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You approach me, your older sister, while I’m browsing on my phone and tell me you need someone to talk to. At first I’m really bitchy and dismissive until you tell me that your girlfriend dumped you. My attitude changes because I can tell how upset you are. I ask you some questions about it and then tease you a little about how your girlfriend was just a less hot version of me. I give you a long hug and then try to come up with ways to make you feel better. I know your girlfriend was always so jealous and controlling… what if we sent her some pics of my body in my underwear to make her jealous?! You’re reluctant but I take off my sweats and tell you to take out your phone. You feel so awkward but you do like the idea of making her jealous… so you start taking photos while I pose in various ways for you. I start shaking my ass for your camera and then I notice you have a raging boner for me!! I make fun of you for getting turned on by your sister. But then I tell you that I have an even better idea. Why don’t I just give you a blowjob? Before you say no, I promise it will be fun, I’m really good at them. Plus, you shouldn’t let that incredible erection just go to waste! You don’t know what to say. I take out your cock and start running my tongue all over it. I know you like it, you’ve always had a little crush on me haven’t you? I talk about how much hotter and prettier I am than your stupid ex girlfriend. We are going to make her so insanely jealous. I dirty talk about how nasty we are for doing this but you know what? It’s actually really hot.. so who cares?! Halfway through your girlfriend calls you, presumably to try and make up with you or something. I insist on answering it while I still have your dick in my mouth. I tell her you’re very busy getting your hard cock sucked by someone so much hotter than she is, she starts to yell and I hang up on her. She is so pissed off!! This makes me even more turned on and I start gagging and slobbering all over you. I really want you to cover my face with your cum, it would be SO hot to have my brother’s load all over me. Please?? Cum for your dirty big sister. Get it all over my mouth and face!! You can’t hold back and cum all over me, getting it in my hair, in my eyes, and all over… and I fucking love it.

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