Angel The Dreamgirl

Angel The Dreamgirl – 338 Most sexy licking cock tease HD 1080p

I know about your fetish baby, you can not hide it from me. You like my legs in nylon pantyhose, even more you like when I wear pantyhose and over them stockings. I will tease you and you will kiss my feet. I get pleasure from your kisses. I enjoyed it, I give you a footjob as a gift. I play with your cock and wrap it with one of my stockings. I jerk your cock. I tease you with my tongue and my nylon legs. I wear 30 den shiny pantyhose gray. And 20 den brown stockings.

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Angel The Dreamgirl – 727 She Lusting For Your Milk HD 1080p

Angel wears black shiny Cecilia De Rafael pantyhose, a sexy lace bodysuit that shows her cleavage and she wears 12cm shoe pumps.

She teases you with her nylon heeled legs, touching herself and enjoying it because she has a big fetish for nylons too. Your cock starts moving in your pants. She has something for you. Her long black opera gloves. You watch her put on her gloves, then she wears her ring and bracelets.

You are lying in bed and Angel comes and sits next to you.
She gives you an amazing handjob in these long opera gloves. She wants to put your cock in her wet warm mouth, but she is waiting, only teasing you with her tongue. She doesn’t want you to shoot jets of your cum so early.

Angel takes off her shoes and stands over you, leaning down she teases and almost sucks your cock for just a few moments while you watch her gorgeous nylon ass. She sighs, seeing how your cock has grown and become even bigger. Angel keeps jerking off, milking and giving you a hand job in those black opera gloves. Your precum is already glittering on your cock’s head. Angel takes her one shoe and strokes your cock. Angel is looking forward to it, she craves it. The jets of your cum shoot out, she likes to look at it…

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Angel The Dreamgirl – 754 Sliding Your Throbbing Cock HD 720p

These very high clear heels look so sexy on Angel’s legs. She confidently descends the stairs. Angel wears only lacy lingerie and high heels. She doesn’t wear nylon. Her pedicure is fresh and white. Her long strong legs are tanned and she shows off them. That pretty woman also shows her bare feet and does dangling. This is starting to make you horny, do you like those high heels on her feet? Angel asks if you want to fuck those very high heels?

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Angel The Dreamgirl – 664 She’s Too Playful, Too Sweet – part 2 HD 1080p

It excites me that sexy women inflate inflatable boats, whales with their mouths very tightly, and ride them and rub against them with their asses and tits.
Be naughty and happy in the video.
You wear leather leggings with open black heels (see photo) and a black bra for the top to show your great cleavage.
Wear red lipstick and your hair straight.

You inflate two giant whales by your mouth.
Before blowing, feel the whale’s rubbery texture.

First, you inflate one whale, touch it, play with it, ride its hump, jump on it, rub your ass and tits against it, and then burst.

Blow sheer with your cheeks, puff out your cheeks and blow air into the whales.
Close up of leather pants, high heels, and lips blowing on a whale valve.

Shoot the entire body as much as possible while blowing.
Close-up of ass and boobs while riding whales, rubbing and bouncing your ass on whales. Slap your ass as you ride the hump of the whale. Rub your ass in leather leggings over whales.
Before you burst the whale, pose with it to see how much you inflated it and see who is taller.
Explode one whale by your heels, and blow off the other yourself, use your hands, ass, boobs to blow it off.
Shoot around the whale too. The whole whale is in the frame.

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Angel The Dreamgirl – 762 Oozing’ Sex Appeal 4K

Trips that take you into a journey of pleasure.
These thoughts and feelings are one’s that you treasure.

Angel is wearing layers of nylons today. Her new nylon tights, over the tights she wears her new black FF stockings. This is so sexy and hot! She loves these outfits.
She walks around the room teasing you a little before laying you back down on the bed…

Her lips are covered in red lipstick… She pulls out another nylon stocking… She wants to suck that hard cock right now…

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Angel The Dreamgirl – Put Your Mouth Where Your Mind Is 4K

Required: 1 female boss, 1 male employer
Woman Boss’s outfit: black leather high boots over the knee, short dress black with open cleavage, no stocking, no panties.
The environment: have a table/desk.

The sexy woman boss is sitting at her desk and she is working quietly in peace, she calls her employee and ask him the report of the day and a glass of water, the man leave his room and bring her a glass of water, by inattention the employee spill some water on the desk and on her dress, she’s surprised and get up. She gets mad about him and the man can’t stop to apologize himself, she left her desk to cleanup her dress, in the meantime the employee is still in her office and start thinking about how to being forgiven, a big smile appeared in his face because he found an idea, he approaches the boss’s desk, and stay hide deep under her desk and wait her. The woman boss came back and still mad about him, she sat at her chair and get closer to her desk and continue her work, the man is under her desk but she didn’t notice, he is very aroused because she wearing over knee high boots without panties, her legs are close not open yet. Then she’s getting being not comfortable with her outfit so she opens her legs (her legs are open enough to put a head between them discreetly).

