Natalie Wonder

Natalie Wonder – Step-Daddy I Swear I’m A Virgin Please Don’t Do This!

Step-Daddy hands his step-daughter the phone. It’s her boyfriend calling again. He doesn’t trust him, or her for that matter. As he stands over her listening on her phone conversation, he hears them make plans for tonight. Step-Daddy is getting a sneaky suspicion his isn’t a virgin anymore. Or maybe she is. He needs to find out. And there’s only one sure fire way to find out right here, right now. She’s probably going to fight it for a bit but step-daddy always gets his way, his step-daughter knows better. Now that her step-mother isn’t here he can really have his way with her, the little slut. Step-Daddy can’t wait to use his trusty tool to find out if his step-daughter is a virgin. If it hurts & she cries, well then he’ll know. But he won’t stop there though, he always needs to finish what he starts. He doesn’t just quit halfway. After all, his step-daughter needs a good role model.

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Natalie Wonder – Your Naughty Wife – Now You’ll Really Know How Much Our Boy Means To Me HD 720p

This involves a husband and wife having sex, and talking about bringing their step-son into the bedroom for a three some. The wife is on top riding the husband, and telling him she wants to have their step-son join them to spice things up and how she wants her husband to watch her have sex with their step-son. She says she has been wanting to do this for a while. The husband agrees and then confesses he has wanted to watch their step-son fuck his wife for awhile too. The wife discusses all the naughty details while riding the husband. She talks about sucking their step-son’s cock and asks her husband if it would be alright if their step-son came in her mouth, or would he like him to cum in her pussy. Husband says all over her pretty face and in her mouth. The wife says she can’t wait. She kisses her husband, tells him she loves him, then gets off of him, saying she will be right back with their boy.

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Natalie Wonder – StepMom Was Gangbanged And Your Jealous Horny Cock Loves Hearing All About It HD 720p

Hey baby. Where was I last night, you ask? I went out with Kim. No, I’m not lying. Whatever, it’s MY LIFE. Honey listen, it’s not my fault the guys at your school want to date me. Yes, I fuck around with your friends. So what? Don’t freak out. It’s more like you’re jealous. You wish I’d fuck YOU instead of your friends. But baby, your friends are so hot and so exciting if you know what I mean. Your stepfather was younger than me too.

Am I careful? Not really. It’s part of the thrill. How many guys did I fuck last night? A few. It was a gang bang. Mmmm my fantasy came true…to be in a room full of guys…get fucked in all my holes. One in my ass, one in my pussy, my mouth filled with cock & my hands jerking more cock until I’m filled with so much hot cum. I’d be covered in it…leaking out all my holes mmmm. I’m so filthy aren’t I. And I’m a stepmother! Awww are you getting upset? Or getting horny and want to hear MORE nasty details..

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Natalie Wonder – Horny Fertile MILF – A Mystery Impregnation Gangbang With Young Step-Son And Friends HD 720p

Hey boys…hey baby. There’s one thing I’ve always admired about you sweetie. You have such cute, attractive friends. So boys, my step-son’s probably told you why you’re here today. But I’ll tell you again. I want to get pregnant but I don’t want just any man’s cum. I want to be impregnated by you young, horny boys with your hot potent loads of cum. So you all are gonna to take turns FUCKING ME…POUNDING ME in my horny MILF pussy. I’m super fertile right now too. My pussy is ripe and dripping with juices. Oh god, just seeing you boys standing here in my house…ready to take your clothes off and get naked for me at my command…it’s getting me so fucking hot. You’re at the prime of your lives. Always ready to fucking bang.

