Lady Fyre

Lady Fyre – Afternoon Delight 4K

This is my wife, Lady Olivia Fyre and I fucking in 4k. Olivia and I had just finished shooting a virtual sex custom clip when I asked her if she would be into going ahead and shooting a little something POV with actual fucking. Sometimes it’s nice to spontaneously film our sex. no scripts or positions written down….just fucking. Just making each other cum. We both experience awesome orgasms in this clip too! I love watching her cum! She tightens up as the intensity builds so I slow my pace and make sure she gets to feel every centimeter, it’s Heaven

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Lady Fyre – Teacher’s Nylon Fetish HD 1080p

You’re a student in Mrs. Fyre’s class, and you can’t stop staring at her pantyhose-covered legs. She keeps you after school one day to confess that she has a nylon fetish too. She pulls out a pair of pantyhose, which she sexily slides over her pantyhose, and she plays with your cock with her nylon and pantyhose covered feet. She handles your cock expertly and strokes with between her legs and her feet. Then she stands up & tells you to fuck her thighs. She lets you fuck her pussy too. After she’s thoroughly exhausted your cock and fulfilled all of her fantasies and her own, she tells you that since you’ve been a good boy you can cum on her legs.

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Lady Fyre – The Convalescent Home HD 1080p

It’s been nice, hasn’t it? We’ve had a great time together. I come in here when my rounds are done for the day and everyone else is on break, and we have a little fun.

It’s almost time for you to go home. Want to have one last romp?

Unfortunately, they’re catching on, and it’s your fault. Last time I was in here, you made too much noise and one of the other nurses heard. She confronted me in the break room. I denied everything of course, but I know she’s going to be watching me now.

You’re supposed to be going home soon to your wife, and I can’t risk you feeling guilty & confessing everything to her. I would lose my license. I never lose.

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Tana Lea, Lady Fyre – Naughty Neighbor HD 1080p

Stepmom invites over your new neighbor, Tana, to get to know her. “Have you been to a Homeowner’s Association Meeting yet?” she asks. “I’ll get you the details for the meeting tonight.” When stepmom looks down at her phone, Tana looks at you, rolls her eyes and mouths, “Homeowner’s meeting?” Apparently she’s not the meeting type. Stepmom has to leave to pick up your fa from the airport, and as soon as she’s gone, Tana really begins to flirt. Your neighbor has seen you watching her when she’s gardening in her swimsuit, but she doesn’t mind. She wants to show you more. She pulls off her top then gets down on her knees and starts sucking your cock. She’s in the middle of riding you when your stepmom walks back in. She forgot something at home & came back for it. Tana thinks she’s in trouble, but you know what the real issue is. You keep screwing all these MILFs without your stepmom, but stepmom wants to have fun too. You’re eager to turn the twosome into a threesome. Three is never a crowd when beautiful women are involved.

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Lady Fyre – Caught with Step-Mom’s Satin Panties HD 1080p

Step-Mom left for the grocery store & you decide it’s the perfect opportunity to get some time alone with her satin panties. You’re jerking off to a picture of pussy on your phone, with your step-mom’s panties wrapped around your penis, but she walks into her bedroom. What?! She was supposed to be at the store. You thought you had an hour or more, but she forgot her wallet & came home. You try to hide the panties but she finds them & starts yelling at you. She humiliates you for leaving cum stains on her panties. You think it can’t possibly get more embarrassing, but then she asks, “Who are you fantasizing about when you look at pussy pictures & jerk off with my panties?” You try to deny that you’re thinking about your step-mother, but she can tell that’s what’s going on. “You’re disgusting. There’s something wrong with you.” She stares at you, and you feel the shame burning in your cheeks. But then something unexpected happens…

…she starts laughing at you. She thinks it’s hilarious & was just humiliating you for fun. She pulls your dick out of your underwear again & starts jerking you off with her panties. “Is my pussy just as you fantasized it would be?” she asks, and she spreads her legs to reveal she’s not wearing panties. She starts rubbing her pussy all over your hard cock, still making fun of the look on your face when she confronted you. You can’t believe it when she puts you inside her & starts riding. Then she pulls out her tits & lets you touch them.

“Do you also fantasize about my ass?” she asks, then turns around so you can see it. She rides you reverse cowgirl off the edge of the bed, spreading her ass cheeks so you can clearly watch the penetration. She jokes, “If you didn’t need a before, I suppose you’re going to need one now.” You feel like you’re about to burst, and your step-mother senses it. “Maybe we can save the panties from cum stains if you just cum inside me.” You cum so hard inside step-mom, and she barely gives you a moment to enjoy it before she says she’s going to tell her friends what a weirdo you are for liking satin panties. Step-Mom is so cruel… but so cool.