The man employer can’t believe his eyes, he starts moving without making noise and approaching her pussy quietly (his head must not touch the woman boss leg’s, the first contact will be his tongue on her pussy) his head is now between her legs and close enough to her pussy and start licking. The woman boss jumps on chair, screams a little as if she is very surprised because she has a weird feeling and start getting horny, she looks under her desk and see a head licking her pussy, at first, she’s not consent and try to stop the employer, she begs him to stop and try to resist like 1 min. After she totally surrendered to him and let it flow, she let the man lick her pussy under her desk for 10 min. During the licking part, she continue her work on her laptop and really like it, she can’t believe that she have sex at work with someone hiding under her desk only pleasuring her, she receive a phone call and getting surprised and don’t know how to react, she answer the call and try to act naturally, she hold the conversation the best as she can, she begins to have deep breaths and breathes quickly, she closes her eyes to try to concentrate and let’s hear some moaning on the phone, the contact asks her by phone if she is well, she looks at her employee with a mischievous smile and answers the phone with spaced sentences.

After while then someone knock at the door and she’s getting surprised and don’t know how to react, she grabs the subordinate’s head looking at him and saying with a quiet voice “Slow down someone IS coming you have to stay quiet, I will put my thigh on your shoulder so your head is bury in my pussy and not making noise” the woman boss put her thigh on his shoulder and start her conversation, the boss can’t be focus on the conversation and try to resist while the subordinate lick faster more and more she starting moaning in front of her colleague, she looking at the employer telling him by visual contact to slow down. She stops the conversation spontaneously and tells her colleague to leave, once he leaves, the woman boss relaxes and moans very loudly until orgasm.

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Angel The Dreamgirl – Her Boots Bring You Absolute Joy HD 720p

Angel wears her over-the-knee long leather boots. She is going to seduce you. Angel comes down the stairs and teases you with her leather boots. Hmm… What is she wearing under her leather skirt and white jacket? What is she hiding?

She stands over you, and now you can see what is under her skirt. Then she takes off her jacket. Oh, she’s wearing a nylon bodysuit with no bra underneath. It’s so sexy to see her beautiful boobs and nipples covered in nylon. Is your cock already twitching in your pants? Do you like Angel’s sexy black leather over-the-knee boots? Do you want to fuck her boots?

At the end of the video, a big load of 8 cum shots on Angel’s leather boots.
She was so lusting for this!

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Angel The Dreamgirl – 545 Of Leather & Satin 4K

Angel wears her sexy shiny leggings, under them she wears tights, high heels and top, I attach a picture, her hair is straight and loose, her makeup is not bright and not over the top.

Angel enters the room where her boyfriend works, she has a surprise for him. She holds behind her back his favorite leather gloves and satin gloves, I attach the picture of the gloves that I want to see in the clip.

Angel says that she has a surprise for him and closes his laptop, he is surprised and looks at Angel. I would like to see closely the view of Angel’s legs in these leggings, her priests, her cleavage and her face, a first-person camera.

Then Angel takes her boyfriend’s hand and goes to the bar stool, she sits on a high chair, her boyfriend stands in front of her, she wraps his waist with her long legs in leggings and puts on her satin gloves. Angel give a gloved hand jobfor her bf, after a few minutes her bf begins to rub his cock on her shiny leggings, I would like to see different angles at this time, from above, from the side, from below, sometimes close view, view of the whole body of Angel.

After this Angel sits on the couch, she wears her leather gloves, she give some handjob and rub his cock on her legs in leggings. Also a few minutes. Then you are in the bedroom. Angel continues to tease him with her gloves, legs in leggings, heels, giving hand job for him.

Before he cum Angel give him tit jobs. She is not take off her bra, Angel put his cock between her boobs and her bra on and give boobs job, Angel does not take off her gloves. At the end, her tits are all wet from sperm.

Thanks for your time.

