Xev Bellringer

Xev Bellringer, Princess Leia – Step-Mommy’s Ball Draining Treatment HD 1080p

Step-Mommy’s so worried, so concerned about her only boy’s well being. Your condition has been getting worse, and even now in the doctor’s office, it begins to flare up as she fusses over you. Her huge bosom heaves in your face as she checks you, bouncing frantically as your symptoms worsen. You get hot, your heart starts beating faster and faster. She’s oblivious of the effect her voluptuous body has on yours, and on your stiffening cock.

It isn’t until the nurse arrives and instructs Step-Mommy to show her exactly what she was doing to trigger this reaction. Your step-mother apologetically mounts as you lay back on the table, reenacting her desperation, unaware of her ample breasts once again pressing into your view. You just can’t help it, staring at them as they jiggle. And then it happens again. Your body seems to go into overdrive and your growing cock is pressing into Step-Mommy’s crotch. She notices something hard, but it couldn’t possibly be… THAT.

The nurse insists on an in-depth inspection, her hands groping, feeling, measuring your uncontrollable erection. You step-mother can’t believe her eyes – that was her step-son’s penis?? He was aroused?! These symptoms all point to one condition, an ailment with dire consequences, unless tended to urgently: severe semen backup. Desperate to save her step-son, your step-mother insists she’ll do anything it takes, no matter how uncomfortable… no matter how wrong. Even if it’s something a step-mother should never do to her step-son. The nurse insists it’s the only treatment that works, one she will eagerly help administer. Step-Mommy needs to manually release the immense pressure building in your balls… to stroke and suck the cum out of your penis before it reaches critical levels!

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Xev Bellringer – Step-Mommy’s Confession HD 1080p

Everyone at school knew what your step-mother did. It was no secret. With your two best friends, no less. They heard how John and Daron groped her in the car, the things they did to her naked body in the backseat… how they used her, and how she liked it. And it was all true. How could she?? You were angry… and jealous.

You had a right to know everything, you were her step-son. You’d MAKE her tell you every last dirty detail, no matter how persistent your step-mother was denying it. Even now as she sat there, her big breasts were falling out of that lacy lingerie, and her hands were wandering over her body as she reluctantly confessed. You could tell… she would do it all over again. Let them grope her, let them fuck her. Your step-mother, the slut.

She’d be your slut too. You reached out and grabbed her hand, planting it on your crotch. She felt it, your hard cock. You’d make her rub it, stroke it… all the while relaying what happened in that car. How they stripped her naked in the back, and how they penetrated her mouth… and her pussy. She’d have no choice but to make you cum, whether she liked it or not.

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Xev Bellringer – Step-Mommy’s Jerk Off Instruction HD 1080p

Sweety, you did so well on your report card! I’m so proud of you. You made Step-Mommy so happy, and for that, I’ll wear that thing you like so much. Yes, the red lingerie. I know you enjoy seeing Step-Mommy wear that, so I’m going to let you watch me as a reward for doing so well in school. Honey, I think if you really enjoy the way I look in this outfit, you should take your penis out and touch it for Step-Mommy. Yes, I know you’ve been told not to touch your penis unless you’re alone, but you really impressed Step-Mommy with your grades. I want to give you something special.

Fantasy includes: taboo, step-mommy/step-son, masturbation instruction, lingerie, cleavage, cum encouragement

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Xev Bellringer – Step-Mommy’s Goodnight Handjob HD 1080p

Oh dear, did I wake you up honey? How silly of me, tucking you in when you were already resting. I hope you don’t mind… it’s just… oh I miss the times we used to spend together before bed. Remember? You had such trouble dozing off without me.. well, without my help. You know, you can still come to Step-Mommy whenever you need me.

Oh! Oh honey, look at that… well your penis is hard. Oh sweetheart, I feel so guilty for causing that. Well, I’m already here, I should really help you go back to rest… the way we used to do it. How do you want Step-Mommy to make you cum? Just tell me–OH! My breasts are dripping milk all over your sheets! They’re SO full, I’m just going to have to squeeze it out right here. I couldn’t leave you now, not in that state.

Isn’t this fun?? Go on, reach under the covers. I know you want to, honey. Here, let me do it for you… just to get you started. Doesn’t that feel better? Mmm yes… so much better. I just feel so bad for waking you up… is there anything more Step-Mommy can do? You can tell me… we can do anything you want honey. Just like old times. Just tell Step-Mommy.

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Xev Bellringer – Step-Mommy’s One Condition HD 1080p

He grew up so much faster than I thought. No more time for his step-mother on the beach or at the movies together… he’s growing away from me. It’s what any young man naturally wants, but not this soon. I can’t let him go. Not yet. Not when I smell his step-father’s cologne on him before his big night out. He’s looking to impress some girl. Some high school hussie. My poor boy doesn’t understand just how dangerous all of those desires are, to be close to a girl… to touch her… to do more to her. He doesn’t need a girl after all, he needs a woman. And not just any woman. He needs his step-mother. I know what boys his age want… and I will be sure to give it to him before his date, whether he likes it or not, over and over and over again until he is completely drained of all his urges…

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Xev Bellringer, Princess Leia – Daddys Double Step-Daughter Blowjob HD 1080p

Step-Daddy! We heard you threw out your back! Are you okay? You must be so bored down here alone all day, stuck to your bed There must be something your two favorite girls can do to help you pass the time. Oh no, you really cant move, can you! Hmm Hehe! That means Step-Daddy couldnt stop us if we did something. Something really naughty. Oh, Step-Daddy, you have no idea what we get up to in our room! Shh, dont tell Step-Mommy! She wouldnt like this, would she? We just love kissing and fondling each other when no ones around Ohhh, it looks like Step-Daddy really likes this! We know exactly what you need right now. Daddys so hard for his . Step-Mommy can never take care of you like we can. You cant even move to relieve that frustration down there! Well do it for you, dont worry. Our hot little mouths love to kiss, and putting them on Daddys cock will be even better. We want to show you what we can do. We love you so much, Step-Daddy!

