Melanie Hicks

Cory Chase, Melanie Hicks – Multi-Milfverse – Season 2 – Stuck HD 1080p

Laundry Room

Cory Chase is working on a project in her office, when she hears her neighbors partying loudly next door. How is she supposed to focus with this commotion?! Melanie Hicks walks into Cory’s office wearing a green dress, and Cory asks Melanie to go up to Luke Longly’s room and grab the MILF glue from his desk. She can’t find it, so she ends up searching inside of the washer and dryer. She finally finds the bottle of MILF glue hidden deep inside of the washing machine. Melanie is unsure of what MILF glue is exactly, so she pours some out of the bottle and onto her hands. She rubs her hands together and notices its sticky texture! She places her hands down on the tabletop, and that’s when she realizes that her hand is stuck to the table! Moments later, Luke walks into the room and he laughs when he realizes that Melanie has done. Luke gets behind Melanie and he lifts her green dress up above her ass. He notices that she does not have any panties underneath! Luke walks over to Melanie and he whips his hard cock out from under his pants. He starts to fuck her pussy from behind, to try and help her get unstuck! He keeps fucking her from behind but it doesn’t seem to be helping. He finally pours out a little more MILF glue on top of Melanie’s hands, and she is able to slide her hands free! Now that her hands are free, we go back to fucking! Her big, natural tits are hanging out from under her dress. Her big tits bounce up and down every time I thrust my cock inside of her. He shoves the tip of his cock inside of her ass hole and he starts to gently fuck her ass…

Anal Revelations

Cory is wearing a green bra and panty set with her white lab coat, while she searches the house for Melanie. Melanie eventually walks into the laundry room, where Cory is standing. Cory tells her that she needs to speak to her, and since she is her older step-sister, she should listen to her! Cory confesses that she is really 145 years older than Melanie. Melanie asks her how she still looks so young! Cory admits that she swallows a lot of cum to keep looking this good! She also has a lot of anal sex, to keep her brain sharp. Melanie is intrigued at the thought of getting smarter from doing more anal sex. Cory pulls Melanie’s big, natural tits out from under her green dress. Cory drops her white lab coat down to the ground, before she kisses and licks Melanie’s nipples. Cory kisses Melanie on the lips, before she makes her way down towards Melanie’s pussy. Melanie spreads her legs on the counter, and Cory licks and sucks on Melanie’s clit until she cums hard! Then the two step-sisters switch places and Melanie licks Cory’s clit until she cums for her!

Anal Threesome

Cory and Melanie are walking through the house, looking for the portal gun. Cory is convinced that she left her portal gun on her desk, but now it is missing! Little does she know, her step-son Luke has taken her portal gun! Cory walks inside of her closet, and she finds her portal gun and the MILF glue together in her closet! She accidentally gets her hand stuck to the portal gun, which is also stuck to the chair in her closet! She tries to get her hand loose, but she ends up getting her other hand stuck as well. She calls out for Luke to come help her, even though she knows he is also the one responsible for this! Luke gets behind Cory and he pulls her light blue panties off of her body. He takes his hard cock out and he puts it in her mouth, and makes her give him a blowjob. Then he gets behind her and he starts to fuck her pussy from behind. He really wants to fuck her ass from behind, so that’s exactly what he does! While Luke is fucking Cory’s ass hole, Melanie walks into the room holding the MILF glue in her hands. Luke asks Melanie to take Cory’s bra off of her, and then Melanie shoves her big tits in Cory’s face. Cory blows raspberries in Melanie’s tits, before Melanie gets in the doggystyle position next to Cory. Luke then starts to fuck Melanie’s pussy from behind. I finally help Cory get her hands unstuck, and then Cory flips over on to her back so I can fuck her in the missionary position. At the same time, Melanie sits on Cory’s face so Cory can eat her step-sister’s pussy out while she gets fucked! I fuck Cory’s pussy and ass, back and forth, and then I fuck Melanie’s holes back and forth as well! I have the two MILF’s get into the doggystyle position again, right next to each other. Then I fuck both of their asses, one right after the other! When I am ready to cum, I have the two MILF’s get down on their knees and open their mouths wide. Then I jerk my cock off into their mouths and all over their faces! Then they kiss each other and swap my cum…

