Rachel Steele

Rachel Steele – MILF 1832 – The Inheritance Test

Rachel’s husband has passed away and his 500 million dollar trust is up for grabs between Rachel and her step-son. So the late Mr. Bellows has come up with a contest for all of his assets. Knowing how Rachel has always had her eye on the young step-son and Vice versa how his Step Son had eyes of lust for Rachel, he devised a contest for his money. Rachel had 48 hours to get the step-son into their bedroom and have wild sex with him. The challenge for the horny womanizing step-son, resist Rachel’s overtures for 48 hours. The catch, both must stay in the house and the same room as the other and so the clock starts now!

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Rachel Steele – MILF 1830 – Mother’s HeartBreaking Agreement

Rachel, her son, husband, and son’s best friend all travel to a foreign land for an amazing getaway. Upon returning to their villa Rachel discovers they have been robbed of her passport. The perpetrators left a note instructing Rachel to star in a cock sucking blow job porn scene with her son, they advised her to show up at an address ready to shoot or no passport. Rachel decided to use her son’s friend instead last minute. Will she get her passport back or will the big busty milf suck her son’s best friend’s cock for free?

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Rachel Steele – Classic MILF 990 – Best Friend’s Hot Step-Mom, Alex Visits

Rachel’s step-son and husband are away in Europe. Rachel’s sons best friend Alex knows that Jeremy is away all month. This is his opportunity to try to make a move on Rachel. He had been around the family for a long time and he knew the marriage was one sided. Rachel was lonely but never admitted it. Alex had a massive crush on her since he was little. He knew her moods and her feelings just by observing her so many years. He dreamt of one day pleasuring her the way she deserved. He came to visit using an excuse that he had a fight with his folks and needed a place to stay a few days to let things cool off. Rachel welcomed him in with open arms. He was one of her favorites. As she went about her normal activities Alex watched every elegant sexy move she made. Her piercing green eyes to her long sexy legs, He could not tire of her presence. Rachel was oblivious to his infatuation. She innocently flirted with him and spent time with him. She felt some of her needs being met with him around and it pleased her. One afternoon as she changed in her dressing room Alex watched her. He saw her pulling up her silk stockings and slipping on her tight satin pencil skirt. He could see the garter through the skirt it was so tight. Her cleavage was amazing. He just wanted to bury his face in it. He watched her every chance he could. Rachel came home from work and told him she was taking a short nap. She leaned on the pool table as she talked to Alex. He had to convince himself not to stare at her abundant cleavage. Alex had been with her for a week now and he could not jerk off anymore. He wanted to make his move. He snuck in and laid next to her. He gently pulled her tits out and sucked her erect nipples. He moved down to her lace clad pussy, moving her panties off to the side he opened her lips and licked away. Rachel moaned in pleasure. She thought she was having another wet dream. She opened her eyes to find Alex between her legs and her juice on his lips. She was embarrassed that her pussy was so wet so fast. He smiled at her. Rachel questioned him a bit but he convinced her it was the right thing to do and it would remain a secret. Rachel promised him if he bragged about this and it got out that he too would have consequences to pay. He agreed, it would remain a secret. Alex was so turned on by Rachel’s expertise that they never made it to intercourse. She rubbed her body up against him like a cat in heat. Rachel worked her way down his stomach to his cock. She took him in her wet warm mouth and moaned. He felt the vibration and her hand stroking him. Her tongue swirled around his cock like a coiled snake. She slipped up and down just a few times, occasionally stopping to make a sexy comment. Alex looked into those hot green eyes and told her he was going to cum. Just as he finished his sentence she opened her mouth to savor every drop. He shot 4 or 5 times, Rachel managed to get it all. She wanted him even more after their time that afternoon. Rachel asked him to make an excuse to stay longer so they could take their relationship to the next level. They fell resting in each other’s arms, both with a slight smile on their lips.

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Arianna Labarbara, Rachel Steele – MILF 303 – Aunt Arianna

Rachel has not seen her step-son in three years. He has been out of the country at school. Josh is coming home to visit. Rachel invited her step-sister Arianna over to welcome him home. The two women sipped and waited for him. Arianna confessed she had sexual thoughts about Josh. Rachel was shocked. She knew her step-sister was wild but her step-son? Rachel asked her to explain. Arianna told her he was a hot young man and there was nothing wrong with her thoughts. Rachel wanted to talk more but her step-son opened the door and walked in. Arianna jumped up and gave him an inappropriately long and tight hug. Rachel broke it up and hugged him herself. She took a look at how he had filled out, he was a man now. They sat down and again Arianna put her arm around him and crossed her leg over his. Josh felt a rise in his pants. Rachel pounded the rest of her down. She looked at her step-son and Arianna; she crossed her leg over Josh’s. He was in shock with their request to teach him about older women. They took him to the bedroom. Rachel knew what was going to happen, Josh was not resisting so she figured why not. They stripped him naked and slowly stripped for him. They sucked his cock and jerked him. Rachel sat on his face and he ate her until she came. Arianna sat on his face and came too. He fingered them both at the same time as they sucked and jerked his cock. When he was ready to cum Rachel had Arianna jerk him in her mouth and all over her face. They all cuddled after that. He would remember this day for ever.

