Natalie Wonder

Natalie Wonder – Home Schooling StepMom – You Won’t Be Needing A Pen & Paper Today Sweetie But We WILL Be Using Your Penis And MY Vagina HD 720p

School’s going to be a little different today sweetie. If you were going to actual school instead of being home-schooled by me, your stepmom, you’d be learning sex-ed. It’s my responsibility to educate you about sexual anatomy AND sexual intercourse. You won’t be needing a pen and paper but we ARE going to be using your penis and MY vagina. We’ll call it “Sex-Ed Lab”. Lab is always hands-on. As I mentioned before, when you first have sexual relations, it should be with someone you love, trust and care about. Who better than with ME your stepmom. I’ll explain all the parts then you and I will go upstairs and have sexual intercourse.

Now I’m not naive sweetie. You’ve searched about this stuff on the computer. You know what your penis is capable of doing, right? Vaginas have a very important role too. Your penis ejaculates white gooey stuff called semen into a woman’s vagina. ONE strong sperm out of millions will get her pregnant. It embeds itself into her egg which leads to reproduction. There’s so much more. I can’t wait to tell you more interesting facts about sexual anatomy.

Up until today you’ve masturbated with your hand. You’re about to find out what it feels like to orgasm being inside a woman’s vagina….stepMOMMY’S vagina. This will not only be educational, it’ll be an experience you’ll always remember. When love, sex and orgasms come together between stepmommy and her boy…it’s nothing short of erotic and profound.

Fulfills Your Fantasy For: MILF, Taboo, POV, Older Woman, Sex Ed, Instructional, Role-play, Nudity, Encouragement, Hairy Bush, Virtual Sex, Praise, Impregnation Fantasy, Orgasm

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Natalie Wonder – My Poor Boy, Let StepMommy Bathe You Until You’re All Healed Up Again HD 720p

On a scale of one to ten, how’s the pain?  My poor boy.  Your medicine should be kicking in soon.  I can’t believe you broke BOTH arms in that freak accident.  Stepmommy will need to do everything for you until you heal…like bathing you.  I brought a warm washcloth to clean you up down there.  Honey, don’t be embarrassed.  I’ve seen you naked.  You’re right, it’s possible to get an erection.  That’s normal if your penis is being touched.  Sweetie, this isn’t sexual.  Ready?  Doesn’t that feel nice…need to wipe around your balls too.  Aww, I’m enjoying this.  It’s a nice moment for me, as a stepmom.

Oh sorry, it’s…it’s getting erect.  Sorry sweetie.  I’ll cover it with this pillow.  The pillows hurting you?  Sorry!  Normally I’d leave the room and let you masturbate but you can’t move your arms.  Maybe if I cover it with my hands…OH NO bad idea.  It keeps growing.  You want me to…?  No!  But what are you supposed to do?  Not cum until you heal?  It’ll be weeks, maybe months.  You NEED to cum.  Okay.  This is just another “need” I’ll be helping you with.  I am your stepmom.  I’m not getting turned on.  Oh MY you are HORNY…thrusting yourself up into me so deep.  WHY is this feeling so good…you’re my stepson…

Fulfills Your Fantasy For:  POV, MILF, Taboo, Role-play, Older Woman, Fantasies, Virtual Sex, Dirty Talk, Moaning, Orgasms

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Natalie Wonder – Only One Thing Matters Now Baby, YOU HD 720p

Step-Mommy and her step-son are at a neighbor’s house to have dinner. “I want you to be on your very best behavior tonight.”, were step-mommy’s instructions. The dinner is going along very well. Her step-son has even excused himself and gone to the bathroom alone. Then it happens. She is told that he is calling for her to come and help him. She enters the bathroom to see that her step-son’s zipper on his pants is stuck and he is very upset.

Honey, what’s wrong now? Stuck…? What do you mean? Ohhh the zipper. Let me take a look at it. Okay baby, take a deep breath and relax. Step-Mommy will fix it. Did you go peepee already or do you still have to go? You went. I knew you could do it by yourself. You are such a good boy. Step-Mommy is so proud of you. Okay now let’s get this zipper un-stuck. Uuummmpphhhh….it’s really stuck. Don’t worry, step-mommy will get it.

