Angel The Dreamgirl

Angel The Dreamgirl – 8. Hot Blowjob HD 720p

He wanted that I immediately took it in her mouth. He told me not to say a word. I had to suck his dick. Shut up and suck!! I sucked it, licking, fingering, as she could. And three times suck a penis, I held him in my mouth, gently pressing his lips together. He could not resist. He got up and finished in my mouth. I emptied his balls. I sucked out of them all. It was fast, he could not long hold themselves
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Angel The Dreamgirl – 34 Now I will be on top! On you, my dear! HD 720p

I bought a dress and decided to try it. My breasts and my ass fitting dress made of vinyl. And when my husband saw this outfitHe wanted to control me. His eyes grew round and dick immediately stood up. I began to dance, and called him over.He began to lick, kiss and nibble on my pussy. And I began to flow. Oh, yes! I could not stand it any longer and sat on top of his huge dick and…Well you can see in my video.
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Angel The Dreamgirl – 197. Horny from my selfie HD 1080p

I wear my new outfit, a white shirt and office skirt. She is very sexy, especially beautiful my neck in the shirt. I wear glasses. I start doing selfie… My husband has to come to me and his cock was hard. Maybe he is watching me.He touch and excite me. He was so much horny, that finish in a minute in my pussy. In this video I wear seamless tights “Wolford”.
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Angel The Dreamgirl – 192. Delicious big creampie HD 1080p

Today I’m going to work, I wear seamless pantyhose 50 den gray, classic shoes and a leather jacket. While my boyfriend rest I get ready for work, but he suddenly wake up I tell him good morning and was going to leave, buthe hold me. And OMG his huge-friend also have to woke up and be in full readiness. Oh yeah, I have a few minutes.Of course I’ll be happy to play with him. I play with my tongue to tease him. I break the pantyhose and start to ride.Oh yeah, it was great. So we change the three different positions. And at the end of the last doggy style is my bf to cum in my pussyand pour out the sperm in my tights. And I go to my work.
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Angel The Dreamgirl – 188. My Teacher in French HD 1080p

Diary of a student: Today again I was late for my session. My young Teacher was waiting for me. These were additional classes in order that I would pass the test. Of course all the lessons that we took, I only dreamed about her long legs in pantyhose. Oh, how I wanted to touch her ass and squeeze her breasts. I was just mad at my dreams. I wanted her so much. I was already on five classes, but I learned nothing. Today, I once again began to dream and imagine how I caress her and we have sex. Oh, if it was in reality I would be the happiest student …
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Angel The Dreamgirl – 185. Super Mega Cumshot on my Shoes HD 1080p

Today, I come to a party with my colleagues.I wear tan pantyhose and sexy red dress, but I do not wear underwear.On the way I meet my colleague, I remember how he looked at my shoes at work.He kept looking at them, he just did not take his eyes off me, and my feetthroughout the party. When we return home. I suggested that he goBehind me. I wanted something to show him. Oh yeah. I’ll make him a surprise.I have a small gift for him after all the holidays.Hee hee, he did not even realize. I invite him to my home.I talk to him, and to hint to him as he looked at my shoes.His cock become big and stick out of his pants. I could not continue to him further.I did the first shoesjob in my life . That was not easy. But it was funny.I liked it. Oh yes, especially when the sperm shoot on my shoes.Many sperm, it was a lot he did not stop and shoot on my shoes.You can also see the view from three different cameras, sperm shoot in my shoes and pantyhose.
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Angel The Dreamgirl – 62. Little Pussy Wants To Fuck (full) HD 720p

My new hot video in HD, in which you can see, as my boyfriend fucks my pussy. I wore only black stockings and red shoes. This is the most sexy clothing. My pussy was so much excited, her juice stand out more. You can see close my pussy lips and my swollen pussy. My boyfriend cum in my mouth. I did not swallow his cum again, I play a little with her. And in the end you will see a small joke
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Angel The Dreamgirl – 573 THE THERAPIST: Inside Her Mouth HD 1080p

Angel in her office, she is a professional sex therapist. Today she wears a white blouse, her nipples are slightly visible through the translucent blouse, she also wears a blue skirt, this one also has translucent material, but she does not wear panties under the skirt.