Get your dicks out. You too sweetie. Remember, step-mommy’s saving the best for last…YOU. But first you’ll watch all your friends fuck me. Then you’ll stick that horny cock inside me & pump me with your hot load. I trust you all won’t disappoint me. Who’s gonna give me the biggest load? Mmmmm this is gonna be such a fun game. Which one of you will get me pregnant? Is it gonna be you? Or you? What about YOU? Maybe it’ll be YOU sweetie. We won’t know. What I DO know is that I’m gonna get fucked over and over again by each one of you until I’m filled with so much sperm it’s leaking out my holes. I want my pussy overflowing with semen. Mmmm I can’t wait to show you boys my sticky, cum-filled swollen pussy once you’re finished fucking me.

Sweetie, come stand here next to me while I get fucked. Support your step-mommy like a good boy. I want you to watch all your hot friends insert their dicks into my sweet pussy hole. You can jerk off but no cumming until you’re inside me. You boys ready? Perfect. Who’s fucking this horny fertile MILF first?

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Natalie Wonder – Fucked & Filled – Step-Mommy Can Never Get Enough Of It HD 720p

I’ve watched all your other step-mommy clips and think they’re so fucking hot. For this custom I’d like something similar but this time adding in that you’re also pregnant (since you are). You have no idea which one of those boys got you pregnant because you’ve been fucked by so many. And you don’t even care. All you care about is more boys sticking their horny dicks inside you and getting filled with more cum. I’d like three separate scenes to this video.

First one starts with your step-son staring at your while you’re sprawled out half naked on the bed napping. You’re exhausted from being constantly fucked. Your legs are spread open and you can see patches of wetness and cum on your pussy and thighs. If you could have a hairy pussy that would be great. You wake up to see your step-son standing there. You immediately ask if he brought home more boys for step-mommy. You touch your pussy and it excites you to feel all that wet cum. There’s even more still inside you! You’ve gotten fucked and filled with semen so much that you feel cum (). It’s turned into an addiction. It’s your first thought when you wake up. You’re lucky to have a young step-son that can go out and get his young friends to come fuck step-mom. And now look what’s happened! One of those boys got step-mommy pregnant! Who was it? Who knows! You don’t care. Step-Son says he has a surprise. There’s a couple boys downstairs wanting to fuck. They’re just finishing up their homework. One of them is even a virgin! Your favorite. You’ll teach him exactly where to stick that young horny peepee. You realize step-son is jealous but in a weird way it’s a turn on too. You promise your step-son that after the boys fuck you, he can fuck you. Step-Mommy saves the best cum load for last. But first he has to watch step-mommy’s pussy get pumped.

This starts the second scene. You’re on the edge of the bed telling the virgin not to be nervous. He’ll forget all about his nervousness when he sticks his hard cock inside you. You get a little dominant telling him how to do it as you look back at your step-son who’s watching you. Be very descriptive and lots of dirty talk. You want more of that hot sperm. I’d love it if you could turn and say to your step-son “Oh yeah baby stroke your dick while you watch your step-mommy get fucked.” You mention again about how you have no idea which one of your step-son’s friends got you pregnant. You’ve been fucked by fifty even sixty boys!

In the final scene you make that virgin boy (not a virgin no more though) stay in the room while step-son fucks you. Step-Mommy wants to look at some young eye candy while her pussy gets pumped and filled by her boy. Please use as much dirty talk as possible and call step-son a dirty motherfucker while he’s fucking you. Seriously your dirty talk is top notch! Thanks again!

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Natalie Wonder – After School Treat – Uninhibited StepMom Knows Just What You & Your Friends Are Hungry For HD 720p

Oh honey, you should of told me you were having friends over. Okay I’ll cover up for a sec but you know I enjoy cooking topless. Sometimes I even walk around butt-ass naked. You should of mentioned that to your friends. It is so hot in here. I was just about to take this cardigan off before you boys walked in here. I’m sure everyone here has seen boobs before, right? Honey, this is my home. I can walk around with my tits out if I choose. Yes, I understand you have company but I can guarantee they won’t mind.