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Xev Bellringer – My Step-Brother’s Big Boner HD 720p

It was just a prank that went… too far. But I couldn’t let my step-brother get away with shutting off the hot water during my shower. Especially since the pervert got a little show while I was bathing. It was so obvious, he used the trick as an excuse to peep on his naked step-sister… even when I could barely cover myself with the towel, his eyes were glued to my tits!

My step-brother actually had the hots for me, and I used it for my revenge. All it took was one of Dads boner pills in the twerp’s favorite drink to give him the biggest, hardest erection he’s ever had… that, and a little encouragement from me. I unbuttoned my tight shirt to show my big breasts barely contained in a lacy bra. It was just a little tease, just to get him impossibly riled up only to leave him with the most unrelenting boner of the century.

But my step-brother wouldn’t have it. He held the door closed and whipped out his stiff, engorged cock right in front of me! I wouldn’t admit it, I couldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing that I… wanted to see it. That I liked it. My step-brother’s rigid, raging cock pointing straight out at me… needing me. And before I knew it, he reached down and began stroking himself feverishly… too feverishly.

He would jerk himself raw unless I stepped in. No matter how wrong it was, or how well I feigned reluctance… we both wanted it. Gently, slowly, I took my step-brother’s heavy hard-on in my hands and tenderly pulled on it. Had the pervert already imagined this very scenario when he was alone at night? His step-sister’s naked, voluptuous body… these hard juicy nipples beneath my dancing fingertips.

Despite everything I knew to be wrong… I indulged my step-brother in his twisted fantasy. I had to know how he me in his thoughts. Not long after my hand found its place between my legs, his own hand replaced mine. It felt so wrong to enjoy his touch, but I did. And he knew it. My step-brother thrust his fingers into my wet pussy, relishing the fact that despite everything I was saying… I was turned on.

He mounted me in a lustful fury, finger fucking me until I came hard. It was at that moment my step-brother slid his fingers out from my slit and buried his massive erection inside of me in one quick movement. He was going to take me, use me to finally satisfy himself… and I wanted him to.

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Xev Bellringer – My Step-Brother’s Cock Just Slipped In HD 1080p

If my friend hadn’t bailed on me Halloween night for the big party, I wouldn’t have asked my step-brother to help, and none of this would have happened. If only I hadn’t gotten a two-person costume for the contest, and if only we could have kept our clothes on, he wouldn’t have… WE wouldn’t have had that accident. I didn’t know just how aroused he would get when our bodies were to be so close. It was far too tight, and he was pressed SO hard against me, rubbing more and more against my hot, sweaty skin every time we tried to move. I felt him… stiffen and thrust against my panties. He couldn’t help it, he just CAME on my crotch as I was clamped against his pelvis! It was so slippery, his cum dripping down into my pussy… our sweaty bodies… our heat… and maybe something more… it was all too much. We tripped and he fell INTO me! His cock slipped right into my wet pussy and we were stuck. Every time I tried to move, tried to push him off, his cock buried deeper until I just couldn’t stop… liking it, wanting it… wanting more.

Fantasy includes: taboo, virtual sex, rubbing, multiple male orgasms, female orgasm, grinding, accidental arousal, lingerie, big tits, costumes

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Xev Bellringer – My Step-Brother’s Pheromone Cologne HD 1080p

Don’t tell me you were just perving on me in the shower. I’m your step-sister! How long did you watch me for? Oh my God, please say you didn’t see what I was doing with the shower head… I can’t believe you’d try something like this after what I caught you doing with my dirty panties. Look, it doesn’t matter how hot you think I am. You can never have me because we’re related. Forget it.

What’s that bottle you have…what the–did you just spray cologne?? You really are delusional if you think that’ll work on…me… Whoa, I feel all tingly…you smell so…good. Oh my God, what’s come over me. I need to touch myself…rub myself…on you. I’m sorry, I can’t help it…I just have to feel you inside of me, little step-brother.

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Xev Bellringer – Playtime With My Step-Brother HD 720p

You said you’d play dress up with me, c’mon take your clothes off. Why do you just keep staring at my body? Well of course I’ve changed, I’m growing up! You just haven’t seen me naked in a really long time, ever since Step-Mommy and Step-Daddy told us not to play or take baths together anymore.

Don’t I look pretty in Step-Mommy’s lacy swimsuit? Whoa… your penis looks different from the last time I saw it. It’s never poked straight out at me like that before. You know, Step-Daddy’s penis does that when he’s with Step-Mommy in their bedroom at night. So how do you make it go down? Rubbing it…? Do it in front of me, I wanna see.

Sometimes when I rub my vagina like this for a while, it feels really good… and then all of a sudden it’s over. I also really like to stick my fingers inside… Ohh!! Your stuff is squirting out! It’s so sticky looking… there’s so much. Can I taste it? Mmm it’s really warm and yummy.

Your penis is still poking out really far, I thought you said it’d go down after. We can play make believe with it – you be Step-Daddy and I’ll be Step-Mommy when they’re in the bedroom together. Wrap your arms around me really tight and rub me a bunch, that’s how they do it. And don’t forget to kiss me with tongue.

Ok now lay down all the way on top of me, and keep rubbing your body all around. You’re so heavy, I can barely even move… and your penis keeps poking into my belly. You know… Step-Daddy would actually put his penis inside of Step-Mommy too. Come on, you said you would play with me. Besides, it’s not for real since we’re just playing pretend… it doesn’t count. Go slow, your penis is way bigger than my fingers… Oh ohhhh!

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