Bettie Bondage – Your Girlfriend Needs Big Cock HD 1080p

Your girlfriend calls you over to “talk.” You know what that means – enough girlfriends have done that for you to understand. But when you show up, she’s wearing a cute little bra and panty combo, and she’s smiling. Thinking you’re going to get lucky, you sit down for your chat…but she tells you, still smiling, that she has to confess. She’s been cheating on you, you see. Ever since you first fucked, she’s been waiting til you leave to use a big, huge dildo to satisfy herself, and finally it was too much. She needed the real thing, so she went out and got her tight pussy rammed by a giant cock. She’s not even a little bit remorseful! She tells you that she knows what you think…you love it.

You try to deny it but she brings up that time you watched porn together and you were fixated on those big, huge cocks slamming tight pussies. She’s so sure that you love it that she leans back and takes her huge, 10″ dildo out and starts to tease her hole. You do love it, of course, seeing her filled, hearing her tell you that she’s never been satisfied by your little tiny dick. You take it out to stroke it and she laughs, calling it your dicklet, your man-clit, telling you to stroke for her while she pleasures her pussy with a better dick than yours. You want so badly to cum for her, your cruel, big cock loving girlfriend, and she tells you that you can, right when she says, counting you down to a shuddering, powerful orgasm while she puts you right where you belong.


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Bettie Bondage – Your Girlfriend Was Her Step-Daddy’s Slut HD 1080p

Your girlfriend calls you and asks you to come over to talk. She sounds upset, so you rush over. She sits you down, and asks if you remember that talk you had, a few months back, about your sexual histories. She tells you that she wasn’t being honest when she said she lost her virginity in college. “See, it was much earlier than that…” She begins telling you about when she was young, and would have these dreams about a man in her bedroom, standing over her…only they weren’t dreams. And it wasn’t just some man. It was her step-father, standing over her and stroking his cock to his step-daughter. She details how things progressed – how he started to touch her, penetrate her with his fingers, cumming all over her tits. How the next night, she wore no panties, making his penetration easier. The next night, she wore nothing at all, inviting her step-daddy to take full advantage of her tight little holes. She notices you squirming in your seat, as you try to hide your erection.

She asks if you’re aroused, hearing about the way her step-daddy used her. You confess that you are, after she admits that she’s wet, finally telling someone about all of this. “See, I loved being step-daddy’s cock whore!” she confesses, unburdened and obviously horny as hell from talking about all this with you. She undresses as you stroke, begging you to come fuck her as she tells you exactly how her step-daddy took her virginity…how he fucked her in all sorts of ways every night. You can’t believe how turned on you are, as you slide your cock into her pussy, thinking about how many times she would part her legs, encouraging her step-father to fuck her… You pump her full of cum, fucking it deep into her as she begs for you to make her feel like a dirty slut like step-daddy did…you’re so turned on, you stay hard, listening to her say that she thinks her step-mother was fucking her step-brother, that her step-mom put her on birth control once she hit puberty so her step-dad could keep fucking her and filling with his cum!


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Xev Bellringer – Worshipping My Favorite Part Of Your Cock HD 720p

There are so many things I love about cock, things that make me weak just thinking about… the smell, the taste, the shape. Those big, full balls and that rigid, thick shaft really get me going… but my favorite part of a cock is the bulbous, sensitive cock head. Oh yes, the way that rounded, taut tip parts a woman’s lips… it was made for penetration. Just like I was made to want it… to need the excited, engorged crown penetrating my holes. Let me show you just how much I adore and obsess over your cock head, showering it with soft kisses, tonguing it wetly, rubbing my slippery fingertips across the tight, warm surface. How much stimulation can this throbbing head handle before exploding with cum?

Fantasy includes: blowjob, cock worship, dirty talk, facial, cum swallowing, cum play, licking, finger play

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Asia Lee Sucks and Fucks Her Stepbrother HD 1080p

Asia Lee is one naughty nympho of a stepsister that makes him offer up his huge cock or else tell their mother on him for coming home late. This is apparently standard procedure for these stepsiblings so they have an excuse to continue their illicit affair. The exotic tattooed stepsister just loves anything taboo, sucking on her brother’s big dick for example or fucking him until a creampie as they do in this family porn video. Watch the raunchy Asian in action!

