Xev Bellringer

Xev Bellringer – Permission To Cum HD 720p

Like my outfit? I wore it to bed, hoping you’d unwrap me in the middle of the night… You were in my dreams… You wanted me. You really fucked me, like some kind of beast… It was like waves upon waves of orgasmic pleasure. Oh God, this feels so good… I can’t take this vibrator much longer, I might… cum before I’m supposed to. Please… please fuck me… cum in me.

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Xev Bellringer – A Sticky Mess HD 720p

Was Step-Mommy actually stripping off her clothes right in front of her step-son? Was she totally oblivious of how her heavy, swinging breasts covered in glistening honey gave you a pumping erection? She’d been wiping and rubbing at her sticky breasts ever since the leak from the grocery bag stained her shirt and my crotch. With the water to the house shut off for hours, your step-mother desperately sought another way to wash away the syrup… and demanded you disrobe as well.

As your cock ached rigidly against honey soaked pants, your step-mother pulled down your waistband. Did she not realize that you were hard for her? Blaming your arousal on the honey, Step-Mommy gingerly requested you to lick her sticky, sweet breasts clean. You felt guilty taking advantage of her innocence… but this might be your only chance. You tongued and suckled at your step-mother’s soft bosom until there wasn’t a trace of honey left.

Step-Mommy insisted on returning the favor… and before you knew it, she was lapping at the sweet syrup all over your manhood. Your step-mother was completely oblivious to the sexual nature of her mouth on your increasingly sensitive penis. If Step-Mommy kept sucking like this, there would be nothing stopping you from having the most intense orgasm in your life… and exploding into her unsuspecting mouth….

Fantasy includes: taboo, step-mother/step-son, unintentional blow job, wet and messy, desperation, tit play, stripping, pov breast licking, cock and ball

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Xev Bellringer – Stroke And Swallow, Sweetie HD 720p

Are you masturbating wearing my dirty panties?? We can go to the store to buy you panties to wear if you want sweetie, but you are not allowed to use Step-Mommy’s anymore. Well…since you’ve already started, I’ll let you finish with them this one time, not inside of them though. You have to cum in your hand and eat it, young man.

Fantasy includes: cum eating instruction, taboo, masturbation encouragement, step-mother/step-son, cum countdown, milf, panty fetish, bra fetish, miniskirt, silk, joi

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Xev Bellringer – Big Booty Teacher Brainwashed HD 720p

You would finally make your fantasy a reality today. She’s completely unaware of your intentions, but it didn’t matter. You would defile your teacher’s irresistible voluptuous body and use her big round ass without her even knowing. That magnificently juicy ass you’ve been drooling over since the first day of class. You could barely stand the anticipation to make her your little booty shaking cumslut.

It’d only take a moment alone to wipe her mind blank, rendered utterly receptive to your perverted suggestions. As soon as you brandish the swinging pendulum, your teacher would descend into a deep trance. And then you’d have some REAL fun. Oh the things you’ll make her do, the filthy words you’ll makes her say, the dirty thoughts you’ll make her confess… and the cock you’ll make her CRAVE.

She’ll be none the wiser. At the snap of your fingers, all memory of the obscene things you did to her body would vanish from her mind. She won’t know why she wore a revealing pink tank top and booty shorts to school the next day. She won’t remember admitting her obsession with sucking cock, or how the taste of cum on her lips makes her wet. Your teacher won’t recall shaking her huge ass for you, feeling your rock hard cock thrusting and rubbing against her soft ass cheeks. Or the way you shoved yourself into her mouth, then bent her over the desk, plunging that aching cock deep into her pussy. The perfect, obedient little fuck toy.

Fantasy includes: mesmerize, virtual sex, fake cum ss fetish, upskirt, oral fixation, woman following orders, virtual buttcheek humping, spanking, virtual cock sucking, virtual ball sucking, ass shaking, doggystyle, reverse cowgirl, missionary, thong, booty shorts, cleavage, pov

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Xev Bellringer – A Christmas Cuckold Story HD 720p

You love your wife, especially tonight. The things she’ll do for you… just to satisfy your deepest sexual fantasies. Going so far, pushing her own limits, just for you. Shy, embarrassed… nervous about what would happen in just a few minutes, when that fateful knock on the door would come. The mysterious man on the other side, ready to walk in and take what he wanted: your wife.

She had no idea who he was. But she trusted you, and would let him do WHATEVER he wanted to her body. It made you so fucking hard. You just had to cop a feel right there in the hotel room, before he made his appearance. You thrust your fingers deep into her cunt, pumping them in and out, having her admit it all. That she too wanted another man to fuck her.

And then you heard it, the knock. You rushed into the closet, where you would stay and watch him your wife through the doors. But not before you told your wife the big secret. It was your boss who would fuck her tonight. You knew the news petrified her… but oh, it would make her want to please him that. Much. More. Strip for him, kiss him, suck his cock, slip his throbbing manhood into her wet pussy… and of course, let him cum inside of her… Because you wanted it, to see her used by your boss. And then… used by you.

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Xev Bellringer, Princess Leia – Curious Cousins: Truth or Dare HD 1080p

No words can describe how lucky you are to have your two sexy cousins sitting right in front of you. You’ve always thought about them in that way, but would never say it out loud. Now that everyone’s all grown up, it’s hard to hide your interest. It’s been a long time since you last saw them! They’ve grown a lot… You’re all so bored at Grandma’s house; there’s nothing the three of you won’t do to pass the time. When one of your cousins suggests to play Truth or Dare, you don’t know what to expect but you can’t help picturing all those dirty thoughts you’ve had in the past. Your other cousin is so innocent but she keeps looking at you in a way that can’t be mistaken. She’s curious. You’re interested. Your cousins seem to want to do more than just play games… How far can three cousins go in Truth or Dare? – POV Threesome Incest Blowjob

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