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Mommy walks in on you playing in your bouncy house. I tell you that you’re going to have to start cleaning up soon, since I have some guests coming over. You are reluctant but I give you a couple more minutes to play. When I return, you have taken off ALL your clothes! You have to quit doing this sweetie, but I do find it humorous. Actually… you saved me a step since I am planning to put you into the bath now. You ask me if we can play NOW like we do in the bath. I become shy because that’s usually a bath time thing – I can easily get away with it in the bath tub. But my little boy is asking me… how could I resist? I bend down and begin to suck your lil pee pee. It gets me so horny that I soon ask you to crawl on top of mommy; I want you to put your pee pee inside me for the first time, right here in the bouncy house. You do, and I bounce you on me up and down until I cum, begging you to push whatever juices you have inside me. I can’t believe I’ve taken it this far but… I can’t say that I regret it!

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