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butt3rflyforu / Rae Knight – Blackmailed Maid HD 720p

I have been working with the same family for years. So happy and feel like I am very secure in my job. I have a to feed so thank god I have work! I was vacuuming the living room one afternoon and to my surprise you come home from the office early, way before your wife!!! This has rarely even happened and I was quite surprised to see you! I turned off the vacuum and you greeted me and asked if I could come in the bedroom to show me something that you were hoping I could clean. I follow you inside….stood for a moment….and things got….well….quite awkward! I stood waiting for you to tell me what I can improve…but nothing…..I was getting the feeling you just brought me in there to start something…I know you always check out my cleavage and huge tits. You love my latin huge ass too….You tell me to take off my top!!!! OMG MR SMITH!!! WHAT????? You begin touching yourself through your work pants. I can see you are getting aroused at the thought of ordering me to do dirty things. I beg you not to do this. That your wife will be home and I respect her 100%!!!! You tell me if I don’t listen, then I will be fired today! I can not afford to be fired. I am a single step-mom with no help at all. I begin stripping slowly and hesitantly. You begin to stroke faster as you see my huge tits hanging there in front of me. You then ask me to take off my jeans and my panties and tell me to get on the bed. You now take your hard cock out of your pants and order me to suck your cock. I am completely naked and really need my job. I begin sucking you on my knees . You are so excited and need my pussy …You tell me it will stay just between us, but you need to feel my warm pussy on your hard cock since your wife doesn’t give it to you anymore. You even want to put your wife’s pink ball gag in my mouth as you leave your seed inside of your maid!!!!!!!! You just can not pull out! You are so aroused and feel so good you don’t care!!! ENJOY!

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butt3rflyforu / Rae Knight – Bad Nightmares But Step-Mommy Helps HD 1080p

You come in my bedroom because you were having nightmares again. I let you into Step-Mommy’s bed, as you know I always do. I am wearing your favorite satin nightie and you lay behind me, hugging me, hoping the bad thoughts go away. You love spooning…step-mommy’s ass, step-mommy’s soft satin and knowing step-mommy rests without panties always makes you feel so much better. This time a little too much better!!! I feel your hard cock pressing against my ass..,,,I can tell my baby boy has an erection.,,and you are growing which means your erections are getting harder and bigger. Step-Mommy is the only one who really knows how to relieve you. You will never go back to rest poking me in my bare ass crack with this honey…”take off your boxers sweetie and lay next to me”, let me wrap my satin nightie over your throbbing manhood and I will masturbate you honey ….how does this feel? I know this is feeling good, sweetie,look!!! “Look at your precum leaking through my satin nightie!” Oh dear, this is working….”Let me stroke you a little faster, up around your fat, girthy head”…..OMG baby…here it comes….cum for your Step-Mommy…..,CUM!!!!! Good boy…don’t you feel better!? Now lay down with me and try to rest…I love you! Sweet dreams! ENJOY!

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butt3rflyforu / Rae Knight – A Million Dollar Bet HD 1080p

You are in the middle of a divorce and your ex wife’s attorney calls you to her office just to sign a few papers and wrap up a few loose ends. You have an ongoing bet with your ex that if you don’t masturbate or engage in sex for three months, she will give you her half of whatever is owed to her, which is 1 million dollars! You have gone 3 months…and today is the last day of the bet!!! You just have to make it to the end of the day and you are home free! You walk into my office to see my huge cleavage, pencil skirt and tight ass….I begin saying that it is so hot in here….”Do you mind if I take off my long sleeve shirt”? I need to cool down… begin sweating because you know I am hot and you haven’t touched yourself in 3 months or had any female contact…you balls are throbbing because they are so full of cum….no cumming for 3 whole months!!! I can see your pants begin growing….I remove my blouse and turn around looking for files….My purple lace bra….barely contain my tits!!! I slowly get down on my knees…telling you that whatever happens in my office if strictly confidential!!!…I unzip your pants and let your manhood free!!! You can’t even speak…your dick is feeling so good with my hands on it…I tell you that my hands and mouth will feel so good on this deprived cock! I’m sure my pussy feels way better than your ex wife’s too!!! Just slip it in…..don’t worry…its strictly between us…..haha…..Don’t mind the cameras in the corner……!! HAHAHA…..You can’t resist…you slide your raging boner inside my wet pussy…..doggystyle in my office…on my couch….AHHHH …it feels so good… need to release!!! And I need your MONEY!!!!! ENJOY!

