Angel The Dreamgirl

Angel The Dreamgirl – 766 Keep Going To Stroke Your Hard Cock For My Bare Legs – Part 2 4K

This will be around a 15-20 minute JOI clip — solo with just Alice and no other person. This is also non-nude clip and you only show your long bare legs.

You are wearing a very short and tight skirt and secretary blouse like in the clip “716 She Makes You Hungry” but wear no stockings so I see your BARE legs. You are also wearing the tall louboutin closed toe so kate pumps from the same clip.

You know that I always stare at your legs and heels when you come in and you know I get really h0rny for your bare legs in tall louboutin heels.

After this first time, you say it’s not enough and you change into your nude louboutin so kate shoes (like in the clip “709 let’s test your resilience”) — and do the same thing as before.

Finally — after making me cm to your nude heels, tell me you need me to give you more as you think I am still not empty — change back into the black louboutin heels and make me build up the biggest load ever with lots of fake countdowns before making me cm hard all over your legs and shoes, and then you tell me that this should keep me satisfied for the rest of the day before you go back to work.

Be sexually dominant in the clip and give lots of hand motions and make me build up really big before letting me c*m. Lots of fake countdowns.

Camera angles — I am not picky but would like to see your legs and heels and face if possible. I like angles where I can see your full legs and heels from the side — like when you are lying across a couch or bed. But I also like to see when you walk around and cross your legs.

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Angel The Dreamgirl – MY Boobs, MY mouth, Your Cock 4K

Any dress that shows huge cleavage is fine. Thong is great! Black stockings are awesome! Heavy makeup, lipstick ( color your choice). Two braids/ pigtails are great! Looking forward to it!!

This one has you as a financial adviser. A man walks into your office and he sees you wearing a very short and tight dress looking at a mirror applying lipstick.

You keep doing this, moving your awesome ass, applying lipstick. You turn around and say, “Oh you must be my next client, Please have a seat.” You stand in front of him and tell him you understand that he needs help in creating a financial budget so he can spend his money wisely. You would be more than happy to help!

Scene 1 Fake cum:

You apply your lipstick in front of him again as you stick out your huge chest. “S0, most of my male clients LOVE the service I provide. You see, I WILL TELL YOU what you can spend and on what! “you say very dominantly. “Oh, your wife tells you how to spend it? Not anymore!. When I get done with you, I’ll be taking all of your money. “ You rub his very hard cock through his pants and rub your huge tits all over his bulge. You unzip his pants and grab his hard cock. “you see, from now on, you will give me HALF of your paycheck every month. I will tell you what you can and can’t buy.” You very slowly stroke his hard cock. “And your stupid wife can’t do anything about it!” After you say that, the fake comes all over your chest (if you can wear a dress in pic above that shows your massive cleavage that would be awesome!).

Scene 2 : Fake cum

“You still need some more convincing? OK. “You then apply MORE lipstick as you deepthroat him. He fakes CUMS very hard in your mouth.

Scene 3 Fake cum:

You use his fake cum as lubricant as you SLOWLY squeeze his balls and stroke his cock, playing with the head like you did in your classic video “Amazing Blowjob”. He then erupts in fake cum all over your pouty red lipstick mouth while he still sits in a chair!


You keep very sensually and slowly giving him a very teasing hand job like you did in the Amazing Blowjob video (a classing btw!). Keep telling him you have control of all his money… and his wife cant do anything about it. As you continue to slowly stroke and squeeze him and you feel he’s gonna cum, stop stroking and squeeze his balls and shaft so he squirts very hard. After he cums, just please slowly keep draining him for a little bit longer. “I expect to see you here again next month to go over your finances. Is that understood? Good .” This is the position when he cums.

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Angel The Dreamgirl – You in Man Paradise 4K

Angel sits on the bed in her snow-white lace lingerie, she reaches for her white pumps to put it on her nylon legs. You watch her and your cock is already erect. You walk up to her and slide your cock between her nylon foot and shoe. Angel shows her pleasure in what you are doing, thereby arousing you and sending you into motion so that you continue further.

Angel flirts, plays with your cock and giggles. She knows what’s on your mind. She leans towards you, you can see her pink nipples in a luxury white bra. Her brightly wet red lips whisper to you, “I REALLY want to suck your BIG cock.” She makes sounds of her pleasure. She moans with anticipation. She swallows and looks at you, still breathing heavily, then you notice a small smile on her lips, letting you know that she likes what’s about to happen.

But before she gets her midnight snack, you want her to tease and play with your cock her nylon feet. Angel puts on a long satin robe. Let the game begin.

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Angel The Dreamgirl – What did the found treasures push the nun to? HD 1080p

The video was created during a custom photoshoot. One day a nun finds a chest with toys for sex and something else interesting inside. This is a kind of “pandora’s” chest. If she opens it, she will not be able to resist this spell. In the chest, she finds nylon stockings, and it has a smell that she breathes in, and there the fun begins…

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Angel The Dreamgirl – Naughty Boy, Go to My Bedroom 4K

You’re wearing tight jeans and your daughters boyfriend comes up behind you while your step-daughter taking a shower or something and he starts to grab u and kiss u and rub ur tits and pussy and you say no at first and you see his hard cock and he pushes you down to blow him and cum on ur face. Scene 1. And next scene your step-daughter gone and he over and you want to fuck him and have him come into your bedroom while your wearing tight jeans with a hole ripped in them so he can fuck you. You can do whatever positions you want but in the last position can you do a prone bone position with him until he is about to cum and you suck him off until he cums on your face or you swallow. By the way, you are a very beautiful woman and sexy in how you do your movies.

