Angel The Dreamgirl

Angel The Dreamgirl – 556 Surprise, Baby HD 1080p

You want to see her body, her smile, hear her talking to you, see her ass and kiss her tits, caress her nylon legs, really feel how she touches your cock, plays with him and teases you.
You have such an opportunity using Virtual Reality glasses. The reality is here and now, in front of you!
Soon we will do VR clips. This clip is not VR.
Angel come at home, she is looking for her husband, because they agreed to have dinner together.
She enters the bedroom and sees that her husband did not miss her, he is focused on watching very interesting things in his VR glasses. This turns her on, Angel wants to play with him.
She sees his big cock, her desire is getting bigger, Angel sits down on the bed and begins to caress and tease her husband’s cock at this time he doesn’t take off his glasses and enjoy what he sees and what he feels.
Angel wears her tan color seamless pantyhose, underneath she does not wear panties, her leather skirt has a large slit to the side and therefore her sexy and sweet body parts are sometimes visible. She take off her blue pumps and give him a foot job. Her long sexy legs covered with nylon tights give the most amazing foot job, she tease his cock, caress, suck, tease him with her long fingernails. Angel sees how the precum begins to come out the trunk of his cock, she begins to increase the pace, Angel wants to get his sperm on her nylon tights.
In the end she give a hand job and tease his cock with her long chameleon varnished fingernails, she masturbate his cock, she wants to get his sperm on her nylon legs and feet.

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Angel The Dreamgirl – Ready To Crash Into Her HD 1080p

You enter the house after dinner at the restaurant. You hold her by the waist and lead her to the couch. Angel is charming in this total black outfit. You don’t know yet that she wears seamless pantyhose with no panties underneath. You hug her and try to kiss her, but she teases you. Then you grab her breasts, oh, it was suddenly she did not expect such a turn. But she doesn’t mind it. A man showing his passion, domination and perseverance is the best in sex, she knows it! Then you confess that you thought about her lips the whole time you were at the restaurant. When she spoke, you imagined how her lips would hug your cock. She is surprised! Angel asks you: “What else do you think??” You decide to blurt out the whole truth to her. Saying, “I want to lift your dress up and fuck you as hard as no one has ever done it to you!”. Definitely Angel was aroused by your words, but she is not ready to rush. She wants to tease you properly before your cock is deep inside her. She loves to do it! She teases you with her nylon legs in high heels, rubs her nylon ass against your bulge, she even openly spreads her legs to show you her nylon covered pussy. Your cock has no place in your pants. Angel sees this and asks you “Show me your cock!” She waits and watches you unbutton your pants. She wants to see your cock. And not only to see.

“Wow! It’s so big!” She licks her lips and asks you, “Can I suck it?” You wanted it from the first minute! She’s teasing you again because you told her so. Angel sucks your cock sensually, her red lips wrap tightly around your cock’s shaft and slide up and down it. You gently touch her face and enjoy it. Angel then sits on the edge of the table and spreads her nylon legs. Her pussy is already wet, the nylon soaked with her juices. She calls you closer, saying “I want your cock! Fuck me through that nylon!” What will happen next? You will see it in the clip

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Angel The Dreamgirl – 655 Her Expressionfull Eyes, His Passionate Dream Becomes True HD 1080p

Angel is a door-to-door nylon seller of stockings and lingerie. So she also visits Rob’s house. She introduces herself, and He makes her settle in. She wears a very short skirt, so the top of the stockings is visible from under the skirt, and he immediately notices it. While Angel is busy talking about nylons, the customer stares at her nylon legs on these sexy heels. His cock is already tight in his pants. And when she opens the briefcase to show the packs of stockings, he asks if she wants to have a drink, she accepts some water. He went to the kitchen to pour water for his sudden but already so welcoming guest. He takes it and hands her the glass, but he is clumsy and wets her skirt. Angel did not expect this, and she is a little confused. But she had an idea how to sell more nylon stockings. So she will take off her skirt and sit on the sofa. So she shows that she is wearing black FF stockings with a garter belt. He is immediately interested and asks her to show him better the quality of the stockings. Angel removes the shoes and also shows her nylon foot. After she puts her foot close to his face, he doesn’t hold back and starts kissing and licking her foot. At first, she is slightly shocked but quickly relaxes and realizes that this man is her actual nylon buyer. She lets him kiss her legs and feet. She gradually gets excited. She notices a bulge in his pants. She starts rubbing her nylon foot against his bulge and asks him to take off his pants. Then she takes one of the show stockings. Angel is putting nylon stocking on his already big cock. Now penis in the nylon, Angel starts to tease him, lick it, suck it, kiss it, and after a while, giving him a footjob with her feet in black stockings, massages it, holds it down. She continues then and allows him to 69 poses, so yes, they both lick each other for a few minutes. She leaves him lying on the bed and sits on top of him, letting his penis with stocking on it stuck in her wet pussy. She rides him for a while, then allows him to penetrate her, and he gets on top of her. She feels him shudder, and then she takes his cock out from her and takes off the stockings from his penis and holds it stretched over her face while he explodes on the nylon. Angel, nylon seller of stockings, licks cum off the nylon stockings, playing with it her fingers. She even inhales the smell of cum and enjoys it on the nylons, so hot.