Step-Mommy begins working the zipper up and down. Over and over again. It takes some effort and a few tries before it goes down. But now there is a new problem. His pee pee has become hard from all the movement of Mommies hand on his crotch.

Oh no. Look what happened now. Okay, okay sweetie. Relax. Everything will be alright. Step-Mommy will make it all better.

In a very loving and soothing voice, step-mommy begins to stroke his pee pee but she knows her boy likes it best when she uses her mouth to help him make cummies.

Honey, don’t worry about the dinner party. Step-Mommy has forgotten all about that. Only one thing matters now. YOU….

Captures Your Fantasy For: MILF, Taboo, Age Regression, POV, Mommas Boy, Older Woman, Virtual Hand Job, Virtual Blow Job, Praise, Encouragement, Fantasies, Dirty Talk, CFNM

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Natalie Wonder – Love In A Different Way – StepMom Shows You Parts To See, Taste And FEEL HD 720p

I’m sorry I got you up out of bed sweetie but I promise you won’t regret this.  Yes, stepdad is resting on the bed right over there.  This will feel naughtier and it’ll turn me on even MORE, trust me.  You know how I tell you all the time I love you?  And you love stepmommy too, right?  Let me show you love in a different way…show you parts of me most others never get to see.  You’ll be my good boy, right?  You were blessed with quite a gift down there.  Stepmommy especially DESERVES that gift.  Mmmm.  

Shhhh we need to whisper.  It’s sexier this way.  Your cock likes it too.  Sit back for a minute and watch me…do you know how much stronger our love becomes when we show our private parts to eachother.  Do you feel that down there?  That throb every time I rub my tits, squeeze my nipples….does it throb even MORE when I spread my legs and show off my full hairy bush…spreading it to show you my delicious pink pussy.  Taste it.  Good boy.  Now let that naughty cock throb deep inside me until you fill me up with your warm cum.  Mmmm my turn to cum.  Watch me, my boy, in the most intimate, erotic way…

Fulfills Your Fantasy For:  Amateur, MILF, Taboo, Roleplay, POV, Dirty Talk, StripTease, Tit/Nipple Play, Encouragement, Praise, Pussy Spreading, Closeups, Virtual Sex, Female Masturbation, Orgasms

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Natalie Wonder – The More Boys The Merrier With stepMom HD 720p

stepMom walks in to find you and your two friends jerking off together. She’s surprised at first but then giggles as all of you quickly try to cover up. stepMom can tell you’re embarrassed but says you should of locked the door. She lingers in the room – even though you try to get her to leave. stepMom’s very familiar with one of your friends from previous adventures, but she’s never met your other friend who is quite shy. stepMom assures him everything’s okay. She won’t tell anyone. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. She asks him if this was his first experience with other boys and he admits this is his first time being naked around anyone.

stepMom says the three of you should quit trying to cover up already. She can see your cocks are still erect so might as well continue jerking off. Stepmom gets naked too as she encourages you and your friends. She can tell your shy friend is taking interest in your cock. She asks him if he’s ever thought about another boy’s cock before…or fantasized about it in his mouth. She teases you guys about cock as she notices you starting to cum. She tells your friends to watch as you cum. Step-Mom becomes more and more aroused. She loves watching boys play naughty with each other especially when she’s encouraging it.

Everyone cums but stepMom knows you’ll all be hard again almost immediately. She loves that about you boys. She asks if your shy friend wants to experiment more – like having you suck on his cock. She watches and is unable to hold back her excitement. She looks at your other friend, bends over and tells him to fuck her. Now she asks if your shy friend wants to try YOUR cock, which he does. stepMom keeps getting fucked by your other friend, then looks back and tells him to cum in her when he’s ready – which happens almost instantly.

