Xev Bellringer

Xev Bellringer, Princess Leia – Curious Cousins: Truth or Dare HD 1080p

No words can describe how lucky you are to have your two sexy cousins sitting right in front of you. You’ve always thought about them in that way, but would never say it out loud. Now that everyone’s all grown up, it’s hard to hide your interest. It’s been a long time since you last saw them! They’ve grown a lot… You’re all so bored at Grandma’s house; there’s nothing the three of you won’t do to pass the time. When one of your cousins suggests to play Truth or Dare, you don’t know what to expect but you can’t help picturing all those dirty thoughts you’ve had in the past. Your other cousin is so innocent but she keeps looking at you in a way that can’t be mistaken. She’s curious. You’re interested. Your cousins seem to want to do more than just play games… How far can three cousins go in Truth or Dare? – POV Threesome Incest Blowjob

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Xev Bellringer – Witch Shrinks You as Punishment 4K

How many times have I told you not to get this brand of milk!? My preferences should be your priority and I’ll just have to teach you that lesson right now. I’m going to let you in on my secret…I’m a witch. Yes, and as punishment I will shrink your penis by an inch. *SNAP*

There, maybe now you’ll remember. You men and your dicks…oh my God, are you getting hard? Do you like being emasculated? Well you won’t mind another inch or two off your cock then!*SNAP* Haha! I can’t believe you’re getting more aroused the smaller I make your penis. You better take it out and stroke it so I can see just how turned on your tiny dick is by all of this! If you enjoy being at the mercy of a powerful woman, I also have the power to shrink your entire body down…I bet you’d like that. *SNAP*

How does it feel to be at eye level with these magnificent breasts? I think you’re still too tall though *SNAP* Ohh you’re so cute and short! Your little hands wouldn’t even be able to squeeze my massive buns, they’re so minuscule! You know, it’s only fair that I should warn you – if you cum, the spell’s effects will be permanent. If that happens, no woman will want you because you’re useless at this height. You will be devoted entirely to me. *SNAP*

I knew you couldn’t resist cumming, especially at three inches tall! You’re stuck like that now, forever. No no no, don’t clean it up with your hands, I want you to gobble down that puny load. You better do as I say, you wouldn’t want to make someone my size angry.

Fantasy includes: giantess, shrinking fetish, shrinking penis, small penis encouragement, masturbation instruction, female domination, cum eating instruction, magic control, powerful woman

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Xev Bellringer – Stuck Inside With Step Mommy HD 720p

My hands slid down, under my dress, between my legs. He was watching me… but I couldn’t push out the fantasies… the memories. There was no way I’d tell my husband what happened. He wouldn’t understand. He couldn’t. It’s been months since I’ve seen him, or anyone for that matter. Except for my darling boy. Just the two of us, locked under one roof together. And we’ve grown so close… so very close. But my husband can never know… just how close.

It was so gradual… so natural. So inevitable. That my *step-son* would see his *step-mother* like that… want me in such forbidden ways. He couldn’t take his eyes off my barely clothed, oiled body. And when his hands rubbed against my skin… I craved more. I needed his touch… his heat… I needed him to need me. No matter how much I struggled against my own attraction, I only wanted my *step-son* that much more. To feel him give in to the same urges… and push himself against me… push himself hard, throbbing… INSIDE of me.

Fantasy includes: taboo, virtual sex, milf, desperation

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Xev Bellringer – Virtual Threesome HD 720p

I have you and your girlfriend over to my house to hang out, but it is soon very apparent I didn’t want to keep things PG. I encourage you to strip with me, reassuring you that I’ve never done this before, but have always wanted to. Yes, a threesome…wouldn’t it be fun? I suggest you two start messing around while I pleasure myself. Pretty soon I can’t contain myself and I ask your girlfriend permission to suck you, inferring that she could learn a thing or two from me. Throating your big black cock is way too good, I can’t contain myself and take you deep in my cunt. I don’t think I want you to pull out either~

Fantasy includes: dildo fucking, dildo sucking, virtual threesome, masturbation, strip tease, jeans, encouragement, bbc, dirty talk

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Xev Bellringer – MommyBot Swap: Behind The Scenes HD 720p

Jeeeeeeesus a 1 hour and 40 minute video of me just… TALKING?! Why do you people do this to yourselves?!
So this video is a candid and seriously detailed recollection of experiences that culminated the much-anticipated, third installment of the series. I also included some unused filming footage to balance out the rather technical vlogs. Enjoy lol

By the way, I would *love* to hear how/if this BTS in particular changes the way you view ‘MommyBot Swap’ as a whole. Very curious

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Xev Bellringer – Slutbot Step-Sister HD 720p

My step-sister is so hot, I just had to fuck her. If it weren’t for her stuck up attitude, she’d probably open her legs for me like a good slut. Luckily, I didn’t need her permission – I built a slutbot conversion chamber out of the hot tub, stole one of her shoes and tossed it into the spa as bait. As soon as my step-sister reached into the water, the cycle initiated and sucked her whole body into the machine.

My step-sister was gone, replaced entirely by nanobots… and I am her new Master. Her only goal is to please me sexually whenever and however I want, just like a good slutbot should. To test the unit’s effectiveness, I ordered her to grope her tits through her skin tight dress. It was so hot to watch my perfect, obedient sex toy do as she’s told. I finally get to use my step-sister like I’d always dreamed of.

I sent her to the bed and told her to touch her pussy…to masturbate in front of me. My slutbot step-sister informed me that she could cum on command, but I wanted to witness the unit have a natural orgasm. Watching her body shudder in pleasure made me instantly hard. I moved to the bed and had my slutbot wrap her wet lips around my swollen, twitching dick. Finally seeing my step-sister’s head bobbing up and down on my shaft was too much, so I blew my load all over her face.

This fembot model operates with less rigid/more natural movement and speech patterns.

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