already gone too far and this will be the first and last time! Bonus Rosie scene at the end – long toy session and real orgasm. Hey I get horny filming lol!
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