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Dallas Diamondz, Rachel Steele – MILF 1296 – Desperate Housewife, Convincing Cougars HD 720p

Dallas was the privileged wife of a millionaire businessman. She lived in a fancy mansion and never had to do a day’s work. All her time was spent enjoying herself by relaxing, shopping or going to parties. The only thing she lacked was sexual attention from her husband. His business schedule meant he was seldom at home. On the rare occasion that he was, he never had the energy to give Dallas the kind of passionate fucking that her super-horny nature craved. As a result, Dallas turned to seducing the various young maintenance men and pool boys who came over. She felt no guilt about cheating on her husband. She had married for money, not love. Besides, she believed her husband had only himself to blame for her disloyalty. Dallas was so brazen about her affairs that she even told her step-sister, Rachel, about them. Rachel was almost as mischievous as Dallas. Although she thought Dallas taking risks, she agreed to help her out by watching her back. Rachel sometimes thought about enjoying some extra-marital action herself. Like her step-sister, she was not getting what she needed from her husband. On a typical day together, the siblings were idling on the living-room couch in Dallas’ mansion. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Dallas opened it to see one of her favorite lovers – the maintenance man, Aaron. In an instant, the wayward wife and the young man were in each other’s arms – kissing passionately, pulling at each other’s clothes. They then moved into the kitchen for more privacy. Having freed Dallas’ big tits from her pretty polka-dot dress, Aaron greedily fondled them and suckled upon their aroused nipples. Dallas hadn’t had sex for several days, and was now feeling hornier than ever. Bending over a table, she begged Aaron to take her hard from behind. The young lover obliged. He pounded Dallas with such that her body shook. Her pleasure was so great that she moaned and cried out at the top of her voice. From the living-room, Rachel listened in – amazed at the intensity of her step-sister’s enjoyment. Her attention was so distracted that she did not hear the front door open and another young man enter. His name was Brad, and he was a friend of Dallas’ husband. He had been staying over at the mansion for a couple of days. Instantly he heard the tell-tale of signs of fucking from the kitchen. By the time Rachel realized Brad were there, it was too late for her do anything. He interrupted Dallas and Aaron in the act, and told the young maintenance man to get going. Aaron nervously pulled up his pants and left. Meanwhile, Dallas straightened her dress. Later, Brad sat with her and Rachel in the living room. He kept his cool as he criticized them for what they had done. Both sisters made excuses, and tried to justify their actions. Brad would not hear it. Feeling tired and unwell, he got up and went to his room to rest. In parting, he hinted that he would tell Dallas’ husband all about her adulterous activity. After he was gone, Dallas and Rachel began to panic. They fretted about the possibility of Dallas’ husband divorcing her. As Rachel had played a part in her step-sister’s cheating, she worried about what her own husband might do. He was very moral, and would be furious at his wife’s behaviour. Neither step-sister cared about losing the men themselves. It was the loss of money that really bothered them. Putting their heads together, they decided that they had to find some way of soothing Brad and getting him to change his mind about informing on them. Naturally, they hit on a plan that involved sex and seduction. They had always found it their most effective weapon against a man. A short while later, the step-sister’s were ready to go. They had both gotten changed into sexy robes and set up a video camera to record all that would happen in Brad’s room. With luck, it would give them important leverage over him later on. Now they walked in on Brad. He was still in bed, though feeling much better after his rest. Immediately the two sisters were all sweetness and flirtation around him. Together they removed their robes – Dallas revealing her self completely naked, Rachel revealing herself in some hot lingerie. Both of them had great figures and lovely big tits – the sight of which greatly weakened Brad’s self-control. Climbing on to the bed, the sisters began touching and caressing him. Softly they asked him not to tell Dallas’ husband about the scene he had witnessed earlier. Brad soon showed signs of obeying. His proud righteousness had all but given way to a typical young man’s urges. But Dallas and Rachel wanted to win him over completely. First they stripped him out of his clothes. Then Rachel kissed him while Dallas pulled his cock from his pants and began to stroke it. After a while, the step-sister’s switched roles. Rachel’s next move was to take off her bra – uncovering her spectacular tits – and lean over to take Brad’s cock into her mouth. She was joining in her step-sister’s adulterous games at last. She sucked and licked away for a long, sensual time. Then Dallas joined in. Together they pulled out all the stops to please Brad. Sometimes they ran their tongues over his cock head in unison. Other times they took turns licking all the way up his shaft and deep-throating him. Later, Dallas straddled him, slipped his cock into her hungry pussy, and fucked him passionately from on top. She moaned and gasped, and her tits shook with the vigour of her actions. Rachel passed the time happily watching while fondling Brad’s balls. Before long, she got her own fucking from the young man. He took her on her hands and knees, driving his cock deep and hard into from behind. Rachel gasped and cooed at every thrust of the man-meat – loving it just as much as her step-sister had done. Glancing at her marriage ring, she grinned. It turned her on to look at it while cheating on the man who had given it to her. Revelling in the wickedness of it, she told Brad that his cock was much bigger than her husband’s. At one point, the two sisters shared a long, taboo kiss. Finally, they teamed up to work their oral-magic on Brad once again. The both them having sucked him more sensually and deeply than ever, Dallas gave him a last hungry mouth-fucking while Rachel stroked him at the same time. They smiled excitedly when he shot his load – high, hard and fast. Afterwards, the two cheating wives snuggled up with their husband’s fickle friend. Brad had been completely converted by them, and had promised to forgive and forget what had happened before. Dallas and her step-sister could not have been more happy. They had saved their butts – and gotten a wonderful new lover in the process.

