Bettie Bondage – Mom’s Lesson Gets Out of Hand 4K

You don’t know what you were thinking, asking your mom to show you how sex works! You guess all the teasing from your friends was just getting to you, and you were willing to try anything, even…well.

Of course, she said no, and while you could tell she was trying not to make you feel too bad, she was flabbergasted. So it was a total surprise when you came home and found her in your room, with a special something beneath a towel next to her.

“I thought about it, and it really makes me happy to know you’d come to me with questions like that! So, I thought I could help you, only not *me* really–I got this!” she says, pulling the towel back to reveal a…oh, god. She bought a sex toy! A pussy and ass, spread for you, with your mom sitting there smiling! She really thinks this is a perfect solution, and you’re too embarrassed to say no.

You smile and try not to blush too much as she talks you through anatomy, touching and fondling the pink pussy as your cock betrays you, getting rock hard beneath your jeans. Your mom is really going for it! She’s always been a thorough teacher, you think, as she leans forward and licks the toy, showing you how to eat pussy. You feel like you could cum right then!

“I’m sorry, honey,” she says, “I think we should stop! You’re humping the side of the bed…”

You hadn’t even realized, but she’s right. And now, the absolute last thing you want to do is stop. You tell her its fine, that its just hard not to be excited, and besides, if she bought this in to teach you about sex, isn’t it ok that you’re hard and, well, horny?

“You’re right, honey, ok. Well, why don’t you take it out?” she says, smiling, as you dig your hard, huge cock from your pants. Her eyes widen, and you can tell she likes it. God, you can’t believe this…

She struggles to help you enter the tight, tiny toy, and position it. You can’t believe it, but she actually suggests laying the toy across her body to give you more “realism!” God, this is going to be hard…hard not to try and fuck her, to pop out of the toy and slip it right into her, especially when you can see a little wet spot on her panties when she positions herself beneath you.

Your so big that your cockhead pops out the top of the toy, and your mother, ever considerate about your comfort, spits on your cockhead to make it glide easier. God, you just want to cum..and you do, right through the toy, and all over your mom! She’s surprised, but you can tell she doesn’t want to make you feel bad, so she peels her dress off and smiles. “That was good, right? Well, I should go…”

Wait, you tell her, you’re still hard, and you want to learn more. Your cock bounces as your now almost nude mother hestitates. “Are you sure?” she asks, but you don’t have to do much to convince her, and before long, she’s beneath you again, the toy laying across her panty clad pussy, as you slide your cum covered cock back into the toy.

But its so small! And you keep popping out, accidentally tapping and rubbing her pussy when you do. Before long, she’s got you on the edge, especially after she took off her cum soaked panties–she can’t be sitting there with her son’s cum all over her panties, right? She pushes the toy down, so your cock head grazes her pussy when it pops through, and you do it again–you cum all over your mother, splashing jizz all over her naked pussy. She groans, and you worry that this might be the end, but when you tell her again you want to keep going, she quickly slides your cum all over the toy, then licks it off, saying something about a potential future partner needing some rest and oral attention after so much sex. You wish you could cum right on her tongue as she licks the toy. You just want to fuck her!

She puts the toy back between her legs, but now it seems like…maybe she’s letting your cock slip out and against her pussy on purpose? It only takes a few “accidents” and extra thrusts on your part before you pop between her pussy lips and into your mother’s wet cunt. God, you have to focus every nerve in your body not to cum immediately! She gasps, apologizing, pulling you out, but within moments you find yourself “slipping” into her again, and this time, she doesn’t stop so easily. This time, she asks if it would be ok if she just kept you in, until she came? God, you can’t believe…oh, god, you’re going to cum…inside her!

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Karneli Bandi – Caught stepbrother watching porn with me 4K

I went into the room to my stepbrother and found him jerking off on a video with me. It turned me on so much and I wanted to help him cum. His dick is so big. I swallow it deeper and deeper. My pussy wants his hard dick too. Dick riding and doggy style brings me to orgasm. I was fucked hard from behind and I will show you my holes in close-up. In the missionary position, I finished and got a cumshot on my stomach. Cum with me.

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Karneli Bandi – Taboo. Daddy pervert me to sex 4K

while mom was busy in another room, dad seduced me. he took my phone, took off my panties and started teasing my pussy. I am excited and want to feel his hard dick inside me. after hard fucking I gave him a blowjob. I want to jump on his dick. my pussy is still hungry. jumping on his dick, I feel like I’m ready to cum. I want to taste his tasty dick again and give a sloppy blowjob. I want to taste his cum and get cumshot on face.

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Alura Jenson – I am just a concerned mother HD 720p

I know you love my daughter and find her irresistible but she is adamant about remaining a virgin until her wedding night, this is why I am here. I am nowhere near a virgin and very concerned for my daughter’s happiness. How about if I offer you my experienced pussy in exchange for you making up with my daughter and I get to see her happy again? She just hasn’t been the same since you broke off the engagement. It isn’t all that bad is it? I am doing what any caring mom would do for their little girl. Just pretend I am the older version of her and I am here to service your cock. Neither of us will breathe a word of this to anyone and we both walk away happy. Now let’s get to it future son in law.


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Sofie Skye – Mommy wants you to watch me take BBC HD 1080p

Taboo fantasy: Mommy invited over so many BBCs to fuck me tonight, and you get to watch, Daddy! You get to watch 18 year old horny Princess take all these BBCs and get filled with cum and impregnated. Then Daddy Gareth wants to suck a BBC too, as his reward will be fucking Princess with his tiny 4 inch cock! Mommy also wants Daddy Gareth to clean that BBC cum off my lips and asshole and toes!

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Princess Alexandria, Sofie Marie – Grateful For Cock HD 1080p

Austin comes home from college for the holidays. When he enters, he hears his stepmom Sofie arguing on the phone. She’s frustrated about her relationship with her husband, who’s never around. The woman has needs and she hasn’t been getting any action in a while, so she finds comfort in her stepson by trying his cock. The next day, Sofie is preparing for the Thanksgiving dinner, which is tomorrow, and Austin stumbles upon her cooking almost naked. The mishap becomes a new excuse for stepmom and stepson to share one more lustful session. Finally, Thanksgiving arrives and the two just can’t stay away from each other. Even with visits or doing face-time with family, Austin and Sofie manage to fuck while hiding it from everyone else.

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Cory Chase – To Die For: Part 1 HD 1080p

To Die For (Part 1 of 3): Everyone has secrets and is always looking for someone to confide in. Cory is no different, and as of recently, she has more and more twisted and sexy secrets to keep hush-hush. Whether it’s her stepson, Rico, her husband, Charles, or her star student, Tony, Cory captivates any man who looks her way. Trapped in a loveless marriage, depressed about her stepson leaving for college, and racked with guilt over having a secret affair with one of her students, Cory’s world is in upheaval. Her world is about to turn upside down through a series of unexpected events, starting with a very dark threesome with her stepson and husband.

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Blaze Burnz – Brutally Fucking His Hard-Bodied Sister

Blaze likes to drink and when she does, she often over does it. In this sister porn episode Blaze Burnz got so drunk that she knocked over her brother’s drum set and trashed one of his drums. Of course her brother wanted revenge and what better way for a brother to get even than to film his sister fucking in her first porn video. Some girls just aren’t cut out to be pornstars but this little whore loves cock as much as she loves the bottle and she was soon pounding her pussy on the old bastards cock as her brother caught some awesome closeups of his sister’s perfect round ass.

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