Xev Bellringer

Xev Bellringer – Horny Girlfriend Cant Wait HD 1080p

Talking dirty over the phone with my boyfriend got me so fucking wet. I love to imagine his hands all over my soft breasts, squeezing, slapping and pinching my hard nipples. I smelled and tasted myself for him, describing it over the phone. He made me promise not to cum before he got here but I cant help myself.

As soon as he hung up, I took off my pussy soaked panties to sniff and lick my cream. It got me so excited to know he wanted me that way. I rubbed the wet panties all over my big boobs so he could smell my arousal on them when he arrived. That wasn’t enough though; I needed sexual attention right away.

My breasts felt amazingly erotic when I drenched them with spit. I found my toy and laid back for some fun before he got home. All of that aggressive breast play sent me right over the edge I didn’t mean to cum!

Fantasy includes: panty fetish, panty sniffing, pussy to mouth, dildo fucking, tit play, tit busting, tit slapping, nipple pinching, gagging, spit fetish
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Xev Bellringer – Love Me Step-Daddy HD 720p

Stepfather / Stepdaughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, DADDY’S GIRL, Stepdad, Older Man / younger woman, Mom’s Husband / Wife’s Daughter, Role play, step father, step daughter, step daddy

All I ever wanted was your love, Step-Dad. Ever since that week Step-Mom was gone… that week you saw me as a woman and not just your anymore, I’ve wanted you. It started so innocently, when I laid my head on your lap and… felt you get excited. But you could barely talk to me, let alone look at me when you found out I was pregnant with your step-son.

Step-Dad, I’m glad it happened. Just show me that you still love me… and touch me. My breasts are full of milk because of you. They’re so tender, bigger than when you last saw them. Step-Mom’s not here, it’s just us again for the whole weekend… Put your hands all over me, make me feel wanted Step-Dad. Mmm…Oh yes… My shirt is going to soak through with milk if you keep squeezing… They feel like they’re about to burst, you’ll have to suck the milk out. Put your mouth on my nipples and suc-Ohh! You’re so gentle, please keep going…

Step-Dad? You’re… hard. Why not? Why couldn’t we just… do it again. Love me like you did, Step-Dad. Even if it’s just this once.

Fantasy includes: taboo, step-daddy/step-daughter, impregnation fantasy, pov breast feeding, virtual sex
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Xev Bellringer – BBC Gossip Around the Office HD 1080p

You’ve found me at the office alone, and since no one else was supposed to be in, I go about my business oblivious that you’re there watching. You ogle my big ass as I bend over looking in the filing cabinet for some papers. Finally, as I sit down at my desk, you alert me to your presence. I’m actually quite pleased that you came to work today because I wanted to talk to you about all of the emails that’ve been circulating around. Every secretary in the building has seen your big black cock and we can’t stop talking about it! I have a feeling you wanted me in particular to find this, after all, I have noticed you checking out my big booty a number of times. I urge you to take the big, black beast out of your pants so I can see it in person. One thing leads to another and I find myself on my knees. All I want to do is try and swallow that massive schlong and you let me. You must get deep satisfaction knowing that a woman wants to much to taste you, but can’t fit you in her mouth.
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Xev Bellringer – But You’re My Step-Brother HD 720p

Step-brother / Step-Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Step-Siblings, Stepbro, Stepsis, Stepsister, Stepbrother, Role play, step brother, step sister, sisters, Big tits, Virtual Sex

Your little step-sister stumbles into the bedroom in an stupor, giggling to herself as she immodestly strips her party clothes off in front of you. Did she forget that the two of you were sharing a room for the weekend? Her nearly naked body lay sprawled next to yours, that big ass pushing toward you as she moans about her boyfriend Johnny… but is she talking to you?

Your step-sister pulls herself close to you. Too close. She is entirely oblivious of her soft nipples slipping out of the bra, inches from your face. And how hard it makes you… to finally look at her that way. Her words are slurred, inhibitions lost… and she is completely Silly with lust for you. Or at least, who she thinks is her boyfriend.

Her hand reaches down to fasten around your stiff cock, pumping it up and down. Your step-sister loosens her grip as she begins to drift to rest. This might be your only chance, you shake her awake. “Touch me” she whimpers, rubbing her own pussy through the panties. Your hand finds her warm, soft crotch. Your step-sister moans in delirious pleasure as you straddle her and massage her clit until she cums.

Giggling, she unclasps her bra to let her big breasts spill out and pulls you in. You kiss her deeply, cock pushing into her belly as you lay on top of her. A strange expression crosses your step-sister’s face, she mumbles that it’s like she’s kissing her step-brother. You can’t let her back out now, so you shut her up with a hard kiss again.

It’s enough to remind her of how much she wants your thick manhood between her legs. She takes you into her wet pussy… nothing has ever felt so good in your life. Your own step-sister begging for your cock, and finally taking it. Maybe she doesn’t know it is her step-brother who’s fucking her… but does it really matter?

That soon changes when you moan her name out loud. Even in her silly state, she hears it. Her step-brother’s voice. But now is not the time to stop. You won’t let her. She will take your cock and your load. After all, she shouldn’t have started something she couldn’t finish…
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Xev Bellringer – Cum Addicted Nurse HD 1080p

Oh, hello Doctor! I didn’t… see you standing there, let me just pull my skirt down and… sorry, I thought everyone had left for the day. Oh yes, my notes. Um, it looks like I had about 30 sperm donors today. Is that a lot?? Oh, I… I don’t do anything different from what we were trained to do… really. Just make sure he’s comfortable, show him the office’s library of porn and… Well, I do check in on them after a minute or so. To see if they need anything.