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Rachel Steele – Classic MILF 1247 – Perverted Peeping Step-Son

Rachel was the model of a cool and sophisticated MILF. She wore elegant outfits, pinned her hair up in an immaculate style, and carried herself with immense grace and dignity. She could have had her pick of men, but had not seriously dated since her divorce. The only man in her life was her step-son Richard – with whom she lived alone in a plush mansion. Rachel was strict with Richard, and she believed him to be an obedient, clean-minded young man. This was a mistake. In truth, Richard was filled with a secret forbidden longing for his step-mother – born of the many years he had spent in her sexy and aloof presence. His desires grew so strong that he ended up buying a porno magazine featuring taboo step-mother-step-son relationships in order to have a vicarious outlet.

Then, one morning, he could not resist sneaking up to his step-mother’s bedroom door and peeking in on her while she got dressed for work. Rachel had no idea of the liberties her step-son was taking. Fresh out of her nightie, stark naked except for a pearl necklace, she unwittingly gave him a show by bending over, stepping into a pair of panties and slowly sliding them up her long, sleek legs. Next she put on a suspender belt and a bra. Richard watched his step-mother’s every move during her reverse strip. There was something sexily precise and ritualistic about the way she rolled up each stocking, pulled it over her foot, unravelled it over her leg, and fastened it at the top of her thigh. Following this, Rachel slid her feet into some white shoes, pulled on a tight black dress, and donned a crisp white blouse. Now, with her dressing complete, she stood looking typically classy.

Meanwhile, Richard slipped away without ever being detected. Later, in the kitchen, Rachel rustled up breakfast and called her step-son down. While he sat quietly eating, she talked to him in her usual, firm way. She stressed that he should try for better grades at school, then gave him some household chores. It all seemed like perfectly normal step-mother-step-son interaction. Then, as she moved around the kitchen, she became aware of Richard’s gaze touching on her stockinged legs and her tight-skirted butt whenever he thought she was not looking. She resisted confronting him about it, and eventually left to go upstairs.

Richard himself was just leaving for school, and he took the opportunity to follow his step-mother out so that he could watch her from below as she ascended the steps. He got an excellent view of her calves, and saw right up her skirt to the tops of her suspenders before he had to go. Now that she was alone, Rachel went straight to her step-son’s room. She was bothered about his behaviour and wanted to see if she could find some clues to explain it. On searching through his closet, she found a can of lubricant and one of his step-mother-step-son themed magazines. The latter shocked her. She had never thought about such relationships, and was unsure what to make of them.

Then, suddenly, she felt excited – intrigued by their incredibly taboo nature. Sitting back on her step-son’s bed, she pulled up her skirt, parted her legs, rubbed herself through her panties, then pulled their crotch aside and vigorously fingered her exposed pussy. Soon she was thinking aloud while pleasuring herself – running her tongue over her lips as she spoke of mothers and sons committing the ‘I’ word. Her juices flowing, she thought of Richard – of his youth and virility. It drove her wild to imagine him jerking off while spying on her. Eventually, after plenty of moaning and groaning, after licking her pussy-wetted fingers a few times, she had an intense orgasm. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced before, and it heralded an entire change of character for her.

