Penny Loren – Mommys Homewrecking Breeding Masterplan HD 1080p

Another Extreme Family Fucking vid to add to my fucked up collection!

You and your Mom were in a full on Taboo clandestine relationship until about 8 months ago when you decided you wanted to have a normal legal relationship and you felt bad on Dad. He has no idea his own son and wife have been fucking under his roof for years and years and you want it to stay that way. You still fancy the fuck out of your Mother but you met a girl and she might be a little boring but at least you don’t have to hide anything and feel any guilt. You miss fucking mommy and the thrill and depravity of Forbidden fucking and you know she does too but this is the right path to take…

Meanwhile your Mom thinks its just a fling and you will be back to her warm inviting cunt in no time and will let you go and sow your wild oats, no one will please you better sexually than your own Mother. Imagine her surprise and horror when you return from holiday engaged and not only that you are getting a place with your Girlfriend. This wasn’t supposed to happen!, she cant hide her disgust at this ridiculous and absurd situation. She will NOT lose her son to that awful girl, she needs to come up with a plan quickly to stop this and keep you here with her, a fucked up depraved plan only a desperate mommy who loves fucking her own son would think of… Seduction, Breeding, lots of fucking and creampies, Bareback ovulation fucking, and to top the plan off she will get your Ovulating sister involved too so her darling boy will be the man of the house and will never think of leaving ever again. Mommy always gets what she wants and you know it.

Look out for a depraved Part 2 cumming soon!

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