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Sinn Sage – Impregnating My Sexy Christian Aunt Part 1 HD 1080p

My family is super religious so i thought it was a bit weird when my Aunt Sinn and my uncle were not in church this last Sunday. so i was extra curious when i got a text from my Aunt Sinn asking me to stop by after school. when i got to there house i just let myself in since we were family after all, i found Sinn in the kitchen looking kind of upset. we sat down and made some small talk and then my Aunt told me she had something series she needed to ask me. i said i was all ears and she reminded me that her and my uncle had been trying to get pregnant for over a year now. she said they finely went to the doctor and it turned out my uncle had a low sperm count. i told her i was sorry to hear that and i asked about in vetro or maybe adoption. she told me that my uncle wanted the baby to acutely be his and they didn’t have the money for in vetro. then she started to tell me that the situation was starting to cause serious problems with there relationship. she told me that she had been praying on it and she thought god had sent her a answer. she reminded me that me, my dad and uncle all looked really similar and if i could keep it a secret then maybe i could be her sperm donor. i was stunned and before i could answer my aunt pressed on by saying that if she didn’t get pregnant soon her and my uncle would get divorced and she didn’t want that. she told me she really felt that god was speaking to her about this and this is what he wanted her to do. i really loved my aunt and uncle and didn’t want them to divorce and if she thought it was gods will then i should go alone with it. i told her i would help and asked what she needed me to do. i could see her face light up when i said that, she got up and came back a minute later carrying some things in a towel. she told me the first step was get a sperm sample from me to her doctor to have it tested. she handed me the towel with a bottle of lube and a sample cup in it. she told me to just go back to her bed room and masturbate into the sample cup then bring it back out to her. she reminded me that this needed to be kept a secret, so no telling my friends, parents, my uncle or anyone else. i said ok and headed back to the master bed room! i masturbated for a little while and tried my best to cum but the situation was just to weird and i couldn’t do it. i called our for my aunt Sinn and she walked in to the room a minute later. i told her what was going on and she got really panicked when i said i didn’t think i could do it. she told me she really needed the sample, she reminded me that it was what go wanted. she looked thoughtful for a second then asked if it would be ok if she “helped”. i asked her what she meant, she walked over and picked up the lube and pulled the towel away revealing my raging hard boner. she took my cock into her hand and started stroking it, she kept eye contact with me and started telling me this was gods will and to just cum for her. having my sexy christian aunt jerk me off was more then i could take and before long she got a huge sample for the doctor. she told me to go a head and get dressed, she was taking to sample to the doctor right now. she said she was see me at church next Sunday and reminded me that this was our secret. she said she would let me know what my sperm results are soon and all i could think was gods will be done! This is part 1 of Impregnating My Sexy Christian Aunt, this series stars Sinn Sage. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cheating Wife Impregnation Christian CFNM Handjob Scene.

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Danielle Maye – Beckys Step-Sister 4K

Pretend to be Amy, wearing swimsuit. Amy is my wife’s step-sister, and is quite shy. But shes come home from school and wants me to see her body, and show her my jerking off for her. Keep mentioning her sisters name, and how she musnt find out. Take off swimsuit and give me a JOI showing me your body as you do so.

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Bettie Bondage – NYE Part 3: Bully Blackmail Fucks Mom 4K

Your brother came home from his big game with a fucking ridiculous story: his coach got his girlfriend to come fuck the whole team on the bus! You’re sure he’s just telling you this so you stop teasing him about being a virgin, but then he texts a friend to send him the proof, and sure enough, right on his phone, are pictures and video of this MILF sucking and fucking in every hole! There’s even one of her gaping her ass after taking your brother! He’s got a big dick–not as big as yours–and she’s taking it like a pro. Not only that but she looks really familiar. You can’t quite place it…wait, its that fucking AV nerd’s mom! You can’t believe it. You’re almost certain its her! You make your nerd brother send you the pics, and the next day at school, you ask around about it. You figure, if she’s fucking your brother’s whole baseball team, she’s probably fucking her nerd son’s friends, too! Sure enough, it only takes a couple threats to get his equally nerdy friends to admit they’ve all stuck it in her holes, too. God, that’s so hot. Armed with all this info, you head to his house after school–AV club on Thursday, so no dork around to try and stop you–and sneak in the back door, only to find her in his room, wait…sniffing his…wait, what? This is even better than you imagined! You’re not sure she’ll admit to it, but when you tell her you’re gonna send her dear boy the pics and video from the bus, she seems…ok with it? God, she must be fucking him, too!! Of course, that just makes your mammoth cock rock hard, and it doesn’t take more than a minute of whipping your dick out to make this slut get on her knees and suck. You knew she’d want it once she saw it, considering how she reacted to your brother’s dick. Of course, she’s eager to try and fit you in all her holes. In fact, there’s not much she won’t do, to get your cock inside her!

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