You boys look like the types who are horny 24/7. Lucky. I bet you don’t see THIS at other stepmom’s homes. This is a nice after school special treat, hehe. Ooooo I’m loving the attention. Sweetie, you need to lighten up. You’re making it seem like I’m standing here fucking myself with a dildo. I’m saving that for the next time your friends come over. Just kidding…maybe. You boys are so sweet for letting me be myself in my own home. Unlike my stepson who’s being a jealous brat. Sweetie, I’m probably doing you a favor. Just wait till all the other guys at school hear about this. They’ll ALL want to come over. Imagine how many fiends you’ll have! All because of ME, your stepmom.

You boys want me to show off my butt, you say? Full disclosure, I am an all NATURAL WOMAN. All that porn you boys watch…all those girls with perfect bodies all airbrushed. It’s not realistic. My body’s not perfect but as you boys are about to experience I certainly know how to use it. Mmmm so who’s hungry for some MILF…

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Natalie Wonder – Taboo MILF Seduction – Every Boy’s Fantasy HD 720p

Mmm that wasn’t so bad, right? You’re a great kisser. Did you think I was gonna bite? I’m a little older than you and I’m your best friend’s stepmom. It’s okay if we do stuff together as long as we don’t tell anyone….especially YOUR stepmom. She’d get jealous thinking you’d rather have ME as a stepmom. If we keep it a secret I can show you things. I’m sure you’ll want to have a girlfriend one day, right? You’ll want to please her too, right? I can help you with that…kinda be like your sex-ed teacher but with a twist. I have a feeling my stepson won’t be down for a while. I can show you more. Stop squirming. I see you holding your crotch area. You have a hard-on, don’t you.

It’s normal to get horny from kissing. Let me see it…show me. Take your hand away. I can’t help my desire to want to see your cock. Just because I’m a stepmom doesn’t mean I don’t get attracted to really cute like you. Are you gonna leave it in your pants or you gonna show it to me. I’ll give you my opinion. It looks like you have a lot of potential. You are so hard. You can’t be hanging out with my stepson with a rock hard cock. I’m gonna have to take care of that for you. I know you’re hesitant, relax. I’m so horny. If I couldn’t have your cock I’d be very upset. I’m every ‘s fantasy…to fuck a hot, horny MILF. Don’t be intimidated. All your anxieties will melt away as soon as you push your cock into me you naughty boy. Yes that’s it fuck me good and pump your cum in me….oh there’s so much…

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Natalie Wonder – Step-Mom And Step-Son’s Happy Ending To A Hectic Week HD 720p

Step-Daddy just left for his trip. Did you giggle when I told step-daddy I’d relax by taking a long, hot bath? Well, step-mommy left out the fact that I’m really going to relax by sitting on your long, hard COCK. If your step-father only knew how we behaved after he left. Mmmmm it’s so thrilling doing it behind his back. We’re so naughty. Oh sweetie, you have no idea what a crazy work week step-mommy’s had. I can’t wait to fuck you. I’m on top this time. I really need to let out some stress. I had so many stressful deadlines this week. And you know what happens when step-mommy gets stressed…I get very, VERY horny for my boy’s erection. So how was your week? I feel like we hardly saw each other. We’re gonna make up for it though. Mmmmm hmmmm. Oh the thoughts I’ve had this week about your hands, your mouth and of course your penis. We’re gonna fuck all weekend because step-daddy won’t be home anytime soon. I couldn’t wait for this week to come to an end. I even took my bra off on the way home. You love watching me unbutton my blouse…then see my tits pop out. It’s a good thing I wore a skirt today. Easy access. Take your cock out. I need your cock so bad. I think about your dick every second of every day. Step-Mommy can never get enough. Sweetie, I just love you so much. I’m gonna fuck you & fuck you like a bad, horny step-mommy should. We both deserve a happy ending after a very stressful week.