From that moment on, Rachel could not stop playing with herself while thinking of step-mother and sons, and especially of her and Richard. She went downstairs and lay back on the couch. No longer wearing her skirt, yet still as elegant as ever, she lay with her long legs spread, and worked a vibrator on her pussy. Her blouse was unbuttoned in the middle, and her big tits – freed from their bra – burst through the gap in all their glory. She could not wait for her step-son to come home and see her that way.

Before long, she got her wish. While Richard stood looking at his step-mother in awe, Rachel started speaking to him in a voice full of invitation. She laid all the cards on the table – revealing how she had figured out that he had been looking at her, and telling him of what she had found in his room. There was no need for Richard to panic now. His step-mother clearly wasn’t angry about it. Instead, she spoke of how aroused she was on seeing that ‘I’ themed magazine of his. Stroking her pussy, she asked him if he would like to take the place of her vibrator. She would have bet the house that he would want his cock in his step-mother’s pussy more than anything in the world.

She constantly touched herself, assumed various sexy poses, and spoke teasingly to her spellbound step-son. To turn him on was to turn herself on. Finally, she told him to go upstairs, get undressed, shower, and then go meet her in her bedroom. Richard’s long-held fantasy of fucking his step-mom would be made a reality at last. Eagerly the young man went up to get ready. Glancing back over the stair rail, he saw his step-mother lying back, fondling her tit and playing with her pussy once again. Judging by her horniness, she was going to show him an unforgettable time. It was a remarkable change on Rachel’s part. Not even she could have guessed at the taboo urges lurking beneath her elegant exterior.

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MILF 1828 – Married MILF Creampied HD 1080p

Rachel Steele is in new york city for her 10-year anniversary. her husband a wealthy business man in California phoned her to tell her he wasn’t going to make it, a business first he said. heartbroken and furious Rachel set out to find a bar. on her walk she came upon a young man who was having phone trouble, he was very upset. Rachel offered her place for him to charge. As they headed to the apartment Rachel began to have naughty sexual thoughts and fantasies about him. Rachel was so let down this time around and decided she was going to fuck this hot young cub. She slipped into some sexy lingerie and presented herself to him. The young man got hard instantly, Rachel took his cock and went wild, jerking, sucking, edging, riding, tit fucking, until cream pied her juicy pussy.

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Rachel Steele, Stacie Starr – MILF 1540 – Taboo Tales, The Perfect Storm HD 1080p