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Angel The Dreamgirl – 793 You Want What She is Offering (2024)

You can watch Angel as she gets ready, as she puts on her nylon stockings and attaches them to her garters. She wears a thong, flashing her thong and teases you while you watch. But she is clearly up to something, with her sly smile on her face, she looks at you and smiles. She is wearing her new sexy teacher outfit. She wears her satin dress underneath her jacket dress. When she is fully dressed she walks around the room and takes off her thong. Entering the office, she teases you even more, lifting her jacket dress up and showing that she is not wearing panties. What will you do about it?

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Angel The Dreamgirl – 785 This Is Hot Fucking Reality HD 1080p

She is pretty fucking hot and stunning when wearing these tight-fitting leather leggings.

Angel lies handcuffed to her sofa for sex. She is helpless. You walk up and watch her as she squirms and asks you to remove the chains. You untie her, now she is on the table and can show you all the beauty and sexuality of her body in these leather leggings. She’s just a girl who loves leather and satin. These leather leggings shine and beckon you, you come closer to feel the incredible parts of the Angel’s body, they are so pleasant to the touch. It’s impossible not to touch them again and again. She makes your nuts drain.

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Angel The Dreamgirl – 653 She Was Sent from the future to Get Your CUM 4K

The blowjob can be just like the last video you made for me

625 Welcome to the dark side Its your new secret life

with the sucking slurping licking switching between the lollipop, bubble gum and popsicle and the cock, except this time you can go faster as the blowjob progresses and when he’s about to cum slow down and tease him (edge him) when you notice he is close to cumming you can take the condom off and lick the cock before you start sucking it nice and slow until he shoots all his cum in your mouth as you look at the camera and then when he’s done cumming show the camera all the cum in your mouth and tongue and swirl it around with your tongue before swallowing it like a good girl and smile, lick and suck your fingers clean, and the cock of any cum, then go up close to the camera and lick the camera lens before the video ends.

The story can be you’re a terminatrix (as known as T-X, female terminator) searching for Chris Connor? and your husband tries to run from you but you catch him, and just like the kiss of a demon queen, he comes to, and is subdued as you’re sucking a lolipop and he can’t help but get hard because of how sexy of a robot you are, once you notice, you rub your butt against him with the leather pants against his throbbing cock and tease him while sucking and licking the lolipop, as you see he likes it you smile and get on your knees and start the blowjob, explaining to him that this is convenient for you because you require his DNA and his cum will do (which would explain why you take the condom off to suck it out) you can talk about how you were sent from the future to the past programmed to get his dna so the terminators can learn about all his weaknesses and more about the human race and perhaps learn to populate chris connors of your own learning from the sperm and turn the tides in favor of the terminators,

and that if you collect his cum rather than his od you no longer have to terminate him, as you’re performing oral between him and the lolipop (you can add to it as you see fit) when your knees get tired you can switch like the kiss of a demon queen where he wakes up again with you on top of him sucking him until he’s finished, you can have him wake up to you with no jacket on (whatever you wore behind that jacket in the original video? Or a black tank top?) when you see him struggling to hold his cum back you can shake your head and finger like “no no no” as you take the condom off to suck out his cum you can say “I need your cum, in my mouth” (not sure if you’ve ever seen terminator 3 but the terminator girl gains information from licking/ingesting things so this is great)

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Angel The Dreamgirl – 790 So Fucking Thrust Deep Inside 4K

The sexy nurse is back again!

Angel comes to your home, you have booked a private visit for your routine check-up. She wears a short latex dress, shiny CDR tights and high heels. She fills out a form and asks you some questions while you secretly stare at her nylon legs.

After that, she puts on latex gloves and asks you to pull down your boxers to inspect your balls. She is a little confused and embarrassed, since your cock is already erect and it twitches from time to time under her touch. The nurse reports that everything is fine with your balls. Now it’s time to check how big your cock gets, for this Angel tells you that she will massage your cock, she lubricates it with oil and then with her hands in these latex gloves gives you a hand job for a few minutes. But she is so carried away by your hard cock that she forgets that she is at work. And she shouldn’t get so carried away with the process, since she doesn’t wear panties under her tights and her pussy gets wet just from the sight of your huge cock. You can see from her facial expression that she wants to suck your huge cock, you have no right to stop her.

So she keeps rubbing your cock, squeezing with her rubber gloved hands, she even lets your cock slide along her cleavage.
Then, with a loud moan of pleasure, she wraps her lips around your cock and massages your head with her tongue. She moans, she clearly enjoys the fact that your cock slides inside her wet, warm mouth.

Without warning, you turn Angel’s butt towards your boner and penetrate her from behind. Oh my! It seems that after a few minutes, she is already on the verge. Angel tries to resist in order to prolong the amazing sensations of the cock entering her wet and juicy pussy, but it is all useless. A powerful orgasm explodes in her body, this is accompanied by internal contractions and her moans. After a few seconds, you can no longer hold back and shoot streams of cum all over her latex dress and nylon thighs.

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