Now stepMom asks if your shy friend wants to have sex with HER. He inserts himself into her as she turns to you saying, “You’re next and you can show your friends how you make stepMommy cum.” stepMom again tells your shy friend to cum inside her whenever he’s ready. Just let it go. He doesn’t last long and quickly shoots his load, all to your stepMother’s satisfaction. stepMom moves onto her back and tells you to hurry up and fuck her – she really needs to cum. She tells your friends to watch as you slip inside her. Now her dirtier side comes out with the comfort of your cock. stepMom rubs her clit as you and her mutually cum together.

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Natalie Wonder – Lustful Step-Mom Encourages You And Your Friend On Some Naughty Boy On Boy Action HD 720p

Scene One: Step-Mom comes home to find the neighbor boy and step-son watching TV on the sofa and asks if she can join them. She begins to chit-chat with the boys – about the show and their day at school – only to soon notice their raging boners and that the two boys can barely sit still next to each other. Step-Mom giggles in excitement and playfully begins to tease the boys – reminding them it must be almost impossible to resist sitting next to each other after their previous adventure together. (Previous adventure here –>(Two Boys One MILF )

Step-Mom encourages the boys to pull down their shorts to allow their hard-ons to breath. She tells them their’s nothing to be embarrassed about. When the boys pull down their shorts Step-Mom points out that their hard-ons are twitching in anticipation of each other with pre-cum already forming on neighbor boy’s penis.

Step-Mom jumps up and stands in front of the boys to get a better view and getting excited herself – rubbing her breasts and vagina through her bottoms. She instructs the boys to grab the other’s cock and begin to stroke them slowly, adding that they should also make-out a little at the same time. As she encourages the boys, the neighbor boy turns and asks if Step-Mom will also pull down her pants. He wants to watch the step-mom rub herself as the boys stroke each other. Step-Mom giggles and turns to the step-son, asking, “Honey, you’re ok with that right? You can share step-mommy today I think. I know you want to share with your friend.” The step-son quickly nods his head and step-mom pulls down her pants and starts rubbing herself as she continues to encourage the boys.

Step-Mom can tell the neighbor boy is about to burst and tells her step-son it’s his turn this time to take the neighbor boy’s cum. She tells her step-son to get on his knees and put his mouth on the neighbor boy’s cock – she wants to see her step-son take the neighbor boy’s load in his mouth. The step-son quickly obliges. He takes the neighbor boy’s bulging cock. Step-Mom pulls out her tits and continues to rub her vagina, telling her step-son, “That’s right honey, just like I taught you. Suck it nice and slow and get ready for all that juicy hot cum.”

The neighbor boy doesn’t take long to shoot his giant load down the step-son’s throat. Step-Mom is so turned on she tells the step-son to sit back, she needs some cum now. She asks the neighbor boy if he wants to watch her take her step-son’s load,. The neighbor boy says yes. Step-Mom says to the son, “What about you honey? Want step-mommy to take your cum down her throat?” Step-Mom starts devouring her step-son’s cock while continuing to masturbate, telling her step-son that she wants to cum with him. The step-son doesn’t take long to give up that cum as the Step-Mom cums with him.

Step-Mom comes up out of breath and notices that neighbor boy is already hard again from watching her take her step-son’s load. She comments that neighbor boy enjoyed the show. She says she loves young cock because of how quick it recovers. She then thinks for a second and asks if the boys want to go for another round in her bedroom. The neighbor boy is game and the step-mom playfully encourages her step-son. She knows her step-son and she knows he wants it to happen. She gets up and tells the boys to follow – she KNOWS what they want now…

