Melanie Hicks

Cory Chase, Melanie Hicks – Sexual Massage HD 1080p

From: Hot Milf and Taboo Fetishes!

Scene One: Deep Tissue

Melanie has been really stressed out lately so she decides to spend the afternoon getting a massage. She shows up in a light pink bikini and lays down on the massage table. Cory pours oil on her hands and starts massaging Melanie’s legs first. She slowly makes her way up to her chest. Cory asks Melanie to flip over on to her stomach so she can work on her back, shoulders and arms. She unties Melanie’s bikini top to make the massage a little easier… “So, I hear you give a really good deep tissue massage…” Melanie says to Cory.

Scene Two: Checking the Oil

Cory has a sly grin on her face, as she confesses that she assumed Melanie was too conservative for one of her deep, DEEP tissue massages! Cory gently slides Melanie’s bikini bottoms off of her, as she slides her hand in between Melanie’s legs. “Whoa!!” Melanie exclaims, but she wants this to continue. “Just go ahead and spread your legs,” Cory tells her, and she complies. Cory slides one finger deep inside Melanie’s pussy; she starts to work her way up to putting two fingers deep inside. Melanie starts to moan in pleasure, until she flips over to give Cory better access. Cory pours more oil on her fingers and places two fingers back inside Melanie’s pussy, and she gradually goes deeper and harder. Now it is time for the most important part of the special massage… a very strong vibrator is placed on top of elanie’s pussy! Cory starts rubbing the powerful vibrator on top of her clit and she doesn’t stop until Melanie has an orgasm! “Now, just stay here and relax while I go get you a warm towel to clean you up…” Cory tells her, as Melanie tries to catch her breath…
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Melanie Hicks in My Stuck Step Mom HD 1080p

From: Jerky Wives

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Stuck Under The Bed

My step-mom, Melanie, woke up one morning and she realized that her earring is missing from her ear! She hops out of bed and she begins to look underneath the bed. “Oh no, I think I’m stuck,” she whispers to herself. I walk in to the room and I see Melanie’s red shorts poking out from under the bed, but I can’t see the rest of her body. “What are you doing?!” I ask her. “I’m stuck! Can you help me get out?!” she exclaims. I grab on to her red shorts and I try to pull her out. I end up pulling her shorts off instead! I take my fingers and I start to rub her pussy with my fingers. “What are you doing?! This isn’t helping me get unstuck!” she cries out. “Sorry, I got distracted!” I tell her. I can feel my cock getting hard in my pants, so I decide to take advantage of this situation. I shove my cock in my step-mom’s pussy and I tell her that maybe this will help her. I lift her shirt up so her big, natural tits are exposed while I fuck her. I keep fucking her pussy and when I am done enjoying myself, I grab her arm and I pull her out! “See! It worked! I got you free!” I exclaim. “You did, but I still can’t find my earring” she tells me. I offer to help her find it later; I throw her clothes at her and I walk out of the room.

Nude In The Kitchen

My step-mom calls me in to the kitchen to discuss what I did the other day. “I thought it would be just a one time thing,” I tell her. She starts to explain to me how my Aunt Cory fucks her own step-son and she wants to know if I will keep fucking her too. “If you’re okay with that,” I tell her. “I am! As long as you don’t tell your step-father!” she tells me. I promise not to tell my step-dad, and Melanie opens up her bathrobe, exposing her naked body to me. She gets down on her knees and she starts to suck my hard cock. After a few minutes, she sits down on the kitchen chair and she waits for me to fuck her pussy in the missionary position. She gets up and turns around in the chair, so I can fuck her pussy from behind. I get to watch her big ass bounce up and down on my cock while her moans get louder. I end up cumming in her pussy and she reminds me not to tell anyone about our arrangement!


My step-mom is wearing a black and white dress, as she calls out for my aunt Cory. Aunt Cory walks in to the room and she is wearing a bright yellow dress. Aunt Cory starts to explain to my step-mom what this invention called ‘MILF Glue’ is. “It makes older women stick to any surface!” she explains. “I don’t believe that!” my step-mom tells her. Aunt Cory pours the MILF Glue on to Melanie’s hands and then she tells Melanie to put her hands down on the desk. Melanie’s hands instantly become stuck to the desk! “What do I do?! How do I get unstuck?!” Melanie cries out. My aunt Cory tells my step-mom that she has to call my cousin Luke in to the room. Aunt Cory pulls Melanie’s big tits out from under her dress. Melanie rolls her eyes, because she is clearly annoyed at the situation. Luke’s cock starts to get hard in his pants once he takes a look at Melanie’s tits! Cory pulls Melanie’s dress over her head, and Melanie cries out that she’ll do whatever it takes to get unstuck! “Your step-son told me about what you two have been doing lately,” Luke tells Melanie. “That was supposed to be a secret!” she cries out. Luke walks behind Melanie and he shoves his hard cock inside of her pussy. “Semen is the only thing that will help you get free!” Cory tells Melanie. Luke keeps fucking Melanie from behind, and Cory ends up stripping naked while she watches them fuck. Cory helps Melanie get her hands free, and then Melanie flips over in to the missionary position for Luke to keep fucking her. Cory starts to play with Melanie’s tits while my cousin Luke fucks her pussy. When I get close to cumming, I pull my cock out and I jerk my cock off in to Melanie’s mouth! “You have to swallow it all to de-activate the MILF Glue” Cory tells Melanie. Melanie swallows as much as she can!
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Melanie Hicks, Cory Chase – Horny Step Sisters HD 1080p