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Lady Fyre – Age Old Sex Rituals HD 1080p

Lady Fyre is the best sex therapist. She understands that what her patient is psyched out by the fact that his wife wants him to impregnate her, and the ginger MILF has the perfect solution. She uses an age old trick to get this guy in the right state of mind to shoot a huge wad of cum in a tight pussy. But somehow, it backfires and she ends up being the one who gets horny as all hell! She rips open her patients pants and climbs on top, gyrating her hips as he tries his hardest not to cum right away. Then, she demands that he unload his sperm deep inside of her, giving her a warm creampie. He obeys, and suddenly Lady Fyre comes back to her senses. What a weird session…

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Lady Fyre, Raquel Roper – Naughty Nurses Keep You Immobilized HD 1080p

You must still be so groggy from your surgery, and that’s just perfect. I know this is probably confusing for you. You’re just another in a long line of our victims. We’ve been working together on the surgical ward for a long time, and we discovered that we have the same fetish: taking advantage of immobilized men. Here, just take a few deep breaths – enough gas to keep you compliant, but not too much. I don’t think you’ll mind too much being under our control. Your cock is already hard. Here, let me just ride that thing… you know you love it. Oops! I think I popped one of your stitches.

If you try to tell on us when you wake up, we’re going to do a lot more than ride your cock, and you’re not going to like it. Maybe we’ll just schedule for a little “elective” surgery. When you wake up, you might not even know whether this really happened or if it was just a dream. So we’re going to make sure you get a good night of rest. Nurse Raquel tends to overdo it with the anesthesia, but no worries, she’s banging the guy in the morgue. So even when “mistakes” happen, we still get away with it. Nighty night. Maybe we’ll see you tomorrow… or maybe we won’t.
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Lady Fyre – The World’s Smallest Creampie (SPH) HD 1080p

You met a smoking hot redhead at the club & you’re so lucky she brought you home, but you’re also terrified. She’s stripped nearly naked in front of you, her perfect perky breasts showing, and you’re scared to take off your clothes. She reaches & pulls down your pants. “Are you going to take off your underwear? Aren’t you ready for me?” You quiver & slowly pull down your underwear.

And there it is. The look that you always get. It’s a mixture of shock & confusion with just a touch of anger.

“Does it get bigger when it gets hard?” she asks. She leans in to give you a hand job, but you explain that you’re already fully hard. “I’m not sure what to do with that. I’ve never seen one that small before… on a fully grown man.” She apologizes for laughing, but she can’t help herself. Yet she assures you that she still does want to have sex with you because she’s really horny & she likes you.

Then something even worse happens. She says she’s afraid she’s going to keep laughing, so she’ll turn away from you & let you do her doggystyle. That’s the position dreaded by any man with a tiny cock. You know it won’t stay in, but you want to try. Of course it doesn’t work; your micro penis isn’t longer than her ass is big.

You try missionary position, and her breasts look so amazing as you hump her, trying to get your penis inside. Her patience is wearing thin. “This isn’t working for me. It’s so tiny.” She says that creampies are her favorite thing, so she wants you to cum inside her, then she can play with the cum to get off. You cum inside her, and she can’t believe that your load was so small. She can barely see it, and now she’s getting mad. “I tried to be nice, but you’re just a disappointment. You shouldn’t be dating normal women. Is there a small penis enthusiasts forum that you could join to get a date?” She kicks you out, explaining that she’s going to have to call a man with a bigger dick to fix her ruined night. How embarrassing.
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Lady Fyre – The Queen’s Plot HD 1080p

Auntie / Nephew Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, MILF, Cougar, Older Woman / Younger Man, Role play, Aunt, Virtual Sex

Your uncle was the King until Lady Olivia seduced him into marrying her then fucked him to d3.ath. Now she’s the ruling Queen. Your father, the king’s brother, discovered the Queen’s plot & threatened to expose her as the traitor she is. So she had him & you thrown in the dungeon. She comes to your cell late at night & asks you to sign a confession saying that your father is a traitor who poisoned the king. She tells you that if you sign the confession, it will prevent a war & keep both houses safe. You refuse to sign, but she knows how to get into the minds of men through their sexual needs. She seduces you & has sex with you. While riding you, she explains that if you refuse to sign the confession, she will make you pay dearly. If you do sign it, she will ex3cute your father & marry you. That will allow the houses to align. She will fuck you every night until you give her a son. She will raise him to be the next King, she will seduce him too, and once she’s done with his training, she will ex3cute you as well. “Your father’s time has passed, and you have an opportunity to stand by my side as I rule. You will have a wife who gratifies you sexually. Yes, you will be a slave and our son will be a slave, but sometimes that’s the price you pay for staying alive.” You now know that no matter what you do, your father will d1e, and eventually you will too. You still can’t help but focus on the strange & amazing feeling in your cock as the treacherous Queen rides you to orgasm. You cum knowing that from this moment forward your fate is sealed by the Queen
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