Scene Two (in the Step-Mom’s bedroom):
Step-Mom tells the boys to get all of their clothes off – she finishes removing hers. She turns around and shows them her ass – spreading it a little while rubbing it a bit. She playfully asks the boys if they like what they see – which they do. She says they’re now going to all have a little ass play. The Step-Mom looks at the neighbor boy and asks if he’s ever fucked anyone in the ass. He replies that he hasn’t, but she can tell he wants to. The Step-Mom looks at her step-son, “You want to watch your friend fuck your step-mom in the ass?” She then turns to the neighbor boy, “C’mon, honey, come over her and lick my ass. Get it nice and lubed up for that raging cock of yours.” She tells her step-son to come close to stroke him while her ass is being licked. As the neighbor boy begins to lube up her ass, the step-mom begins to talk dirty to the step-son about how good it feels and how she can’t wait to have cock in her ass. After a few minutes she tells the neighbor boy to stick his cock in her ass – guiding him to go slow at first and then to wait until she’s ready for him to start thrusting. As the neighbor boy is fucking the step-mom’s ass she turns to her step-son to describe how it feels – while also whispering that it’s not as good as HIS cock. Step-Mom tells the neighbor boy to pick up his pace, but instructs him not to cum. She has other ideas for his second load. But the step-mom needs to cum with that dick in her ass and starts to rub her pussy to make it happen.

After the step-mom’s orgasm she tells the neighbor boy to stop. It’s his turn to take some cock in his ass. The Step-Mom tells the neighbor boy to lay down flat on the bed, which he does with his stiff erect dick popping into the air. The step-mom then tells her step-son, “Don’t you want to fuck that tight ass? I want to watch it. And I can tell your friend wants that dick.” She looks at neighbor boy saying, “You want it, huh? I know you do, sweetheart.” As the step-son begins to slowly insert his dick in the neighbor boy’s ass the step-mom straddles the neighbor boy so that he can eat her ass out while her step-son fucks that ass. She is straddled over the neighbor boy so that she can face her step-son. The step-mom instructs her step-son on speed and pace. She wants to see the neighbor boy shoot his cum with no hands again, just like last time. She continues to encourage her step-son while also telling the neighbor boy how good he is at taking that dick and eating her ass out. Soon the step-mom notices the pre-cum pouring from the neighbor boy’s dick. She sees his hips thrusting and his dick twitching uncontrollably. She tells the son that the neighbor boy is so close. The step-mom tells her step-son to shoot his hot load into his ass when he’s ready to cum – “Do it honey, give him that cum load.” And just as the step-son cums the neighbor boy can’t hold back any longer and shoots out ropes of cum without any touching – it’s so hot the step-mom cums again as well.

The step-mom then giggles and tells the boys what a good job they did. Looking at her step-son she says she can’t wait for the neighbor boy’s next visit.

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Natalie Wonder – Fill Her Up – StepMom Graciously Receives Your Never-Ending Cum Dump HD 720p

Mmmm that’s it sweetie ahhhhh. Feel better? Good. That was A LOT! This was the biggest load I’ve ever gotten. Honey, I don’t mind doing this for you. The doctor recommended we do whatever it takes to get that constant accumulation out of your body. Stepmom’s can help even if it means…well…you KNOW. K so let me go finish downstairs and…oh goodness AGAIN, sweetie?

Yes of course I am here for YOU. It’s all leaking out anyways so just fill me up again. Holy fuck you feel even BIGGER this time. I’d hate to see you uncomfortable and frustrated. Let me squeeze your balls. We’ll make sure EVERYTHING comes out this time. Oooo there’s even MORE. The pressure inside me is intense. I’m overflowing! Who knew I could take so much semen. You finish, it starts dripping out, then it’s time to fill me up again. There’s MORE you say?! It’s the never-ending cum dump…

Fulfills Your Fantasy For: POV, MILF, Taboo, Virtual Sex, Dirty Talk, Role Play, Older Woman/Younger Man

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Natalie Wonder – You’ll Always Remember That First Time Between stepMom’s Sweet Ass Cheeks HD 720p

What’s “ew” sweetie? What are you watching on your phone? Omg, how do you stumble across these sites? Yes, his mouth is on her ass. Some people like that. No, it’s not gross but I can understand why you’d think it was gross. I’ve done it. Lots of times. You’ll try it to some day. You’ll find a girl who you’ll share this very intimate act. You won’t be grossed out, I promise. You’ll totally be turned on. I always catch you staring at MY butt so you’re already attracted to nice asses.