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Cory Chase, Amiee Cambridge, Melanie Hicks – MULTI-MILFVERSE – SEASON 2 – STEPPING UP HD 1080p

Stripper Step Mom

My step-moms, Amiee Cambridge and Melanie Hicks, are sitting down at the kitchen table, talking about how shocked they are that Nikki has decided to leave the Multi MILFverse FOREVER! They can’t believe that she chose to give up such a wonderful life. As they’re talking, a green portal opens up beside them. My Aunt Cory Chase pops out of the portal and she tells the two MILF’s that she never wants to hear the name Nikki ever again! The three MILF’s walk through the green portal and they walk out on the other side, into the Multi MILFverse! My step Aunt and step-mom’s all walk over towards me and they start to pull their big tits out from underneath their bras. Cory pulls Aimee’s black panties off and she throws them to the ground. Amiee gets in the doggystyle position on the couch, and she sucks my cock while Cory is rubbing Amiee’s ass. Amiee lies down on her back next, and I start to fuck her pussy in the missionary position. Amiee flips over into the doggystyle position and I fuck her from behind, while Cory holds Amiee’s ass. Amiee flips back over into the missionary position and I keep fucking her pussy hard until I cum deep inside of her!

Horny Step Mom

I walk into the living room and I find my step-mom Melanie and my step Aunt Cory chatting on the sofa. Melanie is wearing a blue dress and she stands up and shows me that she doesn’t have any panties underneath! Melanie gets on her knees and she starts to give me a blowjob. Then she lies back so I can fuck her pussy in the missionary position, while Cory watches us fuck! Melanie switches to the doggystyle position and Cory is still sitting right next to us as we fuck, and it’s so hot having my step Aunt watch us! I take my cock out of Melanie’s pussy and I shove my cock in Cory’s mouth so she can lick it clean. Then I put my cock back inside of Melanie and I continue to fuck her tight pussy from behind.

Step Threesome

I walk into my bedroom and I see my step Aunt Cory sitting next to my step-mom’s. My step-mom’s, Amiee and Melanie, are both completely naked, but Cory still has her mint green lingerie on. Amiee and Cory start to finger their own pussy’s, as Cory tells me that I should join them! Melanie reaches over towards me and she pulls my cock out from under my shorts. She starts to give me a blowjob, while Amiee and Cory watch her gag on my cock. Melanie lies down on my bed and I start to fuck her pussy in the missionary position while Amiee and Cory lick Melanie’s tits. I fuck Amiee in the doggystyle position next, while Cory and Melanie watch us this time. Melanie switches places with Amiee and I start to fuck Melanie in the doggystyle position again. I fuck Melanie in the missionary position while Amiee and Cory are masturbating beside us! When I am ready to cum, I have the three MILF’s get down on their knees and open their mouths wide. I jerk my cock off into Melanie’s mouth and then into Amiee and Cory’s as well! Then the three MILF’s kiss each other and have fun swapping my cum between them!

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Melanie Hicks, Chloe Cooper – Free Use Step Family Vol 2 (Parts 1 – 3) HD 720p

Do My Big Tits Distract You-

Cory Chase asks Chloe Cooper if she wants to come with her to the airport, to pick up her step-mom! Chloe tells Cory that she’s going to wait for her at the house. The real reason Chloe wants to stay at the house is so she can secretly fuck her step Uncle Luke Longly while his wife Cory is out! Chloe walks into Luke’s office and she starts to massage his shoulders, trying to seduce him. Chloe pulls her big, natural tits out from under her brown blouse and she puts them up close to Luke’s face. He can’t resist her big tits, and he can feel his cock starting to get hard. Chloe pulls the rest of her clothing off of her body, and then she gets down on her knees in front of Luke. She starts to lick and suck his cock until he is ready to fuck her. He pours some MILF Glue on his cock and then he starts to fuck her pussy from behind, while she’s leaning on his desk. He keeps fucking her pussy from behind, until he finishes inside of her. Now he needs to get back to work!