And if they do, well I just pop open my blouse and let them look at my breasts until they cum. That’s all, I promise! The semen samples? Um… I can’t seem to remember – you know, I may have misplaced those. I AM telling the truth, Doctor! My breath smells like… cum?? I don’t know what you’re talking about, I…

Oh Doctor, please don’t fire me! I didn’t mean to swallow every semen sample I collected today, it’s just… I couldn’t help it! I lost control! Seeing all of those hard cocks… my mouth starts watering and then I can’t stop thinking about them thrusting, pumping cum deep into my throat. I’ve been going to a sex addiction program for my condition, I just fell off the wagon today. I promise it won’t ever happen again!

You want to know… everything?? The last donor, he was so… so – OH I couldn’t resist! As soon as I saw him stroking his big cock, I just fell to my knees and shoved him into my mouth! He grabbed my hair and kept pumping deeper and harder until his seed filled me. Doctor, are… are you HARD?? You… you don’t want me to stop. Oh Doctor, let me just– MMPPPHHH!! I’m never… mmmph, satisfied–mmmph! Cum in my mouth and I’ll tell you everything!!

Fantasy includes: nurse/doctor, blowjob, pov
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Xev Bellringer – Fuck My Tits Or You’re Fired HD 1080p

Why don’t you come in and have a drink with your boss, I’m sure the wife can spare a single evening with her husband…Just tell her it’s for business. Don’t let your wife’s insecurities rub off on you, I can’t have that in the workplace. Come in.

She keeps you on a short leash. Are things OK at home?… is your wife keeping you satisfied? Sit down and answer the question… or you’re fired. Does she empty your balls regularly? I knew it. You didn’t think I noticed you staring all of the time? Whenever I bend over and brush my bosom against your shoulder, your cock hardens.

This is work related. It’s my job to manage people and keep them productive. How can my favorite employee get anything done with blue balls? I’m changing the definition of ‘professional’ – right now it’s you’re job to take that aching cock out and stroke it for your boss’s big tits.

Fantasy includes: titty fucking, boss/employee, blackmail, homewrecker, office domination, cock sucking
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Xev Bellringer – Step-Mommy Caught You Spying HD 1080p

Stepmother / Stepson Incest, Taboo, Family Fantasies, Stepmom, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, Cougar, Mommas boy, STEP-MOM, Older Woman / Younger Man, Dad’s Wife / Husband’s Son, ROLE PLAY, step mother, step son, step mommy

I saw you peeping on your step-father and I just now, you are so lucky he didn’t catch you looking. Tell me the truth; this isn’t the first time is it? No, every time your step-father and I make love, I hear the floorboards squeaking outside of our room. Do you stroke yourself thinking about it? Thinking about having sex with Step-Mommy? Its not healthy to fantasize about that sweetie, but I cant say I blame you. Every night, you have to listen to Step-Mommy moan and cum the headboard banging against your wall.

You are such a naughty boy. No, I want to help sweetie! Its not fair that Step-Mommy and Step-Daddy get to kiss, lick, suck, and have fun while my poor boy is stuck alone in his room on a school night. Here sweetie, let Step-Mommy touch it don’t be nervous, I want to take care of you. Imagine it is just you and me totally alone, and you could do anything you wanted with Step-Mommy. Would you want to feel my body? Squeeze my breasts? Touch Step-Mommy’s pussy? I love that my own step-son is so horny for me, it makes me wet sweetie.

Sometimes I imagine feeling you inside of me instead of your step-father when he and I are having sex. I know you imagine the same thing honey, boys your age only think about sex. Step-Mommy wants to grind on your hard cock, sweetie. Oh that’s amazing. I cant handle it, Step-Mommy needs to feel you inside now!
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Xev Bellringer – Erotic Dance Jerk Encouragement HD 1080p

Watch how I move slowly and sensually while you touch yourself for me. Dont you just want to reach through the screen and feel my curves, explore my undulating body? Yes, stroke to me, but dont get yourself too close, I want you to cum for me when Im on my knees. Thats right, Im going to suck you off until you cant handle the stimulation anymore. Then you will unload all over my pretty face!

Fantasy includes: erotic dancing, masturbation instruction, dirty talk, dildo sucking
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Xev Bellringer – Step-Mommy’s Tight Vagina HD 1080p

Stepmother / Stepson Incest, Taboo, Family Fantasies, Stepmom, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, Cougar, Mommas boy, STEP-MOM, Older Woman / Younger Man, Dad’s Wife / Husband’s Son, ROLE PLAY, step mother, step son, step mommy, Big tits, Virtual Sex

You would do anything for Step-Mommy, right? No matter how unspeakably wrong it is? If your step-father wasn’t stuck at the office, I would never ask this of you, but I desperately need my step-son right now. Those pills I’ve been taking are an experimental that change my body… they make my vagina tighter than ever before. Honey… I need to ask this terrible favor of you. I didn’t know your step-father would be gone, but you need to take his place just this once. If I don’t have sex soon, my vagina will keep squeezing tighter and close up completely!! I need you to get your cock hard for Step-Mommy this very moment, and I’ll do whatever it takes to turn you on. Just please… try not to look at my naked breasts for longer than you have to. We can’t waste any more time! You HAVE to let me put it in, just… it’s OHH!!! It’s so tight, I can barely fit it!! Honey, don’t thrust into your step-mother! And under NO circumstances are you allowed to cum inside of me! OHHHH!! You MUST stop yourself from cumming for as long as possible… please… ohhh!
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