Xev Bellringer, Princess Leia – Step-Mommy’s Ball Draining Treatment HD 1080p

Step-Mommy’s so worried, so concerned about her only boy’s well being. Your condition has been getting worse, and even now in the doctor’s office, it begins to flare up as she fusses over you. Her huge bosom heaves in your face as she checks you, bouncing frantically as your symptoms worsen. You get hot, your heart starts beating faster and faster. She’s oblivious of the effect her voluptuous body has on yours, and on your stiffening cock.

It isn’t until the nurse arrives and instructs Step-Mommy to show her exactly what she was doing to trigger this reaction. Your step-mother apologetically mounts as you lay back on the table, reenacting her desperation, unaware of her ample breasts once again pressing into your view. You just can’t help it, staring at them as they jiggle. And then it happens again. Your body seems to go into overdrive and your growing cock is pressing into Step-Mommy’s crotch. She notices something hard, but it couldn’t possibly be… THAT.

The nurse insists on an in-depth inspection, her hands groping, feeling, measuring your uncontrollable erection. You step-mother can’t believe her eyes – that was her step-son’s penis?? He was aroused?! These symptoms all point to one condition, an ailment with dire consequences, unless tended to urgently: severe semen backup. Desperate to save her step-son, your step-mother insists she’ll do anything it takes, no matter how uncomfortable… no matter how wrong. Even if it’s something a step-mother should never do to her step-son. The nurse insists it’s the only treatment that works, one she will eagerly help administer. Step-Mommy needs to manually release the immense pressure building in your balls… to stroke and suck the cum out of your penis before it reaches critical levels!

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Xev Bellringer – Step-Mommy’s Confession HD 1080p

Everyone at school knew what your step-mother did. It was no secret. With your two best friends, no less. They heard how John and Daron groped her in the car, the things they did to her naked body in the backseat… how they used her, and how she liked it. And it was all true. How could she?? You were angry… and jealous.

You had a right to know everything, you were her step-son. You’d MAKE her tell you every last dirty detail, no matter how persistent your step-mother was denying it. Even now as she sat there, her big breasts were falling out of that lacy lingerie, and her hands were wandering over her body as she reluctantly confessed. You could tell… she would do it all over again. Let them grope her, let them fuck her. Your step-mother, the slut.

She’d be your slut too. You reached out and grabbed her hand, planting it on your crotch. She felt it, your hard cock. You’d make her rub it, stroke it… all the while relaying what happened in that car. How they stripped her naked in the back, and how they penetrated her mouth… and her pussy. She’d have no choice but to make you cum, whether she liked it or not.

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Penny Barber, Rain DeGrey – Miss Barber Convinces Your Step-Mom To Blow You HD 1080p

I’m here to see your step-mother, Rain, to discuss your declining performance in school. I want to share with her a secret that many moms have been discovering about how oral sex leads to good grades and better attitudes. I explain to Rain that if your education is important to her she needs to be sucking your cock regularly! Your step-mom is willing to do whatever it takes to get her step-son back on track so I help the two of you sort out some agreements about what behavior merits reward head. Of course, in order to really motivate you, it is important you know exactly what you can look forward to once you bring back that stellar report card. I help guide Rain as we take out your cock for the first of many good boy blowjobs.

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Jan Burton – Voyeur Gets a Treat HD 720p

I was minding my own business in my own garden, when the gardener comes to call and catches me applying lotion to my body ready for some sunbathing. But the cheeky bugger decides to watch me secretly for some of his own fun. He stumbles into view and outraged I kick him out, but not before I’ve given him look at my naked body and a blow job of course

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Princess Leia – POV Impregnating Your Best Friend’s Step-Daughter HD 1080p

Oh my Goodness, okay, so my parents are gone for like two days and my step-dad calls his best friend over to check up on me? I’m not that young anymore! I can take care of myself. It’s about time I live my own life. My parents are always saying No to me! No parties, no drinking (what’s a little ), and especially no boys! Well, they broke their own rule didn’t they?

I’m going to get what I want out of this. They’ll never have to know who’s baby it is and I know he won’t be able to resist me. He’s a drinker. I can loosen him up a little and myself… if I wear this skirt, he’ll have no way of saying no. Plus, he’s never been able to hide the fact that he likes pregnant women. If I talk dirty to him about feeding my womb, he’s bound to blow his load deep into my young, fertile pussy.

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Emma Bugg – The Boner Fiasco HD 1080p

There are lots of benefits to having a hot stepsister. When Emma Bugg needs a drive from her stepbrother Peter Green, but he has a splitting headache , she even gives him some time to get better. He shows her his huge boner and tell her he cant even zip up his pants even less to go for a drive. Once she sees Peter’s big cock, she immediately wants to help him out & touch it. One thing to leads to another and the next you know Peter is face-fucking his cute stepsister. He convinces her the best way to fix his problem is to let him put his dick inside her. Emma hops on her stepbro’s raging hard cock and squirms her little pussy all over it. She creams up & cums repeatedly as she gets railed by her stepbrother, the little brat! Emma lets Peter cum all over her face and even swallows.

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