Maya Bijou, Nia Nacci – Personal Assistants HD 1080p

[Strobe Warning: For the beginning of the video] Maya and Nia are finalist to be an influencer’s personal assistant. They aren’t sure what he does and come to think of it they don’t even remember applying for the position, but they just need to do one more thing to land this dream job. He says it’s an eye exam and the moment he hold up the light their minds go blank. When he lowers the light all they can think about is pleasing him to earn the position they don’t even mind working together if that’s what it takes to be his favorite.

They go and put on their new uniforms for him and come back out ready to do their duty, dropping to their knees. They trade off sucking, kissing him, and putting their firm tits in his face and wrapping them around his cock. They move to the bed so the girls can REALLY show him how well they can work together, maybe he’ll even hire them both for the the position.

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Mommy comes into your room to clean up laundry when she realizes your morning wood. She can’t let you start your day without a proper draining! She really should be doing the laundry, but if you cum quickly she can do you too. She strips off her panties and mounts your cock completely raw, riding you till you give her a giant creampie. Just don’t tell your Father!

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Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – Bro Nut November HD 1080p

It is Bro Nut November and your wild younger sister wants to go VIRAL! I approach you and BEGGGGG for your help – all you have to do is let me jerk you off! I will record your reactions as I jerk and stroke your cock… the only catch is that you have to give the BIGGEST and BEST NUT you’ve EVERRRR produced. Like – EVER! Thats the only way I’m going to go viral, Brother. I dirty talk to you a lot about how its crazy i’m your sister and that you actually let me do this, and I notice that this kinda dirty talk makes you SUPER hard, so obviously I lean into it. Andddd then I’m going to show you my titties because honestly I think that will help to get a bigger load. I’m not getting anything out of this at all – I’m just doing what I think might work. I’m going to pull out all the handjob & blowjob tricks & dirty talk to make you blow the biggest load ever all over my titties. Give me your BEST CUMSHOT BROTHER! I HAVE to go VIRAL!

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Mommy comes into your room late at night and tells you that she just heard Daddy is going to be working late. You know what that means, don’t you sweetie? You try to tell her that you’re too tired but she opens her cardigan to reveal she’s got nothing on but a pair of panties. Mommy has been waiting all week for this, now be a good boy and take your cock out. She peels off her panties and climbs in bed with you, taking your hard cock into her mouth and sucking you sensually. She tells you just how wet she is from pleasing you and needs to get on top and feel you inside her. She mounts your dick and slowly starts bouncing up and down, moaning while she smirks with every thrust inside her. She cums on your cock and gets back on her knees, taking you into her mouth again and begging you to cover her beautiful face with your hot load. You can never resist Mommy and end up blowing all your cum on her which she happily plays with before asking for help cleaning up – she can’t have a face full of cum when Dad gets home after all.

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Natalie Wonder – Home Schooling StepMom – You Won’t Be Needing A Pen & Paper Today Sweetie But We WILL Be Using Your Penis And MY Vagina HD 720p

School’s going to be a little different today sweetie. If you were going to actual school instead of being home-schooled by me, your stepmom, you’d be learning sex-ed. It’s my responsibility to educate you about sexual anatomy AND sexual intercourse. You won’t be needing a pen and paper but we ARE going to be using your penis and MY vagina. We’ll call it “Sex-Ed Lab”. Lab is always hands-on. As I mentioned before, when you first have sexual relations, it should be with someone you love, trust and care about. Who better than with ME your stepmom. I’ll explain all the parts then you and I will go upstairs and have sexual intercourse.

Now I’m not naive sweetie. You’ve searched about this stuff on the computer. You know what your penis is capable of doing, right? Vaginas have a very important role too. Your penis ejaculates white gooey stuff called semen into a woman’s vagina. ONE strong sperm out of millions will get her pregnant. It embeds itself into her egg which leads to reproduction. There’s so much more. I can’t wait to tell you more interesting facts about sexual anatomy.

Up until today you’ve masturbated with your hand. You’re about to find out what it feels like to orgasm being inside a woman’s vagina….stepMOMMY’S vagina. This will not only be educational, it’ll be an experience you’ll always remember. When love, sex and orgasms come together between stepmommy and her boy…it’s nothing short of erotic and profound.