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Angel The Dreamgirl – Teacher makes schoolboy foot fetish fantasy come true… HD 1080p

Day 1

The schoolboy is at his desk working, but finding it difficult to concentrate as his teacher is sitting in his view, and he has a crush on her. He keeps looking up and to the left and stares at her, she’s busy working and writing something. Today she’s wearing a blue dress (like the one in you will cum when I say), tan pantyhose, red lipstick and red heels (you’re my favourite student). She gets up and goes to the blackboard/whiteboard to write something, with her back to the boy. He looks up stares at her, noticing her tight ass and long legs, down to her shoes. Suddenly he looks up as the teacher catches him, and she asks him what he’s doing. He says nothing Mrs, she has knowing smile. She has noticed the last couple of weeks that he keeps staring at her, especially her feet. She tells him to get back to work, end of scene, all schoolboy POV

Day 2

The schoolboy is at his same desk, teacher is working at her’s. Schoolboy again is distracted, and keeps looking at the teacher. Today she’s wearing grey pencil skirt (first training my secretary), white blouse, white stockings and grey heels. She’s sitting with her right leg crossed over her left. This time when the schoolboy is looking at her legs and shoes, he looks up and notices the teacher staring right at him, smiling. This time she doesn’t say anything, and smiles and looks down at her work. The schoolboy notices now that her right foot is moving is up and then her shoe is coming loose, she’s shoe dangling. This gets him excited. Then the teacher gets up holding a pen and walks to the schoolboy. She asks if he’s ok, he answers yes. She turns and accidentally drops her pen. She kneels down to pick it up, with a full view of her ass in that tight skirt. He gets aroused. She goes back to her desk, smiling seductively and sits down. End of scene, all from boy pov.

Day 3

The schoolboy is sitting at his desk waiting for lesson to start, he then hears the teacher walking in from his right in her black patent leather heels. He looks up from his desk and sees teacher in tight pencil skirt (my wet pussy in tightly pencil skirt), red lipstick, nude or tan pantyhose and black heels (Tipsyen business woman). She’s about to sit at her desk when she stops and turns around and asks the schoolboy to change desks, today he’s sitting in front of teacher. He gets up and moves to his desk, when he sits down she then sits in front of him. Near the end of the lesson she accidentally drops her pen which goes under her desk and asks the boy to pick it up, the boy gets on his knees and and sees that teacher is sitting cross legged, left over right, shoe dangling from left foot. The shoe then falls off and shows her left pantyhosed foot, she’s wearing red toe nail polish. He gets closer and closer then the school bell rings. End of lesson. He quickly picks up the pen and gives it back to teacher. She says thanks and puts it in her mouth seductively. He stares and then she tells him class is over.

Later in the day

This can start from boy POV. Schoolboy is in hallway when the teacher walks past, she asks him to come to her office. As they enter, she asks him to sit down, she sits in front of him. Its then the boy notices she’s wearing different shoes (the red strappy shoes in creampie in bad nurse), now he can see the toes peeping through. She asks why he’s not concentrating in class, when the boy doesn’t answer she asks if he has a foot fetish? He nods his head. The teacher smiles seductively. She asks him to move closer to her, he moves himself and his chair, she then starts moving her foot slowly up the inside of his leg and rests her foot on his croctch. He’s hard. She then gets up, pushes his legs apart like a stripper in a lapdance club, and starts grinding her arse against his cock. Before continuing, she gets up, turns around, and removes her skirt. She then grinds hard with her pantyhose covered arse. This goes on for 20 – 30 secs. Camera angle switches to side on, boy on left, teacher on right, she is still grinding for maybe 10 secs. She then stops and asks him if he’d like a footjob? He nods yes furiously, she says fine, but first he has to take all his clothes off except his underwear. She then tells him he needs to get on his knees. She sits down. She asks him to kiss her shoes, he starts.

She smiles, enjoying this boy doing what she says. Shot changes back to boy POV, you see her exposed pantyhose toes. She asks him to undo her shoes, then kiss and lick her nylon feet. Once she’s had enough she asks him to kiss her up leg towards her pussy. As he gets to her pussy, she tells him to lick it. He’s not done this before, so she gently tells him what to do. She starts moaning. Camera switches angle to close side on, both boy and teacher should be in the shot. As she gets close to climax she pushes his head into her pussy, then orgasms. She’s pleased with him, tells him he’s been a good boy. She tells him to lie down for teacher. Shot changes to boy pov, teacher sitting in a chair in between boys legs, looking down. She places left foot on his right leg and right foot on left leg, slowly makes her way up. She rubs his cock through his underwear, if he’s wearing boxer shorts maybe she can clip a foot through a gap. Eventually she tells him to take his underwear off. She lightly touches it one foot at a time, teasing him. She then footjobs him, varying technique, until he cums on her feet. She tells him she enjoyed that, not to tell anyone, and that she’ll arrange another meeting soon.

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