RheaSweet – Mom can’t Resist HD 1080p

My son has decided to move out and I support his decision. I will miss him so much but he’s old enough to make this step. He tells me that he hasn’t done everything that he would like to before he moves out. I start getting a look from him that I’ve never seen before. Is my son coming onto me? Yes, he’s actually making a move. I’m his mother! I haven’t felt hands on my body in so long that I can’t help but enjoy my son’s touch.

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Gala MV – Mommy ruins No Nut November HD 1080p

*custom vid, NO name used, I use the word cunt instead of pussy*You’re doing the NNN challenge as a bet with your friends. How dare you do this to your mother! 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks passed and… You’ve changed son. You no longer love your mother the way you used to. You even talk to stupid girls who flirt with you. And I knew your friends would be such a bad influence on you! I can’t believe you, you owe me your whole fucking life, you silly little motherfucker. This is how you pay me? Well, I see how it is.

But tonight, I had enough of your games, after all I’m your mother and I make the rules. I put special boner and sl e e p pills in your water. You don’t know about my plan… You wake up after I lick your delicious balls and asshole and suck your cock and nipples and ride you a bit. I’m in control. I tied you up. I ride your cock, lick your balls and ass, and then I can see you’re a good boy so I untie you. Mommy loves when you take control. Don’t forget our plan was always to have in c 3. s t sex and breed me son. You’re mine to play with and I’m sorry I’ll make you lose this stupid challenge. But I need your fucking cum son, I want you back. Who is better than mom to lose this NNN challenge with?

Includes: light breeding talk, manipulating/sweet/horny mom, mentions of i n c.3st, rimming, 1 anal sex scene, vaginal riding scenes, missionary, BJ, creampies, cumshot on face and boobs.

All characters mentioned are 18+. Also, I know some shots of me tying up and kissing my pillow are silly but you have to pretend the pillow its you LOL.

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Darling Kiyomi – Mommy Hates Your New Girlfriend HD 1080p

Mommy doesn’t want to get in the way of you and your new girlfriend! I mean, she’s a very sweet girl after all.. and I don’t want to pry in your personal life. But I’m a boy mom- it’s my job to be over protective! I just thought you might bring home a girl who was a little bit more like.. Mommy! I’m just afraid she won’t be able to meet all your needs sweetie. It’s normal for a mother to be concerned, especially about her sweet boy. And well.. Mommy thinks she knows the best way to deal with this. You always loved sucking on Mommy’s tits.. and I know your flat tittied girlfriend can’t do this for you. Just close your eyes and suck, Mommy wants to show you why you need a woman who meets HER expectations. Mommy is going to take care of that big dick of yours, and I know your girlfriend could never handle a cock like this. But Mommy made this cock, and Mommy knows exactly how to ride it. Mommy is glad she intervened too.. with how hard this cock is, I can tell your girlfriend REALLY hasn’t been satisfying you. It’s okay though- I’m here now my sweet boy. Take all of your frustrations out on me… push mommy onto this counter and take her the way you need to. Mommy is going to make sure to show you why you’re MY boy.. and no girlfriend is going to get in the way of that.. and for that matter, no condom either.

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Demi Morgan – Rebellious Step-Daughter Learns Lost Inhibitions HD 1080p

Demi is very rebellious and doesn’t think going out an partying could lead her to making bad decisions. She doesn’t believe that doing things that can lower her inhibitions could lead her to doing things with people she would never have otherwise. Even being reckless enough to let them record it. As her stepdad tries to make her understand she begins to feel a loss of inhibitions everytime he lifts his glass.

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