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Angel The Dreamgirl – 732 Something Amazing 4K

Merry Christmas to you!Time for magic and miracles! If you believe it will surely come true. What gift did she deserve?Angel wears a satin shirt and leather short skirt, her toned legs are covered in black nylon. She hurries to see what gift Santa gave her.Oh WOW! These are Louboutin”s new high heels.

This is the best gift! Angel pulls these sexy heels out of the box and tries them on. She walks around the room to show how gorgeous she looks in those heels.

Oh my God! These heels are so comfortable despite the fact that they are so high, 15 centimeters. Then she sits down and teases you with her nylon legs, of course you couldn”t resist touching her nylon legs and oops!

Angel wears black seamless tights with no panties underneath.
Was she preparing for this?
Does she really know how this shoe fitting will end now?
She is so mischievous and naughty.

Was Angel a good girl this year or was she a bad one?

The video also contains behind-the-scenes footage of Angel with a cumshot on her nylon legs photographing herself in hot poses.

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Angel The Dreamgirl – 535 I’m Your Big Hot Sticky Wet Dream HD 1080p

You start off dressed as in clip 523. You come home from work to find me wanking. Initially shocked you encourage me to carry on while you sexily and very slowly strip down to your lingerie. Lots of close ups of your panties from front and back. Talk about your lingerie, your tits, how you want me to wank and how you’d like me to spunk on your panties plus anything else you can think of.

You put my cock between your tits with your bra on. You take off your bra and wank my cock with it, and do the same with your panties. You want to turn me on by changing outfit. Pencil skirt and blue blouse. Garter, bra and panties in black again. Just not thing panties, high leg but cover part of your bottom, similar to 523, but stockings are FF tan color with seams.

You make me wank myself but then complain and say I’m not good enough at it. You slowly take down your skirt and then take my cock and wank it again……you then want me to fuck you from behind still with your panties on (full bottom high leg) with your stockings/garter blouse and bra also on. You rub your own tits with your bra on but pulling them out of the bra as you get worked up. You won’t let me come and take my cock and put it down your stocking tops.

I fuck you with your panties on from the rear first and then front. When I’m fucking your from the front you ask me to pull out my cock and then you stretch your panties over your pussy and ask me to come on them, which I do. Then you sit on my face and masturbate with you cum filled panties on till you cum in them. End.

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Angel The Dreamgirl – 529 The Last Night 4K

My scenario:

We have celebrated our wedding party and arrive in our bedroom. It is our wedding night. You married me for my money, not my appearance, etc. You want a big cock. You say you want to be fucked. I take off my pants and I already have an erection. Only … My hard dick is very small. You get angry when you see that my cock is rather small. You are laughing. You see my erection and look at me and say to me: ” You don’t think I’m going to fuck with such a small cock”. You call a boyfriend who’s gonna take my place to fuck you. During the conversation you said to him why you don’t want to fuck me. That you need a big cock, because small cock that can also produce quite a bit of sperm.

You hang up and say to me: ” Just look carefully at what I can do with a big cock. Just a pity that you will never do that to me. It is that you have a lot of money, otherwise I would have left you already”.
I do get an assignment from you. While you are fucking I am not allowed to cum. If I do, then you have another surprise for me.