Does My Bikini Cover Enough-

Chloe calls her Step Uncle Luke into her bedroom, because she wants to try on her new bikini and get an outsider’s opinion on whether or not it looks good on her. She pulls a blue bikini on to her body and he asks her to spin around so he can get a good look. They only have 12 minutes left until his wife will be home, so they have to be quick! He asks her to take the bikini off because he likes her better without it! His cock is starting to get very hard in his pants, so he asks Chloe to hop on the bed and then he follows her. He starts to fuck her pussy in the missionary position, as her big tits bounce up and down with every thrust. After a few minutes, she flips over on to her stomach and he fucks her pussy from behind. Her moans start to get louder as he fucks her harder. Once he is finished, he runs off to the shower…

First Step Family Threesome-

Melanie Hicks is on top of her step-daughter, Chloe, as the two women are lying down on the couch. Melanie is licking Chloe’s tits while fingering her pussy. Luke walks into the room and he gets behind Melanie. He starts to fuck Melanie’s pussy from behind, while she is going down on her step-daughter. Chloe and Melanie switch places and Luke starts to fuck Chloe’s pussy from behind next. Luke keeps fucking Chloe’s pussy while her big tits bounce up and down near Melanie’s face. Melanie rubs her clit while she watches them fuck! Luke fucks Melanie’s pussy in the doggystyle position next. He switches back and forth between fucking both of their pussy’s! While he’s fucking Chloe’s pussy, Melanie rubs her clit beside them. When Luke is ready to cum, he tells Chloe and Melanie to get down on their knees in front of him and to open their mouths wide. He jerks his cock off into their mouths and all over their faces!

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Cory Chase, Melanie Hicks In Fucking My Step Son’s Bully – Vol 4 (Part 4)

Timid Step Son Watches Step Mom Do a Threesome with Bully-

My bully, Luke Longly, has a hot step-mom named Cory Chase. Cory is lounging out by the pool in a bright yellow bikini, while she waits for my step-mom and me to arrive. My step-mom really didn’t want me to come with her to Luke’s house today, but I wanted to come so badly! My step-mom Melanie Hicks is wearing a pink bikini as I beg her to let me come inside so I can watch my step-mom fuck Luke’s step-mom. When we walk into the house, Cory is upset that I am there. I promise her that I will be very quiet and I will just watch in the corner! Cory isn’t thrilled about that, but she allows me to stay and watch from the corner of the room. Cory walks over to my step-mom, Melanie, and she starts to play with her big tits in front of me. They grab each other’s asses next, and I just love watching! Then Luke walks over to the two MILF’s and he starts fucking both of their pussy’s and asses, back and forth, in no particular order! The two MILF’s get in the doggystyle position and Luke fucks each of them, one right after the other. Melanie lies down on her back and she holds her legs behind her head, so Luke can fuck her ass hole. The two MILF’s lie down next to each other in the missionary position next, and Luke fucks both of their holes some more. When he is ready to cum, he tells the MILF’s to get down on their knees and he jerks his cock off all over their faces and in their mouths! Then I hear Luke reminding his step-mom that he shouldn’t bring me to watch next time…

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Melanie Hicks in Step-Mom’s Christmas Gift HD 1080p

I got something really special for my beautiful step-mom! I could not wait to see her when she opened it! The look on her face when she pulled out the sexy red lace lingerie with matching panties was priceless. I did not know I was not supposed to give her gifts like this. I was upset at first, but then she tried it on to make me feel better and she looked so amazing! I got a little too excited down there in my pants. Since, the family was going to be here soon, she thought it was best that we get rid of my boner together. My step-mom is the best! I think I will get her black lingerie next year!

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Melanie Hicks – Fucking My Step Son’s Bully – Vol 3 HD 720p (2023)

Moving In-

Melanie Hicks and her step-son are riding around in the car having a chat about his bully Luke Longly. Melanie informs him that she will be fucking his bully once a week, to make sure her step-son will be left alone. Melanie and her step-son arrive at the bullies home and her step-son waits downstairs while Melanie walks up towards Luke’s bedroom. She steps inside and she exposes her tits to him first, followed by her ass. She doesn’t have any panties on and that’s pretty obvious! She crawls onto the bed and she starts to give him a sloppy blowjob. Once his cock is nice and hard, Melanie lies down on the bed in the missionary position. The bully shoves his cock inside of her and starts to fuck her pussy! He watches her big tits bounce up and down with every thrust! After a few minutes, she flips over into the doggystyle position and the bully starts to fuck her ass hole next. She soon flips back over on to her back and he fucks her pussy some more. She hops on top of him and she rides his cock with her pussy and her ass, back and forth, until he cums in her ass hole!


