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Mommy confesses that I’ve been grooming you to become my fuck boy. Ever since you were little I’ve worn inappropriate outfits in front of you. I’ve always told you your cock belongs in my pussy and told you, you couldn’t play with yourself. I made you attracted to me and want to fuck me! Now that you’re this age you finally get to fuck mommy! You are now mommy’s fuck boy! Breed mommy!

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Mommy and son have an agreement that if he gets good marks he can fuck mommy anytime he wants. After a long night of fucking mommy is sore but son wants to keep fucking. Son eats mommy’s asshole then asks to do anal. Mommy reluctantly agrees and prepares her ass in the bedroom. Son comes in and fucks her ass. While mommy is cleaning the cum out of her ass son wants more anal! Mommy does a work out and gets interrupted by son who wants to fuck her ass again!

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