Aunt Nephew Incest

Rachel and Stacie were sisters of very different temperament. Whereas Rachel was an extrovert cougar, Stacie was prim and inhibited. The one wore outfits that hugged her body and showed off her big breasts and long legs. The other was a bespectacled, conservative dresser. Although they were good friends at heart, they often clashed in their attitudes. The night before this story begins, they’d been to a club. There Rachel had danced and flirted and strutted her stuff in the presence of several young men. Stacie had seen it and disapproved greatly. Now, as they checked into a hotel with their nephew Max in tow, there was still some tension between them over what had happened. Things were made even worse when they found there was no electricity in their room. It turned out that the hotel was having a problem with the power-breaker, and that it could not be fixed until the next day. The place was in disarray, and the management had been to change some of the rooming arrangements. Thus, Rachel, Stacie and Max would have to share the same room, rather than occupy single ones – as they had originally intended. The two sparring sisters were none too pleased about being stuck so close together, but there wasn’t much they could do about it. Max did not mind himself. He had always liked his aunts, and actually found their arguments amusing. That was good for him, because Rachel and Stacie still had a lot of arguing to do. The subject remained Rachel’s behavior on the previous night. Stacie criticized it and lectured her step-sister, and Rachel answered her back defiantly. She even demonstrated on Max some of the grind-dancing she had done. Stacie thought it very impropriate for an aunt to do such a thing on her own nephew, but Rachel did not care. Max did not mind either. While Rachel was in the bathroom getting changed, he actually told his aunt Stacie that she should be a more open and fun-loving woman. He said she was hot and beautiful, and ought to make something of it. Curious, Stacie asked if he really thought it would be right for her to act like Rachel did. Here she gave an example by coming up to Max and pressing herself against him so that he could feel the swell of her big-breasted and voluptuous figure. In a small, subtle way, the relationship dynamics instantly changed between the pair. Meanwhile, Rachel came to the door to see what was going on. She was already stripped down to her underwear – confidently baring her own luscious body to the eyes of an admiring nephew and a disapproving step-sister. Later, back in the bathroom, she removed the last of her clothing and climbed naked into a foamy-watered tub for a long and sensual soak. When bedtime came, Rachel appeared before Max and Stacie wearing some sexy lingerie. It was her preferred napping attire, she explained. Stacie shook her head upon seeing it. Again she questioned her step-sister about whether it was right to dress in such a way in front of their nephew. But Stacie had actually donned some revealing lingerie of her own. She had expected Rachel to do so, and therefore wanted to play her at her own game to make a point. This was all fine with Max. Presently, after some fretting by Stacie, the trio agreed that they may as well all share the same bed since it was so big and comfortable. Max ended up being in the middle – happily snuggled between his two delicious aunts. Soon after, he got a wonderful surprise: The horny and shameless Rachel wanted to get it on with him! Eagerly he welcomed her on top of him and entered into a long, open-mouthed kiss with her. But just as things were warming up, Stacie awoke and turned over to face Max. Rachel and her nephew had to perform the swiftest of cover-up moves not to be caught in the act. It proved successful, and Stacie did not suspect a thing. She did, however, wish to get intimate with Max herself. In a short time her character had undergone a surprising change. She no longer wanted to be thought of as a prude. She wanted to overcome her hang ups and compete with her step-sister to become Max’s favorite aunt. The young man happily welcomed such hands-on vying for his attention. Within moments he was embracing Stacie and kissing her hotly. Rachel heard this sensual action, along with some disrespectful comments about her from Stacie. Growing annoyed, she sat up to confront Max – while Stacie swiftly lay down and feigned being resting. In questioning her nephew, Rachel antagonized Stacie to the point that she could not hold off getting involved. Another argument ensued – this time about who was a better aunt to Max. Eventually the two rivals came to an amazing agreement to share their nephew! From then on, Peace reigned between the pair. Upon the delighted Max they worked as a perfect cougar tag-team. Neither was Stacie at all shy any more. She wanted to learn every lover’s trick she could from Rachel. And so the fun began in earnest. First there was some hot, tongue-twining, make-up kissing between the sisters. Then they brought their nephew in for some three-way mouth action. After a while, Rachel lifted her breasts out of her bra to expose her nipples for Max to suck upon while she lay over him. Greedily the young man took them into her mouth and fondled the full flesh of her breasts as they dangling above her face. Stacie, who had just removed her panties, went on to replace her step-sister in due course. Straddling her nephew’s head, she have him her pussy to lick, and ended up moaning and gasping wildly from the expert working of his tongue. Then Rachel enjoyed the exact same position with him – and likewise thrilled at his long and sensual, pussy-pleasing performance. It was such an experience for the step-sister’s that they both begged him for more. This he managed to give them – simultaneously – by having them get down on their hands and knees, alongside each other, with their butts raised. He then treated their exposed pussies to an epic licking and finger-fucking from behind. It sent both women into peals of breathless, moaning ecstasy. Afterwards, the they gratefully repaid their nephew by joining to stroke his suck his cock. The less experienced Stacie learned well from Rachel’s example. Daintily they lapped their tongues all over his shaft and balls, and wantonly they worked their lips back and for along his length – feasting on it almost to the backs of their throats. Following that, Stacie positioned her pussy over her nephew’s face so that she could enjoy another bout of his expert cunnilingus. Her sounds of delight clearly indicated that he was doing it to perfection. At the same time, Rachel continued mouth-fucking his cock with a passion. Finally, the two sisters stroked him off until he rewarded them with a huge eruption of hot, white creamy cum that they gladly accepted on their faces and smeared into their lips with his cock-head. Never had they been so feverishly turned on before. In the wake of this forbidden fuck, the trio were all very happy and at ease with what had happened. Max had the enjoyed treat of a lifetime from his two sexy aunts. Stacie had discovered her wanton side and come to terms with it. Rachel no longer had a uptight step-sister giving her a hard time. The siblings now got along fine. The only thing wanting was rest. They hadn’t gotten a wink of it due to them fucking all the way through the night

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Rachel Steele – MILF 1827 – Losing My Religion HD 1080p

Rachel Steele international OG MILF had just finished off a cam show customer when the doorbell rang, a sexy young religious messengercame to enlighten her. Rachel , not a religious woman but a spiritual one believes in masturbation , sex before marriage , LGBQT , and of course milf porn. Rachel invited the sexy young missionary inside where she listened to his concerns. Rachel slowly but surely took his faith into her hands. He lost his religion that day.

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