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I hate that my friends bailed on me and now I’m stuck here with my Dad and Big Brother on a Saturday night… this is so lame! You two are watching a boring ass movie but since I must endure a night with the two of you, I have a better idea. Daddy you always loved spending quality time with me… but now I’m realizing just how much my big brother and you resemble. He’s actually really hot, just like you dad. My brother tries to push my hand away from my advances but I always get what I want. Should I show him, daddy? The way you taught me how to suck cock?? It’s too late to say no because I know you’re hard so I want you to take your cock out and stroke as I cuck you with my brother. Apparently all three of us are cut from the same cloth… enjoy me, xo


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Tattooed Temptress – Homo For Our Son HD 1080p

Caught Dirty Talking Mommy Roleplay Taboo Twerk

I’m your wife, I walk in on you whilst you are wanking, I find it funny at first, I’ve seen you wank a thousand times. But I notice something in your hand. You’re wanking with a pair of underwear…. but they’re not yours, they’re our boys! He’s in the shower right now, and you’ve stolen his sweaty underwear and wrapped them around your cock. Do you want to fuck our son? I’m horrified, but I slowly start to come around, the thought of you licking our sons sweaty asshole, kissing his body and sucking his cock is starting to make me horny……. I strip and give you a JOI whilst I talk about all the fuck up and dirty things we could do to our son, and what our son can do to us….

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Kenzie Taylor, Gal Ritchie – We’re the Taylors Part 3: Family Mayhem HD 1080p

We’re the Taylors (Part 3 of 3): The Taylors’ long road trip is finally over when they arrive at Aunt Barb’s amazing house. Soon, they realize the craziness has just begun! For starters, Kenzie finally tells her husband Chad that she’s been moonlighting as a porn director. Things only get more tense during their family game night when Chad and Elias get bitten on the nuts by Lydia, the pet tarantula. While Aunt Barb runs off to get help, Kenzie and Gal suck out the spider venom of the guys’ cocks, leading to an all-American family foursome.

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Kristy Waterfall, Serina Gomez – Football Fans Threesome with Massive Cock Stepson HD 1080p

Porno Dan is sitting on the bed with a basketball hoop on his head. He asks his nephew Dean Van Damme why he is wearing it and he explains that he has come up with a plan. Dan says he does not trust his nephew, but he does test the new social networking app he has developed. Dean says he has a couple of girls that are football hooligans that are coming over to play strip basketball by throwing balls at his head.

The two girls come over in matching football aka soccer outfits. Matt Bird introduces Serina Gomez and Kristy Waterfall to his stepdad Dan. Dan still cannot believe that he has to wear a basketball hoop on his head, but when he sees how eager these petite cuties are, he is down for anything. When Dean explains the rules that the girls have to take off clothes when the other one makes a basket at first, they are surprised, but they agree, and they are very soon both naked. Kristy makes another basket and her tan; brunette buddy Serina has to give Matt a blowjob. Kristy joins Serina and they give Matt a double blowjob. The college-age girls double-team and get fucked by the big dick of Matt in a variety of positions. Massive cock Matt drills the blonde with big natural tits Kristy and rails tiny Serina like a battering ram and these submissive girls the threesome. Stepdad Dan encourages his stepson to hammer these hardcore loving sluts and goes full throttle banging these big booty hos. Matt continues to pound these PAWG until he covers her bubble butt with a huge cumshot. Dan says he sees how the game ends and throws some balls and asks for when it is his turn.

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Stepdaughter Melody Marks Dreams of Becoming a Demon Slayer – Part 1 HD 720p

Porno Dan’s cute step-daughter, Melody Marks loves to watch anime. Her favourite tv show is about slaying demons. But when Melody closes her eyes and slips into slumber while watching the episode, she started to have vivid wet dreams; fantasizing about her stepfather and her stepbrother, Matt Bird, sexually curing her from her demonic transformation.

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Hot Juls Fetishes – Please Your New Step-Daddy Cuck-Son – Cruel Step-Mom House Rules HD 720p

As my cuck-son, you have to follow my house rules. I come in and tell you that My new lover is moving in with us. He is dominant , Alpha male, and you need a strong male-figure in your life, being such a wimpy ass. He is paying the bills so you will be a good obedient bitch boy and follow the rules. No more potty-mouth, no more messiness, you will do whatever I tell you to be a good cuck-son. We will be getting married so you have to please your new-daddy in order for your Domme-mommy be happy.

When he comes home from work, you will have to take off his shoes and lick his feet, you will get him cold drink while he is watching sports, you will go between his legs and suck his fat cock. And if he desires, he will make you eat his ass . I tell you to get on your knees, put on special panties I bought for you and start pleasing your NEW Domme-daddy now. Starting with his cock, continue to his hot ass and feet.

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Hot Juls Fetishes – Suck Step-Son Worships Domme Step-Mom’s Hot Alpha Lover HD 720p

You can’t stop yourself from spying on your step-daddy in the shower. You know you are a bicurious cuckold. As soon as you hear the water start, you run to your step-mommy’s bathroom and hide behind the shower door, so you can sneak a few peeks of him, soaping up his muscular legs, ass and of course his big Alpha cock. You quietly sit and hope your strict step-mommy wouldn’t find you being such a little perv.

She confronts you and scolds you for spying on her lover. Being dominant but loving at the same time, she keeps you under a strict supervision. Once she knew about your sissy tendencies she took full advantage of creating her own in-house sissy step-son. The rules of the house are clear: If you don’t do your cuckold choirs, you will be punished.

She tells you to go to the bedroom, get on your knees and wait for your step-daddy to come out. “Sweetie, you did a bad thing without my permission. As your punishment, you will be eating your step-daddy’s ass! You will worship and lick his man hole until i allow you to stop”.

After awhile step-mommy talks dirty to you, teases and taunts you while kissing and sucking step-daddy’s big dick. She slowly spits cock juice in your mouth creating even closer relationships between us.

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MaryWet – Defenseless – Used by Father & Son! HD 1080p

Why in the world am I? How could I be towed away only by that guy in the bar .. He told me that his son is going through a lot, because he was rejected by his girlfriend. At first I thought let’s start with a few small bondage, but as his junior suddenly standing in the room and his perverse father said he had a surprise for him, everything was clear to me! Is it ill if I tell you that the whole situation has somehow turned me on?

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Kimberly Caprice / KimberlyCaprice – My neighbor and his stepson fuck me HD 720p

I was recently in the cam online and had a lot of fun with a man and when we were done I said that I’m really horny now and that I still want to get it myself. He then said that he could fuck me if I am discreet. I just smiled and 5 minutes later the doorbell rang. My neighbor stood there with a big grin and he asked if I would like him to fuck me Smile I said yes and suddenly his stepson came home and he came with me right away. In this video you can see how I am licked and fucked really horny, of course I will not let myself be pampered the 2 cocks and in the end I get 2 cumshots as a reward Smile Now I have a secret with my neighbor and the whole thing has a lot of fun Smile Kiss, Kimberly

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