Tattooed Temptress – Bratty Daughter Turns Daddy Into Panties HD 1080p

You’ve been a shitty dad to me and I’m fed up with it, you can shout all you want but no one will hear you. I turned you into my panties. This is what you deserve! I’m going to wear you all day and all night until your dripping in pussy juice and stink. I’m never going to wash you, and you’ll live in my pantie draw until its time for daddy to rub against my pussy ass again.

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Lisey Sweet – Auntie milks my cock HD 720p

It’s been a while since I’ve seen my stepmom’s step-sister, and I forgot how hot my aunt is! She’s a blonde MILF who is nothing like my conservative Step-Mom. When she started to ask me about my college sex life, she put her hand on my leg, and it was pretty much “game on” from that point. She started rubbing my leg and moved her hand over my rapidly hardening cock. “You know I’m the fun Aunt”, she said as she rubbed my cock over my shorts. She told me to lay back on the couch and showed me her perky MILF titties. When she pulled down my pants, I was fully erect. Her hands felt so good on my dick, and her pointy fingernails were so hot! I loved her dirty talk as she stroked up and down, and when she took off the rest of her clothes I was surprised by her hairy bush! I love MILF pussy, and she let me finger her while she kept stroking my cock. It wasnt long before I blasted a huge load of cum all over her hands. It’s going to be great staying with Auntie for a while!

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Sandra Luberc – Father Son Slut 2 Squirt’n HD 1080p

This is part 2 of the story about a “slut” who is trying to convince the son of a wealthy man to marry her. After the major fucking in Part 1, Sandra (the Slut) is carried upstairs by Eric John (the Son). Harry Grey (the Father) follows behind. But instead of a nice comfy bed, Sandra is hooked to a rack where Harry can flog her ass while Eric fingers her and shoves a vibrating dildo on her clit. Oddly Sandra seems to enjoy the pleasure and pain combo. She really is a kinky slut.

With Sandra still hooked on the rack Harry flogs her while Eric fingers her cunt. Wanting to get up close and personal Eric shoves his face into her cunt for a good licking. The video – and Eric – are dripping with the outcome of that “close encounter”. It ends with Harry vigorously flogging Sandra’s tits while Eric holds one leg up high and fucks Sandra hard. A pleasure pain combo for Sandra.

After the rack and a quick bathroom break, Sandra is vigorously escorted onto the bed by Eric. Harry is right behind. First, Eric fucks both of her holes while Harry flogs her tits. Then Harry takes his turn to fuck ‘n flog her while Eric deep throats her and Sandra gets spit roasted – again.

With Harry’s help, Sandra is roughly shoved around on the bed by Eric as he turns her over and around to fuck her in different positions. If Eric isn’t fucking both her holes and Harry fucking her face you know it’s the other way around. Sandra isn’t sure what’s going to happen next. The only thing she knows is she’s getting fucked every which way in every hole at one time or another. But all good things cum to an end as Harry fucks her ass and Eric cums on her tits. Sandra couldn’t be happier. She is the best little slut around.

This full-length video includes all the clip content from Sandra Luberc: Flog ‘N Finger; Fuck ‘N Flog; Bedtime Romp; Rough Cum

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Sandra Luberc – Father Son Slut 1 Blowjob HD 1080p

This is part 1 of the story about a “slut” who is trying to convince the son of a wealthy man to marry her. When Sandra (the Slut) is told Eric John (the Son) won’t marry her she takes matters into her own hands. Literally. First thing she does is to shove her awesome tits into his face and mouth. Then she plays with her clit showing off all her charms. When that doesn’t work she gives him the best blow job she can. Sandra is determined to use her assets to entice Eric into marriage. Such a lovely Slut.

Now Harry Grey (the Father) joins in the fun as Sandra gets a bit more desperate to convince Eric to marry her. First, a blow job for Harry then Eric joins in and fucks her in a classic spit roasting. Not satisfied, they switch ends and spit roast Sandra again. Finally, In the end (pun intended) it is an anal spit roast of classic proportions. Blonde Sandra gets plowed in every hole.

Making full use of the living room couch, Eric enjoys a total fuck fest with Sandra. First, it’s a reverse cowgirl anal as Sandra is penetrated balls deep in her ass. And then Harry joins the duo to fill Sandra’s other hole and she is moaning with pleasure as the double penetration fills her senses. Eric goes down on Sandra’s delicious cunt then turns her over and fucks her ass doggy style. Harry joins them and shoves his fingers down her throat and then his cock as the two men once again spit roast Sandra. But it all comes to a glorious end as Harry switches ends and ass fucks Sandra while Eric climaxes and cums all over Sandra’s beautiful tits.

This full-length video includes all the clip content from Sandra Luberc: Blow Job; Spit Roast; Double Penetration; Anal Climax

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Blair’s Step-Dad has ordered a Magic Necklace online….and he is anxious to see if it actually does what it claims!!! the Magic necklace is supposed to make any female horny, when the Magic Words are spoken, while they look deep into the beautiful Necklace. Thinking that the Necklace MUST be a hoax anyway….Step-Dad decides to try it out on his Step-Daughter Blair!!! It turns out….the Necklace is real!! After Step-Dad says the Magic Words….Blair goes right for his cock and starts sucking it!!! Blair gives Step-Daddy the blowjob of all time….until he soaks her with semen…and then issues the Magic Words to erase her memory!!!

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Valyrie Lux – Brother Transforms Sister into Fuck Doll HD 1080p

My latest chemical compound seems to be the strongest yet so I want to test it on my sister once again. Little does she know that for months now she has been being slowly transformed into my willing fuckdoll, mindlessly doing whatever she is commanded into and wakes with no memory whatsoever about the nasty dirty things I’ve done with her body without her awareness. Keywords: Transformation Fantasy, Transformation Fetish, Dollificiation, Sex Doll, Sister, Brother, Taboo, Cheerleader, Short Skirt, Big Tits, Spit Fetish, Drool, Blowjob, Blow jobs, Freeze

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Maya Bijou, Nia Nacci – Personal Assistants HD 1080p

[Strobe Warning: For the beginning of the video] Maya and Nia are finalist to be an influencer’s personal assistant. They aren’t sure what he does and come to think of it they don’t even remember applying for the position, but they just need to do one more thing to land this dream job. He says it’s an eye exam and the moment he hold up the light their minds go blank. When he lowers the light all they can think about is pleasing him to earn the position they don’t even mind working together if that’s what it takes to be his favorite.

They go and put on their new uniforms for him and come back out ready to do their duty, dropping to their knees. They trade off sucking, kissing him, and putting their firm tits in his face and wrapping them around his cock. They move to the bed so the girls can REALLY show him how well they can work together, maybe he’ll even hire them both for the the position.

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