Sister – Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Siblings, Sisters, Role play, Lesbian, Big tits, MILF

Step Sisters Melanie and Cory have not seen each other for a couple of weeks. The time apart only made them lust after each other more. Dressed in their sexiest Lingerie, they kiss, sucks, scissor and rub to climax. The Step Sisters need to spend more time together and that all starts now!
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Melanie Hicks & Cory Chase In My Stuck Step Moms HD 720p

Stepmother / Stepson Incest, Taboo, Family Fantasies, Stepmom, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, Cougar, Mommas boy, STEP-MOM, Older Woman / Younger Man, Dad’s Wife / Husband’s Son, ROLE PLAY, step mother, step son, step mommy, Threesome, Big tits

My step-mom (Cory Chase) and her step-sister (Melanie Hicks) are searching around the house, looking for a safe. They both stick their heads under a bench in the gym, but they only see boxes and nothing else. I (Luke Longly) stand behind them and I tell them to keep looking! They both tell me that they are wedged under the bench and they can’t get out! I decide to take advantage of the situation, so I pull out some lube and I pour it all over their pussies, since they are stuck in the doggystyle position under the bench. I get behind them and I start to fuck Melanie’s pussy first! Then I start to fuck Cory while she is still stuck. I end up getting them unstuck, from all the fucking! Cory stands up and she tells me to finish the job! They both lie down on top of the bench now, and I start to fuck Melanie’s pussy this time. I fuck both Melanie and Cory’s pussy in the missionary position at first. Then I fuck Cory from behind while she licks Melanine’s nipples. I walk over to use Melanie’s holes next, and then I switch back and forth between their holes. When I get close to cumming, I have the two MILF’s get down on their knees, open their mouths wide, and look up at me. I jerk my cock off into their mouths and they swallow it all!
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Melanie Hicks and Cory Chase – Hot MILF Strip Tease JOI HD 1080p

Two MILF’s are sitting in front of you, and they’re each wearing a sheer, white bathrobe with sexy lingerie underneath. Cory tells you to start stroking your cock, and not to stop until they tell you! You’re also not allowed to cum until they let you, either. You watch them throw their white robes down on the floor, leaving just their bra and panties on. You’re still unsure if you’re worthy of these Goddesses, but you keep stroking your cock while you watch them! Cory pulls her big tits out from under her bra, and Melanie licks her nipples. Melanie pulls her bra off next, so Cory can lick her big, natural tits. You watch the MILF’s as they start to rub each other’s pussy’s with their fingers; You keep stroking your cock while you watch. They both get into the doggystyle position and they shake their asses in your face. Cory asks you if you were able to hold out on cumming, but she also reassures you that you’ll do this again sometime soon…
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Bess Breast, Melanie Hicks, Cory Chase – Taking More Steps HD 1080p

From: Hot Milf and Taboo Fetishes!

Sister – Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Siblings, Sisters, Role play, Lesbian, Big tits, Threesome

Cory sits down on the couch with her two step-sisters and she starts to ask them questions about fucking their step-son’s. It doesn’t take long for all three MILF’s to get turned on from this conversation, and before you know it, Bess’ tits and ass are exposed! She pulls her dress down to the ground and she’s naked! Melanie does the same, and the MILF’s start to lick and suck on each other’s tits. Cory finally strips naked too, and then she lies down on the couch; Melanie licks Cory’s pussy while Bess sits on Cory’s face. After Cory cums, Bess lies down on the couch and Melanie sits on her face while Cory eats Bess’ pussy out. Once they all cum, they pick up their shoes and walk over to Luke’s bedroom…
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Amiee Cambridge, Melanie Hicks, Cory Chase – JOI From Your Step Family HD 1080p

Melanie, Cory and Amiee are sitting on the bed in front of you, wearing nothing but bras and panties. They look up and they catch you spying on them! Amiee is wearing yellow lingerie, while Cory’s is green and Melanie is wearing pink. Cory looks at you and notices that you are dying to join in and fuck all three of them! You’re not allowed to fuck these MILF’s though; You are only allowed to watch and stroke your cock. The MILF’s begin to instruct you on how to slowly jerk your cock off. They warn you not to go too fast, because you aren’t allowed to cum until you’re told! All three goddesses start to take their bra’s off, as they expose their big tits to me. All three MILF’s then get into the doggystyle position, and you start to jerk your cock a little faster as you stare at their assses! They start to kiss each other and touch each other’s pussies, while telling you to stroke a little faster now. They finally tell you that you’re allowed to cum in front of them, and you can’t wait to explode…
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Melanie Hicks And Cory Chase In Lesbian Step Sisters Are Lesbian Companions HD 720p (2022)

Sister – Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Siblings, Sisters, Role play, Lesbian, Big tits

Cory Chase and Melanie Hicks sit down on the bed, completely naked. Melanie explains to Cory that her step-son is being bullied at school lately, and she came up with a way to stop the bully. She has been fucking her step-son’s bully and in return, he has been sparing me! The two MILF’s start to kiss each other and it doesn’t take long for Cory to move her mouth down towards Melanie’s tits. She licks her step-sister’s nipples, before she makes her way down towards her pussy. Cory gently kisses Melanie’s body until she finally reaches her clit! After she cums, Cory leans up to kiss Melanie on the mouth. Then Melanie and Cory switch places and Melanie starts to eat Cory’s pussy out. After Cory cums, she is still horny and she starts to ask where my bully is… Oh no!
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