Fulfills Your Fantasy For: MILF, Taboo, POV, Older Woman, Sex Ed, Instructional, Role-play, Nudity, Encouragement, Hairy Bush, Virtual Sex, Praise, Impregnation Fantasy, Orgasm

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Natalie Wonder – My Poor Boy, Let StepMommy Bathe You Until You’re All Healed Up Again HD 720p

On a scale of one to ten, how’s the pain?  My poor boy.  Your medicine should be kicking in soon.  I can’t believe you broke BOTH arms in that freak accident.  Stepmommy will need to do everything for you until you heal…like bathing you.  I brought a warm washcloth to clean you up down there.  Honey, don’t be embarrassed.  I’ve seen you naked.  You’re right, it’s possible to get an erection.  That’s normal if your penis is being touched.  Sweetie, this isn’t sexual.  Ready?  Doesn’t that feel nice…need to wipe around your balls too.  Aww, I’m enjoying this.  It’s a nice moment for me, as a stepmom.

Oh sorry, it’s…it’s getting erect.  Sorry sweetie.  I’ll cover it with this pillow.  The pillows hurting you?  Sorry!  Normally I’d leave the room and let you masturbate but you can’t move your arms.  Maybe if I cover it with my hands…OH NO bad idea.  It keeps growing.  You want me to…?  No!  But what are you supposed to do?  Not cum until you heal?  It’ll be weeks, maybe months.  You NEED to cum.  Okay.  This is just another “need” I’ll be helping you with.  I am your stepmom.  I’m not getting turned on.  Oh MY you are HORNY…thrusting yourself up into me so deep.  WHY is this feeling so good…you’re my stepson…

Fulfills Your Fantasy For:  POV, MILF, Taboo, Role-play, Older Woman, Fantasies, Virtual Sex, Dirty Talk, Moaning, Orgasms

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Natalie Wonder – Only One Thing Matters Now Baby, YOU HD 720p

Step-Mommy and her step-son are at a neighbor’s house to have dinner. “I want you to be on your very best behavior tonight.”, were step-mommy’s instructions. The dinner is going along very well. Her step-son has even excused himself and gone to the bathroom alone. Then it happens. She is told that he is calling for her to come and help him. She enters the bathroom to see that her step-son’s zipper on his pants is stuck and he is very upset.

Honey, what’s wrong now? Stuck…? What do you mean? Ohhh the zipper. Let me take a look at it. Okay baby, take a deep breath and relax. Step-Mommy will fix it. Did you go peepee already or do you still have to go? You went. I knew you could do it by yourself. You are such a good boy. Step-Mommy is so proud of you. Okay now let’s get this zipper un-stuck. Uuummmpphhhh….it’s really stuck. Don’t worry, step-mommy will get it.

Step-Mommy begins working the zipper up and down. Over and over again. It takes some effort and a few tries before it goes down. But now there is a new problem. His pee pee has become hard from all the movement of Mommies hand on his crotch.

Oh no. Look what happened now. Okay, okay sweetie. Relax. Everything will be alright. Step-Mommy will make it all better.

In a very loving and soothing voice, step-mommy begins to stroke his pee pee but she knows her boy likes it best when she uses her mouth to help him make cummies.

Honey, don’t worry about the dinner party. Step-Mommy has forgotten all about that. Only one thing matters now. YOU….

Captures Your Fantasy For: MILF, Taboo, Age Regression, POV, Mommas Boy, Older Woman, Virtual Hand Job, Virtual Blow Job, Praise, Encouragement, Fantasies, Dirty Talk, CFNM

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NatalieBigTits – Mommy caught you masturbating on her pic HD 1080p

Mommy caught you masturbating on her pic – Mommy comes home, she can’t seem to get a response from her son, so she decides to go to his room and look for him. To her shock and surprise, she caught her son jerking off. She wants to know what is he jerking off to, so she asks him to hand her the phone so she can check it out. It’s one of her pictures! It’s only a mom’s job to help her son.. And since this is getting exciting for mommy too, she will help her son cum. She is riding him, and it will be their secret!

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