divinebabe – Mommy becomes her sons breeding slave p1 HD 1080p

{This is an hour long custom and this is part 1}

This roleplay is heavy on trigger words!

Until the recent birth of your sister It’s just been you and your mom. She still brings you breakfast – makes you dinner – takes you to school and picks you up. She is always making sure you’re doing your homework and not just playing video games. Aren’t you too old for this?

Your mom is still young, but she doesn’t seem to be able to find anyone. She just has you, her mama’s boy.

Then one night you hear something and go to her room. You find her in her bed with her eyes closed, but her breasts are out. Those big soft mommy breasts you used to feed from. You’re just so curious that you can’t stop staring. They’re full of milk since your sister is still breastfeeding.
Then you smell it. You can’t help it. You have to have the hole you came from. You have to be inside it. It belongs to you. All of mommys holes belong to you.

Love becomes confused with lust. Lust to breed her and to have her. A desire to ***** her milk and feed her yours. You need to feed on your mommys milk while you breed the hole you came from.

You spend all night breeding and feeding your mommy. When you’re too tired and can’t stay awake anymore – your mommy takes over and feeds and breeds herself, milking her good boy with her throat while he goes to bed.

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