The friend arrives. You open the door and bring him to out bedroom. You take off his pants and I see that he has a nice big cock. You say to me: ”That’s a real nice big cock. I start with giving him a good blowjob”. You make a hand movement ”jerk off” while looking at the camera and laughing, telling me “jerk your small cock”. After the blowjob, you said to me: “and now he is going to fuck me. I don’t want you to cum. If you do, then …”

You take your handbag and take out a g. You say that it is loaded with real b. You complete the sentence with: “I don’t want you to cum, If you do, then I will k. you”. You fuck your friend in various positions, doggy and cowgirl. You make a hand movement ”jerk off” while looking at the camera and laughing, telling me “jerk off your small cock”. And it ends with a cumshot on your breasts. You see that I also were shooting sperm. You said to me: “Is that all you produce. Such a little bit of sperm? Take a look at what I got from him”.

Epilogue: A month later … You live in luxury.
You are dressed entirely in black. And also wear high-heeled shoes.
You are a wid0w and you get a lot of money.

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Angel The Dreamgirl – 728 I’ll Be Your Last Sin HD 1080p

Here you play a secretary of an old age home where 4 men have listed you as beneficiary in their will. When they leave, you get 5 million dollars from everyone! The clip contains 3 fake cumshots and then one real cum shot at the end. Whatever time length is fine to accomplish this scenario. The script is below: Scene 1 – Fake cum shot:You are sitting at your desk wearing the same outfit, hair, and makeup you did in Fuck My Face IV Slutty Bimbo Secretary. You are holding a piece of paper reading names out load saying “1 million, 1 million, 1 million, 1 million, 1 million. MMMMM 5 million!” You are getting very excited thinking of all that money! You rub your tits thinking about this. You then get up and walk to the first room where the first man is lying in the hospital bed. You are very arrogant and not smiling as you stand over him. “You like my BIG tits? I want your money.” As he lay in bed, you tit fuck him until he erupts with fake cum all over the place and he goes….. After he fake cums, you say 1 million very arrogantly. You then get up and walk out of the room into the next hospital room. Scene 2 – Second fake cum shot:You walk up the bed and stare down at him “Give me your money. No?” You then deep throat him very slowly until he fake cums, dripping out from your mouth like this. You say, “1 million” very arrogantly as he goes….. You get up and walk to the next room. Scene 3 -Third fake cum shot:You slowly walk up to the next patient and stand over him like this. “I want your money” you say. NOW. You shove his big hard cock between your tits and just leave it there. You doing tit fucking scene with plenty of deep thrusting would be fantastic! You tell him how stupid he is and tell him how your gonna spend all his money. He then erupts fake cum all over your big tits as you keep talking about his SEXY money. You then walk out the door to the next room. Scene 4 – REAL cum shot:You walk up to the fourth man and don’t say anything. You then smother him with your big tits. You feel him getting very hard. Very arrogantly you say “I”m gonna suck the money out of you”. You then deep throat slowly many many times until he cums. You then say “FIVE MILLION DOLLARS” very arrogantly as you squeeze your tits and slowly walk out, pleased at what you have done.

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Angel The Dreamgirl – The “Wet” Recruitment HD 1080p

Our beautiful and nice Kate is meeting her prospective future boss at a bar in a public place.
She is very sexy and lovely.
Dur*ng their conversation she notices that this rich businessman focuses on her legs and feet and toes.

Her boss claims that to be hired she must pass a simple strength test:
can she withstand to a good quantity of alcohol ?

No problem for our Kate who is eager to get the job and the very good salary that goes with.
Our delicious Kate is now walking up to the elevator and through this little way our businessman is getting more and more excited by the sight of this sensual creature. He must absolutely own her…
But now it’s time for the date for the contract and other papers. To be very seductive, Kate is wearing slutty clothes, and an heavy dark make-up with a very visible red lipstick. She wears also beautiful stockings and wonderful high heel sandals to shows off her legs and feet to excite this fetishist..
While she is reading the paper our perverted businessman pours champagne and v*dka into her glass. And the show begins…

Kate dr*nks and dr*nks more, begins rapidly to laugh then to hiccup. She is now completely dr*nk ansd says that it’s late and she needs to leave.
But due to our perverted businessman she is so dr*nk that she is not able to do that! All that is possible for her is to walk around the room on her high-heels, hiccuping with a crazy laughter! She is falling several times (please cam views on her nylon legs)…
It’s now time for action for the boss : he opens his pants and show her his big cock. He orders her to give him a blowjob. We have a close look of the face of our dr*nken beauty doing her blowjob, some bursting out because of a fit of laughter.

Then an another glass of alcohol to keep her prey in a good mood. And some pleasant actions of sex with a lot of pleasure.

At the end the boss cums into his new business secretary lying on the table…

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