One day, you’ll dive in even DEEPER to ass-land. Haha I’m your stepmom, I’m supposed to be corny. So…wanna try it? With me. It smells and tastes amazing I’ve been told. Anyone who’s been in my ass has complimented on how delicious it is. Yes? Mmmm I’m proud of you. Trying something new. You’re my stepson but doing this is no big deal. It’s like giving me a hug or a kiss. Only this time, you’ll be sniffing and licking my ass.

Fulfills Your Fantasy For: Ass Eating, MILF, Taboo, POV, Older Woman, Ass Sniffing, Virtual Ass Licking, Instructional, Encouragement, Dirty Talk, Ass Spreading, Tease, Hairy Ass, Close Ups, Female Masturbation, Virtual Hand Job, Orgasms

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Natalie Wonder – Your Friend’s Hot Horny Step-Mom Takes Your Virginity HD 720p

Hey, my step-son’s not home yet but you can hang out here and wait for him. Are you hungry? I can make you something to eat. No? Okay. Does your step-mom know you’re here? Okay good. I’m going to do my workout in here now. Want to join me? Hehe, just kidding…you can sit down and relax. Ahhhh these stretches feel so good. The intensity of these exercises really gets my body going. 3,2,1 hold it…ahhhhh that was a tough move. My muscles are burning…but it’s so worth it. How’s my ass look? Don’t tell your step-mom I asked you that question. I’m sure she wouldn’t approve. You’ve always been my favorite out of all my step-son’s friends. What? What’s that? You need to use the bathroom? Sure it’s right down the hall. Wait a minute, hang on…why are you covering your pants? Did you pee yourself or something? Move your hands away…you have an erection!

It’s okay. You probably couldn’t help it…watching me bend over, showing off certain parts of my body while exercising. You’re a young horny boy, it’s natural. Don’t be nervous…relax. I’m a step-mommy and I know exactly how to take care of you. My step-son won’t be home for another hour…we’ll have time to get to know each other. I think you’re so cute, I always love it when you come over to hang out with my step-son. I know I’m your best friend’s step-mom but it’s alright…we’re not doing anything wrong…we’re just following our instincts. See? You’re still hard…I know you want it. You’re a virgin, right? Mmmmmm even better. Don’t worry, as a step-mom…I ALWAYS make sure to take REAL GOOD care of my house guests. I’ll make you feel at home…

Captures Your Fantasy For: Taboo, MILF, Older Woman, POV, Exercise, Tease, Female Domination, Confrontation, Dirty Talk, Strip, Ass Fetish, Virtual Kissing, Virtual Hand Job, Virtual Sex, Woman On Top, Masturbation, Impregnation Fantasy, Orgasms

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Natalie Wonder – Step-Mommy’s Skimpy Workout Outfit Seduces Step-Son & Friends

Step-Mommy’s going to the gym, sweetie. Oh, well you didn’t tell me you had a couple of your friends over. Hello there boys. If I would of known I would of made you guys something to eat. But anyways, I’m going to leave for the gym sweetie. What’s that? My outfit is too skimpy? Sweetie, do you want me to go workout in long, hot pants and a sweater? Of course not! My trainer said wear something comfortable. And this outfit is quite comfortable for me. And no I’m not wearing any panties or bra but step-mommy usually never wears a bra. My tits are pretty firm and perky all on their own sweetie. Oooopps! I forgot you other boys were here.

But I’m sure you guys talk about tis & ass all the time, am I right? As a matter of fact, my skimpy gym outfit is probably turning you boys on, isn’t it. Oh sweetie, don’t’ be shy with step-mommy just because your friends are here. It’s natural for you boys to get turned on by a hot, older woman. What do you boys call someone like me..? A MILF, right? Mmmmm let me show you what a hot, confident MILF is capable of doing to you innocent, boys.

Captures Your Fantasy For: Older Woman, MILF, Taboo, Step-Mommy/Step-Son, RolePlay, POV, Step-Momma’s Boy, Dirty Talk, Masturbation Encouragement, Short Shorts, Tit Play, Masturbation, Camel Toe, Orgasm

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