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Natalie Wonder – The Messy Truth – Step-Mom Agrees To An Ass Pounding & Pushes Out Step-Son’s Big Creamy Load HD 720p

Step-Mom has always had a curious dirty desire to experience what it feels like to get fucked in the ass. She bought a suction cup dildo and is going to fuck it. She sticks the dildo onto a chair and prepares her asshole. Just the thought of it stretching her tight ass has her very horny. She straddles the dildo. She guides the head into her ass and slides down. Very very slowly. Just as step-mom is sticking the dildo into her ass….her step-son has quietly walked in. Step-Mom is so focused on fucking the dildo that she has no idea her step-son is watching. Step-Son watches as step-mom’s asshole stretches and takes in the dildo. Step-Mom lets out moans and says how good it feels. Step-Son gets extremely aroused. He wants to take step-mom’s ass right then and there. He stands quiet…still watching step-mom slowly fuck this dildo. But then he makes a noise.

Step-Mom realizes someone is behind her and lets out a gasp. She turns and sees her step-son! Step-Mom is mortified! She quickly stands up as the dildo slides out her asshole. She grabs a towel to cover up and hides the dildo. Step-Mom is so embarrassed! She scolds her step-son. They need to talk about what just happened. Step-Mom admits she’s always wanted to know what a dick felt like inside her ass. All her life she’s been too shy to ask a lover to fuck her in the ass. It’s taboo. Step-Son admits he’s aroused right now. Step-Son says she should of asked him to fuck her in the ass. Step-Mom gives in to the temptation. She’s too horny and curious to pass this opportunity up.

Step-Mom gets on the bed doggy style. She spreads her ass and invites step-son to stick his hard cock inside her tight little asshole. Push it in…go slowly…it feels good. Step-Mom feels her asshole getting stretched by step-son’s cock. She wants him to go in deeper…harder…step-mom pushes her ass up against her step-son and he is balls deep inside her ass. Step-Mom is in ecstasy…letting out moans and rubbing her horny pussy as her step-son pounds her in the ass. Step-Mom begs for more until she has a quivering orgasm. Now step-mom wants to feel step-son’s warm cum shoot deep inside her. Step-Mom’s eager to experience this. Fill step-mommy’s asshole up real good. Step-Mom’s ass bounces harder and faster until step-son orgasms….shooting all his cum inside step-mom. She feels it, there’s so much…it’s incredible! Her ass being stretched and filled at the same time.

Step-Mom enjoys the feeling of being filled for a minutes but then gets the desperate urge to push the cum out. How is this going to feel bursting out her ass? There’s so much! It’s never ending cum! Step-Mom pushes…her asshole pulsates out and shoots a stream of cum out. She lets out a messy fart. Then it dribbles down to her pussy…down her thighs…onto the bed. Step-Mom plays with the cum as it spurts out her asshole. So dirty and messy but feels so good.

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Natalie Wonder – Your Best Friend’s Hot Step-Mom Has Her Way With You HD 720p

I can’t believe my step-son forgot he made plans with you today. His own best friend. I love my step-son but he’s very forgetful these days, you’ll have to excuse him. It’s great he has such an understanding friend like you. I just called him, he said he’d be home in half hour. You’re welcome to wait. I’m usually always alone here anyways, it would be nice to have company. Especially by my step-son’s handsome best friend. Mmmm don’t be shy. I’m just a little blunt sometimes.

So how’s school? Good. Your girlfriend? Oh, you broke up? Well we have something in common. We’re both single. Since my divorce I’ve had no time to date or do much else. I haven’t been alone with a guy like this in years. Especially a guy like you. Young & attractive. And probably so very horny and full of cum. Mmmm all this talk & my little teasing turning you on. Oh my, I see that bulge. Just because I’m your best friend’s step-mom doesn’t mean I can’t be attracted to you. I’ve caught you starting at me. I get the feeling you want me. It’s a woman’s intuition. I’m not wrong, am I. This will be perfect. Both of us single, horny & alone here. I know what I want. I want you. And I’m going to have my way with you before my step-son gets home.

Captures Your Fantasy For: Older Woman, Virtual Sex, Taboo, MILF

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