She sits down on a chair, crosses her legs, reads the news of the day, her smooth, shiny legs in high heels are so beautiful. She don’t wears stockings or tights.
Her heavy makeup makes her pretty face stand out, her red lips are gorgeous.
After a while, the patient arrives, he enters to her office and sits on the sofa, the therapy session begins. Angel walks around the office seductively, and then sits in a chair in front of the patient.
“I already understand what the problem is, and therefore I have personal therapy for you, this will help you gain new strength and a good erection. I promise you will feel better.”
Angel gets up and lifts her skirt all the way up, then she puts her right foot in heels on the crotch of the patient, she begins to rub the crotch of the patient with her heeled legs.

She sees that the cock begins to react and becomes hard.
Angel sits down on a chair and begins to unfasten his pants, she takes out his nice cock and starts playing with it. Her skirt is lifted up so the patient can watch her pussy.
Angel spreads her legs wide, at this time she caresses the cock up the shaft up and down with her tongue, she begins to make a sensual blowjob. Then, after a while, she starts the game with a hole, she licks it, presses it with her tongue, teases with her finger and fingernail, sometimes she bites his cock, she drools on the cock and tries to drool into the hole, then she sucks the appeared precum.

Her gaze always looks at the patient and at his cock.
Angel is focused on playing with a cock, she repeats her games with a hole, she asks the patient “How are you feeling now?” Then she unzips her blouse to show her boobs. Her nipples are already hard and swollen, this suggests that she is excited.

Angel thinks that her pussy is already wet and probably when she gets up, there on the chair will be a wet mark. She wants to touch herself, but she should focus on playing with the cock, so she continues to play with the cock while the patient sees her swollen pussy and nipples.

After a while, the patient’s sperm shoot while Angel is holding his cock in her hands. Sperm shoot at Angel’s hands, she is happy that the session is well completed. Angel says that he needs to go through several sessions to complete the treatment. The patient pays money, and then leaves the Angel’s office.
Angel is excited when she gets up from the chair there remains a wet spot. She says that

“I’m so excited that I want to touch myself right now.”
Angel settles down on the couch, she opens her legs wide and starts playing with herself, it will not take too much time, so after 2 minutes she gets an orgasm.
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Angel The Dreamgirl – Intern Laura needs Alex’s help for a sex and ed lesson HD 720p

She was the best student in college. Her white straight hair, expressive look, playful smile and long legs always attracted the looks of boys and older men. She wanted to become a great specialist and get a job in a prestigious clinic.

Laura did an internship for her friend’s step-mother. Kate was a beautiful woman, she was older than Laura and a very experienced doctor, she had her own private clinic, where she accepted regular patients who come to be treated every week again and again. What hurted these permanent patients?

Laura could not guess, but she wanted to learn everything and learn from Dr. Kate, she listened and performed everything that told Dr. Kate on the internship. How do you think…Tomorrow the intern Laura will return to the Kate’s clinic?
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Angel The Dreamgirl – Sweet Confessions HD 1080p

Angel wears her sexy dress and black nylon tights, black high heel shoes and no panties on her. It looks so sexy, especially her pretty ass in nylon. Her lips are painted in burgundy wet lipstick, she make her long high tail, her long nails are painted in red, Angel is waiting for her husband, she is excited and wonders what she will do for. She often makes unexpected surprises for him. Angel gently takes his already heavy cock out of his pants, she waited for this all day. She gently and slowly touch his cock with her tongue, Angel teases him very slowly. She teases under the head of his cock with her tongue, and then give him a sensual blowjob. Her beautiful lips gently hug his cock (you can see it very closely). Then Angel tease her husband, she slowly pull down her dress, and then raise the bottom of her dress to show her nylon ass. Angel puts her tights a little down so that her husband could penetrate her from behind …..
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