Melanie is lying down outside in a bikini by the bullies pool. Her step-son walks over to Melanie and Melanie informs him that she is going to move into the mansion with his bully! She tells her step-son that he can either go home to his dad, or he can wait around the house while she goes to fuck his bully again! Her cell phone pings and that’s her que to go inside and get some more cock! Melanie walks into the living room and the bully instantly grabs her big tits with his hands. She gets down on her knees and she starts to suck his cock again. Once his cock is nice and hard, she flips over into the doggystyle position and he fucks her pussy from behind. She still has her black, string bikini on half of her body as he fucks her. After a few minutes, he spreads her ass cheeks and he starts to fuck her ass from behind. Melanie’s step-son can see them fucking through the window and he starts to freak out that his bully is fucking his step-mom! She flips back over onto her back and he fucks her in the missionary position one more time. He goes back and forth between her pussy and her ass, until he is ready to cum…

Impregnated by my Step Son’s Bully-

Melanie is wearing black lingerie as she walks through the living room. Her step-son can’t wait to go home, but Melanie tells him that Luke has one more surprise in store for them. Luke wants Melanie’s step-son to watch the two of them fuck! Melanie and her step-son walk over to Luke’s bedroom and Melanie starts to give Luke a blowjob, while her step-son watches. After the bullies cock is nice and hard, Melanie lies down on the bed and Luke starts to fuck her pussy. He switches back and forth between her pussy and ass, while she’s in the missionary position. Then she hops on top of him and she starts to ride his cock with her ass! ”Is it weird that I’m getting hard?” Melanie’s step-son asks her, while she’s getting fucked. ”Not at all!” Melanie replies, before her moans get louder. Melanie moves into the doggystyle position and Luke the bully continues to fuck her pussy and ass, back and forth! He keeps fucking her until he is ready to cum. Then he creampies her pussy and we all watch the cum drip out of her! Then, Luke and Melanie tell her step-son that he is allowed to leave now, and he can go walk home…

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Melanie Hicks, Tatiana Petrova – My Shy Step-Sister-in-law And I Are Humiliated And Used When Serving Court Papers HD 720p

From: MILF Diaries

Kristin from IL writes into the MILF Diaries:

As an attorney, I have my own practice. My biggest clients are small banks and credit unions. My step-brother’s wife Melanie works with me. Very often we have to serve papers. It is not always a pleasant job to tell people to pay up or face a lawsuit. Today is such a day. And the two men we are calling on are somewhat weird. As they are older, I don’t expect any physical trouble. I am wrong. Really wrong. At first, he just takes off my jacket when I say I’m hot. But then he grabs my boobs and squarely pushes himself down on the sofa, between Melanie and me. He puts his hands on our knees. We both wear stockings, our skirts are decent but the sofa is low and they ride up. We push his hands away. But now he sticks them between our legs! I haven’t had sex in a while and get wet when his fingers get on my clit and in my pussy. WTF! I can’t be such a slut, can I? I’m a respected attorney. I shock myself when I start moaning. I just can’t help it. And then I even orgasm! Melanie looks at me in horror! I don’t care. I open my legs. He fingerfucks me. Meanwhile, the other guy goes over to Melanie and gropes her boobs, opens her conservative blouse and exposes her tits. He simply ignores her protests and her mouth on his big cock. I watch him deep-throat her, and the slut starts moaning! My guy grabs me by the waist, turns me on my knees, ass in the air, and soon he rams his cock in my dripping wet pussy. That does it. I loose it. He fucks me well. So well that I scream out multiple orgasms! When I look over, Melanie’s face is covered in cum. Her guy suggests we switch. I feel like such a fucking whore, with cum oozing out of my pussy, down my legs, I agree with the suggestion, but Melanie again protests and tries to fight it. Soon enough I suck the guys big dick, and the other guy is banging Melanie hard and furiously. She is moaning. The fast and deeper he fucks her with his huge dick, the more and louder the little slut moans. And just like me before, she has multiple orgasms. And gets creampied! What a great legal team we are!

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