sloansmoans – cucking your father HD 1080p

You and I have been having an affair for a while now, huh son? Well today, your dad decided to come home a little early and guess what he saw us doing? Yeah, I was sucking your cock good in our room. Well, I don’t even care that he saw, I actually WANTED him to see. Now I’m going to make him my cuck. He’s gonna watch me fuck his son and watch you hopefully impregnate me… enjoy me, xo


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sloansmoans – don’t be jealous, son HD 1080p

Your friends came over to hang out with you this weekend and finally the last one has gone home. I knew that having them over would be so much fun! I loved hosting all the boys and playing with all of you and it sure seemed like everyone had a blast, but… you seem to be upset about something. You know I’m going to get to the bottom of it, son. I will do whatever it takes, and today I’m going to show you what I mean. Lay back as I caress you, stroke you, and tell you what mommy’s going to do. Let me make all your worries go away by riding you until I milk you completely… enjoy me, xo


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Your Stepmom Pristine Edge Confronts You About Your Porn Mags HD 1080p

Your busty brunette stepmom Pristine Edge found you rooting around in the living room, no doubt looking for those porno mags she found. While they’re long gone now, she understands you have needs and is here to help. In her cleavage-heavy tight yellow dress, she gets in close and makes it clear she can help you relieve those pent-up desires while she slowly pulls her dress down and removes her bra to play with her big MILF tits right in your face. After ditching the dress entirely, she slips off her panties and spreads out wide in front of you to rub her neatly-trimmed pussy, before crawling towards you to stroke and suck your big, hard cock. Taking things up a notch, she bends over to let you fuck her from behind, then gets on top and rides your cock, then lies down facing you while you fuck her good and hard

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Rachel Steele – MILF 1832 – The Inheritance Test

Rachel’s husband has passed away and his 500 million dollar trust is up for grabs between Rachel and her step-son. So the late Mr. Bellows has come up with a contest for all of his assets. Knowing how Rachel has always had her eye on the young step-son and Vice versa how his Step Son had eyes of lust for Rachel, he devised a contest for his money. Rachel had 48 hours to get the step-son into their bedroom and have wild sex with him. The challenge for the horny womanizing step-son, resist Rachel’s overtures for 48 hours. The catch, both must stay in the house and the same room as the other and so the clock starts now!

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Penny Barber – Watching Porn With Mommy HD 720p

I’m feeling lonely and bored, so I decide to see what you’re doing all alone in your room. You say that you’re watching a movie. When I snatch your laptop and discover that it’s porn, I’m shocked, but not appalled.

I did say I’d watch ANYTHING you wanted. Can we finish it together?

You sit next to me on the couch as I put the dirty movie on the big screen tv in the living room. You can hear my thoughts as I get more and more turned on watching this porno with you, thinking filthy things that a mother shouldn’t be thinking about her son, but I can see the outline of your huge erection in your pants and I want to see more! I convince you that it’s okay to take out your cock. Mommy wants you to stroke it while she plays with herself. I spread my legs and expose my big MILF tits while the moans of the woman getting fucked in the movie play in the background. After rubbing my hard clit to a screaming orgasm, I let you in on a little secret: Mommy really likes getting fucked after masturbating and that big, gorgeous cock of yours is quite a tease.

I take your beautiful cock in my mouth to get it as hard as possible for my pussy. Don’t come yet! Not even when I lovingly lick your long shaft. Not even when I deep throat as much of your enormous dick as I possibly can until my eyes cross. When you can’t take it anymore, I get naked and spread myself open for you. I play with my tits as you fuck me exactly how I like to be fucked. You ride me long and hard through multiple orgasms and, even though I tell you not to come in me, my inner thoughts are begging you to cream pie my hungry, wet pussy.

Did you like Mommy’s pussy, sweetie? Because if you keep this a secret, we can definitely do it again!

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Molly Darling – Move Back In With Mommy HD 1080p

Taboo Mother Son Roleplay // Virtual POV // Multiple scenes ; blowjob, pov sex, dildo simulation, creampie, cum in mouth // a LOT of use of “i word” and “cunt” (lots of dirty talking not for the faint of heart! ) The vid has one “main” part but has multiple scenes added in throughout as “flash backs” and one extra scene at the end //// You’ve been having problems with your wife for a while now.. you find yourself spending more and more time at Mommy’s house. She can see how unhappy you are.. and thinks the best thing for you to do is to leave her and move back in. Then things can go back to the way they used to be before you moved out. You gave the whole marriage thing a good go , but you both know deep down that you have an intense need for the filthiest taboo.. like mother like son. If you move back in you can both have completely unrestricted access to each other, fucking like teenagers again. Every opportunity to stuff Mommy’s filthy cunt, you can take it. Just admit you are a filthy little pervert desperate to fuck the hole you came from, you belong with Mommy.

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Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – Average Dick Cuck HD 1080p

You know? I’m getting reallll sick of your bullshit. First you want me to rate your average looking dick, which I do begrudgingly. I even still wanted to get it on with you tonight but you actually decide to REJECT me!??? AFTER THAT? Wow. You have some nerve. Just fucking look at me! You do not have a nice enough dick to be rejecting me – I’ll tell you that much. But fine. You want to reject me? Be that way. I’ll just go ahead and go out with my girlfriends. I return home and you expect to see a gaggle of my girls with me, but I have a surprise for you! He’s in the living room, and he’s hung af. You decided you wanted to reject me, well I’ve decided that I want to go down on and be fucked by a real man with a REAL BIG DICK. Not a small average looking dick likes yours. Nope! My new friend is cool with it, so I make you watch us as I strip down, play with my pussy, and then stick his giant dick into my mouth and give him the best big dick blowjob you’ve ever seen. I make you jerk off while we’re doing it, and then I let him fuck me doggy right in front of you. I bet you’re regretting the decision to reject me tonight now, aren’t you? I’m a size queen now – I’ll probably have to leave you since your average looking dick won’t be big enough for me. Sorry! You brought this upon yourself!

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Cory Chase, Sydney Paige – First Anal with Stepmom Part 5 HD 1080p

Who Has The Tightest Hole-

I (Luke Longly) hear loud moaning sounds coming from my step-mom’s bedroom, so I walk down the hall and I enter her bedroom! I am stunned to find my step-mom, Sydney Paige, eating out her step-sister, Cory Chase’s pussy! They stop what they’re doing and they tell me that they want to play a game with me. This time, the game will be ‘Who has the tightest holes?’ They tell me that I am allowed to test out all 3 of their holes, on each of them! My step-mom and step Aunt start to give me a double blowjob to get my cock nice and hard. Cory climbs on top of me and she starts to ride my cock with her ass hole right away! My step Aunt sure doesn’t waste any time! Sydney crawls on top of my cock next and she rides me with her pussy. My step-mom lies down in the missionary position and I fuck her ass hole now. Cory gets into the doggystyle position and I fuck her pussy from behind while Cory is eating my step-mom’s pussy out simultaneously. I switch back and forth between Cory’s ass hole and pussy, while she’s eating Sydney’s pussy out. Sydney climbs on top of my cock again and she rides me with her ass this time. Cory lies down in the missionary position and I fuck her ass and pussy back and forth. When I am ready to cum, I ask the two MILF’s to open their mouths wide and stare up at me. Then, I jerk my cock off all over their faces and in their mouths! Cory gets more cum in her mouth than Sydney, so she spits some of it into my step-mom’s mouth… Sharing is caring!

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