Penny Loren – Good Boys Breed Their Insatiable, Fertile Mothers

Your Mommy is in full on Insatiable Heat mode. Ovulating Creamy Pussy and who better to knock her up than her own perfect boy! I love nothing better than filming an extreme Taboo Breeding/Impregnation Vid!

What started out as gentle flirting awhile back has escalated massively today, Mommy has got impatient with you being oblivious to her growing advances. You take your homework seriously and she’s not helping distracting you when she returns home from her high powered job. She is seriously hot but you have morals and you cant perv at your own Mother can you? She demands all your attention shutting your lap top, Hugh mommy milkers spilling out of her bra, black stockings and high heels… darling can you massage my feet and my neck is so stiff, ill take my shirt off so its easier for you. You are reluctant and embarrassed your own mother is half naked on the couch flirting with you. The best thing is to take yourself off to bed and not let these unnatural thoughts about her take over, you are a good boy and this cant happen.

But Mommy will do whatever it takes to get the job done, and resistance is definitely futile. You wake to her mouth around your cock and well.. the rest is fucked up prohibited Breeding history…

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